Lost FFM as well as body fat, but also gained inches?

Hi Everyone. Some quick considerations is that I’m Black, Female, and 5’8.

I’ve recently came from my monthly body composition test (a BIA), and **the reading said I have 43.6 lbs of fat mass, and 115 lbs of Fat-Free-Mass and am overall 159.2 lbs.** The last time I did a checkup (a month ago in February) **I was 46.2 lbs of fat, 117.0 lbs of fat free mass, and overall 163.2 lbs.** I also had my inches checked, and I have gained a inch on my arms, calves and thighs. The only explanation given to me was that I was gaining muscle in those areas.

Any reason this could be? **How am I losing fat-free mass but also gaining muscle inches?** Was the impedance off? Desirably I’m trying to re-comp; lose fat and put on muscle mass. I’ve been lifting heavy, doing full-body weight training every other day 3x a week, HIIT cardio twice a week, and intermittent fasting, however in my eating window I generally eat until I’m full, and don’t really watch calories. My strength has also increased, and I can lift heavier and do way more than I could do in January. Maybe the exam was off?

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Am I doing too much lower body volume?

About me: 27 F 5’6 155lbs (used to be 260lbs)

Typical lower body routine for me right now would be

My warm up is generally the same
20 minute 2 mile run
20 banded glute brides
20 banded kickbacks
20 banded hip abductions
20 body weight pause squats w/ 10 second pulse at bottom


Sumo Deadlifts
100lbs x 12 reps
165lbs x 10 reps
180lbs x 4
Then I reverse
180lbs x 4
165lbs x 10
100lbs x 12

Static barbell lunges (55lbs)
12 reps per leg x 4
Superset with dumbbell RDL’s (80lbs)
15 x 4

Barbell Hip Thrusts (165lbs) w/ hip circle
6 x 5

Goblet Squat (60lbs)
10 x 4

Heel Elevated Cable Squat w/ Cable RDL complex (65lbs)
12 x 4
Superset with Cable Glute Pull-through (40lbs)
15 x 4


Low Bar Back Squat (155lbs)
5 x 5

Sumo Deadlift (165lbs)
10 x 3
Superset with single leg RDL (25lb plate)
10 x 4 ( I’m working on my balance)

Hack Squats (110lbs)
12 x 4

Plie dumbbell squat with RDL complex (70lbs)
12 x 4

Single-leg leg press (80lbs)
10 reps per leg x 4
Superset with narrow stance leg press (180lbs)
10 x 3

Adduction Machine (145lbs)
12 x 4


I do something very similar to Monday except Sometimes I swap out the cable RDL’s for Lying Hamstring Curls (60lbs) 10 x4
And sometimes I’ll throw in some cable standing abductions

My whole thing is, my lower body is almost always sore. I live in a damn near constant state of DOMS. As soon as they start to dissipate I go and wreck my legs again. I’m trying to gain some muscle while also trying to lose body fat. My legs are not shredded but I was obese my entire life so I’ve got pretty sizable legs and glutes.

Do you think it’s because I’m doing too much volume? Is it because I’m not recovering enough? Is it a caloric intake issue (seeing how I’m eating at a deficit)?

What’s your take on things?

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Is HIIT good for your body?

I do lifting 6 days a week.

I’ve read so many articles that one should do HIIT at least once a week because of many benefits.

If my goal is to stay lean, better endurance, reduce aging, a better CNS, and similar kind of things, should I do HIIT at least once a week also or does lifting take care of everything?

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How should I spread my 3x weekly full body workout to 5x weekly to save time?

I started doing a basic full body workout regimen last summer and it has been working very well for me. Each of the 3 workouts lasts 40-60 minutes. Due to time constraints, I would like to split this into 5 days (M-F instead of MWF).

Workout 1:

Deadlift (4 sets 5 reps)

Chinup (4 sets 5 reps, to failure on last set)

Dumbbell Floor Press (4 sets 8 reps)

Reverse Lung (3 sets 8 reps)


Workout 2:

Bulgarian Split Squat (4 sets 6 reps/leg)

Bench Press (4 sets 5 reps)

Dumbbell Row (4 sets 6 reps/arm, reduce weight by 20% and do 20 reps on last set)

Feet Elevated Side Plank (3 20 second reps)


Workout 3:

Front Squat (4 sets 5 reps)

Inverted Row (4 sets 8 reps)

Single Leg Hip Thrust (4 sets 8 reps/leg)

Pushups (3 sets to failure)


What is the best way to split this into 5 30-40 min workouts?


