PPL doing legs only once a week?

I’m doing a PPL type program but my problem is I can’t work out on Sunday when the second leg day would be (assuming I follow the split of Monday: Push / Tuesday: Pull / Wednesday: Legs / Thursday: Rest / Friday: Push / Saturday: Pull / Sunday: Legs)
Due to religious reasons (I’m not looking for a debate on religion so don’t even think about it reddit atheists) I rest Sundays.

Is it possible to either do a way heavier leg day once a week, or to train 6 days consecutively and then rest one day? Which would be preferable? I don’t really wanna take away a push or pull day because my whole body needs work and I don’t want to take away from the upper body work either. Thanks

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Program Review – Kizen 16 Week Powerbuilding Program

I’m an avid reader of /r/Fitness and rarely post but I hadn’t seen much about this program and /u/MythicalStrength’s reviews inspired me to post. The reviews on this sub helped be choose some programs when I was just getting back into lifting.

So I know this is a paid program and that there are many opinions about paid programs but that’s not what this post is about.

Disclaimer: the background more personal lifting story than recent background

# Background:

My dad was a big weightlifter in high school and college and went from skinny kid to the big dude. I never went to the gym with him or anything like that because he stopped going before I was old enough to join him but his size and strength made a huge impression on me as a kid. I always worked out with the limited weights we had at home and was into lots of physical outdoor activities like backpacking and biking (though not really team sports).

In high school, I got interested in hitting the gym again. I started with weights and conditioning which lead me to following some programs from [BodyBuilding.com](https://BodyBuilding.com) programs. Fast forward a few years I’m lifting everyday then BAM – jacked up shoulder. Doc says don’t do anything including swinging your arm. Then follows the typical hurt -> got kind of lazy -> started feeling like a fat sack -> started working out again cycle. I got talked into doing group Insanity and though resistant at first, I dropped twenty pounds and it motivated me to get back to the iron. So for a few years I did Planet Fitness style weightlifting just using machines and DBs and such never really chasing PR’s or size but just general health. Around this time I moved several states over and went back to college. So I did the typical college bro thing and hit the fancy college gym, but with a purpose. I ran SL but didn’t like it. So I did Phrak’s Greyskull LP variant for 2 months and my SBD at 200lb went from 135/95/135 to 185/135/225 (since I did some larger jumps than prescribed). Then I ran PPLx2, GZCLP, 5/3/1 (BBB, BTM), PHAT, PHUL, GZCL JnT. Over that time I went from skipping around a lot to focused and following though.

[**this is where the program relevant info really starts**]

All that leads me to before start the program in question. My goal, like everyone else: get big, get strong. My bench was still weakest at 225, squat at 315, DL at 365, due to the shoulder I take it easy on overhead press at 115. Bodyweight around 235lbs, BF% around 20%. Edit: Also, I’m male and 23 incase that’s wanted.

# The Program:


You can get a few weeks of it from the Kizen website to see how its structured, but essentially its a different take on the PHAT/UL concept of strength days and hypertrophy days. Day 1/3/5 are hypertrophy, 2/4/6 are power with some accessories on day 6. One of those accessories is the plank – based on my research readings, the plank doesn’t really cause much ab activation so I subbed that for loaded crunches and hanging leg raises. Also, as a note I didn’t use any machines (as a kind of experiment) other than the cables so exercises like chest supported row were done on an incline bench with dumbbells. Otherwise I followed the program.


* This program has a lot of volume each week. So you definitely have to keep an eye on your recovery.
* The way that it’s structured workouts were around an 45 min for hyper days and 1-1.5 hours for power days which made the time commitment manageable.
* This is a long program and I had the urge to test maxes in the middle of it, but I waited to keep at least one solid day of recovery. I had to remember to play the long game.
* Honestly, its not a super complicated program and you could probably take the free first part and build it into something similar, but it was nice having all of the workouts planned after I got started to get busy.
* ***Importantly*****, I really enjoyed every nearly every workout.** Mostly for the first second and fourth bullets above.


I took three days off of training before testing and tested deadlift and bench on back to back days, then waited a day and tested squat.


|Overhead Press|115|155|

Overall, extremely happy with the results. I wanted to hit 4 plates on squat and deadlift. I wanted to hit 3 plates on bench, but I’m very happy with the progress over the four months. Bodyweight wise I fluxed between 235 and 245, I dropped to ~18%.

# Other factors:


I didn’t follow the Kizen nutrition plan. Over these four months I ate nearly the same thing everyday with very little cheating (mainly due to time constraints):

Each meal was approximately: 50g of protein from lean beef (either ground or trimmed roasts), 100g of carbs from jasmine rice, fat from beef and a bit of full fat cheese). I also had 3-4 cups of broth and a good bit of salt on everything because I found out I just feel better with sodium supplementation. I had this 4x a day bringing me to about: 215g protein, 400g carb, 45-50g fat for 2800-2900 calories/day. My day to day activities are pretty low impact.


I did my best to get 8 hours of sleep, but averaged around 6.75 hours.

# Conclusion:

I know I have a limited training background with only about 20 months of barbell lifting experience before starting the program and I’ve voiced some of my thoughts on the “is it worth it” question above, but I would definitely recommend this program. Especially if you’re like me and want to get 5-6 days in the gym, but don’t have the time to be in there for hours like is needed for 5/3/1 BTM or JnT. I really like the concept of it and have continued the scheme building off of the plan for the second cycle. I hope to get good results from it as well. The only con I can see if that it was hard to get in any kind of cardio or conditioning, which I’m looking to integrate into the program. Again, not saying you have to buy a plan, nor do I want to get into that argument. I got this plan from a friend with original intent to run it together, but that didn’t work out so he ran it starting later and stopped around the holidays or I would have the another set of results to compare against.

