3-Day/Week Routine: Questions about strength, progress and diet.

Allright, I’ll start off by describing my routine and goals:


**Routine:** Currently I go to the gym three times a week to do a full body training; I do a superset for each of the muscle groups and throw in a superset of exercises to help me strengthen my rotator cuffs because I’ve had some issues with those in the past. I’ve been doing this for the past 5-6 months.

I’m 5’10 and about 172lbs. My body is somewhere in between a dad bod and skinny fat I guess. On some areas I do have some decent muscle definition.


**Diet:** I try to eat healthy at about a 200kcal deficit. I suck at monitoring macro’s so I have no real information on the amount of protein I am consuming. I do not eat a lot of fat, of that I am sure. I’ve been skipping alcohol for some months now to help me reach my goals. I incorperate one cheat day/week.


**Goals:** Main goal is to basically look better. I’m not about being able to lift the biggest weights. My schedule does not allow me to visit the gym more than three times a week. I guess my weight is about fine for my height now. (Coming off 187lbs about a year ago)



So now on to my questions and problems!


1. **Am I using the right type of reps for my goals?**
As I mentioned I superset each muscle group. To do this I use 4×8-12 reps. When I hit 4×12 I add some weight. (Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms, Legs, Abs) From my time on this sub I learned this is called ‘hypertrophy’ and this is used to create additional muscle fibers.
Using a high weight/low rep would improve strength more, but I think that this would not help me achieve my overall goals, correct?

2. **Why is my progress stagnating?**
For a while now I have not been able to add weight to my exercises. Could this be to blame on my reps, or more on my diet? Like I said, I try to eat as much protein as possible (because I know this is still not enough) but I am not really tracking it.

3. **Should I start using protein shakes?**
One of the things I’ve been contemplating is the use of protein shakes. This is an easy source of protein and would certainly help me out. Of course, shakes are extra kcal’s and I’m afraid my weight would go back up again.

4. **What would the effect of a 4 day-program be?**
What if I sacrificed one of my other hobbies to be able to go 4 times a week and use a split program? Do you guys think a 4 day split is totally different than a 3 times full body workout?



I realise that I will learn a lot from tracking my kcal’s and macros better. Still some feedback from more experienced bro’s will perhaps help me as well. In the end my goal is to lower body fat% but my biggest fear is to gain weight again and not due to muscle building because I only go to the gym three times a week.

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Is there a workout type (HIIT, running, strength training, etc.) that, given the same diet for each type, is more effective for fat/weight loss?

I’ve been wondering what the factual evidence is behind this. There has always been a predisposition in my mind that HIIT would be the most effective given the level of intensity. Does anyone more educated than me on this subject have evidence to prove/disprove that thought? I guess my goal is to make sure I’m doing whatever is most effective to achieve those changes in weight/fat content. Thanks!

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Diet problems

Hey guys first time posting and having trouble Witha good diet plan

I train boxing 4 times a week and do so early in the mornings then head off to work for 6-10 hours later hit the gym for some powerlifting 3 times a week,

I was trying to cut and it made me really skinny and sick looking in the face because of my work hours and the intensity of boxing and gym I wasn’t skinny skinny but was getting there.

I’d like to ask if anyone has a solid diet plan I’m a noobie on diets and would like some really strong advice on how to be fit and be able to lift weights after such long days.

Thanks in advanced.

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Macro diet

For a little background, last year I lost around 22 pounds (with the help of a nutritionist). The thing is that I’m still unsatisified with my body, I still have some fat rolls I want to lose. So I decided to try macro dieting, I already calculated the macros: 1g of protein per pound of weight (165g), 20% of total calories are fats (45g), and carbs to fill.


Now, I have a few questions:

For my goal, did I divide correctly my macros?

Do you plan your meals before or just adjust the meals throughout the day?

What are some go to meals in order to hit macros?



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Looking for some help for a better diet.

Hey so I am trying to gain some muscle but my diet is trash, my friend told me to just buy some weight gainer powder and drink those everyday and I should be fine, I asked him what else I should have and he said I can eat whatever I want. Well turns out that this isn’t working. So I am 138 pounds right now and [here](https://www.amazon.com/OPTIMUM-NUTRITION-Serious-Protein-Chocolate/dp/B000GIPJ0M) is the drink I have everyday I put ice cream and milk into it to boost it’s calories so with 1 serving I get about 2,600 calories. What else should I be eating with that what does that lack that I need to make up for with other foods and what would those other foods be?

