Can’t stop eating after recovering from jaw surgery and gaining weight fast ! Please help

Hi so I (20F) had jaw surgery and was on a no chew diet for about a month I managed to not lose much weight but drinking smoothies but now I just am constantly hungry and constantly want food even if I’m not hungry ive never had problems over eating like I am right now. Does anyone have any tips or advice?!

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this

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My knees have been feeling really tight

(I am male 16) As seen in the title, my knees are tight and I’m not sure how to get rid of it because it’s been there for a pretty long time. I’m not sure if it’s my weekly routine or what but I’d like to know if it’s caused by my doing something and if there’s something I can do to help me get rid of it. My weekly routine goes as such; I bike 30 miles a week for my commute to school and I’ll go lift weights at the gym 3 times in a week and do full body, I then do calisthenics 2 other days (I bike to gym and park, actually I bike just about everywhere. So I guess I bike more then 30 miles a week). Thank you for any help and advice.

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How much protein should I be getting?

Hello, I am a 23 year old male, 250 lbs. and 6’3. I am getting back in the gym because I want to lose a pretty good amount of fat. From what I have read since I haven’t been lifting hardcore for years I can still get beginner gains while losing fat. Is this correct? And if so, how much protein should I aim to consume?

Thank you!

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The difference between the Male and Female response to training?

So I was watching an Athlean X video and he was talking about how to get that “ideal body” for both men and women. Ultimately he said there is no shortcut you need to be in deficit to lose weight (duh).

What really piqued my interest was what he said about the differences in men and women. He said women can strength train without focusing on diet and may still see some results (aesthetic muscular wise).

On the other hand he said men will never get that “I work out” look unless we lower out bodyfat. All the training in the world and your muscle won’t show through your fat (unlike women apparently).

I’m just wondering what are other people’s thoughts on this? Any fat guys who got muscular/fat and disagree? Or did you just end up strong fat lol?

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Foot angle on the sumo deadlift and the effect of that on using too much back to pull.

I’ve found that if my feet are about 30 degrees out, my ankles hurt a bit and my feet are not inline with my shins. If I go about 50 degrees out, it feels a lot better and stronger for me, if I go any wider, I feel like I’m losing balance.


However, I do see some people who pull sumo perfectly with more of a 30 degree foot angle, like Cailer Woolam here: [](


I am not sure what kind of leverages he has, but I have a slightly longer torso than legs and somewhat short arms.


I want to know how much foot angles impact the use of lower back on the sumo deadlift? Like if your feet are less pointed outwards, you can’t your hips as wide, so you pull more of a conventional deadlift and/or use too much back.


Am I right?

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When should I stop training before a big match/game?

I’ve seen plenty of contradicting info related to lifting/working out before a big game, and wondering if there is any clear cut studies or truths regarding this subject? Say you were playing in the Super Bowl, or World Cup…at what point would you stop performing your regular heavy lifts, cardio, plyo, agility work, etc? Do you start weaning off heavy training two weeks before? Do you cut it out completely one week before? Do you go apeshit until the day before? Just looking for some advice.

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Codependence should be avoided at all costs

17 m MI US currently out of shape at 225 lbs 5’8

Ever since I first laid down on a bench I’ve loved it and that love was always shared with a workout buddy. Having someone to push me, talk to, and spit ideas at helped me reach my goals and stay quite healthy. Despite this I never got very far, due to my subpar diet and work ethic.

I got to a 230 lb bench press, 10 consecutive pull ups, a 305 lb squat, and a 350 lb deadlift all at around 190-205 lbs when i was 16. This is where I plateaued for around a half a year all the way until my best friend who worked out with me three times a week for over a year moved downstate, around 6 hours away from me. I tried to workout and stay motivated but I could only bring myself to sporadically do a program for a week, change it, do that for a week then change it again. For months i did this until I stopped working out entirely.

I still have my dreams of a three plate bench and a muscle up but I need to find some sort of motivation or a way to train my mind into becoming more disciplined. I really love this sport and life style but god dammit I don’t know why I’m not enjoying this as much as I should. Any kind of advice or question is welcomed.

Tldr: became codependent on workout buddy to motivate me to workout and now I’ve been walking past the gym every day forgetting to workout or saying fuck it entirely for a year after he moved away

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Is it better to workout year round or cycle 10 weeks on with eg 3 weeks off to prevent burn out (weight lifting).