P.S. I got this workout from here: [https://www.muscleandfitness.com/training/build-muscle/skinny-guy-rules-gaining-muscle](https://www.muscleandfitness.com/training/build-muscle/skinny-guy-rules-gaining-muscle)

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With what frequency and what variety should I be exercising? (details in body)

Hello there,


Fair warning, somewhat long post ahead.


I just started exercising last week since it was spring break, my college gives me free access to their on campus gym, my friend spends a good deal of his time in the gym, and I had nothing better to do so I joined him. When I went, I followed his routine (but with less weight since I can’t literally dead-lift half of a small car) and wrote it down so I can do it on my own. He lifts six days a week and does a “push day,” a “pull day,” and a “leg day” which focuses on muscles that pushes things away from your body, muscles that pull things towards your body, and the legs and lower back. He starts with compound exercises and then isolates individual muscles.


My friend works out to become bigger and look more muscular, but I just want to be stronger in every day life. For example, when someone asks “hey, can you move object X to location Y” I want to be able to do so easily. I also would like to become stronger for if I start playing water polo again or take up rock climbing.


Since I am a wee bit shorter on time than my friend, a good deal weaker, and have different goals, I have come up with a routine that I would like feedback on. The workout routine I have in mind is doing push/pull/legs on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday respectively to build strength via weight training. Then swimming on Thursday would work on cardio and muscle endurance. Friday I plan on doing body weight exercises for all muscle groups of the body since I don’t have time to go to the gym on Friday, but do have time at home. Saturday and Sunday are reserved for rest since I don’t want to be perpetually sore.


If anyone has swimming sets or a full body lightweight routine they wish to share, I would appreciate it. I couldn’t findy any I particularly liked on google.


Thanks everyone

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At what age does your body peak?

I’m 28 years old about to turn 29 and I just started lifting weights and working out hard maybe 2 years ago. I’ve always had a very sedentary lifestyle however within the past two years I’ve discovered that I love lifting weights and boxing. I work out 6 times a week now and rest on Sundays. I’ve gone from 260 pounds to about 215 pounds in the past two years.

Now that working out has become a lifestyle i want to perfect it and become even better at everything. My only question for all of you people who been working out for years is will me starting to workout so late in life effect my “gains”? Will it cause me to not be able to have the right aesthetics or peak performance?

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What’s the optimal muscle recovery time following a moderate full body workout?

I do my best to workout at the gym every day but it feels like I may not be giving my muscles enough time to recover. How many days should I rest between my workouts to achieve the best results?

My regular workout (40-60 min):

– Box jumps (50-60)
– Hanging oblique knee lift (body weight x 30)
– Incline back extensions (body weight x 50-60)
– Chin-ups (body weight x 20)
– Leg extensions (80kg x 10)
– Lat pulldown (75kg x 5)
– Seated torso rotation (25kg x 10)
– Seated row machine (100kg x 10)
– Dips (body weight x 15)
– Crunch (100)
– Incline bench press (45kg x 10)
– Machine shoulder press (60kg x 10)
– Elliptical cross-trainer (10 min)

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Why my fatigue is different in my legs and upper body?

So, basically what I mean by that is that when I’m doing legs I feel that burn almost all the time and I dont even get to the point of actual failure, but in the upper body, I cant get that burn feel in almost any exercise, a lot of times I even get to the point of not being able to even lift the weight anymore, but still it doesnt feel like it is a muscle failure, just that it is something else impeding me from doing it…


Am I doing something wrong?

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Decent body without going back to being a gym-rat?

So, just a little bit of background. I joined the military about 4 1/2 years ago and from the beginning it’s been go 100% or don’t go at all. I got my body looking really nice and I was pretty proud of what I accomplished in the first 2-3 years but after that my body started taking its toll. I was never really taught proper form, stretching, or warm-ups and I had to learn it all on the way. I was dealing with some mental health stuff and I royally destroyed what I worked for.

