I have been training vertical jump for about a year. Recently I hit a bit of a plateau. Would switching up training help at all?

I have been training vertical jump for about a year. When I first started I did almost exclusively plyometrics and didn’t see a whole lot of progress, but four months ago I started lifting weights. Since then, I’ve been lifting heavy three times a week mostly on squats, and I saw a ton of progress in my vertical. I also started training core and upper body two to three times a week at that time. Although I am still making progress on the lifts themselves, I am not making any on my vertical. I was thinking of switching to plyometrics twice a week and heavy lifting once a week. Do any of you think this would be beneficial?

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Benching often and not training shoulders seperately

So I often run the smolov bench program as I love benching but I’m wondering if not training shoulders seperately while benching often is considered bad physique wise and health wise for my delts.

I do rear delts pretty often so shouldn’t get an injury there but I’m wondering if the rest of my delts get behind?

Also train back pretty often (often 3 times a week), it’s often just doing my bench sets and then doing back.


Should I implement a shoulder workout once a week while running smolov? I know you normally shouldn’t but when you run the program often, maybe it’s good.


Anyways, thanks for your help!


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What training should I do when suffering from chronic pain

I actually really could use some good advice here.
I have severe chronic pain. Basically I have muscle pain.

When doing regular activities like standing and walking I get muscle cramps realy quickly. Few hours on my feet will send me to my bed in terrible pain for many hours.

In the past I tried going to multiple gyms, swimming, different types of martial arts and boxing, all ended in me not being able to continue after a while and quitting.

I used to do walks for 30-60 minutes a day when I could, but its winter here now and too cold for that.

Tried doing some home exercise for a few weeks
Just a simple push ups and crunches for like 20-30 minutes a day, but again stopped after it took to much affored and pain each time…

I’m 23M, 1.80 meters and right now wight around 66 kilograms. I’m pretty skinny right now even that I dont move much. Obviously lost some muscle weight along the way and feeling pretty week and tired, witch makes me want to exercise in the first place.

So, is there some training methods or things you thing a person In my state should give a try too?
Preferably indoors.

Thank you

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Lifting heavy while modifying training for endurance and a race?

Hey everyone. I’m hoping to get some advice.
I have been in a bulk cycle for about a 5-6 weeks, and I’ve been doing minimal cardio focusing on increasing personal bests, getting stronger overall.

Either this week or next week my plan is to start incorporating running back in to my workouts to build up endurance for a race at the end of next month.
While doing this, should I scale back weight altogether with most workouts and go for higher reps, say 10-12 for each set? If I want to keep doing stuff like bench press, dead lift, and squats, which are cornerstones of my routine on specific days, should I just decrease weight on those overall, or would it be in my best interest to still push those limits higher with fewer reps?

For example, right now I’m primarily doing 5×5 on deadlift days and aiming to increase my personal best by between 5-15kg each week, steadily building. But would that type of lifting on those core lifts fit with my plan do you think? Or does it really matter?

Just curious what everyone suggests. In case it’s relevant, I’m training up for a Spartan Super, which I believe is 7-10km and 20-25 obstacles.

My current plan is to start cutting a bit leading back up to it for the next month.

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Varying my gym training

I’ve been doing gym exercises with varying intensity over the better part of 5 years, and have as of late gotten more into running. I want to vary my training and do gym workouts as well, but I find it increasingly boring as I find myself just doing the same old exercise every session. Do any of you peeps have a thought about changing up my gym workouts? Maybe something about strength for running? Or how do you vary your gym training when you get bored?

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[VIDEO] 15 minutes of raw workout footage of Markus Rühl training for Mr. Olympia 2000.

Workout footage starts at 05:02.

This is a video released on Markus Rühls YouTube channel which shows exclusive footage of his training for the Mr.Olympia 2000.
Previously it was only available on old VHS cassettes, but here you have a original copy with improved quality.

There is no background music and it‘s partly in black and white – perfect to motivate you for your next gym session. I hope you enjoy it as much I do.

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Need advice on how to survive whole day of training

Hi r/fitness. I am 27, female and in two weeks, I’ll be having dancing workshop whole day (10am-7pm). It is supposed to be 6 lessons, 1h 15min each. The dance style in question is physically very demanding – I am not sure of you need any details. I am not used to training this much in one day, I do 2 hours max.

Do you have any tips on how to survive? Is anything I can do food-wise to maintain energy? I’ll train more in upcoming weeks, stretch properly, but any advice is welcomed. Thanks in advance!

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Cardio on Off Days or After Weight Training?

I’m on my 3rd week of consistently going to the gym 4 days a week to do weight training (M, T, Th, F). I’m a 26 year old female and my overall goal is to tone/build some muscle while shredding some fat and losing about 10 pounds (yes I know that comes from what I am eating as well). I’m trying to figure out if it’s best to do my cardio on days after I lift or on off days (Wednesday & Saturday)? Or does it really matter? I would probably stick to only about 2 or 3 days of cardio at 15 minutes each unless you guys have different suggestions.



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How is my training method?

And has it been documented/tested elsewhere?

My training method is to start out heavy, then as I fatigue in a movement, move to a moderately lighter weight, still going to failure.

**How it goes:**
I estimate my 5 rep max after a warm up and go until failure, so its usually 5-8 reps on the first try, sometimes I only get 4. But then I’ll move from 5 to 6 or 7, then to 7-10. If I have a weak lift, I’ll spend more time on it and isolate the weak muscles and locate those.

Progress has been alright. My deadlift two months ago was 225×6 (probably could have eeked out a couple more at the time but I was easing into it), it’s 306×7 now. I don’t remember my squat, but 225 was like 4-5 reps, it’s now 275×8. 1 RM calculator says about 40% stronger.

