Need ideas for a quick superset lift routine.

I am about to start lifting again after a long hiatus but this time around I only have 45 minutes **max** early in the morning to train so it needs to be quick. The only thing I can think of is complexes and super sets, this will be 3 times per week. I am 30M 215lbs 5′ 7″ going for fat loss. I will be eating ~ 2000 calories on lifting days and cutting back to about 1200 on off days.

I was thinking about doing a PPL scheme along the lines of

– bench press + tricep extensions
– OHP + lateral raises
– burpees

– chin ups + DB bicep curls
– DB rows + shrugs
– burpees

– squats + leg raises
– calf raises + planks

This is really all I can think of with my equipment at home and the time constraint. All I have is a power cage, Olympic weights, non adjustable bench, and some standard dumbells.

I was also thinking about doing a whole body scheme and just alternating between these two workouts

– bench press + DB row
– squat

– OHP + chin ups
– deadlift

Any ideas?

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Need help for weight lift routine at the gym.

Im doing cardio but my nutriologist has told me to start with the weights. I weight 118 kgs and have lost 11 kgs since I started to check my diet and doing cardio. Please help dont want to feel stale and just doing cardio for 40 minutes. Can somebody give me advice. I decided to change my life and now im at a very important moment in my life. I need to lose weight. I have live depressed for a long time and finally changed my life a few months ago. im doing efforth. But I need more to avoid failing again

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Am I better off incorporating dips or pushups into my routine?

I can only do 1-2 dips at a time, and they’re a little shaky. Ultimately, I’d love to add them to my routine but I’m not sure if I should just a) do the couple that I’m able to while continuing to Bench/Press, etc. and bring them along slowly OR b) add pushups (which I can do ~10-12 good reps) and continue to Bench/Press, etc. to work up to better/more dips? Thank you!

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Need a lifting routine for my 47 year old mom.

I’ve been lifting off and on for a couple years, consistently for about 6 months now. My mom is overweight (but not obese I’d say, but maybe she is by official standards) and generally unhealthy. I don’t know the specifics but she’s mentioned back and joint pain. When she was younger she exercised a lot and ate healthy but I’m pretty sure she hasn’t consistently exercised in at least 5 years. and especially at her age I think she should get some weightlifting in for all the benefits that it has.

So I figured I would take her along to the gym tomorrow and see if she can get a feel for it. If she does, I’ll try to get her set up with a lifting routine and a lot of cardio to get her healthy.

I currently run a PPL routine, two cycles per week. I imagine for someone like her, all the assistance/isolation exercises I do are pretty much useless. So could anyone suggest a simple routine that she could follow? Keep in mind that she’s not exactly limber and probably has a defeatist attitude about the whole thing. I don’t expect she’ll be able to squat or deadlift. But she might be able to bench and use the machines.

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How should I work cardio into my routine if I want to lose weight AND build muscle?

I’ve been going to the gym regularly for 2.5 months now, having gone sporadically in the past. I’ve seen reasonable improvements in fitness, weight loss and building muscle so far but would like to step up my efforts. I’ve started taking creatine and whey protein powder and am monitoring my diet.

My question is: if I’m looking to lose weight as well as gain lean muscle mass, how much cardio should I do and when? I started off doing 30-45 mins of cardio before lifting but, having read that this will negatively impact lifts, I’ve limited that to a 5 minute warm up. I’m currently doing a 4 day split routine. Sometimes I have time to do cardio after my lifts and sometimes can come into the gym on rest days and do exclusively cardio but not every week.

Should I be doing more cardio if I want to lose weight? And when should I do it: before lifting, after lifting or on rest days?

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Routine critique, GZCLP + accessories.

Hope I am I doing this right? Looking for a critique for my routine. Which is GZCLP plus accessories.

Stats :

F / 32 / 5’2″/ 135 – 140lbs

Squat : 72.5kg / Bench: 57.5kg / Deads: 82.5kg / OHP: 35kg

Lifts are current 5 * 3 numbers. Lower body is lagging because I’m coming back from an injury.

Specific goals : strength in the main lifts, aesthetics with accessories. Cutting BF in general (obviously using diet for this) So I would like to get peoples opinions on my accessory set up, I think it likely needs shuffling, but also might be missing things.

It takes me a while to finish the tier 1 + tier 2 exercises. Then I super-set where I can but usually spend about 1 hour 10 mins in the gym in the morning, which I’m happy with. I’m going 3.5 days per week. Spinning in the morning when I don’t lift, and bouldering in the evenings mostly on days where I spin, sometimes I will boulder/spin after lifting (AM) in the evening this depends on how I am feeling and is just a bonus.

I found the tier 3 tough to progress in so some of the reps here are a bit daft maybe? I’m doing this amount of accessories because I love them just as much as the main ones. I also just liked my previous routine and I have the time. Been doing this for about 3 months now, had to rehab my hamstring for months before that, before that I was doing a, I suppose, “bodybuilding” + conditioning program.

Routine – weights based on what is coming up this week.


* Squat – Tier 1 @ 72.5kg
* Bench – Tier 2 @ 52.5kg
* Split Squats – 3 * 8 – 12 @ 25kg
* Hip Thrust – 3 * 12 @ 80kg
* Backstep Lunges – 3 * 12 @ 42.5kg
* Kettlebell swings – 3 * 25 – 25 @ 27.5kg
* Leg Extensions / Lying Hamstring curl (This is rehab for my hamstring and it’s in there every day)

**B1 :**

* OHP – Tier 1 @ 37.5kg (fucking hell that isn’t gonna happen).
* Deadlifts – Tier 2 @ 75kg
* Lat Raise – 3 * 10 – 15 @ 6kg
* Front Raise – 3 * 10 – 15 @ 6kg
* Rear Delts – 3 * 10 – 15 @ 31kg
* Single arm cable row – 3 * 8 – 15 @ 43kg
* Cable tricep pushdown – 3 * 10 – 15 @ 42.5kg
* Leg Extensions same as above

**A2 :**

* Bench – Tier 1 ( on 2’s cos I failed today) @ 60kg (BODYWEIGHT BENCH BITCHES!! Can I do it??)
* Squat – Tier 2 @ 70kg
* Dips – 3 * 5 -8 +5kg
* Dumbbell fly – 3 * 10 – 15 @ 12kg
* Pendlay Row – 3 * 8 – 12 @ 45kg
* Lat Pulldown – 3 * 8 – 12 @ 42.5kg
* Seated Cable row – 3 * 8 – 12 42.5kg
* Leg Extension same as above.

**B2 :**

* Deadlift – Tier 1 @ 82.5kg
* OHP – Tier 2 @35kg (I’ll be failing this one tomorrow)
* Pull ups – 3 * 5-8 @bodyweight
* Front Squat – 3 * 8 -12 @40kg
* Les Press -3 * 10 – 15 @125kg
* Hip Adductor – 3 * 8 -12 @55kg
* Hip Abductor – 3 * 8 – 12 @55kg
* Leg Extensions same as above

So, how does it sound? Bit higgledy piggledy? Are the numbers a bit strange? Like split squats should maybe be higher, maybe I’m not pushing myself on the accessories enough. I think I should defo swap stuff around so I have maybe chest, back, legs and arms day, or maybe I’m training chest too much already (fucking hate to say this.. but.. for a girl, I love bench and I’m not gonna stop it but I’m not crazy about dresses with straps cutting into the muscle between my chest and shoulder)? I’m not against having two leg days as I feel like my upper body is pretty well developed in comparison to lower.

I would love to run the program every day, but I tried it for a while and the progression was too much for me, I was in bits after 3 weeks. Maybe there is a way of shuffling things so I could do it Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri ?



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If I can only go 4 times a week, is a PPL routine still good or is a lower/upper split better?

Currently doing a PHAT program. A split of 2 upper body days and two lower body days. It is going well but to be honest I rather work my upper body a bit more and go to a PPL program. However with PPL I know I wont be able to repeat a body part for 4-5 days because I would only be going 4 times a week maybe 5.

Any suggestions? If I am very consistent with going 4x a week and just following the PPL rotation will I hinder my gains very much? Any advice is appreciated

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Routine Request. Male, 20, 155lbs, skinny goddamn fat

Weight-70.5 kilo
Body Fat-cca 20%

Height-178 cm

Started losing weight since September and lost from 77 kilo all the way to 70 by swimming+staying in calorie deficit (1400 cal daily). It did help to lose weight, but not my abdominal (tummy) fat. I have no idea what to do but 70 kilo is borderline weight for my age/heigh (178) ratio. I cut down on everything and diet is working fine, but my body composition is staying the same.

I’m unsure if lifting or running or anything would help me. I’m satisfied with my body everywhere except the ugly beer belly which can’t leave. I don’t do swimming anymore, but i do light home bodyweight exc.
Any advice will be more than welcome! Thank you 🙂

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How do I arrange my routine?