Hope you find this helpful. I’d be happy to answer any questions about the program.

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I can only workout 3 days a week that are back to back and not spread out through the week, does this change how I should lift?

Like the title says, I can only workout out on my weekends which are 3 and 4 days off. So I break it up into a 3 day split and usually do all three workouts one day after the next or how ever it fits in my weekend. Does this program sound good for this type of schedule? I pick opposing muscle groups so I can super-set them and get my workouts done quicker without sacrificing volume.

Typical week:

Workout 1 (chest and bi)

* Flat bench 4×10
* Incline bench super-set with dumb bell curls 4×10
* Lower cable chest flyes super-set with bar bell curls 4×10 (dropset both exercises at the end)
* Captain chair leg raises 4x to failure

Workout 2 (back and tri)

* Deadlift 4×10
* Lat pulldown and tricep pulldown 4×10
* Cable rows super-set with overhead tricep cable extensions 4×10 (dropset both exercises at the end)
* Captain chair leg raises 4x to failure

Workout 2 (Squat and shoulders)

* Squat 4×10
* Military press 4×10
* Lateral raise super-set with front raises 4×10
* Captain chair leg raises 4x to failure

Is this good for working out back to back and am I getting enough ab work to grow abs? my workouts are usually an hour and 15 min.


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Recommended gym routine for 3-4 days a week?

Currently I have been going to the gym about 3 days a week M/W/Thu, doing arms/shoulders on Monday, chest/back on Wednesday, and legs on Thursdays. I mainly have just been doing a random assortment of exercises pertaining to those muscle groups on those days with not a lot of structure. I feel like I could be using my gym time more efficiently if I had a structured routine to hit all the muscle groups. I am a busy student in University so going to the gym more than 3-4 days a week is difficult. I was just looking for some advice on a more structured workout plan that follows working out those same muscle groups. Thanks!

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Routine question: 6 day PPL, 4 days a week

I was just wondering if it’s pointless to train 6 day PPL, 4 days a week?


The reason for asking, instead of just doing 4 day routine is because I have unstable schedule.


I can almost always workout Monday through Thursday after work, but since I love drinking, I almost always go out


on Friday and Saturday night, so I can’t really workout on Friday.


I try to workout on Saturday and Sunday but I’m usually hungover.


I looked into 4 day routines but they suggested resting in between every workout so I would have to workout Mon, Wed,


Fri and Sun. I really have nothing better to do on Tuesday and Thursday so I feel like I’m wasting time if I rest on that day.


Since every routine don’t fall perfectly into my schedule, I was wondering if just doing PPL (since I like PPL) for 4 days a


week, 5 or even full 6 days depending on my schedule, will be worse then doing other routines? (like doing 4 day routines


without resting for 4 days straight then resting Fri, Sat and Sun)


Thanks in advance!

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How to maintain lifts when transitioning from GZCLP 4xs a week to running 40+ miles/week??

Hi everyone! I’ve been running GZCLP 4 times a week since October and I have not only enjoyed this program more than any other that I’ve run, but I’ve also made significant gainz compared to when I’ve ran other beginner/intermediate programs. I have a trail 50k race that I am running at the end of July, and my training for that has started ramping up. Right now, my plan is to continue lifting 4 times a week until the end of March. At that point in time I plan on dropping down to lifting 2 times a week and will be running 6 days a week. by the end of April I should be running 40 miles a week.


While I know it’s impossible to not lose some strength running that much, does anyone have any suggestions for what my workouts should look like to prevent it as much as possible? I’d love to keep my squat 1RM above 300 while training for the 50k. I’m open to any programs or tips that anyone may have for me! I should mention that I’m pretty dead set on not lifting more than twice a week. Thanks in advance!

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Five short workouts a week. Mon-Fri.

I start a new job next month and the hours are a bit longer so I was hoping to make use of the gym around the corner on my lunch breaks. After eating, walking to gym and getting changed I will have about 20-25 minutes in the gym each day.

I was thinking of doing one main lift per day as well as 1-2 accessories, depending on time. A rough routine I have come up with is below:
Monday – 5×5 Bench, 3×12 Incline Bench
Tuesday – 5×5 Squats, 3×12 Romanian Deadlifts
Wednesday – 5×5 Row, 4 set Pull ups SS 3×12 Shrugs
Thursday – 5×5 OHP, 3×12 Facepull SS 3×15 Lateral Raises
Friday – 1×5 Deadlifts, 3×12 Tricep Pushdown SS 3×12 Bicep Curl

Any feedback on my routine? My goal is gaining strength and mass.

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I (22F) have recently begun working out 5 days a week, an hour each time, what can I do to maximize my results and become healthier/more fit?

Hey ya’ll

Really new to this fitness thing so go easy on me. I decided to start working out regularly because I am unhappy with my body (5’6” 110 lbs but have a lot of fat storage in my midsection) and the benefits for anxiety, stress, sleep, confidence is definitely worth the effort.

