Lost FFM as well as body fat, but also gained inches?

Hi Everyone. Some quick considerations is that I’m Black, Female, and 5’8.

I’ve recently came from my monthly body composition test (a BIA), and **the reading said I have 43.6 lbs of fat mass, and 115 lbs of Fat-Free-Mass and am overall 159.2 lbs.** The last time I did a checkup (a month ago in February) **I was 46.2 lbs of fat, 117.0 lbs of fat free mass, and overall 163.2 lbs.** I also had my inches checked, and I have gained a inch on my arms, calves and thighs. The only explanation given to me was that I was gaining muscle in those areas.

Any reason this could be? **How am I losing fat-free mass but also gaining muscle inches?** Was the impedance off? Desirably I’m trying to re-comp; lose fat and put on muscle mass. I’ve been lifting heavy, doing full-body weight training every other day 3x a week, HIIT cardio twice a week, and intermittent fasting, however in my eating window I generally eat until I’m full, and don’t really watch calories. My strength has also increased, and I can lift heavier and do way more than I could do in January. Maybe the exam was off?

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Having a REALLY hard time following my died as a fat beginner.(Long post)

Hello everyone.

Hopefully I will be able to find some answers here.

I am 21, 5’8(1M75) and 205 pounds(93kgs). I have about 25% of body fat, perhaps a bit more. I have some muscles, like my shoulders are very large and some biceps but I have just too fat, and burning it is my priority.

I have tried many things and I never got a result, except once, 3 years ago, where I literally went from about 200 lbs to like 175, literally just by eating better.

I have read A LOT regarding nutrition, and I have been able to stop believing some myths(I used to think that my metabolism was blocked before I was eating too less, but science has proven that metabolic damage is almost non existent) so now I know that I am probably eating TOO MUCH.


Here is the problem : I eat about 1800 calories a day, which is not a lot for someone of my weight, and I hit the gym 3 times a week since 1 month. I am almost not losing ANY fat. Thats the problem. I am controlling almost everything I eat and I use MFP. Even with going to the gym, that is not enough. The question is, how tf is it possible that my calorie maintenance is below 1800ish calories for the weight I am at? It makes no sense.

The worse part is that if I eat just a little more, I will gain fat FOR SURE. Like I am basically doing 8/16 fasting, and I can guarantee you if I take a breakfast I’ll gain weight, because I will go above my maintenance(which I can’t find at all anyway)


And this is driving me insane. I’m really trying, eating clean, going to the gym with commitment and nothing is changing. I probably got a little more muscles on my biceps and that’s about it. I’m lifting weights because it’s still a calorie burning sport and I still want to add some muscles while I’m losing fat. The issue is that it’s just not happening. And I am SO HUNGRY. Like in the morning, dear god I want to eat so much. I just don’t understand how some of my friends are like 150 lbs when they eat like me at lunch, probably more in the evening AND they take a breakfast. How does that make any sense?

Without being harsh, my diet is insanely hard for me to follow because I’m almost not getting any result. I’m hungry in the morning and at 5 PM which is a sign that I’m not providing enough food to my body, which is good because it should mean that I am under my maintenance, which should make me lose fat right?

But it’s just not happening. And I don’t know why. Doctors are saying I’m fine, no disease or anything. I just feel like I literally cannot lose weight. I don’t understand my body, and as a scientific person it’s killing me. why did I lose 30 pounds 3 years ago with the same diet and no sport and I can’t do it now?



I really want to change, Ive never been that committed to the gym, I’m loving it but weighting myself every morning to see the same numbers is killing me. What am I doing wrong? There is no way I’m not under my maintenance at around 1800 calories for my weight, that’s just impossible. So I guess I’m still eating too much? I don’t think I can eat less..


Thanks if you read. I’m really looking for answers here, even tho there are a lot of variables I guess. Ive been looking at a lot of science backed informations regarding nutrition and I just don’t see where I fuck up.


Thanks! If you have any question, please ask; I’ll be honest.

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Looking for fat loss progress pics but for legs… Hope not a stupid question

So I’m a lanky guy, I’m 6’1. I’ve been lifting for a year now but only started counting macros religiously for a couple of weeks.