I’ve been trying to do the 6 day PPL program but wanted to try it as a 5 day routine with some condition, something like this:

* Monday Push
* Tuesday Conditioning
* Wednesday Legs
* Thursday Conditioning
* Friday Pull

And then Sat/Sun are rest days, but I’m not sure if I should stick with that or rest in between one of the training days.

Would this work?

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Is my routine helping my goal?

Hello r/fitness!

In 2015 I started going to the gym frequently and at my peak I went 4-5 times a week. The end of 2017 my motivation dropped a lot and I couldn’t get myself to go more than 1-2 times a week, this declined even more to no fitness at al until the end of 2018. The last few months I’ve been going to the gym again, and for the last 2 weeks I’ve been going for 4 times a week.

In the period where I wasn’t actively working out I’ve gained some weight in my upper body, definitely not fat but a little loose on my sides above the hips, little lower-ab fat and slight manboobs. My legs are pretty thin compared to my upper body, I think.

So the first year of me working out was mainly doing upper body. The progression I made on my upper body has now become soft and my legs are about the same shape as ever. I’ve now grown out of the upper body craze and would really love to build my legs as a foundation of my body as a whole. Having this goal, I really don’t care about how my upper body looks in the process.

So the routine I’d like to try is to train legs 4/4 days a week. But mixed with bi-daily alternating upper body exercises, so I still work on my upper body shape and fill the time of my workouts. This routine will be supported by a 2k+ calories and proteine rich diet.

Will this routine help me get bigger, more muscular and defined legs to eventually switch this priority up to the upper body when I’m satisfied?

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Been using Wendler’s 5/3/1 since I started lifting in October 2018. I have been really happy with the progress, but now trying to get 3/4/5 plate lifts. How should I change up my routine?

Here are my estimated 1RM from my beginning 1.5 years ago to now (bodyweight ~200):

* Bench: 115 – 275lbs
* Squat: 125 – 345lbs
* Deadlift: 135 – 345lbs (several back injuries halted progress)
* OHP: 95 – 150lbs

Again, I’ve been really happy with my gains, but in order to get to that next level, I think I need to add to my 5/3/1 routine or start a new program. I normally do the core lift and then 2-3 assistance exercises or BBB, but now I think I need to change things up or start a new program altogether to reach the next level. What should I be doing to push myself further?

EDIT – I started in October 2017, not 2018 lol.

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Does it matter if my routine isn’t consistent?

Hey guys I’m 21 , 185 pounds and I’m trying to bulk right now. My routine is pretty inconsistent thought, like I change which body parts I work depending on the days. So one week I’ll do chest/trim on Monday, back/bi on Wednesday, and legs on Friday and then I’ll switch up and do them on different days each work. Does that really affect anything? Is it better if my routine is consistent and sometimes I’ll switch up which body part I work together so I’ll do leg/tris some day or bi/chest

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Looking for advice regarding Push-Pull-Legs and High Weights/Low Reps routine

Male, 25, 185 cm, 78 kg here.


I will try to keep this as short as possible.


I’m looking to gain more muscle. I’ve read online, that running high weights/low reps is a good program to achieve that.

I’m also considering going with the push-pull-leg routine. A typical week for me would then look like


**Monday:** Push

**Tuesday:** Pull

**Wednesday:** Legs

**Thursday:** Rest

**Friday:** Push

**Saturday:** Pull

**Sunday:** Legs


My questions are:


1. Is it a good idea to go with the high weights/low reps with the push-pull-leg routine?

2. Is it also a good idea to do 2 exercises for each muscle group in one day with high weights/low reps?


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Casual lifter here – any critiques to my training routine?

I would describe myself as a casual lifter. I’m not looking to get absolutely ripped, but I would like to be reasonably fit.

I alternate between upper body days and lower body/abdominal days. I usually go to the gym 2-3 times per week. I will occasionally do cardio (running usually) the day after upper body day.

Note that 4×8 means four sets, 8 repetitions

**Upper body days:**

1. 4×8 bench press
2. 4×8 biceps curl
3. 4×8 shoulder press
4. 4×8 assisted pull-ups

**Lower body/abdominal days:**

1. 3 sets of planks: 1 minute facing down, 50 seconds on each side
2. 4×8 barbell squats
3. 3×15 elevated sit-ups
4. 4×8 trap bar dead lifts
5. 4×8 weighted back extensions

Are there any real important workouts or muscle groups that I’m neglecting here?


**Edit:** Oops I totally broke the rules of the is sub by not reading the wiki first. I’m going to look into the [5/3/1 routine]( Thanks for the advice!

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Workout routine for conditioning with weights or circuit based workout?

I have been working out for about 10 years now, but use to always be that guy that did the same workout for years. Over the years i moved to changing my workout, and now I feel i am at a point where I am trying to establish a good (small) collection of routines that I want to cycle throughout the year. My goal is to have workouts that tackle different things (strength vs hypertrophy vs conditioning etc.). Currently I have the following workouts in my repertoire:


Garage Gym Warrior (Strength training)

PHUL (Hypertrophy and strength too)


However, I feel that I am missing a workout that is more like a circuit or something more for conditioning. I just don’t know which one to choose. I know i can my make my own as i have in the past made on the fly workouts (tabata style or bodyweight circuit when i travel). However, i am now a bit lazy with creating and don’t have time to create my own workouts so just looking for some canned workouts.


I want a routine that can get my heartrate up and uses weights and preferably can be 4 days or less then i can maybe use the rest of the time to do cardio as i don’t usually have time to do cardio when i do the workouts above as I take 1hr 40min or more to finish each of them. I have done P90X and Insanity in the past but don’t want to do these workouts at home as I don’t have a good area and there are too many distractions.


Any help?

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Replacement exercises for this routine?

My friend sent me a copy of his body-weight routine which he has achieved a nice level of fitness for and I’m looking to follow it – see below. However, due to an issue with my left ankle and ball of my left foot, I’m looking to replace the impact exercises for something else. The specific exercises I’m looking to replace are –

High knees

Squat jumps

4 minute sprints

Is there anything else which I can do that won’t result in a sudden impact to my left foot?

The part of the workout in question is –

**Monday and Friday Lower body**

* 2 Minute prisoner squats.

* 100 high knees

* Single leg dead lift 1 min each leg

* 100 high knees

* 4 minute wall sit

* 100 high knees

* Squat jumps

* 100 high knees

**Do all of this 2x**

**Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday**

* 4 minute sprints – Just get a timer and do high knees or burpees or star jumps.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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My Workout Routine

Day 1: Chest (40 pushups, dumbbell bench, machine fly, incline bench, seated machine press) + Triceps (dips, superman raises, pushdown)

Day 2: Biceps (40 pullups, seated dual bicep curls, bicep chest lifts, reverse grip bar curls, isolation curls) + Forearms (Reverse grip curls, farmer hold, wrist roller)

Day 3: Back (40 chinups, weighted row, weighted pulldown, reverse flys, kneeling grip pulls) + Shoulders (overhead press, upright row, seated dumbell press)

Day 4: Legs (Squats, weighted lunges, calf raises, hamstring curls)

Day 5: Cardio (30 mins of bike, 20 mins of treadmill, 10 mins of elliptical) + Core (3 mins of planks, 60 situps, 60 crunches, 5 ab rollers, and 60 core twists)


I do this each week, and try to stay in order with progressive overload.

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Should I switch to the PPL routine?

I was doing the PPL routine for 2 weeks, and I really enjoy it, but due to time constraints I can’t gym 6x, so I have changed my routine to a full body 3x a week routine until summer . I hope to change back to the reddit PPL in the summer, and was wondering if it was too late by then, cause my noob gains would have been over by that time? Is it reasonable for me to revert to PPL in the summer or just useless?

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need starter routine

Good Morning /Fitness


I have been sitting on a computer chair either gaming or a very sedentary job for the past 8 years. I’m currently 238 lbs and my goal is 175.


ive been eating healthier the last several weeks. no soda, cutting 95% of fast food out ect. ect.


my post is about gym routines. I want to get into lifting for weightloss and general health. I’m not a huge cardio person but am willing to try almost anything.


the problem is my only adventure in fitness was in the army and that was primarily pushups and situps and a lot of fast and slow running. I want to life, I don’t want to get ripped but id like to lose the slowly forming tire stuck around my midsection and tone up and be healthy. when I have tried to go to the gym before and start lifting on the few occasions I have hurt myself in a minor way or just overdone it. I’m lost in the sauce… if I life really light I feel I’m not getting a workout and whats the point of the last hour. if I put the weight up alittle I power through the set or 2 but then I spend the next 4 or 5 days feeling the overdid it aches…


my knowledge of weightlifting is basically ” oh the lat-pulldown, ive heard that’s good, lets do….yeah 3 sets of 10…that sounds right….” and ” hey the benchpress and T bar row…. I saw Arnold doing those to like 400 lbs in a lot of videos…it must be good” but I have no real plan. I’m going to hit the gym in about 3.5 hours after my shift end and I want to get a great workout.. but I don’t wanna overdo it.