Dumbell bench was like 50 x 6, now 75×9.

It’s definitely in that newbie gains phase, so I’d love some pointers on my technique. My goal is basically power-building while leaning up, eventually developing explosiveness training. I also plan to develop my endurance to a moderate degree, keep protein intake high to keep that train going.

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How important is a proper pull to push ratio in a novice strength training program?

Proper being more pulling than pushing, as that seems to be the common consensus from what I’ve read.

But looking at your typical bare bone, novice strength training routine, it seems to sway in the opposite direction. Starting Strength (90 to 60 in favor of push) and especially StrongLifts 150 to 60 in favor of push) are a couple of examples of what a bare bones novice type of program might look like that are very push centric.

A lot of people like to add in Chinups, but usually accompany them with Dips which either doesn’t help or makes matters worse.

Does a 1.5/2-1 (what I’ve commonly seen recommended in favor of pulling) ratio not matter much for short term (~3-6 months) novice programming? Or what are some lifts that can help overcome the large pull deficit if that’s not the case?

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Is circuit training better than normal completion of sets?

Hey everyone,
I’ve been going on and off to the gym for about a year now so you can say I’m still a novice when it comes to understanding traning exercises. Its been two weeks now and I’m currently doing a kind of “training circuit”, where I complete a set of 9 exercises one after the other and then do them again (in that order) with increasing difficulty for a total of 3 “circuit sets”.

I work out in the morning at usually 6 am but in case I oversleep, I make a point to catch up in the evening.

I start off with a 30-35 min light cardio session (usually walking) before I begin. I take around 30-45 seconds rest between exercises and 2-3 min after each circuit.

The exercises are (done in this order):



Inclined Crunches

Pull ups

Triceps curl (cable)

Goblet squats

Chin ups


Biceps Curl

I have a few questions regarding the routine I’m currently following:

1) Should I be changing the order of this? I currently feel terribly fatigued by the time I do my third set of pull-ups and chin-ups. I would appreciate any suggestions on how I can make this order such that I get ample rest for muscle groups between exercises.

2) Am I underworking or overworking any muscle groups? Is there something I’m missing out which I should swap out for any exercise on the list?

3) I’m 5’7” and weigh 143 lbs. My current fitness goals is reduce fat and gain some lean muscle. Are these exercises appropriate for my goals?

4) Is the normal completion of 3 sets of each exercise (one after the other) better than this circuit method that I’ve adopted?

Any advice/input is appreciated!

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Please Review My Training Plan :)



Based on feedback on another post I made, I realize my training routine was not great. Based on that feedback I have tried to put together a new plan based on the 5/3/1 for beginners. I will be honest, it was quite confusing and I have re-read it several times. I have put together the following plan, but would look to this community for any corrections I may need to make.

Worth noting: I am limited in the equipment I have. While I continue to purchase equipment each month based on my $60 budget, I currently have the following: Weider Pro 256 Bench and Bar, EZ Curl Bar, 2 x DB’s (adjustable), Recumbent Bike, iron gym pull up bar. Due to this limitation my warm ups/cool downs will be limited to 30 mins each on the bike.

Here is Day 1 across the 3 weeks as an example:

|Week 1|Week 2|Week 3|
|Day 1|Day 1|Day 1|
|Squats – 1RM = 60|Squats – 1RM = 60|Squats – 1RM = 60|
|5 x 40|3 x 40|5 x 40|
|5 x 45|3 x 50|3 x 50|
|5 x 50|3 x 55|1 x 55|
|5 x 40|5 x 40|5 x 40|
|Bench – 1RM = 150|Bench – 1RM = 150|Bench – 1RM = 150|
|5 x 100|3 x 105|5 x 105|
|5 x 110|3 x 120|3 x 125|
|5 x 125|3 x 135|1 x 140|
|5 x 100|5 x 105|5 x 105|
|Tricep Extensions 50 x 10|Tricep Extensions 50 x 10|Tricep Extensions 50 x 10|
|Hammer Curls 50 x 25|Hammer Curls 50 x 25|Hammer Curls 50 x 25|
|Step Ups -50 x 20|Step Ups -50 x 20|Step Ups -50 x 20|

Another Question: Should assistance work exercises be switch every week, or stay consistent for the 3 weeks and then change when I increase my 1RM?

Edit: Bonus Question: any good alternatives to squats? My body does not like them and neither does my mind. I know a lot of you will instruct me to push through, but if there is an alternative that I enjoy more that would be preferable as it will help keep me motivated. Just being realistic…

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Which training method works better for building muscle and losing fat?

So, I’m currently at 82 kgs. I started at 88kgs and it has been around 2 months. The first few kgs were easy but I’m stuck at 82 now and want to reach 70ish.
Recently, I read that doing two muscle groups each day helps build more muscle than doing one muscle group each day.
For example doing chest triceps, back biceps, shoulder legs, rather than single day for all which means each body part will be trained twice a week.
Now I normally do 4 exercises of each part when I follow the 2 body part plan and around 7-8 exercises of body part when training a single body part.
I wanted to know what works better?
I do cardio about 3 times a week 50 mins each cycling at 100+ rpm.

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Caloric intake issue and strength training – Questions

For reference I am 23/M, 5’8″ at 210 lbs with a goal weight of 165 lbs.

I recently started a cut mainly chicken thigh with rice, protein shakes, egg whites, oats, greens etc the usual. I used the TDEE calculator and got a cutting calorie intake of around 2,200 to which I’ve decided to move down to 2,000. I do strength training about 4-5 days a week however I’ve noticed my weight hasn’t changed in around 1.5 weeks. It’s stayed at 210 lbs with no signs of changing at all, in fact it fluctuates upwards.