My honest goal is to get my body in proportion to wear the clothes I want because I am into fashion. My problem is that although I have muscle definition in my upper body, my mid section, thighs and ass are still fat.

I often use progress videos on youtube from a few youtubers for motivation on weekly fat loss progress but the upper body is always the focus and never the lower body…

I just want to see how realistic my goals are and find someone with a similar body type and how their legs shrink. Anyway I hope it’s not a stupid question, I’m most insecure about my thighs, ass and legs because of how large they are relative to my upper. Thanks

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In home no equipment exercise to reduce belly & chest fat

Age:25Weight: 92KgHeight:5’10”Profession:Student,IT

Had a torn ligament,so have a gym membership,where i do cycling only.It’s not working out fast enough. Neighborhood is not safe for outdoor activities or jogging.Apart from humans,snakes are also a threat for exercising outside.A poisonous one was caught last week(Not in Australia).

On another note,is there any specific sub-reddit for no equipment at home exercise?

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Routine Request. Male, 20, 155lbs, skinny goddamn fat

Weight-70.5 kilo
Body Fat-cca 20%

Height-178 cm

Started losing weight since September and lost from 77 kilo all the way to 70 by swimming+staying in calorie deficit (1400 cal daily). It did help to lose weight, but not my abdominal (tummy) fat. I have no idea what to do but 70 kilo is borderline weight for my age/heigh (178) ratio. I cut down on everything and diet is working fine, but my body composition is staying the same.

I’m unsure if lifting or running or anything would help me. I’m satisfied with my body everywhere except the ugly beer belly which can’t leave. I don’t do swimming anymore, but i do light home bodyweight exc.
Any advice will be more than welcome! Thank you 🙂

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Does anyone else feel like it becomes difficult to hold onto weight, both fat and muscle, with age? Is there a way to combat this?

I’m 28 F, extremely active in climbing, surfing, running, and working out . Once I get 28, I dropped from 118lbs to 103. I’m eating more calories and focusing more on weight training to regain muscle, but I can’t get above 108.
My chest is bony, my legs have become skinny, and I don’t gain muscle the way I used to.

Does this resonate with anyone? Anyone have a similar experience or have any thoughts or advice?

My speculations:
1. Hormone changes affecting weight.
2. Recovery takes longer when you get older, possibly hindering muscle development?

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Which training method works better for building muscle and losing fat?

So, I’m currently at 82 kgs. I started at 88kgs and it has been around 2 months. The first few kgs were easy but I’m stuck at 82 now and want to reach 70ish.
Recently, I read that doing two muscle groups each day helps build more muscle than doing one muscle group each day.
For example doing chest triceps, back biceps, shoulder legs, rather than single day for all which means each body part will be trained twice a week.
Now I normally do 4 exercises of each part when I follow the 2 body part plan and around 7-8 exercises of body part when training a single body part.
I wanted to know what works better?
I do cardio about 3 times a week 50 mins each cycling at 100+ rpm.

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I need tips? My heart gets all fucked up when taking Lip 6 Rx fat burner. Also bodybuilding/stack advice?

So, I bodybuilded 2009-2014 and then got fat 2015-2018 due to a girlfiend, lol.

The last 5 months I have been hitting the gym super heavy. 5-6x a week for 2-3hrs a day. The gains have come back really fast in the last month, thanks to my muscle memory and me knowing what to do.

My supplement stack is this:

* 100-150g of Whey Protein Gold Standard a day
* 2-3 scoops of BCAAs a day
* 1-2 scoops of Nitric Oxide a day
* A day: 2x Omega 3 soft gels, 2x Sport Multivitamins, 1x Lipo 6 Rx fat burner

I eat 1lb of salmon a day (I cook), and some other random stuff. Other days I switch it up with chicken, but I’ve noticed that it is not as lean or effective.

Here’s a pic of me from a week ago: https://imgur.com/a/boczlUJ

* 215-220lb depending on the day
* 15% bf

I’m going for an aesthetic physique. Think Zyzz.

ANYWAYS, here is my question: I notice that when I take the fat burner, my heart rate increases for the next 1-3 hours. Like this is great when I’m about to hit the gym (crazy blood flow lol), but when I’m not working out it’s kind of annoying. I’ve noticed it also makes me drink A LOT of water.

