Good ways to exercise and loose weight in home gym?

Hi, first time poster, been lurking for a while
I’m a 28 year old female, I’m on the heavy side.
Last year I trained in a gym multiple times a week, squatting, deadlifts, bench press and was starting to learn snatch and clean and jerk.
I was squatting around 70 kg at the highest and dead lifting around 80 kg, my bench press was not great, only about 35 kg.

But after some time I couldn’t access the gym as easy as before. So I have now bought some stuff to use at home. I have a mat, a 8 kg kettlebell and a weight bar (sorry don’t know the right term) and 2x 2,5 kg and 2×1,25 kg weight plates to use on the bar.

I have been trying to do some of what I am used to do, but I can only do a few exercises from my original work plan, so any exercises that could help me when for when I’m not able to be in the gym so I can train multiple times a week? I would be grateful! Love to train for an hour or so and right now I only take me 20 min

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In home no equipment exercise to reduce belly & chest fat

Age:25Weight: 92KgHeight:5’10”Profession:Student,IT

Had a torn ligament,so have a gym membership,where i do cycling only.It’s not working out fast enough. Neighborhood is not safe for outdoor activities or jogging.Apart from humans,snakes are also a threat for exercising outside.A poisonous one was caught last week(Not in Australia).

On another note,is there any specific sub-reddit for no equipment at home exercise?

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Workouts at home prior to going to a gym?

Hi r/Fitness, I’m 18 years old, 5’7” in height and roughly 126lbs/~57kg, and would like to start working out.

Now I know most of you probably started going to gyms right when you start working out but for my case I am not able to—at least, not right now for personal reasons—but anyways…

I was wondering of working out at home prior to when I can be able go to a gym. Are there any exercises I should be doing or is this is all futile and should try my best to go to a place with equipment whereas I can actually get a workout done, I aim to gain muscle and keep gaining for quite a while. Thanks

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Home chin-up bar that won’t damage door / wall

I realize this is a bit out of the norm, but I didn’t see anything suggesting it’d violate the rules.

I try to get to the gym a few times a week. But I’m also recovering from a herniated disc, and I’d like to do a small rehab routine every day.

Part of the routine calls for spinal decompression by hanging from a chin-up bar.

So I’d like to get a chin-up bar for my home, but I’m looking for recommendations on a bar that won’t damage / skuff up my door jam, or the sheet rock above the door.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated.

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Best pull up bar and resistance bands for home?

Hello! I have $100 to spend at Amazon and would like to invest in a pull up bar that will last a while. I have looked over countless bars and read just as many reviews and all have their pros and cons and feel like I am going cross-eyed. So I thought I would turn to you kind people.

Those of you that have purchased pull up bars; would you recommend yours or know of one that is better than others? Also, do you have resistance bands that you have to be worthwhile? I want to start doing resistance training at home and am facing the same dilemma as I am with the pull up bar. Thank you all in advance!

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Recommendation for at home fitness bike

Background: 6 foot tall, 230lbs, overweight, early 30’s, works midnights, with a small child at home. I own a polar heart monitor.

I’m addition to the gym, I want to purchase a fitness bike to take advantage of the days my wife works. My price limit is a soft 600 dollars. Im looking for recommendations for brand and specs on my first purchase.

Thanks in advance!

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Beginner Advice – At Home – Dumbbell

Hi everyone,

I’m getting back into gym work (though I have never been big or anything like that) and I have purchased a small set of dumbbells because I just don’t have the time to go to the gym at the moment (work) but still want to try and build some muscle. I was hoping some people here would have some insight into good exercises or guides for at home work outs. I don’t have a bench at the moment because I don’t have the space. I know it sounds very picky and I’m not trying to get huge or anything just get stronger.


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Home cable training


I was looking at buying this for home

I want to sue it for some shoulder and back rehab stuff, I.e shoulder rotations etc face pulls, cable row etc

My concern is that the pulleys are fixed in place, whereas the ones I use in the gym can pivot. Will this make a difference to me, in my head if the path of motion isn’t completely straight then the cable will come off the pulley. Has anyone got any input regarding this?

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Pracitcing the form at home first or go straight to the gym?

Hello, I’ve been lifing weights at home (barbell, 2 adjustable dumbells and 40kg of weights) for about half a year, not really focusing too much on form as I’ve not really done any competition lifts. Now I’m looking to get a gym membership and hop on a full body 3x a week strenght novice program that focuses on squats, deadlifts,bench and OHP.
Before I ask a question, I’d like to tell you what exercises I’ve been doing at home, just in case that matters.