I was just wondering if I should lower my caloric intake to 1,800 or whether this is because of water retained in the muscles as a result of the strength training. That is, should I drop it to 1,800 because my weight clearly isn’t changing or should I keep it at 2,000.

Appreciate any help.

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(M/6’4″/18/80-›89) 9 months of training a ppl split



4Kcal a day (roughly), 185g of protein.
Push day
Bench 6 reps, dumbell shoulder press 8 reps, chest cable flies 12-15 reps, dumbell lateral raise 12 reps, triceps 12 reps (whatever I feel like)
Pull day
Barbell row 8 reps,lat pulldown 10 reps cable rows 12 reps, 1 arm db row 13 reps, lat rope pulls 12 reps, biceps usually hammer curls or cheat curls
Leg day
Split squat 8 reps, leg press 12 reps,quad machine 12 reps, hamstring machine 12 reps, calf raises 15-20 reps

Go to failure every time
Be consistent
Diet matters

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Training 6 days a week with ppl ppl but with a phul style to it?

A few weeks back i finished my phul workout routine and really liked the fact of hitting each muscle group twice a week with one day focusing on strenght and one on hypertrophy.

Now just asking for advice here, would it be a good idea to change this into a ppl ppl split where The first ppl is just pure strenght and the second is pure hypertrophy but instead of doing upper power and lower power and so on I instead do push power leg power pull power push hypertrophy etc etc etc.

I want to get bigger and get more muscular in the gym with a bodybuilding type of workout but im also a big fan of powerlifting, so yeah any advice critique etc on this split is welcome 🙂

One last note, im not a novice in the gym, but im somewhere around upper intermediate i would think

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Question about heavy bag training.

The gym I go to has a heavy bag area and I’ve been thinking of adding that to my routine. I’m COMPLETELY new to that type of training so I’m curious what kind of protection I need for my hands.

I’m only going to be using this as a workout, I don’t have any plans on sparring or anything like that. Just strictly adding something different to my workouts. Thanks!!

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Training for Running of the Bulls

I’m doing it! This summer, I will run with the bulls in Pamplona!

Oh, shit. I should probably prep! But what do I do? Can YOU be the one to help me?

I need to be able to:

* Run at nearly full speed for about 300-500 yards
* Potentially jump over people who have fallen
* Dodge people who inexpicably stop

I am in reasonable shape. I can run 3 miles without stopping. I’d be happy to answer any other specific questions.

Thanks in advance for all the platinum, gold, and silver. (Avoiding edits.)

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Training for people with too much time on their hands

I am a college student who has way more free time than is good for me. I want to structure my training so that I am able to train everyday, or at least 6 days a week. I honestly just feel much better on days where I train. The only problem is I like to lift heavy and in my past experiences doing a ppl at high intensity made me feel physically terrible.

I have been following a 5 day a week split of upper lower rest ppl rest. This has been working great but I would like to add at least a little work on the one or two off days. I only train arms very lightly on the push and pull days so I was thinking add an arm day in? Maybe arms and mobility work or do arms one day mobility the other.

Any ideas?

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Opinions on Pat McNamara and his CST training?

I’ve never heard of Pat McNamara before but I saw him on Joe Rogan’s podcast. He talked a lot about weightlifters specifically those who lift for aesthetic purposes by targeting muscle groups and how they have the wrong mindset. Looking at some of his lifting videos he’s pretty crazy but he looks good and definitely can defend himself if needed.

I’m just looking for people’s General opinions on his workout Style and if they would ever switch to something like his.

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Casual lifter here – any critiques to my training routine?

I would describe myself as a casual lifter. I’m not looking to get absolutely ripped, but I would like to be reasonably fit.

I alternate between upper body days and lower body/abdominal days. I usually go to the gym 2-3 times per week. I will occasionally do cardio (running usually) the day after upper body day.

Note that 4×8 means four sets, 8 repetitions

**Upper body days:**

1. 4×8 bench press
2. 4×8 biceps curl
3. 4×8 shoulder press
4. 4×8 assisted pull-ups

**Lower body/abdominal days:**

1. 3 sets of planks: 1 minute facing down, 50 seconds on each side
2. 4×8 barbell squats
3. 3×15 elevated sit-ups
4. 4×8 trap bar dead lifts
5. 4×8 weighted back extensions

Are there any real important workouts or muscle groups that I’m neglecting here?


**Edit:** Oops I totally broke the rules of the is sub by not reading the wiki first. I’m going to look into the [5/3/1 routine](https://thefitness.wiki/routines/5-3-1-for-beginners/). Thanks for the advice!

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Opinions on German Volume Training?

Hello! I’m interested in trying out GVT (learn more here: [https://www.bodybuilding.com/content/german-volume-training-programs.html](https://www.bodybuilding.com/content/german-volume-training-programs.html)) and I’m wondering if anyone here did this program for a long period of time. Were the results effective? What kind of person should do GVT. Thanks!

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Will higher rep circuit training build muscle?

I recently got with a personal trainer because I can’t seem to progress in the gym despite dedication to routine and diet. We trained legs and it was a circuit routine with mostly body weight and bands, and weights on one of the exercises. Rep ranges were anywhere between 12 and even up to 30 on one exercise. We haven’t hit other body parts yet but he said the 12-20 rep range is good for hypertrophy on my exercises.

He’s very experienced so I don’t distrust him or doubt he knows what he is talking about, but this is very different from most things I’ve read. Any thoughts on high rep circuit training for hypertrophy?

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Lack of Hunger & Strength Training

I’ve been getting into strength training over the past two months, and I’ve noticed some gains. I’m not really looking for gains, but general health. So, no bodybuilding or looking for serious gains. Just looking for newbie gains and general fitness. However, one thing I’m struggling with is eating. Not eating too much, but lack of eating.

