Tips for breathing during Goblet Squats/Lunges

I do circuit training daily and it’s fully body, strength and cardio mixed together. It’s a good workout and i’m not here to argue the merits of it.

What I’m hoping to learn is how to breathe better when I’m goblet squatting/lunging. Typically, I use either a 96 or 108lb Kettle Bell and if it’s a dumbbell, it’s around 100lb. When i squat/lunge doing a DB Front hold, I’m fine with the same weight because I can get my arms higher and open up my diaphragm, so i don’t think it’s an issue with how heavy the weight is. But it might be?

Anyone have any tips for this, It just always feels so compressed and hard to breathe. It’s holding me back.

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I nearly black out from doing hyperextensions, any tips?

I’m running 3/5/1 Strength Challenge, and I do the 5×10 hyperextensions for my lower back exercise. I prefer them over any other exercise, because they really target the lower back without destroying my hamstrings. However, I get INCREDIBLY dizzy and lightheaded, to the point where I’m nearly blacking out and getting tunnel vision. This is the ONLY exercise that does this to me. I can run dead lifts for 5×10, squats with drop sets, HIIT with burpees and pull ups, etc. etc. This is the one exercise that does this, no matter what I do or eat before working out. What gives?

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How to get a Hank Schrader physique ? Diet tips?

I look at that physique and I see raw power. I’d estimate he could bench 550+ raw easy and OHP 400+ raw. Can’t see his legs, but judging by the thickness in his back I’m thinking he’s a 500+ raw puller. If his legs are on par with his brutish upper body, then there’s no doubt in my mind he squats 600+ raw. Hank Schrader could probably bend you into a human pretzel with one hand while completely satisfying your woman in a way you couldn’t ever satisfy her with the other. His frying pan hands and thick, powerful sausage fingers are capable of bringing absolute pleasure and unimaginable pain. I know this sounds weird but he has the physique I am after. Basically kind of tall but wide not in a bodybuilders way but in a natural manly way. I also just saw season 3 where he was in the shower talking to his wife who was outside and he had a decent natural chest and nice arms. Tbh I don’t think he bodybuilds (obviously) but I’m wondering how he has that natural manly physique with good levels of fat Also wasn’t there a scene where he ran ridiculously fast? I’m 5’10 180 lbs decent muscle. Lifting and diet tips?

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I need tips? My heart gets all fucked up when taking Lip 6 Rx fat burner. Also bodybuilding/stack advice?

So, I bodybuilded 2009-2014 and then got fat 2015-2018 due to a girlfiend, lol.

The last 5 months I have been hitting the gym super heavy. 5-6x a week for 2-3hrs a day. The gains have come back really fast in the last month, thanks to my muscle memory and me knowing what to do.

My supplement stack is this:

* 100-150g of Whey Protein Gold Standard a day
* 2-3 scoops of BCAAs a day
* 1-2 scoops of Nitric Oxide a day
* A day: 2x Omega 3 soft gels, 2x Sport Multivitamins, 1x Lipo 6 Rx fat burner

I eat 1lb of salmon a day (I cook), and some other random stuff. Other days I switch it up with chicken, but I’ve noticed that it is not as lean or effective.

Here’s a pic of me from a week ago:

* 215-220lb depending on the day
* 15% bf

I’m going for an aesthetic physique. Think Zyzz.

ANYWAYS, here is my question: I notice that when I take the fat burner, my heart rate increases for the next 1-3 hours. Like this is great when I’m about to hit the gym (crazy blood flow lol), but when I’m not working out it’s kind of annoying. I’ve noticed it also makes me drink A LOT of water.

I just bought Eviscarate. I’m hoping it’s not as crazy.

**Does anyone have any tips about fat burners or anything in general? Thanks!**

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Shamed of Body and would like to Start Working Out. Tips?

I am skinny fat. Where I’m 15 and weigh around 130 (which I feel is no longer normal for me). I am short around 5″4 and a sophomore. I eat terribly and do not work out a lot. What are workouts to lean my entire body? As in less fat around my hips and stomach and more lean muscle. I constantly need to check myself if I look ‘normal’ it really hurts me because I am very insecure right now but fail to admit that to myself fully and that has affected me on a small but don’t scale. Anyways yeah what are things I can do everyday what apps can I use to track what I eat and what should I eat and what should I not eat. What should I avoid and what is a meal plan I need.. I know this is so much to ask but I feel as if the websites are for general purposes.. Thank you in advance 🙂

JUST READ THE RULES.. I am a male, no gym access, 15, 128 pounds exact but scaled to 130, and my complete question is how can I get fit and just be lean in general. Any questions I can answer too

