Advice on rate of weight loss

Hi there,

I’m 1,5 month into a caloric deficit and I’m well on losing weight. I started at 92 kg and I’m now down to 84.5 kg.

As you may have noticed, that’s quite a lot. My concern is, the first month my weight loss was steady at 0.6 – 0.8 kg per week. However, in the past two weeks I’m losing like 2 kg per week. While maintaining the exact same caloric deficit as before.

Should I wait to see another week whether this rate maintains, or am I really eating too little?

I’m 193 cm and now weigh 84.5 kg, my caloric intake is 1650 calories per day (sometimes more if I do cardio or work) is this too little? Or do rapid weight drops due to water also happen in the middle of a diet?

Edit: I’m a 22 yo male

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Starting my weight loss journey but have a few questions! (Cross post for more output)

Hello everyone!
I’m a 5’3, 144 lbs, 20 year old female looking to lose some weight. I began my weight loss journey about a month ago using the keto diet, but after losing 8 pounds within the first two weeks, I hit a stall and decided that I’ll go the traditional route. This week I decided to just eat healthy and go to the gym even though I’ve never been the kind of person that does either of those things! So I have a few questions—

1. Is it bad if I don’t hit all my macros? I’m not huge on protein simply because I don’t like meat very much. The only protein I get from my day is eggs, if that. I was thinking about drinking protein shakes after my workouts but heard that it’s full of sugar and calories and not necessary if I’m not weight training.

2. I would like to get back to 125 pounds, so I’d like to lose about 20 pounds. I purchased a workout plan from a social media fitness star but realized that the workouts target muscle groups and don’t emphasize cardio. I want to lose stubborn belly fat so I’m not sure what kind of workout routine I should be following… I know I need cardio, but I also read that muscle is what increases ones metabolism and mine is really sluggish… so I’m not sure if I should be doing one, or the other, or both.

3. Do I have to completely cut soda and coffee out of my diet? I drink coffee most mornings (with a lot of sugar free vanilla creamer) and sometime I drink half a cup of soda with dinner. Do I have to cut both out?

4. Lastly, do vitamins matter? like multivitamins. This may a stupid question but I read online that any deficiencies can affect how quick weight could be lost so just wondering if anyone knows if this is true! Debating taking supplements.

Thanks in advance!!

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What’s the consensus on cardio for weight loss? GNC employee has me doubting myself.

For the longest time I’ve heard and read that zone 2 cardio is the best for weight loss, and I have been doing just that for months now. I lost 40 lbs through diet and zone 2 cardio, but the GNC employee was telling me that zone 2 cardio actually consumes muscle for energy, instead of fat (I thought it was the opposite). I don’t know how to proceed because I’ve found conflicting studies on Google about which is better, so I wanted to get the group consensus on here to help. Is zone 2 cardio best for weight loss or is HIIT better (according to GNC employee)?

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Looking for fat loss progress pics but for legs… Hope not a stupid question

So I’m a lanky guy, I’m 6’1. I’ve been lifting for a year now but only started counting macros religiously for a couple of weeks.

My honest goal is to get my body in proportion to wear the clothes I want because I am into fashion. My problem is that although I have muscle definition in my upper body, my mid section, thighs and ass are still fat.

I often use progress videos on youtube from a few youtubers for motivation on weekly fat loss progress but the upper body is always the focus and never the lower body…

I just want to see how realistic my goals are and find someone with a similar body type and how their legs shrink. Anyway I hope it’s not a stupid question, I’m most insecure about my thighs, ass and legs because of how large they are relative to my upper. Thanks

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Rapid Muscle Loss?

Does anyone experience rapid muscle loss, and if so, how can I avoid it?

I try and workout everyday, alternating chest/back as day 1, and arms/core/legs as day 2. Sometimes life happens and I may need to miss a day or 2 of working out, but when I get back to my home gym I have lost anywhere from 5-20lbs of progress (depending on the exercise) and it can take up to 2 weeks of working out straight to regain those loses. This is not normal right? How do I combat this as it can be emotionally defeating…

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How do i prevent facial weight loss?

Hello! Female here. Age 21. I was 69 Kgs with a height of 5.6 feet. I’m currently losing weight and becoming more fit with a workout plan and diet restrictions, and currently now 60kg. I’ve lost weight Mostly from my upper body and still have thick thighs. The issue in facing here is that I have lost a lot of weight from my face and my chubbiness from my face has gone. How do I lose weight while having some chubbiness on the cheeks ?

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