Hey guys,

I worked out for 2 years pretty much straight with limited breaks but I mentally burnt out. I have taken a now 3 month break and want to get back into lifting. However I want to do it healthily without burning out and am thinking of instead of having an infinity based approach breaking it into 10 or 8 week cycles to have an end goal in sight. What do you guys think, I know programs like 5/3/1 have Deload weeks but I still find that intense and not a real break as you still have to go to the gym the 3 days.

What are your thoughts and many thanks 🙂

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Looking for some help for a better diet.

Hey so I am trying to gain some muscle but my diet is trash, my friend told me to just buy some weight gainer powder and drink those everyday and I should be fine, I asked him what else I should have and he said I can eat whatever I want. Well turns out that this isn’t working. So I am 138 pounds right now and [here]( is the drink I have everyday I put ice cream and milk into it to boost it’s calories so with 1 serving I get about 2,600 calories. What else should I be eating with that what does that lack that I need to make up for with other foods and what would those other foods be?

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Skinny but want to get in shape

A few days ago I stumbled upon my mother’s blood pressure scanner thing and decided why not try it. The blood pressure was perfect (120/70) but the heartbeat was really bad, it was 100 bpm.

A little background: I’m a 19 year old male, 180 (5’11”), and I weigh 65kg (143 lbs). I used to play bball when I was younger and I used to go to the gym. But now I usually sit at home being lazy.

I started eating healthier these past few days (switched from fast food to cooking by myself) and I want to do something that makes my heart rate become normal (60-70 bpm).

What is the best thing to do? Play sports/run/ lift weights? All three?

TL;DR: I’m 19 years old and 143lbs, my heart rate is 100bpm. What should I do?

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Is it possible to see goals using a weighted vest during body weight workouts?

I need to get in better shape but I’m pretty nervous about going to the gym, as everyone is. Just more of a loner when it comes to athletic things (always preferred skateboarding, biking, hiking over team sports like football or basketball). Would it be possible to see some nice gains using a weighted vest during a push up-pull up-squat routine? What other body weight exercises could I add in to really get a full body experience from it?

EDIT: Meant to type gains, not goals in the title lol

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So I’ve been wanting to start excersising lately to help boost my weight loss, will excersising help me sleep better in terms of how deep the sleep is? I get 6-8 hours usually, but still feel exhausted when I wake up…

Any advice or help is greatly appreciated

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Other red meats no good? Why is beef king?

I have a VERY good coach who’s done amazing things for me, but he usually won’t tell me his reason for doing things with my diet, supplements etc because he doesn’t want people knowing his secrets, and not needing him.

I found a good deal on horse and kangaroo meat. Both are super lean red meats, leaner than any beef I think. Leanest you can get here in Japan is only 88% anyways.

Anyways I asked my coach about buying these and using them to grow after my competition when I add red meat back to my diet. He just said “Horse, no. Kangaroo, no” and wouldn’t give me his reason why, I’m sure he has one. My coach lived with one of the top Olympia competitors (someone you guys all know) and knows more than anyone I’ve ever met, so I know he’s correct but I don’t know *why*.

It’s such a stupid thing but I just really want to know why beef is better. It’s kind of driving me crazy. Is the bioavailability rating higher or something? Is the fat in beef special and you need a little bit? I know Branch used to eat buffalo but I guess that’s pretty similar to lean beef.

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More muscle gains doing strength work than I got doing sets of 10-12 reps.

Since deciding on not giving a fuck how I look and more on getting strong I have noticed my body is starting to look better?!

What the fuck kind of trickery is going on here? I have lifted for years but never focused on strength and never been able to get my chest to grow.

Since doing sets in the 4-6 range my chest is improving really quickly. I am a natural lifter by the way.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them?

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Routine recommendations

So I signed up for a local gym earlier this week. First time I’m serious about trying to better myself and lose some weight. I have never been to a gym before and honestly have no clue where to start lol. Any starter things would be greatly appreciated since I have no clue what to do lol

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Daily Discussion Thread: 02/13/2019

Leap day motherfuckers

Feel free to post things in the Daily Discussion Thread that don’t warrant a subreddit-level discussion. Although most of our posting rules will be relaxed here, you should still consider your audience when posting. Most importantly, show respect to your fellow redditors. General redditiquette always applies.

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Traditional weightlifting VS F45?

Any guys have experience shifting from traditional weightlifting to F45? I just signed up for F45 but find the weights too light.

I’ve been doing weightlifting for a couple of years now but have not seen that much of a progress in terms of aesthetics. In terms of strength, my incline dumbbell press is at 26KG while my shoulder press is at 22KG. I do an upper lower split.

I would say my physique leans more towards skinny fat.

Anyone has advice regarding this? Should I just go for HIIT cardio classes at F45 on Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday and do Upper body workouts on Tuesday and Thursday?