I don’t have a problem with food, but I just don’t often feel hungry. Perhaps stress, or I get too busy at work to think about food. However, I never really feel hungry. As a result, I basically try to to IF or OMAD – it seems to just fit my natural eating pattern the best. However, I’m wondering if I should try to force myself to eat or snack throughout the day to increase my gains. I’m not at the point of going supplement route (i.e. whey protein) because I don’t feel I really do enough hard lifting right now to justify it. I’m doing regular bodyweight lifting to build the habit. I know want to eventually go down that route, but not there yet.

My big question is about trying to build healthy habits. So, my big question is – should I force myself to eat, even though I’m not hungry?

For example, I’ll eat two eggs for breakfast with apple cider vinegar and a cup of coffee, then drink tea throughout the day. I don’t feel hungry, even if I exercised the night before, or even the day of, until about 6PM or 7PM. Then, I’ll have a plate of tofu and vegetables. I eat that, and move on. I don’t feel full, but I do not feel hungry either.

I’ve been thinking about getting nuts to snack on throughout the day. But, I really do not know what the best for me is.

I probably am not getting enough macros – but I do not know if I should force myself to eat just to get these despite me not being hungry. I’ve been looking at the densest macro nutrient foods to maximize my macros at my one or two meals a day. However, it seems like getting enough macros in one or two small meals is nearly impossible.

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Maintaining gains while training for half marathon

I’ve made some good progress over the last 6 months in strength and size and am now in a very cautious cut (~200-250 cal deficit/day) while still lifting heavy. However I am running a half marathon in July and plan to train 3-4 days per week for this on top of weight training. If I keep my calories up to make up for the steady state cardio I’ll be doing, will I be able to maintain most of my muscle mass?

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Home cable training


I was looking at buying this for home https://www.mirafit.co.uk/mirafit-lat-pulldown-home-multi-gym.html?gclid=CjwKCAiAiJPkBRAuEiwAEDXZZdcEDmS-sXiKIyLsbaaYgptwEeJG3DW5LTbTKGAiuU9MYDlcEhTMpBoCMFgQAvD_BwE

I want to sue it for some shoulder and back rehab stuff, I.e shoulder rotations etc face pulls, cable row etc

My concern is that the pulleys are fixed in place, whereas the ones I use in the gym can pivot. Will this make a difference to me, in my head if the path of motion isn’t completely straight then the cable will come off the pulley. Has anyone got any input regarding this?

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Advice on cutting while training for 21K


A little bit of background, over the years I lost a lot of weight, been maintaining since and now I have been slowly bulking up and building muscle (going from 103kg -> 73kg -> 92kg).


Now I have quite the ambitious goal (I am aware that this isn’t the most practical way of cutting), but I would like to start cutting towards summer and train for half a marathon at the same time. I have been running a lot in the past and I don’t think the training part is the problem, but I am in doubt about what to do with my calories.


Currently, I am eating 3200-3400 calories a day, training 4-5 days a week without cardio (except for boxing class which is quite high intensity). When using some online calculators, I should start eating around 2600-2800 given that i workout 6 times a week. My plan is to go to the gym 3 times a week and start running 3 times a week.


Long story short, my question is whether I should hold on to those calculations of 2600 calories when I am doing cardio quite often, or should I adjust it a bit upwards to make up for the lost calories while running? Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance

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Strategies for recovery for cross/multi-sport training

40-year-old male, 200lbs.

My two main sports are running and ice hockey. I normally run about 4 or 5 times a week, and play hockey once, sometimes twice. I’m slowly building my mileage back up after a broken fibula last fall, but at my peak I was running about 35 miles/week.

Since last summer I’ve also joined a gym and I’ve been doing some small group personal training, with a fair bit of lifting which I really enjoy, even though I’m still pretty weak. However, whenever I do leg workouts, I feel like I’m sacrificing either running training to lift heavier, or lifting to not be too slow on running. Plus my legs are *always* tired. Does anyone have any good strategies for recovery?

TL/DR: I want to run, play hockey, *and* lift. How do I do manage recovery without just skipping leg day when I’m at the gym?

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Blood Flow Restriction versus Conventional Training.

I failed to see why people and websites dont recommend to use full Blood Flow Restriction training even with the literature affirmating that BFR shows very similar effects on hormones (IGF, mTor, myostatin) and some extrabenefits like increase protein synthesis without muscle breakdown like happen in Strength training. Can you enlight me please? Im very interested to know because i am going to live in a farm far away from cities and gyms and sole BFR to me would be a great help

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BFR versus Conventional Strength Training

I failed to see why people and websites dont recommend to use full Blood Flow Restriction training even with the literature affirmating that BFR shows very similar effects on hormones (IGF, mTor, myostatin) and some extrabenefits like increase protein synthesis without muscle breakdown like happen in Strength training. Can you enlight me please? Im very interested to know because i am going to live in a farm far away from cities and gyms and sole BFR to me would be a great help.

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After 3 months of rest, triathlon training

I took 3 months off virtually all exercise after developing lingering pain in my back and one knee. I had been diligently working through the wiki as a beginner for over a year and was pretty sad when I had to lay off. Now that most of the pain is gone I’m working with some friends to train for my first triathlon. So far I have focused on cardio conditioning on the stationary bike, elliptical, and in the pool, 4-6 days per week. I’m feeling a lot stronger after a few weeks of that, and the weather is improving, so my plan for the next two months is to center my training on Couch to 5K with swimming and cycling on the off days:

C25K > swim > C25K > bike > C25K > rest > repeat

Really excited to be back in the gym and have a new goal. Any advice from others who have trained for a tri would be greatly appreciated!