My primary goal is fitness. stamina. weightloss, health, and conditioning.


any tips on routines that will be challenging and leave me walking out of the gym feeling like I got wooped but not where I will barely be able to move for the next 4 days is what I’m kinda looking for. my current gym days that I don’t have my son are basically Thursday night, Friday morning, Saturday morning, and sunday morning.


sorry if that was a bit of a garbled mess.. I’m just so sick of going to the doctor for this or that and seeing my after visit summary and seeing 230-240 (obese) and zipping up a flight of stairs makes me slow down and huff alittle… it has to change

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Lifting Routine Check

Hi r/fitness, I’m a little unsure whether my routine is OK.

Currently, I’m on a 6-day PPL workout that I’ve made adjustments to for both my scoliosis and APT.

I’ve been accumulating a lot more strength after I switched from Phraks to a modified Coolcicada, but I’m more interested in what you guys have to say.

Routine follows:


**Pull:** *Back, Biceps, Forearms*

3×6-8 Chin-Ups

4×10 T-Bar Row

4×8-10 Lateral Pulldown

4×8-10 Close-Grip Pulldown

4×8-10 Close-Grip Seated Row

4×8-10 Outer/Inner BB Curl

4×10-12 Incline Bench DB Curls

4×10-12 Straight Bar Cable Curls


Bar Hangs


**Push**: *Chest, Tris, Shoulders*

3×5 Bench Press

4×10 Incline Bench Press

3×5 Overhead Press

4×10 DB Press

4×12-15 Front Raises

4×12-15 Side Raises

4×10 Face Pulls

3×5 Weighted Dips

4×10 Close-Grip Bench Press

4×10 V-Bar Pulldown & Rope Pulldown



3×5 Deadlift

4×10 Romanian Deadlift

4×10 Hip Thrusts

4×10 Leg Press

4×10 Single Leg Press

4×10 Bulgarian Split Squat

4×10 Weighted Ab Roller

4 90-Second Planks

4×15 Back Supported Hanging Leg Raises

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Push-ups to routine?

Been going to the gym about 3-4 days a week, been seeing noticeable newbie gains. Haven’t really done any body weight exercises, and might get into yoga since I have more free time. Does adding daily Push ups make noticeable differences, probably like 150 a day is what I’ll probably try out.

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I’m 13 and lazy I’ve made this routine to get me healthy, I would like some advice, is it any good? What should I change?

So just an introduction I’m a lazy 13 year old. I’m by no means fat, I’m actually pretty skinny but I get barely any fitness. I stay at home and play video games all day. The only real fitness I do is PE 2 times a week at school. So just a disclaimer I’ve been doing this for around a week now. Also the real reason why I’m doing this is because I want to get ripped…

So every night and morning I am doing 2 sets of 10 push ups and 20 sit ups.

Every other day I am going on a 6.5km run.

I also try playing squash every week for 45 minutes.

Every time I walk into my room I do a pull up.

I am also eating only homemade food, lots of protein. My diet is ever changing I just try to eat a lot of fruit, meat and vegetables. I haven’t had junk food since I started doing this and don’t plan to any time soon.

So I know these are very little things and I’m not sure wether I should be doing more or just keep doing this and making it harder as it becomes easy. I do just want to get ripped and me being healthy and fit would be an awesome bonus.

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks

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Looking to start a routine, but severely lacking time some days, unpredictably

I recently bought a house, and have been using that as motivation for a wholesale ‘live healthy’ life overhaul. I’ve taken up meal prep, cooking my own healthy meals, cutting back on calories to lose weight, but I want to add a good strength routine to minimize muscle loss, and once my weight is down, add some muscle.

The two problems: a tight and erratic schedule, and no gym close enough to regularly visit. The latter I’m solving with bodyweight work, but I need advice on how to best accommodate the former.

I can consistently make time for the minimal routine, but if I used the recommended routine, half the days I could only do 1-2 sets. Would it still be worthwhile to make that trade-off, just to get in the habit of doing the better routine, given my goals? My schedule is likely FUBAR for 2-3 more months.

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Need advice on when to incorporate deadlifts into my workout routine.

Hey guys, I do a 6 day split,

Chest Tris, Back Bis, Legs and Shoulders twice a week. 7 day rest

I got a lower back injury in a car accident so stopped deadlifting but this past 2 weeks I’ve been doing it and my back feels amazing here’s my problem though. I’m scared I’m overloading things cause I regularly do it on my back day. I feel like it’s beneficial for my back cause of the rest of the workouts I do.

My problem is. On my leg day which is right after back, my hamstrings are crazy sore. I still work them out since my leg routine is higher reps lower weight but am I damaging my muscle? Should I throw deadlifts into my leg day? Should I start stretching more so I don’t even use my hamstrings on deadlifts? I do the classic deadlift.

What do you guys do and why. Why should I do what you suggesting would love your people’s 2 cents thank you !

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New and (hopefully) improved routine based on your previous feedback, with a few questions

I posted here a while ago with my previous workout routine. I got a ton of constructive criticism and am here to present you what I’ve come up with!

Quick background that is relevant:
28F, 5’5”
Diet- due to several food allergies, I have found whole 30 really works for me and I enjoy it. Additionally, I’ve given up alcohol completely and hoping this helps expedite this process.

-Started at: 188 lbs in November
-Currently: 165lbs
-Goal: 135 lbs

At this point all I care about is creating a deficit, and burning fat. I want to smartly burn as many calories as possible.

New workout:
CARDIO: elliptical in HIIT weight loss/interval setting. I may alternate this out for “heart rate” setting 1-2x per week. What do you guys think? Before I was just running 4 miles at lowest resistance.

******Should I do HIIT on the elliptical until I reach a distance goal, or a time goal? Does that matter?********

This is where I’m undecided. You guys gave me so much advice on WHAT workouts to do, but now I’m wondering what workout style will be best for my specific goal of calorie/fat burn.

Should I:
-Set a timer to complete as many reps of each exercise every 30 seconds/1 minute? (This is my favorite, but not sure it’s the most effective)
-Stick to a strict number amount of reps for each exercise regardless of the time

I’ve considered AMRAP but I really prefer one of the above. If AMRAP will burn more calories, I’ll figure out a way to enjoy it though.

Will any kind of protein powder help all of this or is that completely dumb of me to ask?

Any other tidbits on increasing calorie deficit in my daily workout are much welcome, too!

That is all. Sorry so long. Please be gentle and don’t shame me too hard >< I’m new to this and trying very hard to educate myself and get fit.


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Is this a good workout routine?

* I go to planet fitness, and my trainer and I came up with this simple routine
* My goals are to get in shape and lose weight
* The routine is a one day on, one day off alternating routine between A and B
* I erased my current weights for each exercise because I am not very strong and am a little embarrassed
* I also try to do cardio everyday



* 5×5
* Weight-

Bench Press

* 5×5
* Weight-


* 3×10
* Weight-

Barbell Rows

* 5×5
* Weight-



* 5×5
* Weight-

Overhead Press

* 5×5
* Weight-

Abdominal Machine

* 3×10
* Weight-


* 1×5
* Weight-

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Routine guidance

The membership I have at my gym only allows me to go during weekdays, and it’s staying that way for a short while so no suggestions on that front please, i’ve got plans to go for the 7-day access plan soon. Would PPLPP be a viable routine? People seem to think not but I’ve been doing a normal PPL split so far and I don’t see why it wouldn’t be a good option.

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New routine needed!

Please throw your favorite routines or resources at me. I’ve been lifting for about 4 years and I feel stuck in the same routine. Everywhere I look it’s some bs 4 day split for someone who casually goes to the gym. I’m not a big huge guy but I go 7 days a week (cardio and abs as a rest day) and I want a to find a routine that will kill me. I’m just craving that next day soreness. Hell maybe I’m going at this the wrong way. Let me know.

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some questions related to hiit and workout routine

i have read wiki for the sub and i got some questions related to hiit and what workout routine should i use according to the tools i have:

1-i can only do 4 out of 8 high intensity runs before running out of breath, what do i do? should i increase resting time or decrease running time?

2-does high intensity mean MAXIMUM or just the highest speed that i can do to rest

tools i have:

1-pull-up machine

2-3KG dumballs (might upgrade to 5kg later)

3-2KG Kettlebell

4-treadmill with a maximum speed of 14

what workout routine best suits these tools, iam also focusing on cardio.

sorry if the grammer is incorrect, english isn’t my first langauge.

thank you.

