5/3/1 for beginners question

I’ve been doing Phrak’s GSLP for 3 months now and I’m currently cutting. I feel like I can no longer sustain the progression because I’m constantly pushing my max. I felt like I was close to injuring myself during my last workout. I’ve done some research and I like the philosophy behind 5/3/1. I just took a deload week and I was planning on starting 5/3/1 for beginners tomorrow.

I purchased 5/3/1 second edition thinking it would be a necessary read. It turns out the part detailing 5/3/1 for beginners is only 2 pages long.

I noticed there were some differences between the program in the book and on the wiki here. The book does not mention 5×5 FSL. It also says to keep accessories to a minimum.

Should I follow the programming from the wiki or from the book? Is the FSL concept and high volume accessory work from a newer version of the book?

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Beginner’s 5/3/1 Spreadsheet Confusion

I tried searching on this sub and wiki for answers but nothing directly seems to answer my questions:

**First Question-**

The 531 FOR BEGINNERS spreadsheet linked from the wiki-



If you look specifically at Week 3 – Day 2 as well as Day 3 (beginning with deadlifts for Day 2 and bench for Day 3) The **WARMUP** sets appears as below-


|60%||1|**5 (!)**|


And yet on the wiki itself under warm up-



It says-

*For the main lifts, you can warm up with the following protocol:*


* *1×5 @ 40%*
* *1×5 @ 50%*
* ***1×3 (!)*** *@ 60%*


The question I have, is that why is Week 3 – Day 2 as well as Day 3 on the spreadsheet indicating that all three warmup sets are 5 reps? Whereas the wiki indicates that the last set of the warmup should be 3? The rest of the warmup days on the spreadsheet also end with 3 reps as its final warmup set.


I’ve indicated the parts that are inconsistent with (!)


Please let me know (or link me) to some form of answer and I can’t find it on the wiki or through searching in this sub.


**Second Question**


Also related to the spreadsheet linked above, the wiki shows-


*5/3/1 Core Sets*

* *Week 1*
* *1×5 @ 65%*
* *1×5 @ 75%*
* *1×5+ @ 85%*
* *Week 2*
* *1×3 @ 70%*
* *1×3 @ 80%*
* *1×3+ @ 90%*
* ***Week 3***
* ***1×5 @ 70% (!)***
* *1×3 @ 85%*
* *1×1+ @ 95%*


Whereas on the spreadsheet, the first (non-warmup) set for Week 3 shows **75% of your TM**. So which is correct?


Hopefully it hasn’t been answered on this sub already… and I apologize if it had, if someone knows, can they let me know?

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assistance work for 5/3/1 Beginners program

Hi Everyone,

I have been running Stronglifts for the last three months and have kind of stalled on my lifts, so I was looking at running 5/3/1 Beginners. I just had a couple of questions about the accessory work.

1) Are there better exercises to do on the squat/bench days as opposed to the press/deadlift day or does it even really matter?

2) For the “single leg/core” category, how would you fit planks/side planks into this? Maybe something like 5 sets for however long you can hold the position? It really doesn’t fit into the 50 – 100 reps idea.

3) Also in the “single leg/core” category, on an exercise like lunges or Bulgarian split squats, should I be doing 50 – 100 reps in total or per leg?

Thank you for taking the time to read and answer.

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What should I do in between days on 5/3/1 for Beginners?

Hey guys! I’ve been lifting for about a year now at first it was 30min cardio then a simple upper body routine then developed into a bro split then PPL for a minute then basically a 5×5+hypertrophy split but I’m now trying to get started on an actually program. 5/3/1 for Beginners was recommended and I liked it but wanted to modify it slightly. On the first bench/squat day of the week I planned on doing a few chest assistance exercises after (dips,Flies etc) and the third day (squats) I would follow up with leg assistance works and on the second day deadlift/OHP I was going to do back focused assistance work. What should I do in the in-between days? I do care about maintaining/building my physique somewhat so I figure I could do body building like routines on the “off” days other than Sunday which is a rest day. Maybe an arm day one day and shoulders another? Then on Saturday more arms? I care about size everywhere but I want big arms and chest more than anything else.