I wake up around 5:30-6 am and go to the gym right away and work out for about an hour. I run at least 1 mile on the treadmill every day, 10-15 stretching, and then work various muscle groups. My diet is generally very healthy. I will have egg whites with spinach, fruit, toast, and coffee pretty much every morning. I’ll snack on cashews, almonds, cheese it’s throughout the day. Lunch is usually whatever I have as left overs. I try to stay away from sugar as much as possible (haven’t had Starbucks coffee in a few weeks, yay me!!) and dinner is usually some type of meat, pasta, or fish with salad.

What kind of workouts can I do to to burn the extra fat I have, as well build some muscle? Is there anything else I need to add/remove from my diet?

I also experience a LOT of issues with bloating (no I’m not lactose intolerant, been tested for almost every GI problem under the sun because this has been a chronic issue) what can I do to ease the bloating?

Edit: I should also mention I take a multivitamin and probiotics every morning after breakfast if that means anything!

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I’m trying to increase my squat and bench. Should I do more workouts each week for them to get stronger?

Height 5’2” weight: 128 lbs

Bench: 150 5×5
Deadlift 195 5×5
Squat: 175 5×5
OHP: 105 5×5

I workout four days a week. I train bench twice a week and squat as my only leg exercise once a week. In the past three months my bench only increased 30 lbs but I would like to progress more faster. Same for my squat. Should I increase my bench days to three times a week? And my squat to twice a week? I don’t really follow a program but I basically do two compounds movements each day with one or two other exercises with dumbbells.

I’m just worried if I bump the amount of days for bench and squat I won’t recover for my heavy days. I feel like I would still be sore by the time I want to do a heavy squat or bench and I’m not sure if it would be wise to workout through soreness.

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Help! Gotta Drop my run time by 30 seconds in a week!

Hey all, without going into too much detail, in March I will be (hopefully) shipping for USMC boot camp. If I don’t go in March, it’s very likely I won’t go at all. Next Friday, I will be doing a IST to ship out (Initial Strength Test). I’m meeting all of the requirements except the run time.

The requirement is 13:30 mins for a 1.5 mile. At the beginning of January I ran it in 22 mins. A week ago, I ran it in 14 mins.

I have no chronic disease, don’t smoke, only drink water, workout almost every day. 5″5′, 160lbs.

I read stuff on HIIT (High Intensity Interval training), but not sure how soon I should see results. How often I should/could be running, etc. If I should just practice the 1.5 mile till I can hit it. I’ve never been a runner, so I’m pretty ignorant on what the best way to see quick improvement is. Also worry about hurting a knee or pulling muscle too soon too next Friday.

Anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Split Week or Alternate Weeks

Since the start of the year I’ve rededicated myself to a schedule: Monday-Saturday using a 6-day, Strength / Hypertrophy split.

* **Monday**: Push (Strength)
* **Tuesday**: Pull (Strength)
* **Wednesday**: Legs (Strength)
* **Thursday**: Push (Hyper)
* **Friday**: Pull (Hyper)
* **Saturday**: Legs (Hyper)

The strength days are 3 sets of 5 while the hyper days are 3 sets of 12 of the same circuits done on the strength days.

I’m considering moving to alternating weeks where week A would be M-S all strength and week B would be all hyper. The split would be the same of Push, Pull, Legs, but I would add additional movements/exercises and distribute them across the days as appropriate.

Looking for:

* Thoughts on this approach
* Pros and cons
* Personal experiences

Thanks in advance.

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Squats three times a week?

I just started a new workout schedule and its the 5×5 program. its three days a week so monday, wednesday and friday.

And it says squats everyday, but one is front barbell squat, so a little bit different from normal squats. And it also has deadlifts on one of the days that also works the lower body.

Is this too much stress on the muscles? Would it be easy to overtrain them?

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Is deadlifting 4x per week too much?

For years I’ve neglected deadlifts until around 4 or 5 months ago after talking to a buddy who says doing deadlifts (at a lower weight) before every workout helps him break plateaus. I lift 5x a week and deadlift 4 of those 5. I don’t DL on leg days since I do squats. I do 1 heavy day where I do 8 sets, increasing the weight throughout until I do 2 reps for my last set. The other 3 days are upper body and i do 5 sets of DL beforehand, shooting for around 8-10 reps (not to failure).

So far there haven’t been any noticeably negative effects. Lower back isn’t hurting or anything. But is this overkill? Should I cut those days down to 2x per week? If 3 lighter days are ok, should I change the weight/rep amounts?

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Last week I could do pull-ups. This week I could not.

Male, 6’0 180lbs – brand new to lifting so not very strong.

I started going to the gym last week, started with pull day with pull ups. After trying deadlifts I did 8 pull-ups, then 7, then 6. For the next few days my forearms were painfully sore but eventually went away. Anyway I had to take a while off from lifting because I got pretty sick, but I went back today and did some barbell rows first, then tried to do pull-ups, but I couldn’t do a single one.

My arms or back didn’t hurt, and my muscles didn’t feel tired, but when I tried to pull myself up, my muscles simply would not contract, It was a very strange feeling, especially since I had done 21 the week before and now I could do 0.

I’m still a little sick but today I could do everything else okay as a beginner (barbell rows, seated cable rows, face pulls). Did the barbell rows hurt my pull-up game? Or did I do something to mess up my forearms the week prior?

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Have a barbell and single dumbbell, can’t get to the gym for a week

Hey guys I’ll keep it quick, I’m out of town to train for a job and only have a dumbbell and barbell. I’m broke and ran out of protein so can’t get it for a bit, and can’t get to the gym in a week.
I’ve made true gains recently and don’t want to lose any momentum when I get back. What are some good workouts I can do maintain strength and size? Biceps n tris are no problem, I’m more worried about shoulders and back.