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Critique my all weather routine

Hi all,

Could anybody give me some thoughts on my exercise routine.

I am aiming to have a routine that I can maintain all the way through life until I am too infirm to keep going! It needs to be something that develops and maintains a basic level of physical conditioning without equipment and without being to time intensive.

Morning: 20 press ups, 2min plank, 20 bicep curls 8kg kettle weight, 25 goblet squats 8kg, 20 military press 8kg.

Evening: repeat as above but aim for as many sets as I have time for or can manage.

At the moment I’m managing around 100 press ups a day and about 80 bicep curls. The other exercises are more variable.

Im 28 for context and my aims are purely health related. I am not interested in aesthetics or training for a particular sport.

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Want to switch up SL routine

Hi everyone,

So I’ve been doing SL for about 6 months now and have been seeing decent results so far. I usually only go to the gym between 2-3 days (mostly 2) a week so having a program alternating between two workouts works well for me. The things is though I’m getting pretty bored of only doing SL and honestly so tired of doing squats every workout. I also came to the conclusion I’m not really interested in strength gains too much and I rather really lift more purely for aesthetic reasons (what can I say, I’m vain ¯(ツ)/¯).

At the moment I pretty much run standard SL with:

Workout A: Squats, Bench, Row and Dips

Workout B Squats, OHP, Deadlift and Pull ups

So I guess I want to roughly keep the same workout format but with changes:

* I’ve read in this subreddit that higher volume leads to more hypertrophy, would it be worth maybe changing the routines to 3×8?
* I want to add an extra exercise to each day, is there any which you guys would recommend to get a more rounded full body workout? I was thinking of adding curls to workout B but I’m not sure what to add to workout A.
* I really want to get rid of one of the squats and replace it with something else (So all in all 3 new exercises – 1 squat). Again, any exercise recommendations?

I really appreciate the help!

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How to program a full body routine?

I read this sub for quite some time now and i have done the RR of r/bodyweightfitness and would like to move on to a new full body workout. The recommended routines dont fit my goals so i would like to program my own routine. I want to do 3 days 50 minutes. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good resource on how to program your own workout?

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Because of my work schedule, I’m unable to have a consistent gym routine, can someone help me!

I work monday through friday with a 6am start time and can be finished anywhere between 2pm and 6pm. I go in every morning without knowing what time I’ll be out. On good days ,I get off work at 3 and make it into the gym around 430. That doesnt happen too often, most of the time it’s closer to 5, and i fight traffic for an hour to get home by 6 and cant make it to the gym. I have to make dinner and walk my dogs as well as hang out with my gf before bed, which is at 9.


I was thinking of doing the upper body/lower body split and HOPING to get in 4 times per week.


Is there any other way to go about working with schedule

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Weight loss stalled after change of workout routine?

So, until last month I was doing 3 days/week RPT at gym and this week I switched to 4 days/week GZCLP. Since New Year I’ve been doing 16:8 intermittent fasting while eating mostly clean. And it has been a laid-back slow way to shed fat for me without having to count exact calories (still keeping rough estimate and controlling portion sizes). At the end of february I had lost about 4 kg (~9 lbs) doing this.

However now my weight loss has suddenly stopped and this week I’ve acctually bounced back a little ( 0,5-1 kg / 1-2 lbs). Only thing I know has changed is my workout routine. I know week is short time period in weight loss but it’s funny how slow weight loss turned into slow gain immediately after changing routine.

Has anyone had similar experience or know why is this happening?

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Beginner Routine – Lackluster Progress

I am six weeks into a beginner workout routine (from a workout I made the mistake of looking up “2 month progress” posts, and now I’m discouraged. I feel like I should be doing more.

If I feel confident in my form, is there any arm in adding more lifts to my routine? So many beginner routines stress not adding anything to them.

Here is a link to the workout I’m doing.
[A Workout Routine – Beginner Workout](

I’m 6’3” and was 194 when I started six weeks ago. I am now 193, but I would guess I’ve lost 3-5 pounds of fat. I can tell I have gained some muscle, but I don’t know how much progress is normal.

DL – 115lb
OHP – 47.5lb
Squat – 95lb
Bench – 90lb

I am aiming for around 1950 calories/day, 200g protein.

EDIT: Removed progress photos, because I don’t think it helps the post.

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Best time to stretch/good stretch routine

I’m looking to improve my overall flexibility, but I’ve never been disciplined enough to incorporate stretching into my workout routine. I’m usually pressed for time during my workouts or aren’t motivated enough to stretch afterwards. I think my best chance of sustaining a good stretch routine is to do it first thing in the morning, but I’ve heard differing opinions on the best time to stretch. Any thoughts on whether it’s ok to do it in the morning, or should I absolutely try to do it post workout with warm muscles? Any good stretching routines people have?

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It is funny how psychology works, I sometimes feel I can add extra 4 plates (5 lbs each) because they look small and thin but adding 2 (10 lbs) plates would seem too much. What psychology tricks you use in your workout routine?

It is funny how psychology works, I sometimes feel I can add extra 4 plates (5 lbs each) because they look small and thin but adding 2 (10 lbs) plates would seem too much. What psychology tricks you use in your workout routine?

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Question about health/gym routine

So I haven’t gone to the gym in a long time. I eat healthy but I’m not that active. Sometimes I have to catch my breath mildy-ish from just walking quick. If I go to the gym would I face a risk of having a heart attack?

I hear about guys who go to the gym often and eat healthy and get heart attacks.

Can anyone recommend me some cardio plan for just being healthy?

Thanks in advance!

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Thinking of altering my routine with the equipment I have available. Thoughts?

I started a few years ago and I want to see if I can improve upon this to get out of a plateau, and because I’ve maxed the weights on some of these. Not really following any particular plan, just all the exercises my brother taught me. The only gym I can realistically go to is my workplace gym which is quite limited. I will not be focusing on legs because I have that down for now. Forgive me for my lack of knowledge in some terms. The gym has:

– Seated chest press

– Pec fly machine

– Assisted pullup machine (?)

– Military press machine

– Ab machine (too short to use this properly haha)

– A pulley type thing like [this](

– Free weights up to 50lbs

– Arm curl rack with an EZ bar, up to 75lbs

– Inclined bench with a big cylindrical pad to do back extensions on?

– Simple customizable benches, they can go flat or rise up

As you can see the most glaring missing equipment is anything for squats or straight bench presses.

Right now my workout is for A:

– 4×10 pull-ups, no assistance

– 4×8 reverse flyes, 145lbx2,130×2

– 4×10 dumbell rows, 50lb

– 4×10 tricep pulldowns on the pulley thing, 140lbs (I think it’s divided in half)

– 4×10 overhead raises, 50lbs

– 4 sets of dips, 35->50 in 5 rep increases

– 4×10 free weight wrist curls – 30

– 4×10 wrist curls (but palms down, like revving a bike) – 25

I superset each couple of exercises listed in order except for dumbell rows

For B:

– 4×8 chest press – 175,175,190,205

– 4×8 Pec flyes – 130,145,145,160

– 4×10 dumbbell bench press – 50

– 4×10 upright barbell rows from the bicep curl rack – 70

– 4 sets of raises (10 front/side raises so my arms form a V looking down from above, then, 10 side raises, then 10 front raises is one set)

– 4×10 military press – 130×2,145×2

– 4×10 40-45lb hammer curls I think, but I start palms facing behind me and bring my knuckles facing each other instead of straight forward

I superset each couple of exercises listed in order except for dumbell bench press

I also do an ab workout routine 3 times every workout day, spaced throughout the whole workout:

– 40 crunches

– 40 bicycle kicks

– 30 leg raises

– 40 side crunches on each side

Repeat the first three exercises once

I’ve been finding myself speeding through this quite quickly now. Is there something better I can do to maximize the use out of this sorry excuse for a gym?

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I’m trying to get as shredded as possible in the next two months. Is Brad Pitt’s old routine legit?

Trying to do a ~10lb cut. I’m not trying to get to 5-6% bf, but just trying to get the abs to show more. I’m essentially trying to go from the 13-15% range to the 10-11%.

Should I follow this and almost exclusively focus on hypertrophy? I guess by the end I’ll have lost some strength.

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How do you get back into the gym/fitness routine?

So… a bit of a longer post, ill put a tldr at the bottom.

Im currently trying to get back into fitness and want to get started in the gym but facing lots of difficulty with my mental and motivation.

I used to do martial arts and keep fit when i was younger. I kept routine and was always motivated, i was never huge as i had a fast metabolism but i was happy where i was. I never really wanted to be huge anyway.