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supplement stack tips for relative noob

i am 32 y.o 5’9 who has recently slimmed down to around 185 lbs from about 220 and am just curious is my daily supplements.
i am looking to tone and bulk up the remaining weight i have left over. fingers crossed
any advice is greatly appreciated. i currently take

1 men’s daily multivitamin
2x1200mg fish oil
1 b-complex
1 d3 2000
2 x 400mg green tea extract

along with casein and whey protein shakes with BCAA and glutamine caps mixed in

i’ve been reading a bit about Beta Alanine, Aspartic Acids, CLA and the like and am just curious if i should add any of these if anyone has any experience with any of these supps.

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Losing muscle fast, any tips?

Hey guys, so I did a body comp test today and found out I’ve lost 7-8lbs of lean mass in a month (albeit also losing 13lbs of fat). 174.5lb, was at 181.5-182lb of lean mass a month ago.

Is there anything I can do to slow down muscle loss as I cut/recomp?

My current program is:
Monday – Legs
Tuesday – Pull
Wednesday – Push
Thursday – Legs / Core
Friday – Arms
Saturday – rest
Sunday – Upperbody big lift day

Current weight at 253lbs, gross calorie intake target of 2400. 40/30/30% p/f/c target, and getting close to 200g of protein a day.

I’m relatively new to this, but I’ve cut 45lbs since the beginning of the year through this program.

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The ab wheel rollout on knees gets easy (20+ reps), but the standing rollout is absolutely impossible. Any tips?

I love the exercise and the first weeks I would feel so good when getting to 5 reps and such. Now the exercise got a little boring because I can do more than 20 reps. ‘Well do 50’, I hear you think. True, but I like exercises that are heavy and don’t take too many reps.

Any advice on getting to the standing ab wheel rollout? At this moment my body just caves in when rolling out from standing position.

Thanks in advance!

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Welp, completely shocked by yesterday’s feedback. How could I not share more? I was asked about my back so here’s a shot. It’s been bigger though. I need tips on lowering and widening my lats big time. PM’s from other big guys welcome btw. Just sayin 😂💪🏿💪🏿😉

Welp, completely shocked by yesterday’s feedback. How could I not share more? I was asked about my back so here’s a shot. It’s been bigger though. I need tips on lowering and widening my lats big time. PM’s from other big guys welcome btw. Just sayin 😂💪🏿💪🏿😉

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Training tips for upcoming fitness challenge

The challenge is as follows:

Weighted walk/run: Walk/run 200yrds with a 80lb weighted sled connected around the waist.

Weighted push: Pushing a 45lb plate down the floor for 200ft

Burpees: 20 reps

Iron chair: Back against the wall, legs at 90°, hold for 1 minute. You cannot use hands as support. 1 second rest counts as 5 seconds to your total time.

Weighted ball throw: chest pass a 25lb ball for a total of 300ft.

Weight pull: Pull a 110lb weighed sled towards yourself by a rope from 130ft.

45 minute time limit, winner is the person to compete the most events in order within the time limit. Must be completed in order

I am in decent shape and I work out about 3 times a week. I can run about a 9 minute mile, but I did take a year break from working out which I ended about 2 months ago.

This competition is 8 weeks away, any tips?


Tips for diets and workouts to cut excess fat.

I’m 18, 6′ 2.5″ and I weigh 225. My goal is to get around 195. I used to be around 175 and 6′ 1″ but due to personal reasons I kind off fell out of sports which caused me to gain a lot of weight. I’m thinking about trying keto along with lifting at the gym in order to prevent my muscle mass from dropping. What would be advice for transitioning to keto and what type of workouts (cardio wise, besides running) should I start doing to help it along?

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Any tips for minor elbow nerve damage recovery?

So, I injured my left elbow nerve during skiing last December and my hand shaked for a couple of days.

After that the pain was gone and a month later was back into gym and judo. Everything went well until last week I felt the pain creeping back in after intense randori sessions.

Yesterday I went to a BJJ class and the pain intensified to the point of having to stop my practice. Next day pain is off but a little effort is enough to bring it back.

I have been training for a brown belt competition this coming Sunday which I really don’t want to miss. So far I am planning to just rest from any sport until then, but im also looking for tips to speed up the recovery for this sort of problem.

Help is appreciated!

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Tips to lose “beer gut” and just generally get into shape?

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

I’m ashamed to admit it but up until a few months ago I had not been to a gym for **4 years**. I’m 5’9″ and 180 lbs. at the moment and have a little bit of a beer gut. I started going to the gym at the end of December (cliché right?) three times a week and have mainly been doing cardio as I have no real idea of what to do in a gym.