My question is can I maintain a decent body without being a crazy gym-rat like I used to? I wasn’t happy living my life around the gym but I still want to look nice. Is home calisthenics a good option?

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How do I know if I lack self discipline or I need to let my body rest?

I train pretty regularly and there are moments when I hit a wall and the numbers (speed for running, reps, and weight) I used to hit relatively easily become incredibly difficult to get. And it’s not really like just a bad day… more like a bad month, which at least to me, is a long time.

In moments like these, how do I know if it’s a lack of discipline and I should just push through or it’s by body telling me I should go easy on myself/let myself rest?

My goal is to increase my numbers & get stronger.

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Body Fat % in female just getting into fitness – Questions

I hope this is a good place to ask this question, if not, please direct me to where it may be better suited.

I am a 29/female, 5’9.5”, 140-143lb.

Over the last ~6ish months I’ve been actively losing weight and making lifestyle changes. I’m currently down about 50-60lbs. I don’t have an actual official starting weight because I was too afraid to weigh myself. I am quite active even at baseline, simply due to the nature of my job. At the very least, I’m walking 10-14 miles a day, 5x a week, but I also do other exercising as well, particularly strength training. Structurally I’ve always leaned more toward being naturally muscular. (Built like a brick shithouse.)

Recently, I was loaned a fat loss monitor (Omron HBF-306C) as I was curious of a ballpark figure of my body fat %. I was shocked when the results came back as being 16.4%. I tried it multiple times, at different parts of the day, over the course of several days. The results fluctuated between 16.4-17.6%.

I guess my question is this, I’m aware and definitely anticipated a margin of error. I certainly would not consider myself an athlete, it’s difficult for me to even consider myself “fit.” I still carry some belly fat, but my arms are quite tone and my legs especially have very little fat. Is it possible to have that low of a percentage or even be in that ballpark, as a woman, without being like, ripped? I honestly was expecting it to be around 25-30%.

TL;DR: can a 5’9.5”, 140-143lb woman that isn’t super toned have a body fat % in the realm of “athlete” or “fitness”?

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DXA Test Said I had 32.9% Body Fat but I thought I was fit… Advice please!

After working out for about 1-2 years I decided to finally take a DXA test to find out my body fat percentage. My home scale says 25% but I didn’t really trust it, I thought it was lower. My BMI is 22, weight is 114 and height is 5’0. I’m 25.

Here’s a picture of how I look currently: [https://imgur.com/OoxbyKr](https://imgur.com/OoxbyKr)

So my company offered a deal with BodyScan and took a DXA scan and it gave me… 32.9% body fat. I could not believe it.

I’m someone that considers herself to be a clean eater, go to the gym at least semi-regularly, and I think look pretty good though I could stand to lose a few pounds. (see picture taken today.) I definitely feel like I eat healthier and go to the gym more than most of my average-sized peers though I’m definitely not at the athlete/bodybuilder status. How could I be in the obese range?

From October 2017 to June 2018 I worked out about 2-3 times a week for an 1hour to 2hours, 15 minute jog, lots of ab workouts. Working with 15-25lb dumbbells on arm and leg exercises, typically 5-7 reps and 2-3 sets.

Then I got busier after I changed jobs and now I work out maybe 1-2 times a week now for 30-45 minutes which is not great but I’m not sedentary all the time. I also do a lot of dancing and take a high-energy dance class once a week.

Could I have lost all of those gains just from this past period?

I also cleaned up my diet, I’m already pescatarian but now I rarely eat pasta, and other carb-y foods. I know I don’t eat enough protein but my typical diet is whole grain cereal, poke bowl, fish, Morning Star soy products. Also I work in a tech company that serves meals but only has fairly healthy food. I rarely have “cheat days” and when I do it’s something like fried fish or a fishburger I can actually feel how fatty the food is sitting in my stomach because of my clean eating. Also don’t drink alcohol very much.

After doing all this, how could I still be “skinny fat??” Would love some answers or a reality check.

**tl;dr Body scan told me I have 32.9% BF and based off my current appearance/lifestyle I’m really confused.**

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Can using just free weights and weighted body weight exercises give me the same results as machines?