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Diet on a budget

I’m a college student in Indianapolis, USA.

**Primary Goal**: Fat loss

**Secondary Goal:** Muscle building

**Workout days**: 3-4 times a week (the only time I have)

**Budget**: Approx. 200$ a month including protein powder. (Currently using MyProtein Whey)



**Age:** 21 M

**Weight:** 80 kg

**Height:** 5’11

**Weight goal:** 75 kg


I rarely have time to eat. Meal prepping would be preferred but I’m open to suggestions.

What should my diet plan look like?

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Fast Food Diet For Gaining Weight

I’m a high school student right now and I’m trying to gain weight, as I’ve been stuck at 175-180lbs for about six months, so I was thinking about eating out at some fast food places for getting in some macros.

What are some good places, and specifically decent meals that I can get?

I’m looking at spending a max of $50 a week on food

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Is my diet correct for a newbie lifter?

I just started lifting back in January. For the past three years, I’ve been doing p90x and running three times a week. Now, I’m doing the PHUL program so it’s a 4-day split. I have experience in weight training from playing high school sports, but that was three years ago. I’ve went up in weight reasonably well in the past month and a half, but I’m wondering if my diet is holding me back. I’m eating about 1400 calories a day, but I’m burning 370 calories just from the cardio I do after my workout. I’m 6’2 and weigh 210 pounds and am in the stage where I don’t have a gut, but my BF % is still quite a bit higher than I would like. If I’m trying to lean out, do I need to keep on track with this caloric deficit to lower my BF, or do I need to raise my calorie intake to get more lean.

TL;DR Just started working out again. Am eating 1400 calories a day while trying to lower my BF%. Is what I’m doing right or wrong?

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Diet: Should I focus on macros or TDEE?

The r/Fitness wiki states
> go up to 0.8-1g/lb for building muscle

while also stating

> To gain weight, you must eat more calories than your TDEE – a surplus

As a 5’11” male @ 182 lbs, my TDEE is 3,140 calories, meaning that I should eat 3,640 for bulking (according to [this](https://tdeecalculator.net/result.php?s=imperial&g=male&age=23&lbs=185&in=71&act=1.725&bf=20&f=1)).

If I follow the rule of 1g protein/lb, 0.4g fat/lb, and 2g carbs/lb, I can easily meet these macros at a daily diet of 2918 (with 185g protein, 95g fat, and 324g carbs).

Clearly, there’s a discrepancy. Which should I follow? One could simply respond “if your performance is stalling in the gym, eat more”, but I’m not sure if I’m simply progressing slower (compared to some arbitrary standard) because of genetics, or due to a bad diet. So it’s kind of hard to “listen to my body” in that sense.

Any input?

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Diet DNA Testing

Hi Everyone! This is my first time posting to this sub. I am sorry if this has been spoken about before. I was listening to Joe Rogans podcast a few days ago and they were speaking about DNA testing to help customize a diet to your genes. I was wondering if anyone in this sub has ever done that, or has any recommendations. I haven’t really been able to find solid reviews on any of these programs, and they prices vary significantly. I am from the Balkan area, and I just want to find what types of food have the best/worst effects on my body type. Ive always had a hard time gaining muscle and losing lower belly fat.


Any help is much appreciated!

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How much does diet matter?

I understand it’s weird, but I enjoy the way that I look (bit of a belly, but you can’t tell anyway) and I don’t want to change that. I do however want to increase my endurance and strength so I’ve been doing interval hill training on the bike and doing

day 1:back/tricep

day 2: chest/bicep/shoulders

day 3: going heavier on the bike

All of my Google searches come up with is that eating unhealthy cancels out the good, but I can’t find if that’s just for weight loss or for muscle gain/endurance too.

Tldr: if I eat pizza every day (I do delivery, it’s possible) can I maintain my higher bmi while still increasing my fitness at a relatively same rate? Or will it impact my fitness gains heavily.

Edit: got it, no more pizza for dinner will switch workout around, Ty for help

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Can I use this method to my cutting diet?

