Experience on running 3 day 5/3/1 or easy recovery versions

Has anyone got any experience on 5/3/1 BBB 3 day?

I seem to do okay on 5/3/1 bbb but then start to feel tired and drained, I think I’m struggling with recovery with the current version. I’m 21 but have a lot of stress (uni, mental health, family etc.) I’ve been eating ~3000-3500 calories so I don’t think it’s that.

I was wondering if anyone had any reccomendations or experience for me to feel less drained, while trying to balance not doing too little.

So far I’ve considered:
Deloading every 4th week rather than 7th,
Switching to 3 days a week instead of 4,
Switching the 5 sets of 10 to 3 sets of 10

Thank you.

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GPS Watch – Only for HR (chest strap)and good & easy time for intervals


I’m looking to get a GPS/sports/activitywatch whatever you want to call it.

Its only going to be used to monitor HR and to take time etc. Will be using a chest strap.

It should also be able to give alerts at a specific time, like when you run intervals for example.


I’ve been thinking about the Garmin FR 235, but some duo to the fact that its old, it might not be a good option. Seems like the only other option I have from Garmin is the FR 645, but thats kinda expensive for my use id say? Vivoactive is not an option duo to it being touchscreen only.

What you guys recommend?



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The ab wheel rollout on knees gets easy (20+ reps), but the standing rollout is absolutely impossible. Any tips?

I love the exercise and the first weeks I would feel so good when getting to 5 reps and such. Now the exercise got a little boring because I can do more than 20 reps. ‘Well do 50’, I hear you think. True, but I like exercises that are heavy and don’t take too many reps.

Any advice on getting to the standing ab wheel rollout? At this moment my body just caves in when rolling out from standing position.

Thanks in advance!

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Shoulder exercises that are easy on the back?

Background, I’m relatively new to working out however i’ve made significant progress in the past 8 months since I’ve started, recently I injured my back in a car accident and was unable to workout for a couple of weeks but I didn’t want to ruin my progress so my doctor recently cleared me to do some pull ups and dips (easy on my spine) however warned me not to do any free weights. So I’m trying to find some exercises that will not require me to strain or put pressure on my back but work my shoulders at the same time. Any recommendation will help!

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Make your own pre workout! It’s very easy and very cheap.

Since a bunch of my friends were complaining about how expensive pre workout is, I decided to make a quick post about making your own.

It’s not hard at all. 99% of the ingredients you find in pre workouts, you can buy easily in bulk off of Amazon. I make my own with Caffeine, Beta Alanine, L-Cittruline, and Creatine. When you mix them, just measure the amounts per each that correspond to your favorite pre workout. It costs me about $13 per 30 servings which is much cheaper than the $30-$40 (or more) for regular pre workouts with the same ingredients.

The only problem is it tastes pretty bad, so mix in some flavored BCAAs if you want, or drink it with Gatorade or whatever.

Remember, its not that hard and will save you a lot of money in the long run!

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how do you guys stop yourself from going to the easy to make, convenient junk food?

i started eating a lot healthier around 2 weeks ago but fell off hard, went back to my old ways, ice cream, microwaveable garbage. and I just dont know how to stop myself, or atleast keep it under control. i’m sick of my gut jiggling when I walk down the steps but fuck, I cant keep on a somewhat clean diet. tips?

i should add, im young, i live at home, its not possible to not have bad food in the house cause everyone in my house eats it, how do I stay away from it?

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Benching variants that are easy on the biceps?

Hey guys, I have an issue that I hope you can help me with:

While doing bench press (dumbbell or barbell doesn’t seem to make a difference) I’ll get some discomfort in my right shoulder/upper arm. What I could gather so far I’m suspecting the biceps tendon is getting a little irritated.


It is not really painful and it is gone until the next benching session, but I’m still a bit worried, since that tendon apparently ruptures quite often when doing resistance training.


So my question is: Are there any bench press variants, that are easier on the biceps? Or do you have other advice, how to protect the biceps tendon while benching?


Any help is greatly appreciated

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Glute exercises that are easy on the knees

I’m 21, Female

I seem to have buggered my right knee somehow and I can’t do squats anymore. I’m 51kg and was squatting 30kg (I haven’t been at the gym in a while after my surgery) and Squats destroy my knee. I’ve been trying cable kick backs and donkey kicks with a resistance band and weighted bridges but nothing’s working as well as squats did – does anyone have any ideas for workouts that work the glutes but don’t utterly wreck my knees?

I don’t know what I did to it.

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For building muscle, is it better to work out a body part hard twice a week, or easy 5 times?

Hello, I am M/24/168 at 21.5% body fat and my goal is to add another 5 lbs of muscle by 3/15/19 with minimal fat gain. I am eating at 2375.


I used to do splits (June-December) which were a variant on GZCLP. They haven’t worked that amazingly well for me (tho there could have been other factors contributing to that), and just for a change I am moving to try full body workouts. The idea is to work out 3 times a week full-body with major barbell movements, and twice a week focus on functional movements (which are now necessary if I want to progress), accessories, and cardio.


My question is: is it better to work out a body part seldom but hard, or often but less hard? For example

Legs Option 1: Squat 7×6, heavy (Monday), Lunge 7×6, heavy (Thursday)

Legs Option 2: Lunge 3×10, light (Monday), goblet squat 5×10, light (Tuesday), squat 5×6, heavy (Wednesday), thigh curl 5×10 light (Thursday)

Edit: Tuesdays and Thursdays are in the following circuit:

Upper body (T: Pull ups, Th: dips), Farmer’s Walk, Lower body (T: goblet squat, Th: thigh curl), farmer’s walk, abs, farmer’s walk. Rest and repeat 5 times with the rest period getting progressively shorter.

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Glute exercises that are easy on the knees

I’ve gained two stone over the last year and I’m now 55kg so I’m getting back to the gym again as I’m a healthier weight.

My main focuses are my arms, legs and glutes. I’m all good on the arms front and have a solid routine for them but my right knee has been playing up massively and buggering my leg routine (squats, leg press, lunges specifically) and I’m looking for exercises that are as effective as squats etc for working on glutes.

Any help would be amazing, thank you!! 🙂

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