Not that it matters but I’m proud of it!
I went from 160->145->160->176lb all muscle @5’8”
My stats are B/180×5,S/225×3,D/315×1,OHP/135×1

My bench is my best imo just because I enjoy it most.

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5/3/1 for beginners => vanilla 5/3/1 (?

I’ve been and still doing “5/3/1 for beginners”(full body) 3 months and i have to do it for 6, the thing is that im 2 hours in the gym each workout and i get lazy and really tired. So im seeing the normal 5/3/1 and its great, since it have a lot of benefits for me:
– Going out more frecuently (i have a lot of free time and nothing to do).
– Less time in each workout (i will complete the accesory exercises correctly).
– More days in the gym (i love working out)
– I can focus completely on one main exercise (since it is one per day).
and add that i love split routines, it gives me more of a sense of accomplishment than full body type routines
So yeah i feel like it has a lot of advantages, but i don’t know if its going to **** up my progress changing the routine or i can do it
what do you think?
Pd: im planning in lowering my 1rms a little when i change to split

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531 for beginners taking too much time

Guys,I’ve been doing 531 for beginners for two months now and have done my accessories like this since I started :

Facepull 5×8-12

Pull Up/Row 5×8-12

SS:Triceps/ Biceps 5×8-12

Bulgarian Squat 3×8-12

Side Delt/Shrugs 5×8-12

Calf Raise 5×8-12

ABS 5 x 10

This way I got 100 reps of pulling,100 reps for arms,100 reps for legs and core.Its been great for building mass and strength and I improved a lot but the problem is the workouts last 2 hours and now when I started working out with a friend,its more like 2.5-3 hours which is just too much.

I know I have to cut something out,but Im afraid I will lose my gains or wont continue to gain if I significantly lower my volume.I also like doing my back and face pulls every time im in the gym for my shoulder health,the same reason I dont do any pressing besides the one in the program.I need to grow my calves so I do them every time and so on…

I figured out I should super-set my 531 exercises with calves and side delts because they dont take much energy and cut make the other ones 3×10. Do you guys have any suggestions?How should my accessories look like?

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5/3/1 beginners and deload week.

so i finished my third cycle of 5/3/1 beginners ( [https://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/wiki/531-beginners](https://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/wiki/531-beginners) ) and im currently doing the following, 155 squats for 9 reps, 155 deadlift for 7 reps, 160 bench for 7 reps and 105 ohp for 5 reps. I was suppost to do a deload this week but due to busy life and feeling sick i decided to take the week off completely (really needed this for motivation also). now i have a question, when i come back how should i proceed? should i go to the next cycle? take the real deload week or maybe take the last week of the third cycle and re do it?


also right now ohp at 105 5 reps feels heavy. should i reduce the TM of that and bench?

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5/3/1 for beginners plus BBB

Hey yall.
So I’ve been running 5/3/1 for beginners for a few cycles and making decent gains.

But have been experimenting with doing my FSL sets as 5×10 example Monday

Squat 5/3/1 sets
Fsl @ 5×10

Bench 5/3/1 sets
Fsl @5×10

5×10 push movement
5×10 pull movement
5×10 abs

Anyone see problems here?

I seem to be doing pretty well with it until the heavy week where I can only get the 5x10s on bench. Otherwise doing 5×5 on heavy week.

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Workout Plan for Beginners – Advice Needed!

I’m looking for some ideas on a workout regime.

(Don’t mind about the pleb-level wording, I’m very new to fitness and working out 😛 ) I’m visiting the gym every Tuesday and Saturday, and I can stay as long as i need to. I’m looking to do a full-body workout to improve all that I can. Is anyone able to help out and offer advice or give links to workout regimes?