According to [healthline.com](https://healthline.com), my maintenance calories are 2907, lose weight calories are 2326, and lose weight fast calories are 1744. I struggle on the weekends, so is it possible I can eat at maintenance on Saturday while making up for it during the week day. For example, 2000 calories Sunday thru Friday and maintenance on Saturday. Last, do yall just do the lose weight number, lose weight fast number, or an average?

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Desperate for diet help


I have read through the wiki and done loads of search online. But there is so much different information for what you should and shouldn’t do.

I am male, 20 yo, about 80kgs and around 6ft. Currently doing the P.H.U.L routine that is in the wiki. I have been doing it for around 5 months and seen okay progress in the gym but very little progress when it comes to body and I am 95% sure it’s my diet. Is there any boilerplate diet help that I can follow to get leaner whilst continuing to build strength? My main struggle is hitting my protein goals if that helps! Thanks in advance

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I am looking to lose weight but I’m really not sure where to look for diet plans and excercise plans.

In my life I have always struggled with keeping my weight down in high school I was 230 until senior year when I dropped to an unhealthy 185( hardly eating and taking diet supplements and a lot of exercise) after high school I played football in college which helped me keep my weight down but I tore my acl and lost all drive to really keep it down. I’m a stress eater so being unable to work out and do things I would normally do didn’t help. Now that I have had surgery on my knee and feel comfortable with exercises again I’d like to drop at the most 80lbs but I want to do it with a healthy diet.

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Keto vs balanced diet, same caloric deficit, is there actually increased weight loss with Keto while intaking the same amount of calories as another person (with the same stats) that is on a regular diet?

Have a trip coming up, want to shed about 10-15 pounds of fat. Male, Currently 6’6”, 213lbs, slightly on the skinny fat side. (I’d guess maybe 22% bodyfat) I’ve started lifting 4-5 times a week and doing at least 20 minutes of cardio a day and don’t have an issue sticking to a 1800-2000 calorie diet. Is there any point in trying Keto if I don’t have an issue sticking to my calorie goal in the first place? Is Keto really a magic bullet for weightless and fat loss or does it just keep you feeling more satiated which makes sticking to your calorie deficit goal easier?


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I’ve (26m) one the same workout for 8 years and diet has been consistent, but I looked overall better in the past, what gives?

I’ve done the same workout and eaten very consistently since high school, however I’ve noticed two main changes. First, my stomach and waist arent as slim as they used to. I still have definition but my core just looks “bulkier”. Secondly, my overall fat levels have slightly increased, probably from 9-10% to around 12-13%. Generally speaking, I used to have more slender and defined proportions, now everything is thicker.

From the age 19 to 26, are there some subtle affects at play?

For reference my workout is this 3x weeks and weights have generally been the same the past 8 years (everything 3×10)
– bench
– dips
– incline bench
– lat pulldowns
– rows
– squat
– deadlift
– cable crunches
– 1 mile sprint

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Can you lose strength on a diet when working out?

Sorry if this is a huge rookie question.
I’m on a bigger deficit at the moment, because I need to lose weight. It’s still in a “healthy” range and I focus to get my protein macros in.

I also hit the gym three times a week (ivysaur 4-4-8) because I do not have a lot of gains.

Sometimes I feel like I’m weaker than the days before…the weight that worked the last week seems pretty heavy. Not putting more weight on the bar, I’m talking about the exact same weight.

Is it because I’m on a deficit? Do you get weaker even when you’re lifting weights on a regular base? I know you’re going to lose some gains when dieting, but with protein in a good range and lifting weights, do you really lose so much you struggle?

Or is this caused by some other factors like not enough sleep for example?

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!

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Hey guys! Not sure if this is the right forum or not, but is there some sort of service that provides me with high protein ingredients or food that enables me to make my own meals that are good for working out? I understand that this is very poorly worded, but if anyone knows that’d be great! Thanks

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Am i particularly stupid or is it normal that i’m confused and overwhelmed by all the diet information and technicalities

I can’t afford a trainer or anything like that so i’ve been working out at home for the past month, my goal is to gain muscle. But none of the shit i see online makes any sense?? like, whats a micro and macro whatever? i have no idea what any of those numbers mean. do i have to pay so much attention to these details to see results? is there some kind of beginners guide video or article to help me out?

