How should I order my exercises during a workout? (details inside)

Say I’m running an upper/lower split. On my upper body day should I group the exercises that use similar muscles together, so it would look like: **bench >> overhead press >> lat pulldowns >> bent-over rows**, or should I stagger them, so it would look like: **bench >> lat pulldowns >> overhead press >> bent-over rows**


*Aka*: **chest **>>** chest **>>** lats **>>** lats**, OR **chest **>>** lats **>>** chest **>>** lats**?

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Weekly intense workout vs short daily workouts?

I’m surprised there doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of info on this but…


Let’s say a person is able to do 7 sets of a specific exercise in a single sitting… What would be the difference between them doing that 7 set workout once per week, when compared to doing a 1 set workout each day?


I kept this general on purpose, but the reason I ask is because I am recently doing extremely short daily workouts instead of intense biweekly and wondering how the difference is assuming I’m doing the same amount of workout, just spread out over 5-7 days.

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What is the best plan when you miss a workout on a program?

I’ve recently begun to get my diet and fitness in order, so far it’s been a bit daunting, but I feel like I’m making some steady good steps. I’m tracking my food, steps, exercise, sleep. Currently down about 2.5kg.

I’ve been doing Insanity for the past 3 weeks and I’ve been able to get all of the workouts in. I’m just curious what the community thinks would be the best plan when life gets in the way and you miss a workout.

So far I’ve used the rest day to get the workout in that I’ve missed, but I want some input since I’ve gone from a very sedentary lifestyle to trying to get fit. I don’t want to overwork anything and hurt a knee, ankle etc and set myself back, by not having a rest day for 8-9 days.

So my question is:

Is it better to use the rest day to make up for the missed workout? Or should I just do the next workout on the program and follow everything a day behind?


Edit: grammar

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How should I spread my 3x weekly full body workout to 5x weekly to save time?

I started doing a basic full body workout regimen last summer and it has been working very well for me. Each of the 3 workouts lasts 40-60 minutes. Due to time constraints, I would like to split this into 5 days (M-F instead of MWF).

Workout 1:

Deadlift (4 sets 5 reps)

Chinup (4 sets 5 reps, to failure on last set)

Dumbbell Floor Press (4 sets 8 reps)

Reverse Lung (3 sets 8 reps)


Workout 2:

Bulgarian Split Squat (4 sets 6 reps/leg)

Bench Press (4 sets 5 reps)

Dumbbell Row (4 sets 6 reps/arm, reduce weight by 20% and do 20 reps on last set)

Feet Elevated Side Plank (3 20 second reps)


Workout 3:

Front Squat (4 sets 5 reps)

Inverted Row (4 sets 8 reps)

Single Leg Hip Thrust (4 sets 8 reps/leg)

Pushups (3 sets to failure)


What is the best way to split this into 5 30-40 min workouts?


P.S. I got this workout from here: [](

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How do I workout in the morning on an empty stomach without passing out?

I’m 32/F training in preparation for my wedding in June. I do about 45-60 minutes of cardio every day split over two sessions, and weightlifting three days a week. I’m trying to lose weight, so I’ve been finding ways to cut calories.

I wake up at 5 am to workout. I used to have a smoothie and then workout, but I realized on a supremely busy morning last week that I can wait until about 10 am to eat breakfast. I’m honestly less hungry during the day if I don’t eat breakfast. Most of my morning workouts have been fine, but this morning, my hands were shaking and I was getting light headed toward the end of my workout. I’ve been drinking a swig of OJ before my workouts, but that clearly wasn’t enough today. So – what can I do to avoid a blood sugar drop during a fasted workout?

Thank you in advance!

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[VIDEO] 15 minutes of raw workout footage of Markus Rühl training for Mr. Olympia 2000.
Workout footage starts at 05:02.

This is a video released on Markus Rühls YouTube channel which shows exclusive footage of his training for the Mr.Olympia 2000.
Previously it was only available on old VHS cassettes, but here you have a original copy with improved quality.

There is no background music and it‘s partly in black and white – perfect to motivate you for your next gym session. I hope you enjoy it as much I do.