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Should i take a week break from gym?

I’ve been going gym every single day for about an hour or two each session using a pull push legs split and I’ve been feeling pretty beat up lately, especially in my left shoulder. I was wondering if a week break from gym would re-sensitise my body to working out as I haven’t been feeling sore lately just really run down, so I feel like I haven’t been progressing in strength.

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Cardio 5 days a week while clean bulking?

Recently started bulking to ditch the skinny fat bod thats been pissing me off. I’ve been trying to get my cardiovascular system up to par as well. I lift 4 days a week, and I’m hoping to get that up to 5 once I strengthen my individual muscle groups more. But, I’d like to fit ~30 min of cardio on weekdays in the mornings to get me going before I go to work and keep body fat to a minimum. Is this a good idea? I’m sure that I’d have to adjust my diet, but if it’s going to impact my gains I’d ditch it.

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Have to take four weeks off for surgery recovery. Currently lifting 3x a week and running 5k 3x a week. Will I lose all my progress?

Hey fellow fitness lovers….im pretty fit right now. I can run an easy 3-5 miles on an incline, lifting 80%+ body weight ratios pretty easily, and have been completing Spartan obstacle races every few months. I’ve been exercising a minimum of 5 times a week for over two years now. This will be the first time I’ve taken more than a few days off. I’m really nervous about losing my progress and motivation.
I’m also not sure how/where to start when I get back to working out.

Anyone out there have experience with having to take time off like this? How did it affect your goals?

Also, any program recommendations for getting back into a fitness regime?

If it matters….the surgery is ovarian,(obviously I’m female) through the muscle in abdominal cavity, but relatively routine.

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Cardio 5x a week – trying to lose weight

Hi all!

I work at PF, got hired maybe 2 weeks ago. I used to come semi-regularly, but now I work here 5x a week (Mon-Fri). I also get out of work an hour before my bf, and because I don’t have a car (it broke), I have to wait an hour and a half for him to get here. Then sometimes (depending on how tired he is after work), he’ll go on the treadmill for 20 min then hit the weights for another 20 min . (While he is doing this, I’ll do weights for the full 40min).

As a result, I’ve been doing cardio for this hour every time I’ve had work. It’s nothing too vigorous, mostly because I’m out of shape and tired from work. It’s usually me at an incline of 15 and walking at a decent pace, and then stopping to run for 5 min intervals. Sometimes I’ll alternate between the elliptical and stairmaster.

Few questions about this:

Is it bad to do this for 5days straight? Should I do something instead in its place? I’m trying to lose weight/get in shape, but I don’t wanna hurt myself.

Additionally, it would be nice to run a mile straight, but I definitely don’t think I can do that now. I run really heavy, have pretty bad knees and find my legs to hurt before my lungs give out. How can I improve this?

I’m 22, F, 145 lbs (? Haven’t weighed myself since Christmas) and I’m 5′. I wanna be around 115 lbs

TL;DR: due to life, I am stuck at a gym for an 1.5hrs Mon – Fri , and as a result have been doing a lot of cardio. Is that bad?

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Recovery week after cut?

Hello all, currently in the middle of a cut and while I have some experience I was wondering about some of the gains made after cutting. Specifically, for aesthetics sake, if I want to look my best in 5 weeks from now would it be best to stop in 4 weeks then eat at maintenance/slight surplus to get some muscle back, or just cut until the 5 weeks are over? I am doing a rather aggressive cut but so far it seems to be working for me, would love some input though on how quickly any lost muscle may return, and if you can “fill out” a little in a week. Thanks

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7000 per week deficit?

I finally got serious with my cut and have been tracking my weight daily for the last 5 weeks, recording it, then averaging each week on Sunday. I have been consistently losing a minimum of 2 pounds per week. Most tdee calculators put me at or near 3100 per day and I have been shooting for 2600 per day.

If 3500 calories is equivalent to a pound of fat does this mean I am averaging a 7000 deficit per week/1000 per day?

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Changing it up for a week!

Recently I’ve been bulking ( my 2nd time ever! ) and I’ve noticed a massive drop in confidence and honestly looks.

To counter act this, Ive decides to try the following for a week:

No looking at myself in mirror ( gonna wear loose hoodies constantly for this one to work)

No comparing myself to others

No masturbstion, saw it on bodybuilding forums no clue how it’ll actually work at all!

If anyone could give suggestions or etc that’d be helpful!

Not sure if this is relevant but I’m 15 1/2 6ft at 200 lbs around 18-20% BF estimate.

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For the last three months, I’ve been lifting weights 3 days a week for an hour per workout. I’ve gotten results I can work with. My question is, if I shift all my exercises to a single day and lift weights for 3 hours in one day instead of over 3 days, will it still give me the same results?

I’ve had a change in my life recently, that makes it hard for me to workout like before.

Right now I do

1 hour on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each.

I’m thinking about doing 3 hours each Sunday.

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Want to workout 7 days a week in February as a challenge. Need advice.

So for the next month, I (m27) want to workout 7 days a week. The main focus is discipline. I want to get up at the same time from monday to friday and a bit later on the weekends. I have been lifting regularly for six months, first stronglifts 5×5 and now PHUL, but my progess hasn’t been that great for the last month because I’ve been slacking, so I need a reset.