I workout from home so I don’t have access to any kinda machine but I do have everything necessary for the main compound lifts such as a bench, squat rack, pull-up bar and of course a range of dumbbells and barbells. I’ve been lifting for almost a couple of years and I’ve gotten some good results especially in the arms, back, shoulders and upper legs but my worry is that with just free weights I won’t be able to grow certain muscles like I’d be able to with cable machines for example and I don’t wanna end up with too many muscle imbalances. So yeah to put it simply my question is that I know it’ll probably be a lot slower progress without machines but can I still hit every muscle effectively with just free weights?

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Body too stiff

I recently started MMA and am thoroughly enjoying it. But i have issues loosening my muscles. For example, when I try to tighten my fist, I involuntarily tighten my shoulders and neck as well. Are there any exercises I can try to loosen up my body?

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How can someone who is 5’10 and a half be 180lbs have a body composition that’s seen as skinny by most people?

At 5’10 and a half while being 180lbs, I’m seen as skinny and I think I’m skinny. Most people think I’m skinny and need to gain weight. While some people think I’m in good shape. Some people say I’m both. I have friends who are 6’3 and 180lbs, at 5’10 and a half, 180lbs should not be skinny. I weighed myself at the gym and got my height at the doctors office.

How can someone have a body composition like this?

Edit: I wanna gain weight, it’s only because of me though. I used to try to try to stay light around 155lbs and now it’s time for a change. I wanna bulk up with both muscle and fat to 200lbs.

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Shamed of Body and would like to Start Working Out. Tips?

I am skinny fat. Where I’m 15 and weigh around 130 (which I feel is no longer normal for me). I am short around 5″4 and a sophomore. I eat terribly and do not work out a lot. What are workouts to lean my entire body? As in less fat around my hips and stomach and more lean muscle. I constantly need to check myself if I look ‘normal’ it really hurts me because I am very insecure right now but fail to admit that to myself fully and that has affected me on a small but don’t scale. Anyways yeah what are things I can do everyday what apps can I use to track what I eat and what should I eat and what should I not eat. What should I avoid and what is a meal plan I need.. I know this is so much to ask but I feel as if the websites are for general purposes.. Thank you in advance 🙂

JUST READ THE RULES.. I am a male, no gym access, 15, 128 pounds exact but scaled to 130, and my complete question is how can I get fit and just be lean in general. Any questions I can answer too

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I cannot be a football player without the perfect body.

I came to france for a small masters degree, and to start playing football at lower league level.
But before coming yo france i suffered a muscle tear near my groin area which resulted in 12 months rest.
I gained 27 kgs due to depression ,stress and little activity.
But i recovered and am now able to play.

The problem is i have become lazy, so lazy that i dont cook ,dont wash ,dont workout.
I just study and wait for my internship to start from july 2019 and earn some money.

The passion which i had when i was fit is there no more.
I dont have any drive, i feel just dead who sits in front of a pc,plays games and sleeps.

I dont know how to change things.
I live far away from my family and i have nothing to do in my life anymore due to my laziness.

Yes i am a lazy ass , i admit it, but how can i be hungry again for my passion?
I asked it here because getting fit wil make me eligible yo join a lower league club.

Thank you.

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I think I am 20-25% body fat (see picture), am I ready for ab workouts yet or do I have to keep doing cardio?


As you can see, there is a bit of belly fat that I am having trouble removing.


Age: 27
Height: 164cm
Weight: ~54kg

Goal: Flat stomach and maybe just some abs and muscles on the limbs, but not shredded.

**Diet information**
I do not smoke, drink, etc. I drink literally only water, never eat out, don’t really consume snacks (might chew on a dark chocolate or a cookie here and there, but nothing insane).

My dinner is usually random or whatever leftover I make (meat pasta, curry, noodle soup, steamed fish), but no junk food like pizza or greasy food or weird stuff. Again, I don’t eat out ever. I would say the vegetable(s) that are usually in my diet is (frozen) broccoli, onions/garlic (if I feel like chopping). My meat swings between fish, chicken, lamb, and beef. Pretty much whatever is cheap that day.

Carbohydrates or fiber or whatever you want to call it is mainly whatever goes with my meat. For example, if I steam fish, it is gonna be rice. But if it is curry, I am gonna bake some beans and sometimes red lentils.