M/26/5’10″/155 lb

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How to Balance Sports/Group Exercise Classes with Resistance Training

I’m currently on a 5-day resistance training program with an upper-lower, PPL split a week and I’ve been struggling to fit in my other fitness hobbies on that program. I like to run a 5k twice a week, rock climb, yoga, spin classes, tennis, kickboxing, and hot yoga, but my body just gets too tired from the resistance training itself and can barely fit any other exercise in. How should i balance my weight lifting with my other hobbies?

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Over supination, high arch, etc. How do you deal with it as to not affect your training?

I was recently diagnosed it with. I started noticing that when I would run or walk on the treadmill I would shift my weight to the outside of my foot on the right side, the other side was good. Needless to say at the end of the workout the outside of my right foot would hurt, the next day my ankle would be sore.

When I would do squats, deadlifts, or lower body exercises I could feel that my right foot would refuse to plant down like the left one did and would shift to the outside.


I read that it could lead to pain in the knee, hip, SI joint, and lower back. I have those pains when I really push it in the treadmill. I had to switch to treadmill because of it.


Its a relief to be diagnosed, and maybe I can start working out more so running and jogging without ankle pain.


How do fellow sufferers deal with it?

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Specific question regarding my approach to training

Hey guys, I’m a male at 5′ 4″ and at 67 kilograms, give or take.

My bodyfat is at about 22-25% I’d say, and I’ve decided to continue training but with a different approach in terms of my diet.

I’m taking in 1.7k calories a day, and ensuring I hit at least 130g of protein a day while consistently training heavy lifting.

Now my main goal is strength and size, I take in low calories because I hope to gain muscle size while cutting bodyfat. Is my approach fine, or am I making any mistakes?

I apologise if this is a silly question but I just wanted to get some advice on what I’m currently doing. Thanks a lot guys 🙂

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Grip training

So I’m trying to start doing more grip training and was wondering what you guys recommend. I’m only really doing 2, one is done with hand gripper and the other is farmer’s walk. I definitely felt stronger on my grip even though its been like 5 days.

So I bought some hand grippers to do them while I’m at work or home and etc. But with the hand gripper I’ve only been doing it with my middle part of my finger.

I know pinching with the tip of your finger and such is another important part of the grip strength, but at my gym we don’t have those blocks to attach on a pulley. I was wondering what else you guys do to substitute that. Should I try it with those bar on a pulley?

Looking at the hand diagram, I would be missing a bit of the inner part(proximal?). Should I and is there a training to help with that part? Should I try to grip my dumbbells with that part during my farmer’s walk with that?

Should I just try to all 3 with my handgripper? Its really hard to do the inner part. The tip is really hard too.

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Training tips for upcoming fitness challenge

The challenge is as follows:

Weighted walk/run: Walk/run 200yrds with a 80lb weighted sled connected around the waist.

Weighted push: Pushing a 45lb plate down the floor for 200ft

Burpees: 20 reps

Iron chair: Back against the wall, legs at 90°, hold for 1 minute. You cannot use hands as support. 1 second rest counts as 5 seconds to your total time.

Weighted ball throw: chest pass a 25lb ball for a total of 300ft.

Weight pull: Pull a 110lb weighed sled towards yourself by a rope from 130ft.

45 minute time limit, winner is the person to compete the most events in order within the time limit. Must be completed in order

I am in decent shape and I work out about 3 times a week. I can run about a 9 minute mile, but I did take a year break from working out which I ended about 2 months ago.

This competition is 8 weeks away, any tips?


Straight Sets vs. Circuits for Bodyweight Training

Ok so I’ve noticed a trend with online fitness content, especially Instagram and youtube. Almost every bodyweight workout or routine that I see is done in a circuit, with several exercises done in a short amount of time and shorter rest periods. To me this seems similar to HIIT because of the short rest. My main question is are circuits more beneficial for bodyweight training because of the convience that bodyweight offers? Or are straight sets such as 4×20 pushups and then 4×10 pull ups more beneficial for someone looking to build muscle?

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What are some queues that tell you if you’re going to have a good or bad leg training session?

For me personally:


* my warmups with the bar feel like I don’t have anything on my back

* I’m fully energized

* I’ve gotten 7+ hours of sleep

* My stomach isn’t bloated

* My music is amping me up


* tight hip flexors

* sore traps (I swear this adds an extra 10 pounds onto the bar)

* bad reflux (CNS doesn’t enjoy this)

* achy joints

* find myself counting down the number of sets I have left


I’m really curious to hear what people think and what you can do to address the bad queues

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Questions on using a belt during training to keep your waist small.

I’ve seen Dexter Jackson and Jeremy Buendia use belts during training when the lifts they do have nothing to do with using a belt (chest day and they use machines, arms, etc). Does their using a belt actually keep their waist small? Is it sort of anecdotal knowledge without any kind of scientific backing? Is it a specially made belt rather than a powerlifting belt or does it not matter? Someone explain this to me please.

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Where to head with my training?

I mentioned on an earlier thread that I’ve got problems with my scapula and hip, currently limiting me to everything but chest & leg workouts.

I have lifted weights for 10 years now. But I feel clueless about my next move.

Building strength/power in the low rep range is off the table due to my injuries. Hypertrophy bores me. CF = been there, done that.

Obviously I need to let my body heal, but I still want to be active.

Would focusing on cardio/conditioning and bodyweight exercises be something to look at?

I had in mind… Using a TRX for my resistance work, swimming and walking for my cardio. Sounds good?

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Bulking and training.

17M 170cm 126pounds/57kgs. Been lifting for a couple months on days when I don’t train MMA and BJJ. Try lift 3 times a week and want to begin my bulk for strength and size. Goal weight for this first bulk is around 154 pounds/70kgs

Any tips or things I shouldn’t be doing.
How do I hit my goal weight.