Now my workout can take almost two hours to complete sometimes. But since I want to train every day the workouts shouldn’t be longer than an hour. The main thing is to GET UP and GET THERE every day. That’s even more important then progress to me. A friend of mine wants to tag along with the challenge and he is also bouldering, so he can’t pull hard on days after he has been climbing. I think I want to boulder with him on sunday, so I don’t have to be in the same place every day and also for social reasons. My friend also wants to do some cardio. This makes things a bit more complicated, because else I would probably just do PPLPPL and one day of cardio/mobility. I’m afraid I will lose progress made if I go back to training three times a week full body.

Looking for any advice!

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5/3/1 beginners and deload week.

so i finished my third cycle of 5/3/1 beginners ( [https://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/wiki/531-beginners](https://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/wiki/531-beginners) ) and im currently doing the following, 155 squats for 9 reps, 155 deadlift for 7 reps, 160 bench for 7 reps and 105 ohp for 5 reps. I was suppost to do a deload this week but due to busy life and feeling sick i decided to take the week off completely (really needed this for motivation also). now i have a question, when i come back how should i proceed? should i go to the next cycle? take the real deload week or maybe take the last week of the third cycle and re do it?


also right now ohp at 105 5 reps feels heavy. should i reduce the TM of that and bench?

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I do HIIT (high intensity interval training) cardio 2 days a week and on separate days do 3-4 days of LISS (low intensity steady state) cardio. Is this too much cardio?

I don’t combine the workouts, I do HIIT a couple times a week for 25 mins on the treadmill and LISS 3-4 days for 45 mins on the treadmill. Am I overexerting myself?

The reason I ask is, HITT training can be hard on the body and it needs time to recover. Then I add LISS to my workouts as well so I might not be allowing my body to recover from the HIIT.

What does research say about combining HITT and LISS?

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What is a good 4 day a week powerlifting program?

I’d have to say I’m an intermediate to advanced lifter. I have several years of experience but have somewhat stalled out. Just wondering what anybody else out there would recommend.

I’d like to compete in my first meet over the summer and prefer to bench twice a week and hit my deadlift once.

I really enjoy four day splits but would be open to more, as long as it made sense!

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Going from 5×5 twice a week to 5×5 and 4×12 once a week.

I’m currently doing a push/pull 5×5 based program twice a week. I haven’t reach a plateau by any means yet however it’s getting quite boring and I might consider changing it up soon. I was planning on doing push/pull 5×5 once a week and 4x12ish once a week as well.
Basically push/pull/rest/push/pull/skills/rest
I’m looking for advice on the routine I came up with so far. My goals are strength and size (mostly strength).
[Sets x reps]

Push 5×5:
Squat 5×5
Bench press: 5×5
Overhead press: 5×5
Dips: 4×10
Tricep extensions: 4×12

Pull 5×5:
Deadlift: 5×5
Pull up: 5×5
BB row: 5×5
BB curl: 4×12
Side lateral raise: 4×12
Rear lateral raise: 4×12

Push 4x12ish:
Squat: 5×5 (keeping low for strength purposes)
Bench press: 4×12
Incline DB bench: 4×10
Overhead press: 4×10
Tricep extension: 4×12
Dips: 4x to failure

Pull 4x12ish:
Deadlift: 5×5 (keeping low for strength purposes)
BB Row: 4×12
BB curl: 4×12
Shrug: 4×12
Side lateral raise: 4×12
Rear lateral raise: 4×12
Pull ups: 4 x to failure.

I’ll post my current 5×5 program down in the comments.

(Also whenever I post, my spacing gets removed so sorry in advanced for it being squished together)

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If you are following an intense workout routine like nSuns, is it better to just take a week off instead of a deload week?

Following a routine like nsuns puts you in the gym 5/6 times a week and even if you are deloading 50% of the weight you usually lift, that is still a considerable weight, specially for the high number of sets being performed. Plus, a deload should be done every 6 to 6 weeks following this program with the intend purpose of resting your muscles and your CNS. So what do you think?

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Is working out strenuously 8 times a week too much?

Hello everyone,

So my reality is in conflict with my goals at the moment and I’m simply trying my best to achieve my goals despite the situation I am in.

I’ve been consist with a 531 twice a week and have upped the assistance volume and I’ve gained a good amount of weight/muscle and have gotten stronger—a very good thing that I’m happy about.

But, I would like to lift more now that I want to push myself even further and really see how far I could go.

I have practice 5x a week, consisting of 50-90 minutes of relatively intense sessions on the rowing machine (since I’m a rower) as apart of winter training for the spring season. Practice will just get more intense as we approach spring, and will be more difficult in season.

I want to lift early in the morning on Wednesdays, and then lift Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

Would working out 8 times a week be too much? Am I at risk of injury by doing a 531 program 3x a week and then doing an intense leg dominant sport endurance sport 5x a week?

I feel like I’m really pushing the envelope as to how much my body could take. Our practices can be very intense at times. That coupled with a full body routine several times a week is something I’m not sure is exactly safe.

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Having bicep issues, taking a week or two off from lifting to let it (hopefully) heal. How should I eat?

I’m male, 6’ 230lbs. I’m currently two months into starting strength and have been progressing well. I just hit about a month of eating at recomp according to the chart Dr. Feiganbaum uses in his article, To Be A Beast. I started around 225 and am 230, so obviously I need to cut back a little bit from what his base recommendation is according to that. I’d really like to be around 225 and stay there long term. I think that’s a good weight for me aesthetically, especially as I continue to lose fat and gain muscle. Also, I think there’s plenty of strength potential for me at this weight. I currently eat about 2850 cal, 250g protein, and try to eat 288g carbs, and 80g of fat, although those two fluctuate on any given day- protein and calories are my priority.