My breakfast is 99% fixed with egg (3 whites) and oatmeal, sometimes accompanied by an apple or orange depending on my taste bud. And if I am not too lazy, I throw in a bit of grounded flax seed.


There is no gym where I live

I run, and I am pretty sure I am not doing it enough cuz I get bored and tired after like 1-1.5km. The track I use is conveniently 1km from point A to point B and 1km back from point B to point A.

I do pushups but my ab is clearly weak and I feel and seem like I am arching my back no matter how hard I am squeezing my butts and abs.

Occasionally do pre-dips (i m not sure how to explain this, but it is basically for ppl who can’t do real dips)

I found myself doing 2 pull-ups (real pull-ups) last night much my surprise, but of course I get immediately tired after and hand worn out because I did it at the park with metal rods

My only leg workout is one of those horse-stance workouts in martial arts. I could probably hold like 20secs…As for why no squats? I just get bored of them very easily.

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Slow progress in lower body despite efforts

I am a 17 year old girl, been lifting consistently for 8 months but I only consider about 3 months of it to be real gains because I stopped being vegan at that time, and started eating a very high protein muscle-building diet. I do all the lifts, compound and isolation. I try to do 3 lower body days (whole legs and glutes) and 0-1 upper body days per week. I find that even with 0 upper body days per week, I gain muscle so fast in my upper body that my family members are even commenting on how it’s starting to look too muscular. No matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to get those fast gains in my lower body. I have a mesomorph body type and have been lean my whole life. I am 5’3 at 112 lbs and have muscular tone. I eat clean and high protein, and I get 9-11 hours of sleep per night. I quit my part time job just to lower my stress levels. I went from lifting 5x a week to lifting 2-3x a week, and now I’m starting 5x a week again hoping to see more results. Should I switch up my routine? I can only squat about 90 lbs it’s very lame and I physically cannot squat heavier than that even trying on a smith machine. I can deadlift a bit heavier than that amount and I see faster strength gains in my deadlifts than squats. I can’t seem to increase my strength or gains for my crucial lower body lifts, and sometimes I can’t even lift the bar over my head with a simple 90 lbs on it. Any advice would be appreciated!

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M30 6″ 220lb’s: What do you think my body fat percentage is?

Here’s a picture taken today (don’t mind the bruises) [https://imgur.com/a/fV3NsYc](https://imgur.com/a/fV3NsYc)

I’m trying to run some calculations on how long it would take me to get to less than 15% body fat at a 500 per day deficit.

Any estimates are very much appreciated. My guess is like 27% I’ve got some muscle mass hidden under the fat so it’s hard to gauge.


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M/5’11 (180 cm)/21 (85-70 kg) (4 Year Body Transformation) Weightlifting Only

Hello! Wanted to share my 4 year body transformation with you guys.

Here is a picture of the before and after: [https://i.gyazo.com/60392c0e08ecae05148b6a25e68fb34c.jpg](https://i.gyazo.com/60392c0e08ecae05148b6a25e68fb34c.jpg)

During this period I only did weightlifting at the gym, my training frequency varied but it was at least 4 times a week and at my strongest point I did 7 times a week consistently. I have been going on both bulks and deficits.

This is a long time period and I have been through many hardships, just as in any goal. There have been times during deficits that I have been binge-eating like crazy to cope. I have regained lots of the fat that I previously worked hard to lose. I have reached plateus. There have been times my motivation has hit rock bottom and I had no energy whatsoever to get to the gym. Not seeing any progress might be very discouraging, but fight through it and do it anyway because consistency is key to almost any goal. It might seem pointless now, but every small step adds up to something huge.

I have been experienting with many different gym schedules and diets. Honestly just do whatever fits your lifestyle the best. I really enjoyed doing PPL and am still doing it, I just switch up some excercises sometimes.

For the coming year, 2019, I have set new goals to pursue. I am going on a deficit again to lose the fat that has been gained during the christmas holidays (gotta enjoy yourself sometimes)! And the biggest and hardest goal might be to drop candy and sugars for an entire year, but I promise myself I will accomplish this. Today will be the last day that I eat sweets so I am going to fully enjoy it while I can.