As i got older 18-20 i slowly fell into the work schedule and started to move further away from fitness, at this time i did join a gym for around 6 month, while i did obtain results, after the 6 months routine died and stopped going

Fast forward to now, im 23 and im in worst shape ive ever been, even though people would still think im skinny when i take my shirt off my body has an awful shape. What people like to call “skinny fat”. This is due to many things but mainly working in IT, sitting all day and doing no excesize. At home i also do nothing but just chill play game/watch show/ect.. which i know doesnt help my case…

Now that you have a bit of context, i need your help. I have tried dealing this on my own but with no improvement. I tried joining the gym or even doing martial arts again but i believe due to my mental being poor cause i haven’t done it in so long or maybe something else. I am in a more stressful situation currently but i believe getting back into it and being more fit would actually benefit my mental state.

What do yous recommend or have done in the past to get back into it?

Tldr: i used to be fit by doing martial arts and slowly stopped doing fitness related thing. I got my full time job in IT and cause of sitting at work and shitty mental state i cant seem to get back into it.

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I need some opinions/advice on my strength routine

I’ve had quite an active life except for the last 10 years. I’ve had a significant career change and I now have the time to get back in the gym. I’m currently 36, 115kgs (approx 250lbs) (down from 135kgs as of 14 months ago). I have a fairly adept level of knowledge and ability when it comes to working out. What I’d like is a second opinion on my routine.

As far as what I’m looking for, my primary goal is strength and to a lesser extent flexibility. I’m not interested in how I look. I consider looks a secondary byproduct of the first two. I also like simplicity which is where I think I may have strayed in my original routine. I’d like to keep workouts simple with 4 movements. Each movement is done in sets of 3/5 (sets/reps), except the core and grip routine which are 3/failure. The rotation is 5 weeks with the first two focused only on the “Big 4”. The next two weeks have a dedicated day for each part of the body. The final week is a maintenance week to catch up on smaller aspects of my goal (grip, core, power).

My routine can be found here.
Any thoughts? Mainly, is this routine unnecessarily fussy or over complicated?

Edit: Warm up consists of a light jog to get the blood flowing. Stretching will be post movement and specific to the area of exercise

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Question about my routine

So, I’ve been doing the zyzz workout for three weeks and I like it. But I’ve made the deadlifts 3-4 sets of 5 instead of the 8-10 reps per set. The squats I changed to zombie squats because I’m trying to work on my form right now. On Saturday, I’ve added a bit of arm work and instead of the clean and jerk I’m thinking about doing overhead press 3×8 and flat bench 3×5

Monday: Chest/Biceps

4 sets of Incline Dumbbell Press, 8-10 reps

3 sets of Bench Press, 8-10 reps

3 sets of Incline Flies, 8-10 reps

3 sets of Chest Dips until failure

3 sets of Barbell Curls, 8-10 reps

3 sets of Preacher Curls, 8-10

Tuesday: Legs/Calves

4 sets of Squats 8-10 reps

3 sets of Lunges 8-10 reps

3 sets of Leg Press 8-10 reps

3 sets of Leg Extensions till failure

3 sets of Leg Curls 8-10 reps

Wednesday: Back
3 sets of Lat Pulldowns 8-10 reps

4 sets of Deadlifts 5 reps

3 sets of Bent Over Rows 8-10 reps

3 sets of Dumbell Rows 8-10 reps

3 sets of Hyperextensions 8-10 reps

Thursday: Shoulders/Triceps

4 sets of Shoulder Press, alternate with Barbell & Dumbell every week 8-10 reps

3 sets of Upright Rows supersetted with Lateral Raises 8-10 reps

3 sets of front raises 8-10 reps

3 sets of Lying Rear Delt Raises 8-10 reps

3 sets of Close-Grip Bench Press 8-10 reps

4 sets of Pulldowns 8-10 reps

3 sets of Skullcrushers 8-10 reps

Saturday: Full Body
3 sets of Deadlifts 8-10 reps

3 sets of Squats 5 reps

3 sets of Bench press 5 reps

3 sets of oh press 8 reps

3 sets of Weighted Pullups 8-10 reps

And then arms

Is there anything lacking or else I could change? I want to make sure I have everything covered. I know a lot of people say it’s too much volume and all but I haven’t yet felt like it is.

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parents, how did you adjust your workout routine when you had your baby?

I just became a dad (woohoo!) but I was a PPLer and would go every morning before work. Now that the little one is here, I’m taking a few weeks off to re-calibrate and get used to the new routine.

I’ve managed to sneak off for a couple workouts but nothing consistent and when I have gone I tried to do a full body routine with more compound lifts and less accessory lifts, with the odd superset (eg cleans & front squats).

Do you have any tips and exercises that you can share for a new parent looking to make the most of his limited time at the gym? I’m not looking to gain much these days, just maintain until I can schedule a better routine.

If there’s a FAQ section that talks to this that I missed, please point it out.

Thanks in advance.

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Questions about adapting Phrak’s Greyskull Routine

Hi all, 26m here, 176 lbs.

I’ve been on Phrak’s Greyskull Routine for 2 months and making steady progress on all lifts. My main goals are to increase general upper body size/strength, as well as core and abdominals which are weak points. I used to row a lot so have maybe a disproportionately better lower body compared to upper.

I have just read through the original Greyskull LP routine PDF which has brought to light a few questions. I’d appreciate any help/advice on any of these so feel free to pitch in and sorry for any dumb questions!

1) Will I develop any imbalances by shifting my focus more on upper body compared to lower (i.e. reducing squats to maybe once per week, eliminating deadlifts)? I have a partially slipped lumbar disc which has caused sciatica in the past, and I can feel that the deadlifts and squats are already starting to cause lower back twinges. I am very reluctant to trigger a relapse! What could I switch these out for to lessen the strain?

2) The PDF recommends adding plug-ins such as curls, forearm exercises, pullovers, dips, etc.? I want to keep my routines the bare minimum length and complexity but can’t help feel my upper body isn’t being worked that hard. Which plug-ins are best and how many days per week should they be done?

3) One of the recommended plug-ins is “direct abdominal exercises” – does it matter on which days we do these? Before or after workouts? Which are the best specific exercises for building abs?

4) Another idea in the PDF is to do “Ladders” of pullups/pushups every other day of the week to supplement lifting days and boost volume massively. Is this a good idea? What confuses me though is that Phrak’s method incorporates 3×5+ sets of weighted pull-ups, whereas the original version recommends 2×6-8 sets of weighted pullups as a potential add-on. It seems more intuitive to go with Ladders + 2×6-8 weighted sets during workouts. Which is better?

5) What conditioning exercises should be done and how often? I’m not looking to burn too many calories so I can actually gain size, but at the same time want to keep athleticism and cardio maintained until I start cutting properly.


Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.

Please no recommendations for totally different routines as I’m happy with Greyskull due to its efficiency and my busy work schedule. I’m simply looking for ways to adapt it to my goals.

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Thoughts on routine below?

Trying to design a 4 day a week routine that will work with the equipment in my garage which includes the below:

Power rack with safety harnesses
Barbell set
Power block 90 dumbbell set
Adjustable bench
Side pulley system attached to rack with rope and handle attachments

Equipment i DONT have:
Leg curl machine
Ham glute developer
Leg press
All other machines not mentioned

You may quickly notice i have tried to organize it based on a day dedicated to each of the big 4 compound lifts (high sets, heavy weights, low reps) followed by accessory exercises

– Squats – 5×5
– RDL – 3×8-12
– Front Squats – 3×8-12
– Calf Raises – 5×15-20

– Deadlift – 5×5
– Barbell Rows – 5×5
– Pulldowns 3×8-12
– Cable rows 3×8-12
– Face pulls 3×15-20

– Dumbbell Chest Press 5×5
– Incline barbell press 3×8-12
– Close grip barbell bench press 3×8-12
– Tricep kickbacks 3×8-12
– Tricep pushdowns 3×8-12

– Dumbbell seated shoulder press 5×5
– Dumbbell shrugs 4×12-15
– Dumbbell lateral Raises 4×12-15
– Hammer curls 4×8-12
– Bicep curls 4×8-12

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Does doing the same routine = diminishing return?

Hi fitness community! First of all thank you for your patience and time for a beginner like me.

I am on a weight loss journey and am cutting my calories. I have been doing the elliptical for an hour everyday because it’s easy on my knees. I’m mainly looking to slim down, but I heard that if you do the same exercises your body adapts to it and you burn less calories. Is this a myth or not true? Should I trust the calorie numbers on the machine?

Thank you again!

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Protein intake for an overweight male with a moderate lifting routine

6 1′ 250 pounds

How much protein would you recommend for a very overweight guy who just got into weightlifting. I’m lifting 5 days a week moderate intensity PPL routine. My goal is to build muscle while losing weight, however I’m unsure as to the specifics of protein intake at my weight.
I don’t know whether to calculate protein intake at lean body mass or total body weight.
Any help would be much appreciated

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Need help picking a routine

Can anyone recommend any good workout routines for a 16 year old male. I weigh 165 ponds and I’m 5’7. I’m looking to build muscle mass( Not sure if I should bulk or cut) first. Also if anyone could recommend me a cheap food plan for teen high school students. ( I’m just having trouble finding out what routine would be best for me)

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Is weightlifting in the morning and cardio in the morning a good workout routine? Or is that too much to pack on the body for one day?