Push-Pull-Legs (6 days a week)
Weighted pushups 20kg 3×8
DB Tricep extensions, dumbell overheadpress, latteral raises…
Weighted pullup 10kg 3×4 (only had 1 session with weights, can do 13 pullups bodyweight)
Barbell curls, hammer curls, band pullaparts, DB rows
A few months ago, I injured a vertebrae of my spine I assumed during squats as I’ve not focused on form one bit and pretty much had to overheadpress the weight to get it on my back. I was doing like 30kg for 15 reps with no real progressive overload, but in the meantime, while I was injured, I started doing pistol squats, some stiff legged deadlifts with weight too light to progress and calf raises, nothing major. Legs are the big reason why I’m joining the gym. Not enough weight and without a rack it’s practically impossible.


So as I want to start to train on the big competition lifts more, I’d like to know how much time should I devote to learning the technique before I put any weight on the bar? Do you think it’s okay for me to stay at home for lets say another week and work on the technique of the lifts every day or should I for some reason go to the gym and start putting the weight on the bar and practicing the technique at the same time?

I know I’m rambling at this point, but basically I’m wondering is it the same if I practice the technique on an empty bar as it is with weights on it and should I do that for some time or just go straight to the gym and start the program and practice the form along with it?


TL;DR – The last 2 paragraphs are enough if you don’t want to be bothered.

Thanks in advance! 😀

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How to train neck at home?

So, I’d like to implement some neck workout in my routine. We all know which exercises are needed, neck flexion on bench, but I don’t want to do them to the gym, both because the instructors there piss me off telling me to not do that since I could break my neck and bla bla (there are ignorant asf) and because I look like a fool (they are pretty closed-minded here, so I’d like to avoid that).

Any suggestions to effectively train neck muscles at home?

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Home gym workout ideas

I’m basically a bit of a lazy girl who used to go to the gym and do a short stronglifts workout to get stronger.

Right now gym ain’t an option but I’m finding I’m terrible at single leg squats and single leg glute bridges are easy. Not to mention you need so much more time with bodyweight workout to achieve similar full body experience.

I’m thinking of purchasing a little set of dumbells that can extend to make 1 little barbel, but they can’t handle a lot of weight (30kg max).

Can I get a nice short full body workout with these? I was thinking lunges with the dumbells, glute bridges with the little barbell, normal chest presses, overhead presses on alternate days with lying leg raises. And maybe some pullup training as well.

Mind you I’m not strong. My deadlift used to be 70kg though and squats were around 50kg. That was a long time ago and I can’t get those weights at home. My upper body strength is pretty crap though.

Also best way for me to exercise is keep it short. That’s why 3 exercises only kept me in line for years. I’m really struggling with keeping up with doing more exercises and reps.

Anyway thank you!


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Body like Jon Bernthal in The Punisher, at home with limited resources?

Hey y’all, I know what I’m about to say sounds ridiculous but it’s really my situation. I’m a high school senior with no access to a gym, and no car to get anywhere (I’m pretty much broke)

I have a set of 25lb free weights that I’ve lifted with and done several workouts with before, an old swing set with a bar I can pull up on, and a stack of left over old bricks. I know I’m really asking for a lot here and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to do anything similar to this, with my current situation.

Jon really is an inspiration for me, and it’s a major goal of mine to get in shape similar to him. At this moment I’m 18yrs old, ~5’9 and weigh 160lbs. I like to think I’m not too fat, just a little over average I suppose?

Here the picture for style I want to go for:

If anyone has any advice or workout, or anything I could use in this situation, any response would be great appreciated. Thank you.

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How much for a home gym?

Im currently a student at university with a part time job, and go to really a busy gym, but I’m finding it really hard to fit the time to go to a gym that I’m having to wait for power racks to free up. I’m looking at buying a power rack, barbell and a couple of weight plates just wondering how much it generally costs, and the cheapest place to buy them. Thank you

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Going to do 2019 right! Can you think of anything else useful to add to a home gym of limited space?

Going to do 2019 right! [My home gym]( Can you think of anything else useful to add to a home gym of limited space? Only item not pictured is a pull up / dip power tower. Thanks!

Items pictured…

[Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Dumbbells](

[Bowflex SelectTech Stand with Media Rack](

[NordicTrack NTL17915 T 6.5 S Treadmill](

[Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike](

[UPOWEX Pull Up Assist Bands](

[Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell Weights](

[Lebert Fitness Equalizer Bars](

[POWERBLOCK SportBench (Silver)](

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I feel so limited with shoulder exercises in my home gym.

I have a barbell which I do my OHP with and an adjustable DB where I do lateral raises.

I’m too scared to do seated DB Press as infant go heavy and have no spotter for it. Also my bench doesn’t go straight up(90 degrees I think) like a seat or the ones you see in a gym.

My shoulders aren’t really growing. I’m getting stronger in OHP but not much growth in shoulder size.

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what do i need for a at home gym?

i (19F) have a gym membership at the ymca and it’s $40 cad/month. it’s a 25 min bus ride and a 10 min walk (not bad i know but it’s winter here) but i started college in january and fell off working out and gained a couple pounds. I was curious on what equipment to purchase and advice on this topic.

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