About two weeks ago I tried doing a power clean after my workout and immediately felt something in my right arm (elbow, bicep, shoulder) area. It hurt pretty bad. Over the last two weeks it’s gotten worse ONLY WHEN ITS BEING USED UNDER STRAIN and to the point where squatting is enough to seriously hurt it to where I couldn’t even finish my squats today. I spent a good two hours yesterday shoveling my roof, which had me in pretty serious pain for a few hours afterwards, so that certainly didn’t help.

Anyway, my question is, how should I adjust my diet these next two weeks while I’m resting this junk arm I’m dealing with? Should I just cut back by 300 calories of mostly carbs/fat and keep protein roughly the same? I want to lose as little strength as possible while not gaining weight, preferably even losing a couple pounds.

Thanks for your time!

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I started working out last week, and I’m feeling a bit discouraged.

I go to the gym about twice a week and do around 30-40 minutes running/speed walking on the treadmill. I also do this Orange Theory class (basically switching between treadmill, rowing machine and weights for an hour) 3 times a week. When I’m at the class, I feel like I’m dying, and feel like I’m not doing well. Others are able to run continuously on the treadmill whil I can run for the first 5 minutes and then have to switch to speed walking with incline. After each class, I’m worried that I’m just lazy and not putting in 100%, but when I’m there I do feel like I’m doing the most thats possible without dropping to the ground dead. Also my legs are the sorest they’ve ever been. Do you think im feeling like this because I just started (going from zero working out to 5 times a week)? Will it get better, in your opinions?

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Full body every other week?

So a friend of mine said she cycles her workouts so one week she does full body every day (back, biceps, triceps, legs, shoulders, chest), and then the following week she will so isolated days (back/biceps, chest/shoulders/triceps, legs, abs, glutes)

Is this effective in training muscles and avoiding plateaus?

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My club has a dead lift competition for reps this week. What’s the best way to prep for this with the limited time I have?

The rules are that you must lift 1.5x body weight for AMRAP. Winner is person with most reps (small cash prize). You have 10 seconds between each rep to reset and catch a breath. No straps but belt allowed. How should I prep for this mini competition, and how should I strategize my reps in terms of tempo and technique during the actual lift? Since its based on body weight, should I try to diet down my water weight or carb up the day of for that extra energy?

Height: 5’7

Body weight: 168lbs

1RM DL: 370lbs

1.5x body weight: 255lbs


Should I go for it, even if it’s just for fun? I’m a bit competitive and really want to win. I have recently pulled 225lbs for 20 reps as a last set on my last deadlift day (volume is my best friend on nsuns) so I feel sort of good for pulling AMRAP at 255lbs. Maybe 15 reps or so? Not sure if that would win but we’ll see.

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Should I add 5 or 10 lbs every week to my squat and deadlift?

I just started squat and deadlift a month ago. Squat started at 135 and deadlift at 145. For deadlift I’m doing 5×5 one day and 3×10 another day of the week. Squat is only 5×5 a week for now. Each lift I’ve been increasing by 5 lbs each week. I want to add 10 lbs each week though to progress faster. But I’m hesitant because I’m scared my lifts will reach a stall faster if I do increase by larger increments. My squat rn is 155 but a couple days ago while I was doing 155x5x5, my last set I went a little more effort and managed 10 reps and probably could’ve done more. Should I do 165 next week? And for my deadlift which is 175 5×5, I didn’t feel like it was challenging last week but it wasn’t super easy like my squat for 155. Should I keep the 5lbs increase or go 185. I read on stronglifts 5×5, they increase 10 lbs for deadlift because it uses more muscles.

Overall, should I keep 5lbs increases to have a slow progression to prevent a plateau or go 10lbs a week to save an extra week of training each increase (like I would get to 185 a week earlier than if I was doing 5 lb increase) and deal with a plateau when I get there. My desire is to do 10 lbs each week until I hit 225 for each, then I would be switch to 5 lb increments. Im just worried increasing 10 a week will cause a plateau before I get to 225. Thanks in advance.

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Squat and Deadlift – 3 times each per week, Different Days?

So I started doing a novice linear progression, primarily for strength but also a little muscle gain, some months back, but I find that I don’t really like squatting and deadlifting on the same day, 3 days a week. So instead of doing that 3 days a week, would it be acceptable to squat M-W-F and deadlift (along with other exercises) T-TH-S? Deadlifting still uses leg strength so I’m concerned that I would sabotage my squats the following day. I also run 4-5 times a week for AFROTC.


All my main lifts (squat, deadlift, bench, OHP) are done for 5 reps and heavy weight, with about 4-5 warmup sets and 3 work sets.

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Cardio and Weights same days twice a week? Or switch the days?

Hey guys,

Just a little about me: Total Beginner lifter, have been lifting on and off (lift for few weeks then off for one or two then back at it again etc) for the past 8 months or so and have gotten back into things the last few weeks. My main goal is to lean down while also gaining some strength.

Because of my work schedule right now, I’m only really able to do 2 full body workouts (rather than my previous 3) a week. I Would do these Monday and Wednesday, they last around 1.5hrs

Recently I’ve started going to a boxing club which coincidentally runs twice a week, Monday and Wednesday for around 1hr. For the past few weeks I’ve been lifting in the morning and going to boxing at night.