I’ve also changed my diet and have cut out soda and fast food completely, a good portion of my carb intake, but I’ve yet to see any real results and it’s kind of discouraging.

Does anyone have any tips or workouts that they would recommend to someone trying to lose their beer gut and get back into shape? I’m not planning on becoming the world’s strongest man, I just want to get my self-confidence back and feel comfortable in my own skin again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Has anybody had success transitioning from unhealthy, obsessive eating habits to a balanced approach? I’d love some tips.

So I’ve been morbidly obese most of my life. Ate absolutely appallingly, never exercised. About five years ago, I starved myself, exercised 2-3 times a day, and dropped all my weight. I’ve then fluctuated backwards and forwards since.

I gained a bunch of weight back in 2016 and ballooned 90lbs. I read up on the ketogenic diet. I did keto, exercised maniacally again and lost all the excess weight. The mental strain was huge though. I totally self-isolated to avoid food and drinks, I was eating 1100kcal a day as a 6’1 guy, and I worried 24/7 about food for six months.

Since then, I’ve gained around 10lbs over the last 3 years. I’d love to trim down, but I can’t do that again—the mental strain was too much. I’d just like to achieve a balance and effectively lose weight but have fun and not worry.

Has anybody got any tips about escaping that obsessive, mentally tolling way of thinking about fitness?

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Tips for a quick bulk ?

Hello there. Recently I heard of an MMA competition which will take place in my town and I’m willing to participate. I usually fight at 58kg, but this one competition has its lowest weight division at 66kg, so I thought I should go back to hitting the weights and try to bulk for the next 2months. I know I’m not going to go up 8 kilos in 2 months, but do you have tips to help me make the best out of my bulk ? Note that I’m currently unemployed, so I have plenty of time for training and weightlifting.

Also, I’m not trying to gain lean muscle mass since I’m so far from the higher limit, I just want to gain as much as possible, Is a junk food fueled bulk a good idea ?

Thanks !

English isn’t my first language so sorry if I’m making too many mistakes

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I’m going to attempt my first triathlon this summer. Can you guys recommend some training routines or even some tips for the actual race

This is my first time competing competitively in any kind of racing but I would say I am adequate in all three sports. My fitness levels are okay atm through playing other sports (rugby/soccer/gym) so I thought now would be the perfect time to try out a triathlon!
FYI it is an Olympic size triathlon and the swimming takes place in the sea

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What are some tips for keeping your gym sessions under an hour?

I’m starting a new job where I won’t have the same amount of free time.

I usually spend 20 minutes warming up/stretching/activating, then 1 1/2 hours on weightlifting, and lastly 10 minutes doing HIIT. The weightlifting is one main compound movement (ie: BP, DL) with heavy weight for 4×6-8, and 4-5 accessory movements with moderate weight for 4×10-12.

I have tried to shorten my rest time between sets with out much difference.

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Muscle ache and recovery tips!

Hello everyone, first time post here.

So without fully going into my training program and diet etc I’d like to ask about any tips you guys have for recovery?

I’ve been lifting for a solid few years now – but I’m 29 now and the muscle aches after big leg and back sessions can be quite annoying during the working week, I’ve been lead to believe muscle ache is necessary or you haven’t worked that muscle group hard enough for hypertrophy.

I stretch before my workouts and a little after – perhaps I need to do more of this as I get older?

I eat well and get 7-8 hours of sleep almost every night.

I’m hoping to get any tips with anything you’ve picked up, also interested in supplements tips (if you give advice for a supp could you explain exactly why it helps with recovery?)

Thanks in advance everyone!

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Tips on what to do with my mind when I’m working out…

I’m finally IN. I’m finally committed to the gym for the first time in my life. I’ve had a few great experiences so far.

The thing is, I am almost always alone. I dont have anybody to spot me on the bench press, and nobody to help me keep focused.

The focus part is really important. I dont have that social aspect. Nobody to egg me on or call me on my bullshit when I want to quit.

My mind wanders. I start to think about school and work. I fantasize about what I will be eating when I’m done at the gym. Before I know it, I’ve convinced myself to leave.

I know I could go longer and reach new goals if I could stay focused.

I dont have an ipod. I dont mind the music there but it’s not super exciting to me.

Do you guys have mantras or meditations that keep you calm and focused?

Are you focusing on counting your reps?

What do you think about when you are running or on the stationary bike?

I am very curious what different habits or methods you guys have.

Thank you!

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