If you are interested in more details about my journey I will link a video to it here:

[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAQsc_WKcRE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAQsc_WKcRE) (Transformation video)

Feel free to ask any questions, I’ll answer them to the best of my ability. Also, happy new years everybody. I wish you all good luck in accomplishing your goals!

“You earn your body! I want to get healthy! I want to look better! I will eat right! I will excercise! I will earn my body!”

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How do some people with same body type and weight have totally different bmr then others?

I myself am 6’1 187 lbls know and have a average lean build. I usually do 2500 and I start to gain weight and keep it around there when I bulk up. And have to go all the way down to 1800ish to cut. But then ill see the same guy my size and weight bulk at 3500+? I understand everyone has different metabolism and some do crazy training but I still feel like that 1000-1500+ difference in some people is just odd.

Same goes for the hodge twins on yt. They stated they go down to 1600-1800 on cut as well while guys with same weight and build or who are even smaller are bodybuilders cut where they bulk. And yet they end up with same results. Are people usually BSing or is this the case?

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Upper body exercises with dumbbells only

Hello, I’m a truck driver who used to go to the gym a lot years ago. I am getting out of shape due to this sedentary lifestyle and would like to start weight training again over the road using adjustable dumbbells that I am purchasing soon.

I would like recommendations for a full upper body workout routine using these dumbbells. The reason I say upper body is because I’m going to be jump roping, squats and other exercises for my legs which I think will suffice.

Please give me a detailed list so I can get my ass back in shape.

Thank you!

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Conflicting advice: “eat big to get big” vs. “you should never exceed ~15% body fat”

I’m currently in a spot where I don’t know whether I should cut, bulk or maintain. I’m 5’5″, 138 lbs. and 16-17% body fat (estimated – see pics below). I’ve been bulking from 125 lbs. to my current weight over the last 5 months, and I’ve gained some fat.

I can already hear the advice “you’re only 138 lbs., keep bulking”. But I have no abs, and I don’t want to gain more fat.

If I cut for the summer, will I end up spinning my wheels? Should I recomp?

Pics: http://imgur.com/a/EnOk9Tb (sorry about the mirror)

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Seeing that both I think and most people think I’m really skinny though I’m 5’10 180lbs and 9% body fat and should I gain muscle and fat at the same time to get my goal of 200lbs, or should I only shoot for muscle and wait almost twice as long to gain 20lbs?

I know you can only gain about .5-1lb of muscle a week on average, you can gain more than a pound a week if you eat more calories to make the extra pound fat, while eating the necessary daily calories and nutrients to gain muscle on top of it.

I want more body fat too, I really want to be at 200lbs. But I want it to be a healthy balance of fat and muscle, I don’t want to be just solid muscle.

Right now I’m skinny and everyone except for a few think I’m skinny too and need to gain weight. I want to gain up to 200lbs, I used to be 155lbs and liked being there. It’s time for a change and I like to be big now.

Edit: I haven’t lifted more than 2 months total over the past 3 years.

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Am I lifting weights wrong or is my body shit?

I’m a skinny lank (63 kg, 6 foot 1) and have been lifting weights for 2 months on and off.
The reason I say on and off is because whenever I do it something about my bones will be weird; wrist will click doing rows, feels ligament is switching from one spot to another in flat dumbbell fly(on back) and a bunch more that will occur regularly for a day or two, then go away. I first encountered the dumbbell fly one tonight, which is why I am posting

I am comfortable with the weight, it still pushes me pretty hard but it’s getting to the point where I can do 14 reps and should probably move up a weight, but am worried for these weird issues.

I have always eaten an extremely healthy diet, love me fruit and veg, and eat heaps. Despite being 17 I’m still growing steadily (in the past year). Also have a very fast metabolism

Anyone else experienced this or have any advice on what to do, I’m lost, have searched about heaps and have no clue the cause or a solution

Edit: I have several wheat bix for breakfast, 2 fruit and a sugary item before lunch, three sandwiches for lunch, 2 more fruit and another snack when I get home, and a massive serving of whatever is for dinner, often with a dessert. I realise putting on weight is the way to go but how can I do it when I already eat so much?

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How to program a full body routine?

I read this sub for quite some time now and i have done the RR of r/bodyweightfitness and would like to move on to a new full body workout. The recommended routines dont fit my goals so i would like to program my own routine. I want to do 3 days 50 minutes. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good resource on how to program your own workout?