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Re-feeds and or Diet breaks

I’m currently a 153 pound 5’7 male who’s been restricting calories quite heavily for some time now, at the very latest June. I eat anywhere from 1500-1700 any given day, not paying attention to any macros besides 120 grams of protein daily.

This has worked for me substantially. I have a lost a good amount of weight and my physique is something I’m proud of. Unfortunately, body dysmorphia is a bitch and I’ve got some stubborn fat attached to my lower back/side that just won’t go away.

I’ve been hovering around 151-155 for months now. Is it smart to just eat at maintenance (which underestimating is about 2500) for a week or 2? Would that help or should I just continue at the 1500ish calorie pace I’m currently on. It’s not really difficult, I’m perfectly capable, but I really want to ditch this last amount of body fat before the summer comes up. Thanks!

TLDR: 153, down from 200ish. Plateaued at 151-155ish. Should I re-feed/diet break or stick with the 1500-1700 calorie a day goal I’m on?

EDIT: Added photos in comments.

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Community Campfire: Social Conflicts with SO / Friends / Family / Co-Workers About Diet or Exercise


Welcome to r/Fitness Community Campfires! [You can read the original announcement thread and previous Campfires by clicking here.](https://old.reddit.com/r/Fitness/comments/9vmln4/announcing_rfitness_community_campfires/)

## Here are the rules for Community Campfires:

– Top level comments must share the details of something that worked for you to overcome the challenge / solve the problem of the topic and have some effort put into them. Comments that are asking for advice or only talking about what *didn’t* work will be removed. Comments that are off topic will be removed.
– Replies to top level comments should be a question for the commentor about the experience that they shared. Comments that are simply thanking them, starting an argument, or asking for personalized advice will be removed. Express thanks and dislike with votes, not comments.
– Comments should be predominantly serious. Comments that consist solely or primarily of a joke will be removed.
– Comments should be civil and follow the [Principle of Charity](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principle_of_charity).
– Any attempt at advertising or self promotion of any kind will result in a permanent ban.

When participating in a Community Campfire thread, remember the theme – A group of people with the same goals sitting around a campfire sharing their experience for the benefit of everyone listening.

# This Week’s Topic: Social Conflicts with SO / Friends / Family / Co-Workers About Diet or Exercise

This topic is for people who have had friction with others in their personal life over their fitness pursuits – be it changing your diet or getting more active. Did the crabs at your office give you grief for not participating in Donut Friday? Did you have trouble going out with your friends because you started paying attention to your food? Did your SO start making snarky comments about your “obsession” with working out? Did your mom start sending you re: RE: FWD: FWD: re: WHY PROTEIN DESTROYS YOUR KIDNEYS articles several times a month?

How did you deal with it and keep these conflicts from derailing you? Were you able to resolve it? Did you end up having to cut ties with some people? What did you do?

# **IMPORTANT: This thread is not for ranting or just getting things off your chest.**

Only share your social conflicts if you were able to resolve them in some way. Remember that the point of Community Campfires is to share experiences that others may be able to learn from.

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Can you still get a low body fat with sugary drinks in the diet?

Assuming that you can control for protein & fats where you are receiving enough protein and fats along with a calorie deficit – but your carbohydrates are fueled by insulin spiking carbohydrates such as sugary drinks and other “low quality” carbs – Would you still be able to get shredded or reach a low body fat count.

Most people know that with bulking and cutting – protein is a must and it really comes down to calories in vs. calories out. So I was wondering how much influence do the quality of carbohydrates have on the overall process. I understand that you should avoid insulin spiking carbohydrates because it promotes fat storage but If you can control for everything else perfectly, will the insulin spikes completely stop the body from shedding fat?

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Carnivore Diet Tracking Initial Post

This is u/CowboyDonald here with an initial progress post. I have been lifting for about 6 months after a 5ish year hiatus from heavy compound lifting. Currently I am attempting to get into Powerlifting and begin competing.

