Losing strength while trying to lose weight

Hi all,

Just wanted to run a few things past the board and see if I could get some pointers.

I’ve gain a ton of fat, although kept training for the most part.

Squat 210kg
Dead 225kg
Bench 120kg (lol)

So as of early feb I decided to lose weight.

I’ve been eating less and moving more. My starting weight was 257lbs I’m now at 248lbs and I’m starting to feel a lot of strength loss, more so in my bench press.

Today I couldn’t even bench 100kg for more than one rep.

I’m always feeling tired and it’s so hard for me to do compounds anymore, I’m half tempted to just bicep curl and call it a day.

What can I do to battle this?

Fyi for diet I am doing the ‘sweat’ diet plan by Kayla something or other, my girlfriend wanted to do it so we’re dieting together. It’s very different to my usual eating habits, less food in general and more veg. Also less meat lol had about 4 veggie days last week. I’m losing a lot of weight but I feel deflated and soft, I feel fatter now than before I lost 9 lbs lol

Any ideas? Would eating more carbs on training days work better?



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Is it possible to lose actual weight and get fatter?

I am currently 6ft 1 198lbs. In October I was 240lbs. I have going to the gym regularly and changed my eating habits. Long story short I went on vacation for a week and we know what happened I took a break for a week and of course to me it seem as if I had picked up some pounds. But when I weighed myself I had went from 202 the previous week to 198? Is it possible i could have lossed that much muscle over a week or is this all in my head

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Torn hamstring, don’t want to lose VO2 Max

Hi all. Read the FAQs and googled, can’t find an answer. So kindly asking for advice. Not clued up in this area. I’m training for a Bleep Test which is in about 2 months, although can push it back if needed. I have been training quite hard for it, mainly through things that help increase VO2 Max.

The problem: I have recently torn my hamstring. Its a minor grade 1, so nothing too worrisome. It does however mean I cant use my left leg for anything more than walking at the moment. The pain isn’t restricting me but don’t want to risk injuring it more. I’m concerned that in the time it takes to heal I will lose some of my progress gained in Bleep Test score. I was wondering if anyone knows of any exercises I can do to mitigate this? I haven’t come across any that focus on VO2 Max that don’t involve a somewhat intense use of the hamstring.

Any advice is very much appreciated. Thanks!

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Gain muscle & Lose Fat still possible?

I consider myself a long term lifter.


I’ve dirty bulked as I found it helped with adding weight to the bar. Now I’m switching to a healthier diet (Scooby’s custommealplanner). I plan to eat the same calories but with healthier food. Home made hamburger patty, sweet potatoe and rice instead of a mcdouble or two.

Scooby claims that is possible to gain muscle and lose fat. That would be ideal. However, I can’t shake the impression this is just for noob lifters.

**Is gaining muscle and losing fat still possible for experienced lifters?**


28yom, 83kg / 182lbs, 20-24%BF


Deadlift 197.5kg / 435lbs

Squat 170kg / 375lbs

Bench 105kg / 231lbs

Press 77.5kg / 171lbs


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Can I lose fat and gain muscle at the same time?

I’m currently 6’0 tall and 200 lbs on the dot I would like to cut to 170 pounds and 10% body fat before I begin my bulk. I’ve lifted in a gym probably 10 times in my entire life. I would estimate my body fat percentage to be around 25 percent. All the TDEE calculators I’m seeing online say that I should eat around 1700 calories to lose around 1.5 pounds per week but what if I want to gain muscle at the same time? I was considering just eating 2000 calories per day and going from there but I’m not sure.

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