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Deadlifts and squats as leg workout

Hi everybody,
Lately I don’t have quite enough time to workout 6 days a week as I used to but only 4.

Given that I like to train every muscle twice a week, would it be enough to have a decent and functional lower body to just squat and deadlift on different days?

I would go like this: ABRABRR
A= push +squat
B= pull + DL
R= rest

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Can i workout (HIIT) with sore/tight hamstrings?

i took 2 months off gyming to catch up on uni work, i went back before yesterday and after have been dealing with very tight and painful hamstrings as i didnt stretch properly. i took a day off (yesterday) but want to go to a HIIT class today, its not as bad as what ive been reading online, i still have full mobility of my legs, i just feel a sharp soreness when i move them around slowly.

Can i go or will it cause more harm?

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Workout intensity at 50-60% but working out every day. Is it a good strategy?

I just saw this clip from Joe Rogans Podcast where a very high level trainer is preaching this method when it comes to combat sports. Do you think that this apporach will also work when it comes to a more power lifting style of fitness which this sub is about?

For example if I did a routine where I deadlift, squat and bench (maybe adding some accessories) at 50-60% intensity everyday would that yeild equal, better or worse results than a push-pull-legs routine where I work out 3 days per week at 80-90% intensity and have lots of rest in between workouts.

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Any workout guide to improve on the court in Badminton?

Pretty much the title.

Are there any specific routines or workout plans which might improve my my body for badminton.

Such as Stamina, Agility and Strength?

Ive have looked up a few individual plans online; such as only stamina or only agility, however theyre all separate and im not sure how to actually “make” a workout plan.


Appreciate it if anyone can give some input or have any recommendations on how I should proceed; or weather I should just train for example:


Monday: stam plan

Tuesday: Agility plan

Wed: Strength plan

Thurs: Rest




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Can’t get a LAT burn. LATs never sore after workout.

I’ve been lifting weights on and off for about 8 years.
The kind of guy who is probably slightly stronger than your average Joe but has taken too many breaks in training to be stronk. Anyway I DO really feel and understand mind to muscle in lat pull down and other pull down excersizes but I never get a burn on in these excersizes. Can anyone help?

There’s no such thing as a usual back day for me but my Staples for upper back are

Lat pull down
3-5 sets until failure sometimes ending with a drop set

Close arm pull down same

Deadlifts (not useful here really)

Seated or bent over rows super settled with bicep

Seated back flyes

Then biceps from there

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What’s the optimal muscle recovery time following a moderate full body workout?

I do my best to workout at the gym every day but it feels like I may not be giving my muscles enough time to recover. How many days should I rest between my workouts to achieve the best results?

My regular workout (40-60 min):

– Box jumps (50-60)
– Hanging oblique knee lift (body weight x 30)
– Incline back extensions (body weight x 50-60)
– Chin-ups (body weight x 20)
– Leg extensions (80kg x 10)
– Lat pulldown (75kg x 5)
– Seated torso rotation (25kg x 10)
– Seated row machine (100kg x 10)
– Dips (body weight x 15)
– Crunch (100)
– Incline bench press (45kg x 10)
– Machine shoulder press (60kg x 10)
– Elliptical cross-trainer (10 min)

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Need Help Finding a Specific Bench Workout

This is my first time posting on this sub and hope you awesome people can help me out!

There is a specific bench workout that I used for a couple of months in 2016 and got the best results of my life with but unfortunately I only saved a picture of one of the 2 sheets (see image in link below). I’m missing the sheet that tells you what weights to fill in based on your 1 rep max, does anyone recognize this workout?

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Should This Sixty Year-Old Weightlifter Stretch For 30 Minutes Before And After My Workout?

I’m 62, and I started working out with a trainer after a long hiatus last October. Two months ago I mildly strained my shoulder (it was an impinged shoulder), which is just about healed.

Question: *How much should I stretch before and after working out with my trainer?* One person told me that I should definitely stretch for a good 30 minutes before *and* after my workout. Do you agree? And can anyone recommend a definitive YouTube video on stretching (particularly for those prone to shoulder injuries)?


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