For the time being I am focused on strength, though I will be starting a cut after staying at maintenance during the first 6 months of lifting. In an attempt to cut without losing strength, I will follow the Carnivore Diet, limiting myself to animal products (including dairy), salt, water, and coffee. I have experimented with the diet before and I think the high protein and high fat macros will lead to increased muscle gains as some carnivore dieters have **anecdotally** found while cutting body fat. This is also why I thought my fellow r/fitness subscribers would be interested in the experiment and results.

Since this diet is new and there isn’t much research surrounding it, I will be self-experimenting. In service of this I will record all lifts that I do in the gym with reps, sets, and weights; I will record my weight each morning and keep track on a TDEE calculator; I will record the food I eat with overall calories and macros; I will record weekly measurements of my wrists, biceps, neck, chest, waist, hips, and thighs and use the Navy calculator for body fat estimation; and I will take weekly pictures to illustrate progress. My tracking will begin today, 1/27/2019.

For the TDEE calculator, I will be using the TDEE 3.0 posted previously to r/fitness to track my energy expenditure, weight loss, and caloric intake. I will be adding a seperate sheet to track specific foods eaten and the associated macros. These can be found on the google sheet linked below.

For lifting, I will follow a self-modified GZCLP program, keeping the initial compound lifts and rep schemes, but using my own “T2” supplemental exercises and a few assistance lifts. A summary of the lifting program can be found on the google sheet linked below.

My initial PRs are:

Squat: 315×5

Paused Bench: 225×5

Deadlift: 405×2

Press: 135×5

My starting GZCLP weights are (note: I started this program a couple weeks ago):

Squat: 295x5x3+

Paused Bench: 230x5x3+

Deadlift: 345x5x3+

Press: 135x5x3+

For cardio, I will plan to do 30 min of some form of cardio (probably an elliptical or crosstrainer) 3 days a week in addition to walking at least 30 min each day. The cardio will be recorded on the lift tracking sheet. I will also likely be doing some stretching, mobility exercises, and the occasional yoga video, but I won’t bother recording those unless there is a strong interest.

Link to Tracking File:


Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions! I will plan to update this post every 4 weeks.

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Thinking of getting off Keto, need advice on a diet to follow

Hello folks,

TL;DR – I’ve been doing keto for 8 months. I like how I feel on the diet, but I’ve gotten weaker and started having breakouts more often. What kind of diet should I be following?



I have doing Keto for around 8 months. I didn’t necessarily start this diet for weight loss, I started it because I used to get really sleepy and have low energy in the afternoons after lunch. Although, I did lose around 15 lbs since I started (mostly water weight I’m assuming)(185lbs at 5’11).


I really like this diet, as I feel really calm but awake while on it, and I really like the food. However, my acne has been getting worse on my face, chest and upper back behind the shoulders (I’ve had acne before keto, but not as bad). Also, I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten noticeably weak in the gym. I can’t lift as heavy, or for as many reps. I understand that this is fairly common when on keto. Also, I recently started bjj, and I don’t have much explosive energy, or stamina.


During my 8 months of keto, I’ve noticed the following:

* eating most fruits don’t seem to give me a crash (banana still does though)
* The acne might be related to either cocoa/cheese/bread (from trial and error)
* I feel significantly stronger the day after a cheat day.

Keto is the first diet that I followed, so I don’t really know how I would switch to another diet.

I want to be able to:

1. not feel exhausted immediately in bjj
2. follow a workout plan to increase volume
3. not feel like shit at work after lunch
4. reduce acne

So, I was wondering if someone here could help me decide on what kind of diet I should follow.


Thank you.

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Best diet and workout routine for getting rid of fat around the waist…

24 M… I used to be pretty fat (6′, 220lb) but managed to get down to 170lb after quite some ups and downs. I feel like for once in my life I’m fit, but there’s still stubborn fat around my waist. I need a program that would make it go away once and for all… I’d say I’m at intermediate level when it comes to working out and am skinny fat. Any suggestions with respect to macros, supplements and a general workout pattern are greatly appreciated. I’m a college student. Cheers

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If you want to lose weight and you don’t care to diet or count macros…