Edit: I meant to say weightlifting in the morning and cardio in the afternoon. Sorry lol

I’m trying to lose weight. Therefore, I am focusing on cutting calories. However I am little bit of muscle (not much since I can only really do 135lbs on bench and squats) but I would like to maintain it or at least try to minimize what I will naturally lose by cutting calories (from what I understand). I don’t want to add any more muscle but I just want to look leaner and be more fit (like be able to run 2-3 miles consecutively.

So my normal workout routine consist of doing some light jogging for about a mile and then doing my weight lifting. However in order to focus more on losing weight I want to add more cardio. So my plan in to do some moderate weightlifting in the mornings and then come back after work and focus on cardio for about an hour.

Is this feasible or am I going to push my body to much? Also does this not give my body enough time to rest inbetween workouts? Ie tried reading some other posts on here but they recommend running in the morning? Is that a better routine? The reason why I want to run in the afternoon is just that I find it a lot easier to do it then.

I’d really like to keep my muscle that I have now becuase it was hard it get but I also want to lose body fat. But if someone who knows more than me tell me if this might not be possible please let me know. And what you recommend. I’m not really trying to add muscle but just want to be leaner and have some tone to my body which the muscle really brings out already now

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Best lifting/cardio routine when I can only work out 3 days a week?

Just a little background:

F, 23, 6″, 185lbs. Lost 35 lbs this past year by counting macros, being in a deficit, and weightlifting. Been lifting for several years on and off (not much in the past few months), but still have a decent amount of muscle mass despite being in a deficit. Not sure what my goal weight is, but I’ve been in really good shape before and I remember what that looked and felt like.

I recently started working 12 hour shifts/3 days a week as a nurse. I’m pretty busy and on my feet all day at work, so exercising before or after is not something I’m interested in. I want to get back into weightlifting and running on my days off. We just moved and our new apartment gym has a Smith machine, dumbbell set, and cable machine. Should I run first, then lift weights? Lift, then run? Run in the morning and lift in the afternoon? Just trying to develop a routine to be in shape without putting too much strain on my body.

Once I lose this last bit of fat, I’m not sure if I want to put on muscle or just maintain and focus on performance. How would that goal affect my routine? Any good suggestions on workouts to do with the equipment I have access to? Any tips in general? Thanks in advance!

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Is this a good routine?

Work Out A: Squat 3×8 | Bench Press 3×8 | Bent Over Row 3×8 | Lateral Raises 2×12 | Barbell Curls 2×12 | 15 Min HIIT

Work Out B: Standard Deadlift | Overhead Press | Lat Pulldown | Tricep Pushdown | Crunches | 15 Minute HIIT

Monday: A | Tuesday: B | Wednesday: Rest | Thursday: A | Friday: B | Saturday: Rest | Sunday Rest |


Or should I just go for this one? [](






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Workout routine for a small apartment complex gym

Hi everyone,

My apologies for somewhat similar posts, but most of what I could find had different goals or setups and tons of differing opinions in the comments. I’m 5’8″ and about 194 lb, just finished at school where I had access to a decent shared gym with squat racks, bench presses, tons of good stuff. Fitness was never a top priority but I was able to stick to Mike Matthew’s BLS program for about a year or so 3x/week, and I was always engaged in sports (mostly tennis).

Now I have a fairly sedentary job and moved into a complex with a gym literally 100 feet from my door, but it’s tiny. It has exactly the following:

– Dumbbell rack, 10-50 lbs
– Flat bench adjustable to incline (no plates, no barbell)
– One of those adjustable free motion machines that can set in a lot of different positions, with a pull-up bar
– Leg curl machine
– Ab curl machine
– A machine that looks like a lat pull down but it only has a rope and no seat, so it literally seems to me only for face pulls or lowering to do machine bicep curls
– A few inflated bounce balls, medicine balls, yoga mats
– Several treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes

I’m going to be honest, my fitness goals are somewhat loose. Just roughly stay in shape (let’s say lose 15 lb), somewhat maintain muscle and try to keep from gaining much weight since I’m suddenly way less active than I’d like (I know much of this is diet), but I’m at a loss for a well-rounded routine coming from a mostly barbell background, or at least dumbbells >50 lbs? Is my best bet just lightweight dumbbell with high rep and cardio? Of if it’s something like all bodyweight routines, is it even better to do that in a gym like this? It’s so incredibly close I have no excuse not to go since it’s part of my rent, but I can’t help but feel like I’m just not in the mindset to use what I have available. Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

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3-Day/Week Routine: Questions about strength, progress and diet.

Allright, I’ll start off by describing my routine and goals:


**Routine:** Currently I go to the gym three times a week to do a full body training; I do a superset for each of the muscle groups and throw in a superset of exercises to help me strengthen my rotator cuffs because I’ve had some issues with those in the past. I’ve been doing this for the past 5-6 months.

I’m 5’10 and about 172lbs. My body is somewhere in between a dad bod and skinny fat I guess. On some areas I do have some decent muscle definition.


**Diet:** I try to eat healthy at about a 200kcal deficit. I suck at monitoring macro’s so I have no real information on the amount of protein I am consuming. I do not eat a lot of fat, of that I am sure. I’ve been skipping alcohol for some months now to help me reach my goals. I incorperate one cheat day/week.


**Goals:** Main goal is to basically look better. I’m not about being able to lift the biggest weights. My schedule does not allow me to visit the gym more than three times a week. I guess my weight is about fine for my height now. (Coming off 187lbs about a year ago)



So now on to my questions and problems!


1. **Am I using the right type of reps for my goals?**
As I mentioned I superset each muscle group. To do this I use 4×8-12 reps. When I hit 4×12 I add some weight. (Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms, Legs, Abs) From my time on this sub I learned this is called ‘hypertrophy’ and this is used to create additional muscle fibers.
Using a high weight/low rep would improve strength more, but I think that this would not help me achieve my overall goals, correct?

2. **Why is my progress stagnating?**
For a while now I have not been able to add weight to my exercises. Could this be to blame on my reps, or more on my diet? Like I said, I try to eat as much protein as possible (because I know this is still not enough) but I am not really tracking it.

3. **Should I start using protein shakes?**
One of the things I’ve been contemplating is the use of protein shakes. This is an easy source of protein and would certainly help me out. Of course, shakes are extra kcal’s and I’m afraid my weight would go back up again.

4. **What would the effect of a 4 day-program be?**
What if I sacrificed one of my other hobbies to be able to go 4 times a week and use a split program? Do you guys think a 4 day split is totally different than a 3 times full body workout?



I realise that I will learn a lot from tracking my kcal’s and macros better. Still some feedback from more experienced bro’s will perhaps help me as well. In the end my goal is to lower body fat% but my biggest fear is to gain weight again and not due to muscle building because I only go to the gym three times a week.

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Critique my routine please (GZCLP)

* Age: 28
* Sex: M
* Height: 5″10
* Weight: 176lb


Trying to put on 4 pounds of muscle in 3 months


My workout is a GZCLP workout which is as follows:


* T1 Squats (5 sets * 3 reps) – [300lb]
* T2 Bench Press (3 sets * 10 reps) – [105lb]
* T3 Calve Raises (3 sets * 15 reps) – [65lb]
* T3 Assisted Pull Ups (3 sets * 15 reps) – [87.5lb]


* T1 Overhead Press (5 sets * 3 reps) – [37.5lb]
* T2 Deadlift (3 sets * 10 reps) – [105lb]
* T3 Chin Ups (3 sets * 15 reps) – [80lb]
* T3 Face Pulls (3 sets * 15 reps) – [30lb]


* T1 Bench Press (5 sets * 3 reps) – [150lb]
* T2 Squats (3 sets * 10 reps) – [160lb]
* T3 Cable Flys (3 sets * 15 reps) – [13lb]
* T3 Assisted Tricep Dips (3 sets * 15 reps) – [81.5lb]


* T1 Deadlift (5 sets * 3 reps) – [140lb]
* T2 Overhead Press (5 sets * 3 reps) – [30lb]
* T3 Lateral Raises (5 sets * 3 reps) – [3lb]
* T3 Leg Press (5 sets * 3 reps) – [100lb]

As with any GZCLP variation each time I go I increase my T1 and T2 by 5lb than the previous session. Also the third set of any T3 is a burnout set and I will increase the weight (by the minimum possible amount) of said exercise if I can do 25+ on the last set.