My question is – would it be better for my recovery to split these up and do say; Monday and Wednesday boxing,Tuesday and Thursday weights? Or is it fine to keep both on the same days?

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For building muscle, is it better to work out a body part hard twice a week, or easy 5 times?

Hello, I am M/24/168 at 21.5% body fat and my goal is to add another 5 lbs of muscle by 3/15/19 with minimal fat gain. I am eating at 2375.


I used to do splits (June-December) which were a variant on GZCLP. They haven’t worked that amazingly well for me (tho there could have been other factors contributing to that), and just for a change I am moving to try full body workouts. The idea is to work out 3 times a week full-body with major barbell movements, and twice a week focus on functional movements (which are now necessary if I want to progress), accessories, and cardio.


My question is: is it better to work out a body part seldom but hard, or often but less hard? For example

Legs Option 1: Squat 7×6, heavy (Monday), Lunge 7×6, heavy (Thursday)

Legs Option 2: Lunge 3×10, light (Monday), goblet squat 5×10, light (Tuesday), squat 5×6, heavy (Wednesday), thigh curl 5×10 light (Thursday)

Edit: Tuesdays and Thursdays are in the following circuit:

Upper body (T: Pull ups, Th: dips), Farmer’s Walk, Lower body (T: goblet squat, Th: thigh curl), farmer’s walk, abs, farmer’s walk. Rest and repeat 5 times with the rest period getting progressively shorter.

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6 week bulk. Or other options.

Hey guys never billed as such before and I’m curious to know what the go would be with a current plan. I’ve got 6 weeks coming up and I want to put on as much muscle as I can but it needs to be functional muscle not for looks. As I’ll also need to maintain my running and cardio etc. will bulking be the right choice to do. Or should I look at other options??

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Week Split Length

Had an interesting conversation (debate) on the benefits (or lack of) of training hard for one or two weeks, then focusing on rest and mobility for the next week or two. Basically a cycle of two in and two off for example.

Couple guys I know have been doing this for years and have the strength and physique to show for it. Just never really heard of it before, seems a little off to me.
I suppose I’m missing programing so this might not help much…

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One Week Into My First Cut: Questions…

I’m a 23 year old male at approximately 180.5lbs, and a guestimation of about 20% body fat. I’m also exactly seven days through with my first week of clean eating and gym activity, and I’m looking to better understand the reasonable goals and possible traps that I’ll be facing as I enter week two, three, and eventually surpass the “newbie gain” portion of my education of physical fitness. My goal? Combating and defeating my skinny-fat-ness by getting myself down to ~15%. To do that, assuming my math isn’t horribly wrong, that means my goal weight should be in / around 166-169lbs.


[https://tdeecalculator.net](https://tdeecalculator.net) tells me that my maintenance caloric intake sits at about 2,162, and that a low-carb cut from that should be at a 500 caloric deficit, making my day-to-day intake anywhere below 1,662. On average (and not intentionally), I’ve been eating roughly 300 calories less than that, and haven’t gone above 1,662 yet in the past two weeks of tracking. In terms of what I’m eating, it’s been a focus on protein and fat with some pretty sharp cutting of simple carbs and sugars. I had a whole wheat pasta once in the past seven days, and a half-cup of rice once as well. Otherwise, it’s been vegetables, fruits, and meats for me, with a particular focus on healthier fish like salmon and tuna (wild caught).


As for my workout, I am following this fantastic [beginner workout routine](https://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/comments/37ylk5/a_linear_progression_based_ppl_program_for/) from this very reddit(!), which means I’ve completed two sets of PPLs. It’s been enjoyable, and I’m definitely a little sore. But now is when the questions start coming up.


***Over the past seven days, I’ve lost 6.5 pounds.*** I know that the first several pounds lost are water weight almost exclusively, and I also know not to expect that sort of insane loss to continue. However, I don’t think it’s wishful thinking (seeing?) to look in the mirror and to think that I, generally, look less bloated. My face is just a little slimmer and generally I think I look healthier. Good stuff, I hope. But now, as I proceed into the second week of the grind, I wanted to ask for guidance and help about how best to proceed, and when is best to switch over to a lean bulk.


The most important thing for me is to get a flat stomach (yay, I’ve only slotted myself into the vast majority), but I also don’t want to be unreasonable about how I get there. I’ve read and watched enough by now to understand that extreme deficits in calories and nutrients, even carbs, can cause muscle loss to exceed the rate of fat loss.


Here are my rapid fire questions, and I so appreciate the community’s reading this far:

– With the water weight shed, what sort of losses should I be expecting week to week?

– If I plateau while this cut is still in its early phases, what needs to checked or changed? Is my deficit not high enough?

– The goal is fat loss in the stomach, but there’s obviously no way to ‘target’ that loss; is it possible to lose that weight and still retain a large stomach?

– Should I be expecting to increase my strength significantly during this period while I’m working a caloric deficit?


Any guidance, inspiration, and other ideas to keep me focused straight and narrow would be wonderful, and I am happy to share with anyone further information they may need / want from me!

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Doing full body thrice a week and accessories 2-3 seperate days a week ?

I am following [Ivysaur’s](https://i.imgur.com/v46pg5v.png) 4-4-8 program, but i feel like i can hit the gym 5 days a week most of the times(Not consistently,can only be consistent for 3 days) . So can i hit accessories of biceps,triceps, shoulder’s and abs on rest days ? Will that hamper my recovery and in turn be more detrimental or should i just stick with normal 4-4-8 ?