This is just an easy, almost caveman level way I have been able to lose weight and change how I think about food. Use an online calculator to find your maintenence calories per day, and make sure that 5 days of the week you are staying at that level. 2 days of every week I eat tuna salad (greek yogurt instead of mayo) and rice cakes (45 calories per rice cake and they are so filling.. I can “pig out” and eat 7 rice cakes which is a good 15 minutes of straight munching and is about 300 calories). I put a liberal amount of siracha enough that I don’t get tired of the taste of tuna. 2 large cans of solid white tuna (21 oz and about 450 calories per can- all protein!), about 2/3 cup of nonfat greek yogurt (about 70 calories, almost all protein) and I add salt pepper celery lemon and pickle juice or relish and spicy mustard to taste. Even adding a ton of siracha all day this is about 1100 calories almost all from protein. I have no cooking skills but this is easily under $10 for a days worth of food and can be prepared in about 10 minutes (do it the night before it will taste better). The tuna really fills me up and by using siracha I don’t get sick of eating the same thing all day and the spiciness leads me less tempted to eat more (junk) food. The rice cakes are a nice way to satisfy cravings or get little boosts of energy during the day or to stop any indigestion from eating almost pure protein all day. I weighed 210 pounds before starting this and i love eating but using this method i dont feel hungry or depressed the way i do when trying to plan a regular diet or calorie cut. Basically this can be anywhere from a 700 calorie deficit 2 days a week even if you’re sitting on the couch all day. I also find it easier to motivate myself to exercise the other 5 days of the week because I can eat whatever i want. If you’re looking for a way to jumpstart a diet or weight loss kick this is a very simple way to sort of shock therapy your mentality about fitness. Hope this helps someone!

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How much switching to a “better” diet affected your gains?

I used to just eat like complete shit, boxed, frozen foods, I still have like 1 bad meal a day cause thats how I stick to eating clean for the most part. my diet went from like sandwiches, ice cream, pizza, cereal, other bullshit. to for the most part, ground turkey, ground beef, veggies, rice. super bland and shitty, but cleaner nonetheless, just wondering for anyone else who has had a similar experience, how did it effect your body composition? mainly in terms of muscle gain.

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How much does diet play apart in fitness?

I would say I have a poor diet as I eat quite abit of junk food (trying to change this, I am eating more fruit and veg now compared to 6 months ago) I think for me personally is thinking it didnt matter as I do not gain weight easily… heres the thing… I have now embarked in various physical activities and I find myself struggling as I endup breathless and weak much quicker than others taking part in the activity. Do you think my poor diet has anything to do with this? Keeping in mind that according to the NHS website I am a healthy weight for my height and age.

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I don’t think I’m eating enough carbs. What are some possible detriments of that? Not trying to diet, I just don’t like the carbs I have access to.

Hello! I’m f/18/120/5’5 . Trying to build muscle while staying respectably lean (aren’t we all). My current goal is to increase my PL total while building muscle by running a PHUL style program.

I think the biggest issue I have right now is diet: I’m a college freshman and literally forced to be on the mealplan. I have no access to a kitchen, so please don’t suggest that I cook for myself; I literally cannot. I make sure I get enough protein with shakes and raiding the breakfast buffet for eggwhites.
The thing is, every carb at my school is either 1. rice 2. deep fried potato or 3. bread. I ate a lot of sandwiches first semester but I’m sooo sick of it now. Rice is just really bland to me and they never cook it properly. And french fries and tater tots are just… no. So I’m finding myself not eating what I deem to be not enough carbs, definitely less than I eat when I’m home. Sometimes I get access to mashed potatoes or a sweet potato and I’m just so fucking grateful when I do.
My strength is increasing at a decent pace for someone who’s been lifting for 2 years (super seriously for about a year), and I don’t feel sick or anything. (Benched 95×6 this morning yayyyyyyyyy) But I’m aware of the role of carbs in muscle synthesis and I’m wondering if I’m shooting myself in the foot by not eating much. Has anyone ate like this? Any thoughts? (No keto stuff please, I’m aware that it’s a valid way to eat; but I somewhat understand biochemistry I don’t think it’s good for someone with my goals).

TLDR: picky brat tryna get swole, forced to eat shitty college food, hates carbs, wonders if not eating them will hurt her goals.

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Many people say the key to abs are diet. What other things should be taken into consideration?

I know many people are always mentioning how diet is the number one way to get strong and visible abs.

However, I was wondering what circuits, or routines people do regularly to build strong and aesthetic abs in addition to regulation of diet.