Thanks in advance!

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Out of shape, sick of IT. The 7 minute workout…..any experience?

Hi there,

Quick background. I was into fitness, a sprinter in college, feeling really good. Then I became lazy, depressed, turned into the fat former athlete. So long, bikini days.

Flash forward 10 years and I’m so very sick of this. I’m 5’4, 128, look a bit nice in some things (I’m told), look like a droopy, saggy mess in most others. Jeans are torture. I want to walk around in a potato sack.

The goal – I want to be healthy and strong, don’t care about a number on the scale.

So, finally (!), the question.

Anyone have luck with 7 minutes workout?? I’ve been doing it and am wrecked afterwards. Panting, exhausted, I always just sort of collapse on the floor and wait for my poor body to recover. If this is all for nothing, then I want to nope out of it and just join that damn gym.

If I wasn’t so weak, physically, I wouldn’t even think of it but I need to go slow. Nothing ages you like not taking care of your body. Not trying to lecture anyone but, please, learn from me. I’m older, I am more kind to myself, again, I just want to be healthy from this point forward, not where I was. I’m firmly in reality but know I owe it myself to get this body feeling good again.

Thanks much for any thoughts/experience.

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Looking to Begin Working Out, looking for advice.

As the title says, I’m a 16 year old male and a beginner to working out, so any advice would be appreciated.

Personal Stats:
Age: 16
Weight: 145
Height: 5’9”

Previous Experience: I have been consistently doing High School swimming and running but nothing other than that. Swimming did involve light weight room sessions but nothing serious.

Goals: I just want to have a body that allows me to be confident in my own skin. Currently, I get disappointed when I have to take my shirt off for swimming or Cross Country and I would love the feeling of freedom in my own body.

Now for my questions:
1. How many times should I be going to the gym? I am willing to go 4-6 times a week for an hour a day.
2. I have no idea what sets or exercises I should be doing in a given workout, and how much weight I should be using for each exercises. I would appreciate if someone could give me a link or write out a weekly routine.
3. Should I worry about hitting a calorie deficit because I also want to lose body fat, but I am unsure if this will just happen naturally.
4. How much variation do I need between each week at the gym? Can I just repeat the same workout every week while just increasing weight?

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. I will be trying to post progress pictures every month, so stay tuned if you care enough to watch my transformation.

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Returning to lifting after Rhabdo

I was diagnosed with a CK account around 50,000 following a week and a half intensive split. I had five days in gym with intermediate off days and medium level cardio during down time.


I know I was dumb, as I was used to lifting much more in college. But the principle lifts I had been doing – squats, deads, bench, fly cables, etc, were around 65% of my original goals while seriously working out a couple years ago in college. Im aware that was way too quick to dive back into something like that but, outside of muscle soreness I attributed to DOMs, only foamy urine tipped me off that something was wrong. A hospital stay knocked my down to a 4000CK count, though I still notice some foam. I’m taking my doctors rec for some weaks off and gentle cardio to make sure my liver goes back to normal functioning (my kidneys are okay).

I guess I’m panicking I’ll never be able to lift again. Im a climber and ice climber and was psyched to get back into the gym. If I really take my time and pace my intervals with plenty of rest, is there anyhope I can get back to lifting semi-heavy or targeting the appropriate muscles for my sport? Im seeing a sports physician next week.


Thanks for amy insight from people with their own experiences.

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Intuitive Eating for Bodybuilders

I’m working on improving my intuitive eating skills and getting away from MyFitnessPal.

Please give any additional tips that have worked for you.

**My method:**

Have eight servings of protein per day, some healthy fats, two fruits, two veggies.

My template is about 1,300 calories and has enough protein and fat to meet the minimum requirements for most men. The remaining calories can be anything you’d like.

Naturally, you’ll end up getting additional protein and fat, but I generally go for carb sources, even a 40 gram serving of oats adds 5 grams of protein, these trace amounts add up quickly, leaving you easily at 150+ grams of protein per day.


Choose any combination of the follow items (at least 8)(you can select the same item multiple times)

* Meat (100 grams)
* Greek Yogurt (170 grams)
* Cottage Cheese (105 grams)
* Whey (25 grams)
* Eggs (3 whole eggs)
* Cheese (56 grams)
* Nuts/Peanut Butter (60 Grams)

Fruits – 2 serving (such as a banana and berries)

Veggies – 2 servings (such as a salad with spinach and carrots)

**Disclosure:** This template was set up for myself, so the protein numbers are for a 185 pound male. Add for subtract from the number of protein servings based on your size.