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Is DLing once per week enough?

I’ve been working the PHUL plan


for a little while now, and feel like I’m not getting the burn I typically would when I was doing DL’s twice per week. DL’s have always been an essential workout in my leg days. The plan only calls for DL’s on lower power days, but I feel fine to do DL’s again by lower hypertrophy days.

Am I not hitting DL’s hard enough on lower power? Or is it alright to add them into my lower HT day as well?

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Title Boxing Twice a Week

So I signed up at Title Boxing and did their month to month 8 classes a month membership. This comes out to 2 workouts a week. It’s a high intensity workout from what I understand (obviously dependent on effort) but my question is, is that enough? My schedule doesn’t really allow for a lot of workout time but I can squeeze in two hour long sessions. If my goal is just to slim and tone, would this partnered with a change in diet be sufficient?


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Body is feeling worn out so I’m taking a week off the PHUL program. What are your best recovery / stretching / ab routines to do in order to come back refreshed?

Basically, I have had some minor shoulder stiffness the past two weeks and tweaked my hamstring this weekend. It feels like my body is telling me to take a little time off the weights, so that’s what I’m doing.

I would like to do some low impact recovery / stretching / or ab routines this week. Any ideas on programs that I could follow?

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How much progress do I lose if I don’t go to the gym for a week because I’m sick?

Woke up sick this morning and got already tired after walking my dog just now. This is the first time I am taking it very serious and I am going strong in the gym for over 3 weeks now with no intention of stopping, but now that I am sick I am a bit anxious to go, as to not make everything worse since I can’t take off days from work.

Will one week throw me back a lot? Should I just risk going anyway? I could probably find enough energy to go through my routine today.

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Can someone point me to an “accessory” one day routine? Looking to add it to my 3x a week powerlifting routine.

I do a 3x a week powerlifting routine that focuses mainly on getting stronger, doing deadlifts, squats, bench, overhead press, pull ups and chin ups. Usually do it Monday Wednesday and Friday. However I want to add a day in, preferably like Saturday, where I focus on more accessory type of lifts for arms and shoulders. Can anyone point me towards a one day routine that is more geared towards this?

Edit: I work out at home, so only have squat rack, bench and pull up/chin up bar.

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Using weight loss per week and calories eaten to calculate my maintenance calories, but it doesn’t add up.

So ive been eating at 1300 cals for 3 months now while losing 2 lbs a week. I decided to up my cals to 1500 and this week i only lost 0.4 lbs this week. That doesnt make much sense and its stressing me out. Does that also mean that my maintenance is only around 1700? if i was losing 2lbs a week on 1300, my maintenance should be around 2200 or 2300 Im 5’8 male 18 yo

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Is a PPL split good for a 3 days a week workout?

Asking for a beginner.

I started doing the PPL in the wiki here twice a week, so 6 days in the gym. This lasted about 6 weeks. I really liked the exercises but now I am working full time and can’t make it as frequently. Will I still benefit/gain mass from doing the same routine only 3 times a week now or should i switch my routine?

FYI i am a 6’1” 145lbs guy here.

Thank you for your help/advice!

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Should I be adjusting my 5/3/1 maxes if my AMRAP sets on the last week of a cycle are starting to hit 15+ reps?

I’m a returning lifter that stopped lifting for about 6 years. I came back because I wanted to turn my fitness back around, looked at a few programs, and a few things from 5/3/1 resonated with me. Structured and manageable progression, the ability to push myself via AMRAP, PR tracking that wasn’t always max testing, stuff like that. I’m on board with not testing my max very frequently, training with 90% E1RM as my max, etc. Anyways, onto the perceived problem.


I’ve been at it for I think 5 or 6 cycles now and consistently my reps on my 1+ week are going up. The first cycle I was hitting around 5-10 reps in my 1+ sets, but cycle after cycle I’m able to hit more and more reps in the last week than I did the cycle before. Last cycle, I managed 15+ reps on deadlift, press, and bench during the last week. Is this a reasonable time to look critically at the slow progression of 5/10lb increases? If these rates continue, I’ll be hitting 20 reps in my 1+ AMRAP sets in a cycle or two. That seems absurd, but maybe I’m wrong. Advice wanted


EDIT: Seems like the consensus is the program progression will eventually catch up to my PR gains. Thanks for all of the comments, was just worried about PRs outpacing too much, seems like I’m doing just fine. Thanks for all the replies!

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Do I really need to rest for two full days when doing a full body routine at the end of the week?

Would I be able to recover fast enough from my workouts to just have one day of rest between each full body session instead of the usual monday tuesday friday work out days I would be doing monday wednesday friday sunday tuesday etc.


My routine at the moment is the following

3×6 weighted pullup

3×6 weighted dip

3×6 seated cable rows

3×6 bench

3×6 Back Squat

1×5 deadlift at around 80% of my 1rm

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Is a week enough time to get any stronger at pushups/wall sits/planks?

Hi. So for our school gym midterms, we have to do pushups, wall sits and planks (plus a pacer test) and I was wondering if there was any way I could improve enough for it to be noticeable in week, or if it’s a lost cause. I’ll have more time to prepare for finals since I know what to expect. I’m really out of shape now, and don’t really want to embarrass myself in front of 20 people. Would I be able to do any better if I start practicing today and through out the week, or would it really not do anything and I would be better off just not doing anything?

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