I do cardio at least 2x/week, and weightlift 3-4 days a week, but I’m never quite sure how MUCH abs I should incorporate and how often. What do you think?

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Okay, what diet am I supposed to have if I’m trying to gain muscle back and lose my extra belly fat?

Hey y’all so I’ve been working out for the past decade with a lot of ons and off’s. I used to be pretty muscular, committed to my macros, and lean as well. But then a few years ago, I started an office job and took a huge break where I lost a good amount of muscle mass and gained a bit of a belly.
I’m trying to get back to where I was but I seem have forgotten all of my weightlifting knowledge. I started doing a 4 day split at the gym which thankfully I still remember how to do the l main lifts for the most part. How much should I be eating though?
Should I be eating a surplus of calories with enough protein for my Cody weight? Will I bulk up and gain muscle but also a stomach? Can I eat at a calorie deficit but have enough Protein to gain muscle but lose weight? I just need some direction.

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Using Huel to better my diet

I’m a 25 y/o male, 5’7, weigh 140lbs and my triglycerides are in the high 300s.

My goal is to slim down a bit, lower my triglycerides and not necessarily build muscle, but get toned. Most importantly, just better my diet and take better care of my body.

I’m active, I work 12-16 hours a day which involves a lot of walking and heavy lifting and I started running after work at the company ball park for 30-45 minutes.

Could I use Huel twice a day (chocolate) along with Tuna, grapes, bananas, bagel crisps to achieve my goal? What else would you suggest I add, or take away? Should I not go with Huel and, if so, why?


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Diet check!

I’m Male, early 20 something, 100kg (previously 107 around 23rd of December last year) and I’m worried that I’m losing weight too rapidly. My main concern is that I’m burning muscle off and not my fat. Strength has hit a wall but I’m not too bothered about that. I am slimming down but its at that stage when its hard to tell what is going. My diet is as goes below with some variance occasionally.

breakfast – 1 banana, roughly 200ml of almond milk, pea protein scoop, 2 dates and a large teaspoon scoop of peanut butter (shake/blended)

Lunch – fistful of quinoa, fistful of edamame beans,brocolli, green beans, a boiled egg, some cherry tomatos and a chicken thigh.

I’ll snack around 3pm on a protein bar or one of those peperami sticks (you know the green ones)

for dinner I’ll have something really similar to lunch but maybe an omelette in there.

MyFitnessPal says my total calories is roughly 2100 calories for my meals.

And finally my goal is to just trim down and maintain as much muscle mass but getting to a healthy bodyfat percentage.

I am not sure of my body fat percentage but I’d take a guess its between 20-25%. sorry for the wall of text, any help will be hugely appreciated.

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What Kind Of Exercise Routine Should I Do While On A Ketogenic Diet?

I’m having trouble finding work out routines for people on keto. I have no problem building muscle but I’m struggling with losing fat. For the past month, I’ve been going to the gym, and I’ve been doing keto plus intermittent fasting for the better part of this week.

I’ve been dieting and going to the gym on and off since I was a teenager. A couple years  back, I used to do keto, intermittent fasting, HITT, and heavy farmwork with my cousin (who got me into working out) and the only thing that *worked* for me was doing keto and fasting intermittently. But I only did this when I was home from college and when I go back to school, my healthy habits usually taper off by the middle of the semester.

Right now, since I’m stuck in my hometown, I have the free time and the ability to take working out and dieting seriously. I started going to the gym regularly in December of last year, I started at about 244 lbs, now I’m 239 lbs. How can I, a 5’4″ 25 year old obese male lose the fat, specifically around my double chin, bingo arms, beer belly, and thunder thighs?

TL;DR – What kind of work out should I do at the gym that works well with a ketogenic/intermittent fasting diet in order to lose fat but not necessarily gain muscle?