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What’s the best way to get the most out of limited weight for leg and lower body exercises?

My dumbbells only go up to 100 on both sides and I’m already squatting 80 despite taking progression really slowly (started at 50, added 5 every week). I don’t want to have to buy more plates til my other lifts get to 100.

Until then, how do I keep my legs challenged with the weight that I have? I’m thinking bulgarian split squats would be a good way to squeeze a lil extra gainz out of the weights I have, but what do y’all think?

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how to properly manage 3 day full body split

A bit of a backrground, i was actually doing 4 day upper lower body split, but i just wasnt able to recover enough, it was too much for me so i switched to 3 day split. Its better in terms of recovery, but what i struggle with is the actual workout. I am trying to set up my workout with hard compound excersises. So i usually go for Bench press, OHP, ROWS, Chin ups, deadlifts, squats. I think its a great setup to work a whole body. Problem is that i cant keep it up and i am actually really weak for last two workouts. I tried to switch them up and i found out if i start with deadlifts and squats its probably the worst and i can barely bench 60 precent of what i am capable of as first workout. What is the fix? Does anyone experience something similiar? My thought was switch some compound movements for isolated one, so maybe do squats deadlift one day with maybe just chest machine fly. And next workout do bench press but instead of squats and deadlifts do some leg ext./curls. ? What do you think?

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Crohns Disease weight loss is causing me to hate my new body. Please help.

Hey folks, 30yr old Male here suffering with Crohns Disease. I’m not here to whinge about how debilitating it can be for me (there’s no point, you just have to get on with life), but I would love some advice about how to sort my image out.
Due to my illness I have in the past year or so dropped from 17stone (sorry I’m a Brit) down to 12.5stone. It’s to do with having to avoid certain foods and lack of appetite, and malabsorbtion, but although I am now slimmer, something I have always wanted, my drastic change has left me with excess skin. It’s like my body doesn’t fit anymore. With clothes on I’m happy enough but my self esteem suffers in summer or when getting changed.
I have access to a gym, I have 2 totally free days a week and space on the other 5 to do some smaller excersizes (Job, Kids, wife time allowing).
I don’t want to be an Adonis, I don’t want to compete in the Olympics, I just want to take my shirt off on the beach by June 2020.
Any advice?

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Moving from strength to bodybuilding? Lagging body parts, volume, frequency? Looking for critique and advice

Looking for opinions on my program for the next 6-8 months.

Just came off 6 months of Jim Wendler’s “Building the Monolith”. My strength consistently shot up, week after week, very happy on that front. Now I’d like to better my physique. I am building a Push / Pull / Legs / Push / Pull variant. Happy to consider a 6th day if anyone suggests.

27 years old, 187cm / 6’1-6’2, 93kg/205 pounds. I will be eating at a +300 caloric surplus.

1 RMs = Bench 140kg/310lb, OHP 75kg/165lb, Squat 165kg/365lb, Deadlift 210kg/460lb

Pull Day 1
5×5 Deadlifts
5xAMRAP Weighted Pull Ups
5×10 Bent Over Row
3×8-12 Lat pulldown
3×8-12 Cable Row
5×15-20 Shrug
4×8-12 Hammer Curl
4×8-12 BB Curl

Push Day 1
5×5 Overhead Press
4 x 8 Bench Press
3×8-12 DB Shoulder Press
3×10 One Arm Jammer
5xAMRAP Weighted Dips
3×8-12 Skullcrushers SUPERSET with
3×15-20 Lat Raises
3×8-12 Overhead Tri Extends SUPERSET with
3×15-20 tricep push down

Legs Day 1

5×5 Squat
3×8-12 Romanian Deadlift
3×8-12 Lunges
3×8-12 Leg Curls
5×8-12 Standing Calf Raise

Pull Day 2

5xAMRAP Weighted Pull Ups
5×8 Bent Over Rows
3×8 CG Lat Pulldown
3×8 T-Bar Rows
5×20 Shrugs
5×15-20 Face Pulls
4×8-12 Hammer Curls
4×8-12 Dumbbell Curls
4×8-12 Reverse Barbell Curl

Push Day 2

5×10 Overhead Press
3×8 Bench Press
3×12 DB Press
3×12 Front Plate Raise [+pushups between sets]
5xAMRAP Weighted Dips
3×8-12 Tricep Pushdowns SUPERSET with
3×15-20 Lat Raises
3×8-12 Overhead Tri Extends SUPERSET with
3×15-20 Lat Raises

My focus is to build size while maintaining strength on the core lifts (Deadlift, Squat & OHP), prioritising 1. arms, 2. shoulders 3. back. Everything else is secondary, specifically chest, which I feel is overdeveloped – I don’t want more size since my arms are small (15″ flexed) in comparison (42″ chest), and my t-shirts fit me weirdly as a result.