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Before I stated training, I could do around 13 pull-ups. I’ve now been training for about 2 months. I’ve gained muscle, and I’m definitely stronger, but my pull-up max is now around 8. Is this normal? And how can I fix this?

Before I stated training, I could do around 13 pull-ups. I’ve now been training for about 2 months. I’ve gained muscle, and I’m definitely stronger, but my pull-up max is now around 8. Is this normal? And how can I fix this?

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Any strength/athletic ability training like this one (link in post)?

I came across this advertisement [GMB](https://gmb.io) and it was intriguing. I want everything they’re promising.

I don’t mind spending the money,but I want to know if there’s anything like this out there. Or anything that I could try out at a low cost. I’m not sure what to expect,

What other activities are similar to building this type of fitness?

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Does the amount of weight lifted significantly affect how many calories are burned during weight training?

I’m not able to find anything that directly addresses this question, just a bunch of cardio VS weight training articles.

For context, imagine this scenario:
Me (M 6’0″ 150lbs) and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson are going to the gym to do some squats. We plan to do 80% of our max for one set, five reps. Since we’re both doing a percentage of our max, assume the level of effort exerted to lift the weights is the same.

Now, The Rock is going to be able to squat significantly more than me, probably somewhere in excess of 150 pounds or more.

Did he burn more calories than me? How would I try to understand the magnitude of the incremental calories he burned simply by lifting more weight than me?

I’m curious because ultimately I’d like to know if it’s easier to maintain calorie limitations as you get stronger. Thanks in advance!

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Can a complete beginner start seeing results as soon as one week into weight training?

Hi there, I’m new to this fitness thing. Basically I’m in my early twenties but I have the body of a chubby toddler haha. So I decided last Sunday to buy a set of dumbbells, hadn’t touched a set in 6 or 7 years since school. I’ve been using them every day, doing about 45-60 reps in 3-4 sets of 10 kg weights, in various exercises, e.g. bicep curls, rowing, front and side elevations etc. (Basically the things I can do from the quick guide that came with the dumbbells).

Thing is, I’ve feel like my arms are already looking slightly more trim, like my arms have gone from shapeless tubes to slightly less shapeless tubes. Is it more likely my imagination or can beginners expect to see the first signs of change this quickly?

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Would a belt be beneficial to my training?

First of all my stats to give you a rough idea:

Male, 16, 178cm (5’10”), ~ 70 kg (155lbs)

Max deadlift is 180kg (396lbs and 2.57x bw) and I believe I can hit 185kg (408lbs) next session as 180 came up quick.

So far all my lifts are raw (I use chalk), and I’ve hit a pretty respectable number for myself, now I know that a belt can increase the weight you pull and is usually used for powerlifting or for 1rm but I heard it can help increase your raw and belted deadlift if used in training. Is it true and if so what % of weight should I start using a belt.

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What are important exercises that should be implemented in a training program that is based on the heavy compound lifts?

From an atheltic and health perspective, what are important exercises that should be implemented in a training program that is based on the heavy compound lifts?

We all now that the heavy compounds like deadlifts, squats, bench, overhead press, front rows, dips and pull/chin ups are probably the most effective way to build strength and size. Hence, most programms rely on them. But surely, there are some muscle groups that will be left behind if you soley do these heavy veritcal/horizontal pushes and pulls?

An exercise that comes to my mind are face-pulls that everyone is recommending as an important addition for health reasons. What are some other excerices we should always integrate? Thanks for your help!

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Looking for some different gym exercises for football (soccer) training, some examples below

Hi guys
Looking for some recommended exercise to improve my fitness outside of my regular long runs / leg weight training

I’m asking as I’ve seen a few players on Instagram recently doing some cool looking exercises based around box jumps for example

– box jump to one leg, raising the other knee
– burpee to box jump
– jump off box to jump up box

I find clean and press to be really helpful as part of a circuit workout as it works both cardio and most of my body

Looking for some things like this which are good for both fitness and strength training at the same time, with some body movements that are more relative to a match

If anyone could recommend a list of exercises, or circuits I’d be very appreciated! They don’t have to be box based or even leg based, but some things like this used for fast paced sports in general would be really cool

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Finding a way to incorporate weighted pull ups while maintaining my training goals

Hi there!

So i’ve been doing 5/3/1 wendler for about 10 months now and having some great gains from it. In addition to that I have been wanting to do pull ups but couldn’t find a way to put them in my training along with jim’s program, until I managed to incorporate a sort of “greasing the groove” where I would, across the workout during rest periods, go over to the bar and do a set of pull ups. I’ve seen some great gains from it, doing sets of 5 up until about 75 reps, to doing sets of 8 until 90 reps. This was good because I wanted to get my pull-up number up, and I STILL want to continue increasing it, BUT I also have recently discovered how weighted pull ups would benefit me greatly in strength regard which is also a goal of mine. So my question is: If I’m working out 4 times a week, and on each of those days I am doing pull-ups across the workout to increasing my pull up number, And I want to add that strength component as well now, Would it be beneficial to switch one/two of the days where I’m doing pull ups for reps to, say, 5×5 with weight? and if so how would I compensate for it on the days where I’m working to increase my pull-up number, since the volume would drop a lot?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Would training exclusively for strength still build size?

Hey guys! I think this might be a dumb question that could get taken down but I’ll ask anyway.

I’ve been lifting for 1.5 years now and have put on a good deal of muscle and while I’m happy with my body I’d always like to get bigger. Would doing a lower rep but more strength focused program still build a good physique?