Bless You,


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Stronglifts vs GZCLP vs 5/3/1 for beginners

I am nearing the end of the first part of my progression (the pharak or whatever variant program for beginners) and looking at what program I should start for the next 6 months.

So far I can’t decide between stronglifts, gzclp or 5/3/1 for beginners.

I’m not a complete novice. I played 3 sports all 4 years in Highschool but was pretty much sedentary until 2 years ago when I started running and then ran 4 marathons last year. End of October is when I decided to start adding weights to my routine.

With that information, what program would you guys (and gals) recommend? GZCLP seems somewhat complex to understand and I’m afraid of being intimidated and not fully jumping in to it. 5/3/1 seems really slow and I didn’t see stronglifts in the community info section but it was recommended by a trusted friend.

What should I do?


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PHUL for beginners?

Hello!I’m a noob in the fitness world. I recently startet training with an experienced friend, who have made a start up program for me, that I am going to follow for the next 3 months:



3 times a week:

Warm-up: 5 min Viking Row



Bench Press

Dumbbell shoulder press


Seated Cable Row

Lat Pull Down



After I have done this for 3 months, I am considering to begin PHUL for 4 months. Would this be suitable? Or is there a better program for beginners?


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Any tested and proven beginner’s workout with machines only?

Hey I’m new to fitness and gym.

I took a look at Phrak’s Greyskull LP variant for a beginner’s training already but I would really like to find myself one that relied only on machines.

My local gym is not very big and usually packed, so a lot of people use the stuff I need for the Phrak’s routine, which in turn makes the whole “new to gym” experience very frustrating. Machines don’t get much attention for some reason so I’d be able to complete my training faster. Overall I really like machines.


So is there something like that around? If not, would anyone be able to give me tips on exactly which machines I could use to replace each of Phrak’s routine?


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Question about ppl for beginners

I have a question about the progression by following reddit ppl for beginners (from the wiki). Since you add 2.5kg per 5×5 bench press session and 2.5kg per 3×5 squat session, will that mean that your squat progresses double as fast in terms of working weight compared to the bench? I think this because you squat 3×5 2 times a week and you only bench 5×5 one time a week. Did I understand the program correctly?

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A beginner’s question for rope jumpers

Hello everyone!

I decided to try out rope jumping today with plans of making into an integral part of losing the weight and having a cool skill under my belt.

It was actually pretty fun despite the fact I didn’t have too many successful attempts. I’ve watched a few youtube videos and corrected my technique and made sure my rope has good length too, but I still can’t make multiple jumps in a row(I think 4’s the record). My main problem so far is that my swings and jumps are inconsistent and I keep hitting myself, so I definitely need some practice.

All that said, my question is – how long did it take you to get from the beginner to when you could skip for let’s say, 20 seconds? Did you get it right on your first day? 2 days, a week?

For me, it was the first time skipping ever, and I definitely ended up being better at it than I started, still interested to read how it went for you though, especially if you never skipped before like me!


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Question about 531 for beginners

Woud like to recommend a buddy of mine this routine. Though I am not sure if I interpeted it correctly.

Are you supposed to do 6 sets of the shown percentages/weights before doing another 5 sets of another percentage? So for the first day of the first week that’d mean 11 sets of (heavy) squats before moving onto 11 sets of bench press?

Thanks a bunch 🙂

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Advice for beginners: The struggle of the sore muscle

Hey everyone!

I started working out pretty much for the first time in years four days ago. My goal is to lose weight and tone my (currently non-existent) muscles and for this purpose I’ve chosen a full body cardio workout. It’s a 37 minute video and currently I can get about halfway through it, before having to quit. (Is rather take things slow and gradually build up my stamina, instead of doing too much to fast and giving up)

As you can imagine, given that I can’t even get trough a 37 minute workout, my body is not in the best shape and just yesterday I’ve started having horrible sore muscles that have just gotten worse today. (I still worked out though)

My question is – Do I keep working out every day and just push through the pain? Do I rest? Are there any home remedies that can help?

Thank you!


A fitness newbie

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