**Side note:**

My tendon in my right pinkie is messed up and I’ll be wearing a splint for 12 weeks. I’d really like to replace deadlifts with something else since it’s hurting me and only delaying my recovery. I’ve tried doing deadlifts with cables but either I’m doing it wrong or it’s very difficult to get the same form.


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Can a full=body routine be achieved with a bench (no barbell) and 2 pulley machines and dumbbells?

I’m moving and my new building has a (free) gym on the bottom floor which is very limited but if I could avoid the £30 monthly gym fee I’m currently paying that’d be nice – I can still go to the gym I currently go to at work but this’ll be very convenient.


The gym has:

– A treadmill

– A rowing machine

– Yoga mats

– A stationary bike

– 2 Pulley Machines (facing each other so can do things like Cable Flies)

– An adjustable bench


I can also bring equipment into the gym so I was wondering what this setup + some heavy dumbbells could do for me? I’ve been doing GSLP to get back into the gym after a few years of on and off gymming. I’m not completely small but I’m still a beginner strength wise.


Goals are aesthetics long term.

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My new gym routine, what are your thoughts?

So from tomorrow I’ve decided that I’m going to start going to the gym in the morning before work, as before I would decide to exercise after work and I’d always be getting home quite late, having dinner and then pretty much going to bed and it sucks.

I’ve finally decided that it’s probably best I get up around 5AM, have a shower and head straight to the gym, then have another shower at the gym and head to work.

I just had some questions about how I should be planning my morning.

1. Should I have breakfast before or after and what is good to eat?
2. My partner has given me some pre-workout to try, is it okay to have this in the morning before having any breakfast?
3. Are there any benefits of working out in the morning at an early time?

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Changing from a hypertrophy routine to a strength one

Tl;dr How does your body respond to this kind of change? Does it take more or less time to complete a strength routine?

So, me and my friend had this talk recently about our routines and how much time they take. Typically, we spend 2+ hours 6 days a week to do everything (abs/statics/the actual workout). I said that this is just overkill and we aren’t at an age to take our training that seriously (we’re both 16). We decided to change our routines up so they take less time.

About the routine we were doing;
we were on very similar routine, my routine being heavily ‘inspired’ by his (basically copied his homework and changed it up a bit). So basically;
Chest: 8 exercises x 3 sets
Back (lats, teres, lower back): 8 x 3
Shoulders: 5 x 3
Traps: 4 x 3
Biceps (+brachialis): 5 x 3
Triceps: 5 x 3
Legs: dk, we do our own stuff
Abs: 5~ times a week, we use jeff’s app

Most exercises are done with having time under tension in mind and not reps.
Splitting the exercises by hitting forementioned muscles twice a week, with rest, we spend bout 2-3 hours every time we come in for the workout.
The ratio between compounds and accessories is pretty much 1:1.

We were thinking that a strength routine relying mostly on compounds (perhaps some accessories here and there) will take less time. Are we right for thinking that?

About my friend, he’s been training for about 3 years now and has made some serious fucking gains (fr he’s a fn beast). He was concerned about how his muscles would respond to changing his routine up (“will my muscles go ‘Mr stark i dont feel so good’ on me?”). Told him that his muscles will continue to develop and he should stop trippin, but if he were to lose progress, his frAgIle ego wouldn’t take it.

We don’t have a problem with making our own, but do you have any routines to recommend?

Thank you in advance!

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Recommended gym routine for 3-4 days a week?

Currently I have been going to the gym about 3 days a week M/W/Thu, doing arms/shoulders on Monday, chest/back on Wednesday, and legs on Thursdays. I mainly have just been doing a random assortment of exercises pertaining to those muscle groups on those days with not a lot of structure. I feel like I could be using my gym time more efficiently if I had a structured routine to hit all the muscle groups. I am a busy student in University so going to the gym more than 3-4 days a week is difficult. I was just looking for some advice on a more structured workout plan that follows working out those same muscle groups. Thanks!

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Interesting routine, want to hear your opinion on this

So I met this guy, who was squatting huge numbers despite having kind of average appearance. We talked little bit after his work out and ended up exchanging fb pages. Later I asked for his routine and here it is:

Week 1:
Squat 85% 10×3 last set to failure

Bench press 85% 10×3 last set to failure
Shoulder press 85% 5×3 last set to failure
Weighted chin up 4 sets to failure
Face pull 3×8

Front squat 80% 1×5
Deadlift 1×5(works with weight 1.1x of back squat’s 80%)
Close grip bench press 80% 3×5
Cable row 3×5
Face pull 3×8

Squat 90% 8×2

Bench press 90% 8×2
Shoulder press 90% 3×2
Weighted pull ups 4 sets to failure
Face pull 3×8

Front squat 80% 1×5
Deadlift 1×5(works with weight 1.1x of back squat’s 80%)
Close grip bench press 80% 3×5
Cable row 3×5
Face pull 3×8

He said that every time he hits 7 reps in the last set of 85% rm he adds weight and updates his 1rm, assuming that new weight is new 85%. He also said that he is working out for around 6 years, last 4 years with this routine. I saw him doing squat triples with 210kg, that would put his 1 rep max at 247kg, at bodyweight probably around 90kg, so he is definitely very strong. I find his routine very unconventional, for many reasons:
1. It’s a mix between split and full body training
2. 10×3 and 8×2
3. Somewhat lightish friday training
4. Difference in volume between lower body and upper body training
I haven’t seen any other routine like that. Anyway, what is your opinion on this? Do you think it is suitable for someone intermediate, whose primary goal is strength?

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Routine question: 6 day PPL, 4 days a week

I was just wondering if it’s pointless to train 6 day PPL, 4 days a week?


The reason for asking, instead of just doing 4 day routine is because I have unstable schedule.


I can almost always workout Monday through Thursday after work, but since I love drinking, I almost always go out


on Friday and Saturday night, so I can’t really workout on Friday.


I try to workout on Saturday and Sunday but I’m usually hungover.


I looked into 4 day routines but they suggested resting in between every workout so I would have to workout Mon, Wed,


Fri and Sun. I really have nothing better to do on Tuesday and Thursday so I feel like I’m wasting time if I rest on that day.


Since every routine don’t fall perfectly into my schedule, I was wondering if just doing PPL (since I like PPL) for 4 days a


week, 5 or even full 6 days depending on my schedule, will be worse then doing other routines? (like doing 4 day routines


without resting for 4 days straight then resting Fri, Sat and Sun)


Thanks in advance!

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Maintenance eating while doing a hypertrophy focused workout routine

Is there any point in eating at maintenence calories while doing a hypertrophy focused workout routine? I’m loosely following the workout routines provided by Renaissance periodization. My reps are between 8-15 and I’m increasingly volume every week. What kind of results, if any, would one expect to get whil doing a high volume routine while eating at maintenance?

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Routine recommendations

So I signed up for a local gym earlier this week. First time I’m serious about trying to better myself and lose some weight. I have never been to a gym before and honestly have no clue where to start lol. Any starter things would be greatly appreciated since I have no clue what to do lol

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New routine for experienced lifter

Hey all, I come from a crossfit background of about 5 years. Recently this year I stopped doing crossfit (and working out all together) but I’m ready to hit it hard again.

I’m interested in a 4 day routine similar to push pull but doesn’t involve deadlifting. The gym I go to does t have the foundation to support it unfortunately.

Any advice would be awesome, I’m also interested in starting strength but I can already squat over 225 so I wasn’t sure if this is too beginner level.

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Keeping a routine for father to be!

Hey everyone, me and the wife are currently expecting our first child this June which we are very excited for and was wondering how to best maintain a fitness regime when she arrives. I know I may sound naive and I obviously don’t want to sound selfish either as our family is priority number one, above all else but I would appreciate any tips or guidance that people may have who are In or have been in the situation.

Been training for 8 years (power lifting) and I have converted my single garage (UK) into my home gym so I’m blessed in the respect that I own my own equipment and don’t have to drive to a local gym so my question I suppose is how to fit it all in!

I fully expect sacrifices to be made I just wondered what experiences you guys and gals have had?

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Lifting Routine that is focused on upper body

So I have lifted regularly for years, and my body is completely uneven. I’m 5’8″, with 27″ thighs, great lower body strength, but lacking in both size and strength up top. What’s a good 3-4 day a week routine that is more oriented towards upper body and will let me even out my proportions? I kind of just want to maintain the lower body strength and size, not build. Thanks!

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Trying to Choose Between the Zyzz Workout Routine or continue PPL?

I’ve been lifting for the past 3-4 months (admittedly somewhat inconsistently) but have been following the PPL Program every time I lift in the gym over at my college. The results I’ve seen have been pretty small, and I’ve been pretty much stuck in a ‘skinny fat’ position. I just finished researching Zyzz and his workout routine, and I’m pretty sure I just want to commit already since I’m in college with boatloads of free time and just get my lifting act together. Would it be a bad idea to jump off the PPL bandwagon now as a beginner?