I play rugby and we primarily focus on the strength side of things but for rugby, muscle is like armor so more tends to be good. That being said, we have practices 3 days a week and games on Saturdays so that gives me three days a week to train with weights. Would I still grow doing a 3 day full-body split or a 3 day a week sort of PPL with more focus on the explosive core lifts <Bench, Deadlift, Squats> continue to develop size? I’m just concerned after having done “bro splits” and done a combo of PPL and 5×5 that focusing on strength primarily might not be enough to continue to get bigger.

I’m not wanting the skinny powerlifting look, I want big quads that can squat big ( I realize this is the wish of many) but if I only focus on strength to improve my in game strength will I also get bigger?

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Calculating training max

Hey everybody. I have decided to swap from the reddit PPL to 5/3/1 with Boring But Big, however, I am having some issues with calculating my training max. If my most recent compound lifts are as follows, what can I consider my training max?

– Standing Overhead Press: 100lbs completed 4×5 and 1 AMRAP
– Flat bench press: 155 lbs completed 4×5 and 1 AMRAP
– Squat: 240lbs completed 2×5 and 1 AMRAP
– Deadlift: 265lbs completed 1 AMRAP (this one seems simple enough)

I tried yesterday for fun using the weights I had for 4×5 as my 5rm, but that left all lifts except for the accessory chin-ups extremely easy.

Is there a way to calculate a training max from these numbers, or should I spend a whole week actually testing it?

Thank you all!

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Should I increase my max training weight on Deadlift?

So I have been working out for the past 4-5 months slowly adding to my lifts following the 5/3/1 routine reocmmened for beginners (so adding 10lbs to my deadlift every 3 weeks). My max is currently set at 265, and my training max at 255. Well I got to my 1+ set yesterday and it was a piece of cake I did 9 rep. So I was like hmm whats my new max and I calculated 300. I lifted that with ease. So then I moved on to 320. I tried 320 and I actually managed it. So thats a difference of 55lbs between my current max I use for training and my real max. So… apparently its not recommend to change your max on this program. Jim recommends to just keep going with adding 10 each 3 weeks. But I kind of want to skip ahead a little, maybe change my max to 90% of 280 or 290 instead of 265. Otherwise my 1+ set Im going to be doing 10-12 soon which doesnt seem right.

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How long does a 531 training session take you?

Lets say you are doing 531 FSL or BB (4day variant). Jim Recommends doing the following

1. Warm-up/Mobility
2. Jumps/Throws
3. Main Compound Movement (B/S/D/OHP)
4. Compound Supplement (FSL/BBB/etc.)
5. Assistance (50-100 reps for Push, Pull, Single Leg/Core)

For those of you who actually do all of the recommendations, how long does this actually take you for each section. For me its about

1. 10 mins
2. 5 mins
3. 20-25 mins (Depends on what lift)
4. 10-15 mins
5. 30-40 mins (Even when supersetting)

All in all I usually take about 1.5 hours to finish my workout. I want to add the “easy conditioning” but find that I already spend so much time in the gym as is. Curious to hear how long other people take when running 531 FSL/BBB.

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Can someone explain a reasonable weight stagnation when doing cardio and strength training on a deficit?

Im 5’8 and 193lbs , Male. Im somewhat overweight but not obese (BMI calcs lie). I’m on a 30% cal deficit(around 1900 cals) doing a lean protein diet. Eat 4 times a day. I train 6/7 days of the week moderately(1-1.5hours for strength and 30 min for cardio fully body circuits). I use creatine mono 2.5g pre and post workout and drink 80 fl oz. Of water a day.

Now with all that out of the way, after my intial water weight loss of 10ish lbs, I’ve completely stagnated for about 2 weeks now. Is this because I’m building muscle and losing weight , or am I doing something I correctly?

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What’s the right way to program training the same muscles every day?

I recently started kettlebell training using the Simple & Sinister routine and one thing I really like about it is that you do the same routine every day.

I would like to add some bodyweight movements to my routine like push-ups, pull-up progressions, and maybe abs, and if it’s not a terrible idea, I’d like to do them every day as well.

I searched this subreddit for posts about training the same muscle groups every day, and found a lot of answers that said it’s fine if you program it correctly, but not much explanation about *how* to program it correctly.

Based on what I’ve learned from Simple & Sinister, I think two important things to pay attention to are form & recovery. The book says to end a set if your form slips at all or even if your reps slow down, and to only increase volume or weight when you feel yourself fully recovering day-to-day.

But what else is there to watch out for? Does training every day mean different numbers of sets and reps than training less frequently?

Or is this just a bad idea?

I am interested in general theory as well as advice for my specific goals so feel free to explain how you would program a barbell routine or any other kind of strength training even though I’m just doing kettlebells & bodyweight.

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Strength training three days in a row

Hi all

Newbie here getting into strength training. Due to work related circumstances I only have access to the gym three consecutive days a week. The days are Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.

I have been following the beginner routine so far to work on form. The beginner routine as well as many other beginner routines all recommend a day of rest between workouts with PPL routines seeming to work over 6 days.

I have searched the subreddit and there seem to be a lot of conflicting opinion. Some say to just do 2 days and either rest or low intensity workout in between.
Some say do all three days in a row and some say do PPL.

Are there risks in trying to do 3 days in a row? I may also have time to do bodyweight training on Fridays or Saturdays if that impacts anything but those aren’t guaranteed. I previously followed the r/bodyweight recommended routine for that.

My goals are for both aesthetics and functional strength.

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Diet while training for the marines?

I’m training to apply for the marines and I’m on a pretty rigorous training schedule of lots of cardio and lots of lifting – End goal is I need to be able to run a 5k in ~ 22 mins, level 13 on the bleep test as well as 60 pushups, 85 situps and 16 pullups.

I’ve been sticking to my routine and it’s going great so far but I have no idea what to do with my diet as I need to build muscle and fitness while losing the extra fat I’m still carrying. I’m intermittent fasting so only eating between 10-18 and I’m lactose intolerant so avoiding dairy.