Any recommendations here? Any concerns? I am used to spending nearly 90 minutes in the gym, volume is not really a big deal for me nor are energy levels. My only concern would be ‘overtraining’, but I feel like that might be a meme.

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Trying to build muscle with a very low body fat percentage.

For what are likely genetic / metabolic reasons I have always kept a very low bmi and body fat percentage.

5”9.5 and 130 lbs even.

Workouts would be full body every other day, approx 40 minutes of lifting, chest, arms, back, squats, etc. Approx 20 min light cardio, then a day off. I eat approx 2500- 3000 calories per day ( max I can with being comfortable) main goal is to gain weight to not be a twig. Muscle growth is starting to show 1 month in. Am I going to hit any walls, or problems with such a low body fat percentage? (The gym tried to calculate it and the personal trainer said it’s likely under 4%)

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How to tell if my core is too weak in comparison to my body?

Hey all. I’ve been having back issues, especially when squatting and deadlifting. I’ve read some stuff online saying it could be a weak core, but how can I tell? I can do a regular plank for three or four minutes maximum, but can only do a superman plank for ten seconds maximum. I can do hanging knee raises in sets of ten, but when I try hanging leg raises I end up mainly engaging my hip flexors. Does this sound weak in comparison to my main lifts? B: 80k, D: 140kg, S:120kg

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Is a full body workout better than a split if I can only hit the gym MWF?

38 year old male, currently weight 185, down from 247 a year ago. Using weight watchers, doing a split workout followed by cardio 3 days a week, I’ve lost 62 pounds in the last year. I’m at a weight that I’m happy at. I definitely see some muscle growth and my wife constantly compliments me on the positive changes to my body. I’d like to really start building muscle but I can only hit the gym 3 days a week. For the past year my routine, which I found online, has looked like this:


Bench press

Incline BP

Decline BP

Machine flys


DB Bent over delt raise

DB lateral raise

DB upright row

DB shrugs

EZ bar skull crushers

DB tricep kickbacks

Machine tricep extensions


Hex bar Deadlifts

Wide grip lat pull downs

Cable seated rows

DB one arm rows

Reverse grip lat pull down

EZ bar curls

DB hammer curls

Incline bench curls

Close grip cable curls

Machine preacher curls



Hex bar straight left deadlifts

Leg press

Barbell calf raise

Leg extensions

Leg curls

Seated calf raise


All are 3 sets, I move up in weight when I can do 3 sets of 12 reps. I’ve definitely seen the new by gains, but nothing huge mainly because I’ve been eating at a deficit to lose weight. I’d like to start really building muscle and everything I read says it’s better to hit each body part at least twice a week. My other mental block is eating to gain muscle. I’ve been eating at a deficit for so long and I’m afraid to eat more to feed my muscles and get fat again with no muscle gains. Ive found some full body plans online that let me hit each body part multiple times per week on ABA, BAB cycle. Should I continue what I’m doing and start eating more, or switch to full body and eat more?

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Whole body vs. upper lower split?

Hey guys,

I’m currently training in a 3 day full body routine, and while I like it, the length of each session is almost 90 mins, and I sadly don’t have the time for that. I was wondering whether I should switch to a 4-day upper/lower split. Disadvantage: instead of hitting each muscle group three times a week, it’s just twice. Here’s my current routine:
3 sets of 12
Squat/RDL (alternating every other day)
Incline bench
Pull ups
Barbell Rows
Shrugs/Face pulls

I read this article and it makes me think I shouldn’t switch routines at all, maybe just decrease number of exercises and vary the days. https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/the-single-most-effective-workout-split

What do you think?

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