I just bought Eviscarate. I’m hoping it’s not as crazy.

**Does anyone have any tips about fat burners or anything in general? Thanks!**

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Body Fat % in female just getting into fitness – Questions

I hope this is a good place to ask this question, if not, please direct me to where it may be better suited.

I am a 29/female, 5’9.5”, 140-143lb.

Over the last ~6ish months I’ve been actively losing weight and making lifestyle changes. I’m currently down about 50-60lbs. I don’t have an actual official starting weight because I was too afraid to weigh myself. I am quite active even at baseline, simply due to the nature of my job. At the very least, I’m walking 10-14 miles a day, 5x a week, but I also do other exercising as well, particularly strength training. Structurally I’ve always leaned more toward being naturally muscular. (Built like a brick shithouse.)

Recently, I was loaned a fat loss monitor (Omron HBF-306C) as I was curious of a ballpark figure of my body fat %. I was shocked when the results came back as being 16.4%. I tried it multiple times, at different parts of the day, over the course of several days. The results fluctuated between 16.4-17.6%.

I guess my question is this, I’m aware and definitely anticipated a margin of error. I certainly would not consider myself an athlete, it’s difficult for me to even consider myself “fit.” I still carry some belly fat, but my arms are quite tone and my legs especially have very little fat. Is it possible to have that low of a percentage or even be in that ballpark, as a woman, without being like, ripped? I honestly was expecting it to be around 25-30%.

TL;DR: can a 5’9.5”, 140-143lb woman that isn’t super toned have a body fat % in the realm of “athlete” or “fitness”?

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DXA Test Said I had 32.9% Body Fat but I thought I was fit… Advice please!

After working out for about 1-2 years I decided to finally take a DXA test to find out my body fat percentage. My home scale says 25% but I didn’t really trust it, I thought it was lower. My BMI is 22, weight is 114 and height is 5’0. I’m 25.

Here’s a picture of how I look currently: [https://imgur.com/OoxbyKr](https://imgur.com/OoxbyKr)

So my company offered a deal with BodyScan and took a DXA scan and it gave me… 32.9% body fat. I could not believe it.

I’m someone that considers herself to be a clean eater, go to the gym at least semi-regularly, and I think look pretty good though I could stand to lose a few pounds. (see picture taken today.) I definitely feel like I eat healthier and go to the gym more than most of my average-sized peers though I’m definitely not at the athlete/bodybuilder status. How could I be in the obese range?

From October 2017 to June 2018 I worked out about 2-3 times a week for an 1hour to 2hours, 15 minute jog, lots of ab workouts. Working with 15-25lb dumbbells on arm and leg exercises, typically 5-7 reps and 2-3 sets.

Then I got busier after I changed jobs and now I work out maybe 1-2 times a week now for 30-45 minutes which is not great but I’m not sedentary all the time. I also do a lot of dancing and take a high-energy dance class once a week.

Could I have lost all of those gains just from this past period?

I also cleaned up my diet, I’m already pescatarian but now I rarely eat pasta, and other carb-y foods. I know I don’t eat enough protein but my typical diet is whole grain cereal, poke bowl, fish, Morning Star soy products. Also I work in a tech company that serves meals but only has fairly healthy food. I rarely have “cheat days” and when I do it’s something like fried fish or a fishburger I can actually feel how fatty the food is sitting in my stomach because of my clean eating. Also don’t drink alcohol very much.

After doing all this, how could I still be “skinny fat??” Would love some answers or a reality check.

**tl;dr Body scan told me I have 32.9% BF and based off my current appearance/lifestyle I’m really confused.**

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Personal experiences with using only weight lifting to lose fat and get fit? (cross post from r/xxfitness)

Just curious as to personal experiences with the title. I’m a person that could do without cardio, but I looove weight lifting. Like I’d rather spend 2 hours in the gym weight lifting everyday and not touch any cardio machine in the gym. Currently I do both. I do 20 – 30 minutes of cardio then lift for an hour 4 – 5 days a week. I also, love the look of muscles on a woman like Michelle McDaniel, Qimmah Russo, Kryss Desandre and Michelle Lewin.

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