Should I be on a caloric defecit on account of the extra fat I need to lose? Or is that going to kill my gains?

In terms of macros I’m hyper focused on protein intake so lots of chicken and eggs and peanut butter but I think my second highest macro is fat- Is that a bad thing?

I just have no idea about diet! Any help would be appreciated

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in your experience, what was the best strength training program you’ve followed?

I carry a good amount of size, and i’m not completely worried about putting more muscle on right now, but after taking a good amount of time away from the gym I lost a ton of strength, i’m currently doing layne nortons PHAT program but the example week he has listed, has no benching, no deadlifting, and minimal squatting, and I just dont know how I would fit those into the split. and i’m trying to get those numbers back up. can someone recommend a good strength training program that wont have me spending 1.5+ hours in the gym? if it matters, in regards to my experience, i’ve been lifting for around 7 years, best numbers are a 440 dead, 365 atg squat, 275 bench at 17 yo, ~195lbs.

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Suggestions for resistance band training

Hey everyone looking for suggestions on work outs and/or resistance band training. Need something I can do at home and it doesn’t take up a ton of room. I used to enjoy lifting and using free weights. I don’t have a lot of down time and haven’t been able to justify the time it takes to go to the gym so looking at more at homes workouts. Thanks in advance!!

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Is it preferable for beginners to start their training in higher rep ranges, lower weight to prepare joints & connective tissue for using heavier weights?

I came across [this interesting post](https://www.reddit.com/r/bodyweightfitness/comments/atv610/im_surprised_this_is_not_featured_in_the_rr/) on r/bodyweightfitness and I wonder whether the same would apply to weight training. On one hand I would like to experience the fastest “gainz” so I’m really tempted to start using weights as prescribed in the program – weights that challenge my abilities in sets of 5. On the other hand I was injured in the past even without any kind of weight training and my form when performing these exercises is shaky at best. I’m wondering whether slowly adapting myself to these exercises by doing higher rep ranges, practising my form and gradually adapting my organism to exercises would be worth it. I’m especially speaking about lower body lifts like squats and deadlifts which I can’t even do right now before I consult it with orthopaedist (injured knee in the past). But my question applies to other exercises as well. Is it worth it?


EDIT: I’m of course speaking from a perspective of someone totally “exercise-naive” who didn’t train in the past.

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Advice for beginning resistance training using only resistance bands, vegan diet, 25 years old, 135lb; more in description

My goal is simply to be able to use my body better, I am comfortable with my appearance (I’m very skinny) but find that I am just weak, I can’t lift a lot of things and want to be able to do more stuff with my body comfortably. I’ve also found that in the past, when I was able to exercise more, it had excellent mental benefits.

A few problems:

1. I’ve never had a serious workout schedule. I used to have to bike at least 15-20 miles per day under all weather conditions, just for transportation, but I loved it. It was easy to get myself on the bike because…I had to go to work and class.

2. I am moving from the US to Romania in two weeks. I bought some resistance bands..just to have something (one is 10-50lb, one is 5-35lb). I’m only taking one small suitcase and they’ll fit. I’d prefer to just use those, I don’t know what gym access will be like. I work from home now, so I almost never *have* to go out for “regular” exercise, walking biking, etc., although I want to try to maximize that as well because its more enjoyable to me.

3. I’m Eastern Orthodox, and Lent is coming up. This is a 40 day period during which we basically only eat vegan food, usually without oil. My diet will be pretty meager, and I don’t know what kinds of food I’ll have easy access to. I almost never eat “junk food”, but don’t pay that much attention to my diet. Rice, vegetables, beans, fish, cheese, eggs, that’s basically it usually. After Lent, I’ll be eating animal products (and olive oil) again, so protein will be easier (I almost never eat non-fish meat anyways). Even if I can’t “gain muscle” during Lent, I still want to be active and build some good habits to at least get started.

Basically, I’m looking for advice about all of these things: resistance bands only workouts, on a limited/vegan diet, without any experience for the purpose of general muscle building and health.

Although I haven’t gained weight, I notice I’ve never been more sluggish than I am now, have more aches and pains in my body, sleep worse, and have a bigger stomach/trouble fitting into some pants that always have fit fine, even though my actual weight hasn’t gone up (somehow). I read the recommended materials and found a lot of benefit, but not as much that speaks to the specifics of my scenario.

Thank you!

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Wrestlers of r/Fitness, how do you combine or balance weight training with your regular training?

I’m planning to join the wrestling team for my school next year, but I’m curious how it would impact my normal workout routine. My school’s wrestling team can run for about 5 days a week, so I’m looking for a way to still be able to effectively lift as I don’t want to overtrain.

I was wondering what any of the wrestlers on here did, or if they found some good weight exercises that could improve their strength in the sport. Is it okay to do additional training on top of wrestling (as it can be very intensive)?

Is calisthenics better than weight training, as it is apparently better for the joints and will allow you to “master your weight”?

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What kind of training need I to improve my performance on a road bike?

I am a beginner 25 years old on road cycling. I have been swimming and cardio exercise in general (3 days at week) around 1-1.5 years and about two months ago I bougth a road bike. So reading a little I found the importance of the strength training for all areas of life and health. I have never exercised strength because I was afraid of injuries. So about one month I started to do strength exercises like squat, deadlift, dumbell, etc to order transfer all that “power” to the bike.

So… to clarify my thougths, what muscle is the most important to train for biking? I think that hips and quadriceps. And what kind of workout I need to do (isometrics, power, pylometrics, mobility, etc)? I know that strength itself is not enough if is not focused to sport in specific, for that I want to do workout that I can use to improve my performance on a bike.

Thanks in advance (and sorry for my english)

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