I saw a modified version of PPL from another user who made tremendous gains that I’m thinking about trying out-

And here is the Zyzz Routine

Zyzz Workout Routine and Diet Review – U Mirin Brah?

That said, yes I know Zyzz was likely on some stuff but that doesn’t take away the fact I have the time to invest in his workout routine if I really wanted to. Furthermore, I have unlimited access to food and other resources if I wanted to take this much more seriously which I should be doing. I haven’t tried bulking yet, but I’m considering a bulk to 150 and eating at maintenance for the remainder of my time spent lifting for now.

My stats: M/20/5’5’/145 lbs

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When To Do Forearm Isolation on a PPL Routine

Started out doing a 3-4 day PPL for about a month, but felt like I could do more. So now I’m trying out Coolcicada’s 6 day PPL. I really want to grow my forearms, so my question is what days and how often should I add forearm training? I used to do wrist rolling, farmer’s carries, towel pull ups (very hard, mostly do hangs), etc on random days or when I could. This usually ended up sometimes on weekends because i have a homemade wrist roller at home, but recently learned a way to do it on a barbell at the gym. However that ended up being not very often, so now I want to make them a part of my program, but doing back to back arms with this program I don’t want to overdo it. Any suggestions?

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Could I get some input/critique on my lifting routine? Modified coolcicada PPL



I’ve come to the point where I’m not sure if I’ve got enough muscle mass for a cut, but I definitely have a lot more fat% than I would prefer, so I’d like to try a cut before getting putting on more mass. For progression I try to add 5lbs on to compounds every other lifting session. Goals are predominately aesthetics while maintaining some mass. 22 year old male, 6,1, 200lbs. What I do is:


Day 1

Bench 4×5

OHP 4×5

Incline DB bench 3×8

Dips 2×10, have trouble doing these

Lateral raises 3×10

Rope pull downs 3×12

I used to do shrugs but my traps are really overdeveloped


Day 2

Bent over row 4×6

Lat pulldown 3×10

Seated cable row 3×10

Preacher curls 4×12, these hurt my elbows and forearms so I might have to find an alternative

Hammer curls 3×10

Farmer walks


Day 3

Squats 4×5

Leg extensions 3×15

Leg curls 3×15

Standing calf raises 3×20


Day 4

20 mins of cardio, trying to increase the number every time

Hanging leg ups 3×15

Crunches 2×50



No rest days


I’ve decided to stop doing deadlifts, leg press, and any type of seated shoulder exercise because of previous injury and head pain. I’ve worked on my breathing but its difficult. I also doubt I’m doing enough ab work.



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Advice on Workout Routine

I am currently trying to get toned up for a trip to Europe I’ll be taking this summer. I have a goal set to obtain six pack abs and gain a few pounds of muscle. I would consider myself pretty healthy overall, (I’m a male; 5’11” and ~175-180lbs.) I do not have time in my schedule to make it to a gym continuously but I do have a few 20lbs and 35lbs dumbbells and a treadmill at home. Is it possible to do what I want in 4.5 months with only those and what would you all recommend I should be doing? What are some exercises I should be doing and how often a week? Also would using whey protein help at all?

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How to add barbell complexes into routine (instead of cardio)

Hello everyone,
I’ve been reading alot about barbell or dumbell complexes and how much better they are, in term of burning fat, than normal cardio (treadmill, bicycle ..etc).

The problem is I am in a 5-day split routine with abbs days a week and 3 cardio sessions a week. I don’t know if I should replace my cardio session with those complexes? (I will be fatigued before I start the complexes after a leg day or chest day or any other day).
Or fo theses complexes once a week like Vince Del Monte says?

** I am a bit overweight, I am 174 cm tall and I weigh 85.5 kg (used to be 98kg) my fat mass is 24% looking to get it to 15%.

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Thoughts on my self created routine?

Hi Guys,


I’m currently trying to gain weight and tracking my calories/macros religiously to make sure i’m eating enough. I’ve cut my martial art training to twice a week and i’ve created the following routine to run:



|Day 1|Day 2|Day 3|
|Bench (5/3/1) FSL|Squat (5/3/1): FSL|Leg press|
|Squat (55/65/75) %1RM|Bench (55/65/75) %1RM|Trap Bar Deadlift|
|Dumbbell Rows|Dumbell Rows|Pull Ups|
|Press (5/3/1): FSL§|Press (5/3/1): FSL|Incline Bench Press|
|Bicep|Bicep|Lateral Raises|
|Tricep|Tricep|Farmers Walk|


Keep in mind that I created this routine with the idea that I want to look good naked, while being able to train/spar for 2x a week.


I would appreciate any input and I hope I haven’t forgotten any information that will help you give me some feedback. Thanks in advance guys.

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Help me with my 3 day split routine

Hi all,

I am fairly new to working out – and yes, I’ve read the wiki! I got the Strong app and attempted to build my own workouts. I’m willing to continue doing what I’m doing, but I wanted some opinions from people who know these things better than me.

My legs have been so incredibly sore the last 2-3 days I’ve not been able to do any cardio. Getting out of bed is a struggle! Middle of the night bathroom runs are quite the chore. I sent my kid to the basement fridge to get food because taking stairs didn’t seem possible.

Any way, it’s possible that I’m just new to this so I have to build up some muscle and tolerance. The other possibility is that I’m overworking myself and need to do a better job of splitting up my leg work.

***Day 1: Legs***

3 x squat (10 reps)

3 x step-up (with 20lb kettle bells)

3 x Leg press

3 x Seated calf raise (machine)

3 x deadlift (barbell)

3 x gobley square (kettlebell)


***Day 2: Back/biceps/abs***

3 x hammer curl (dumbbell)

3 x chin up (assisted)

3 x Pendlay Row (Barbell)

3 x seated row (cable)

3 x preacher curl (barbell)

3 x plank

3 x leg raise


***Day 3: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps***

3 x bench press

3 x cable crossover

3 x seated overhead press (dumbbell)

3 x lateral raise (dumbbell)

3 x skullcrusher (barbell)

3 x tricep pushdown

3 x chest dip (assisted)


**Anyone have any feedback? Is there anything I should do to make my leg days more tolerable? Should I split leg workouts across 2 days?**


Thank you for any feedback you can provide.

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Help! PPL routine using only Power Rack + cable pull down?

I’ve been messing around in the gym for a couple years without a routine. But I have been doing ICF for the past 6 months. I have seen some good gains but I am ready to switch routines. I don’t want to squat every workout anymore either.
I do not know enough exercises to switch out workouts in the PPL program to fit my needs and my equipment.

Can someone help me by just telling me exactly what exercises to do and what day and how many sets and reps?

My goals are to just look good naked.


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Looking for a 4 day routine (no days off)

Hi Guys,

As title says, I’m looking for a b2b 4 day routine. The work of now do constrains me to a Monday-Thursday night.

I would class myself as a beginner to intermediate lifter. Starting off on stronglifts, I then moved to a 4 day upper lower split, eventually moving to a 6 day PPL routine as my work allowed it.

Now as I said I’m stuck to 4 days is it even possible to do that without a rest day?

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Looking for advice on my routine.

I became a member of my local gym about 5 months ago, when I started I requested a physical with one of the personal trainers so that we could come up with a routine for me to work on my lower back and fitness slowly to see how it goes and then we could review it after a few weeks. I advised them that I have a pretty bad lower back from when I ruptured my l5 and l6 vertebrae about 10 years ago, that I never had surgery for.

Not sure how relevant it is, but I previously weighed 127kg at 6’5″ 3 years ago, now I weigh around 93kg at 29. This was achieved through a healthy diet and c25k.

This was the routine I was given:

Everything is 8/12 reps with 3 sets unless stated otherwise.

Day One:

Trap bar dl

Leg extension


Step ups (weighted)

Plank 30 seconds

20 Russian twists

Day two:


Rear delt row

Over head press

Reverse row

Bicep curls


Hollow hold ab rollout

Day three:

Exercise bike 5 mins

3 rounds of:

30 second row/spin bike (max intensity)

10 kettlebell swings

30 seconds box bag

30 second row/spin bike (max intensity)

10 burpees

10air squats

30 second row/spin bike (max intensity)

30 mountain climbers

After the first lesson where I did each set once, my back was pretty messed up, it was tough to stand up straight for about 2 weeks, so I didn’t do it again for fear of doing more damage! Since then, I’ve been going sporadically, doing what I enjoy which is c25k, 10 minute bike and 5 minute row and then a few lengths in the pool.

Basically I’m wondering whether you guys with more experience than I, think I should have stuck with it or whether this guy is insane!

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