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How to include cardio and strength training on a low calorie diet (Question)

My question is the same as the title. I know next to nothing on this subject and do not want to end up hurting myself. I am a 24 year old male, 5ft 5in and started at 222lbs. I have been eating 1500 calories or less a day for the last 11 days and am down to 215.5lbs just by limiting my caloric intake. I work in a semi-active warehouse job but do no exercise at home. I am finding the limited calories very easy and want to take the next step with exercise. Will this benefit my weight loss or hurt me due to limited calories? If so, other than walking and running what can i do? I am taking a mens one a day vitamin, i am drinking GNCs lean shake burn protein shake, and i am eating a decent amount of vegtebles and fruit. I know I can jog for at least 45 minutes and do 4 sets of 12 push ups(did it this morning). Sorry if this is to long. Thank you in advance for any help!

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How can I keep my strength on a low carb diet?

Just getting back into lifting again after a year of just light DB workouts at home and running.

5’10 M was 240>175 in that year.

For example I’ve always been able to DB press and bench the same weight. Before flat/Incline DB 85’s, flat/Incline bench 190.

Since going back to the gym I noticed a huge drop in my strength. I’m 1 repping 65’s and I thought I was gonna drop the bar on the bench because I couldn’t even get a decent rep with 135 and I just generally feel weaker.

For health reasons I started intermittent fasting and eating mostly paleo, my calories are on point 1700-2000. 2-3 meals a day, the only real carb I eat are sweet potatoes and don’t eat more than 1 per day.

Typical meal would be chicken breast/lamb half a sweet potato and 2 cups of broccoli. I add a little extra fat to some meals like 2 tbps of almond butter or an avacado. Depending on calories available I might even add another portion of meat.

Why has my strength dropped so much and how can I prevent this while I’m losing weight? I realize I’ve lost 60lbs but I’ve taken time off before and never lost strength like this.

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Ancient Diet Application Question (Read Text)

TL;DR – Fitness newbie trying vegetarian diet and wants to know how to get enough protein to build muscle, and to not starve between meals.

Hello all, recently I have decided to go on a fitness kick. Over the holiday, I’ve noticed more than a little fat around my gut, and I am not very happy with that. So I have decided to do something about that. In the Bible, Daniel (a prophet) and some of his friends are essentially in this Babylonian re-education program. Rather than eat the foods of the Babylonians and defile themselves according to their beliefs, they choose to eat only vegetables and drink only water. At the end of a 10 day period, they are found to be stronger than all the other men in the program. Personally, I believe in the Bible. But that isn’t the point of this post. Let’s focus on the diet, and not the source.

Anyways, I want to take this diet, expound upon it, and try it out for several weeks, documenting how it works for me. The eating plan (as I imagine it right now) is fairly simple: Vegetables, fruits, and dairy products (milk, cheese, etc.).

Essentially a vegetarian diet. Seeing as though I am not currently a vegetarian, and I eat at a university cafeteria, I need some advice on how to get protein, and how to be able to not starve between meals. Since I have a very full schedule of classes, I can’t constantly be eating. So, any advice? My end goal with this diet is to start dropping fat while still building muscle. I know that that really isn’t super doable unless you’re using steroids or something, but I think that since I am a beginner, it is worth a shot. Any help is appreciated!

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Interesting diet plan – possible?

Hi all, I was just wondering if a diet style like this is possible.

I was thinking about eating 1-2 extremely large meals in one day, for a total of let’s say 5000 calories. However, the next day, I wouldn’t eat anything. So, in that one day, I would consume sufficient calories for 2 days.

I would be lifting 3 times a week, so of course the days I eat would be my lifting days. This would also be adapted to if I’m cutting or bulking. For example, if I were to bulk, and the calories I am supposed to eat in a day are 2500, then on my eating day I would eat 5000 calories. For cutting, this could be 4000. Also, I would try and make sure protein requirements for both days are met, with the help of whey.

The reason for this is I really love eating calorie dense food, and I also have a really big appetite. This would fit my needs perfectly.

I also have some other questions about this. Should it be possible to carry out a diet like this even if I were to increase my training frequency to 6 times a week? I think if the diet above works, then this should also be possible.

Any knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated, whether empirical, anecdotal, or theoretical.

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Is it to have moderate amounts of junk food in my diet?

I still meet my macros with this diet. I only added junk food in my lunch because that’s when school is and I get hungry af. I somehow fit pringles, a brownie, hot cheetos, and gatorade into my diet.

If my diet includes these, but I still meet my macros (not exceeding them either), will I be okay? Currently, I’m trying to lean bulk, 100 calories above recommended intake.


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