My goal was to have .7g/lb of body weight of protein and .3 grams of fat per pound of body weight in the base template. And then your remaining calories will add to the protein and fat total, even if it’s just trace amounts.

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Tips on what to do with my mind when I’m working out…

I’m finally IN. I’m finally committed to the gym for the first time in my life. I’ve had a few great experiences so far.

The thing is, I am almost always alone. I dont have anybody to spot me on the bench press, and nobody to help me keep focused.

The focus part is really important. I dont have that social aspect. Nobody to egg me on or call me on my bullshit when I want to quit.

My mind wanders. I start to think about school and work. I fantasize about what I will be eating when I’m done at the gym. Before I know it, I’ve convinced myself to leave.

I know I could go longer and reach new goals if I could stay focused.

I dont have an ipod. I dont mind the music there but it’s not super exciting to me.

Do you guys have mantras or meditations that keep you calm and focused?

Are you focusing on counting your reps?

What do you think about when you are running or on the stationary bike?

I am very curious what different habits or methods you guys have.

Thank you!

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assistance work for 5/3/1 Beginners program

Hi Everyone,

I have been running Stronglifts for the last three months and have kind of stalled on my lifts, so I was looking at running 5/3/1 Beginners. I just had a couple of questions about the accessory work.

1) Are there better exercises to do on the squat/bench days as opposed to the press/deadlift day or does it even really matter?

2) For the “single leg/core” category, how would you fit planks/side planks into this? Maybe something like 5 sets for however long you can hold the position? It really doesn’t fit into the 50 – 100 reps idea.

3) Also in the “single leg/core” category, on an exercise like lunges or Bulgarian split squats, should I be doing 50 – 100 reps in total or per leg?

Thank you for taking the time to read and answer.

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nSuns 4 day/GZCLP rep scheme

Probably a stupid question, but I was following Nsuns 5 day for a few months, and made great progress. Managed a 1 rep 200lb Bench after starting lifting 4 and a half months ago at the time. The high volume probably combined with the weighted pull ups I was doing killed my elbows, made a post 2 months back about it([](, got great responses. I decided to stop lifiting before I made the issue any worse, and let my body rest, and used a theraband to help rehab it.

I want to start back up again, but to avoid the same issue I was considering switching to the 4 day plan. I like the way nSuns is set up, and the spreadsheet makes it far easier for me to stick with it and not worry about planning my workouts. I feel that volume is still going to be problematic. I love the program, but my body doesn’t.

So I wanted to run with the program, but instead of the killer 17 sets followed by accessories I wanted to follow the GZCLP format with the 5×3 for the T1, 3×10 T2, and 30 rep however for T3 switching rep ranges when you fail a set. Is this just a bad idea? Will I be wasting my time? I don’t really see an issue, but wanted to get some opinions.

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Diet on a budget

I’m a college student in Indianapolis, USA.

**Primary Goal**: Fat loss

**Secondary Goal:** Muscle building

**Workout days**: 3-4 times a week (the only time I have)

**Budget**: Approx. 200$ a month including protein powder. (Currently using MyProtein Whey)



**Age:** 21 M

**Weight:** 80 kg

**Height:** 5’11

**Weight goal:** 75 kg


I rarely have time to eat. Meal prepping would be preferred but I’m open to suggestions.

What should my diet plan look like?

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Moving from strength program to 3 day bodybuilding/boxing. Need advice.

After a long hiatus from boxing I have decided to get back into it. I had abdominal surgery last year and for the last 5 months I’ve ran an intensive strength/power lifting program following recovery, 3 days a week. Jim Wendler’s 3/5/1 Building the Monolith. I tracked every left on a google docs spreadsheet for about 20 weeks. My strength and weight went through the roof, but not much in terms of size.

I am 187 cm, 27 years old.

1 rep maxes –
140kg bench
230kg deadlift
75kg OHP
180 squat

About 11 or 12% body fat.

2 Issues currently plague me.

1) Noodle arms. My arms are freaking thin noodles compared to the rest of my body. I add 100 curls standing against a wall and 100 tricep extensions to every session. I do 200 pull ups and a 100 dips a week. Nothing.

2) I can no longer keep up the strength program and box, because my lower body is far too fatigued to run and boxing is 90% lower body. You generate your power from your legs/core, not to mention how important movement and footwork is.

I stick to all my programs 100% and my diet is on point. Could someone point me toward a 3-day program or resource that would help me grow my arms as well as have not be that intensive to interfere with my boxing goals? Ideally I would love to lift 3 days, box 3 days and on Sunday go for a run.

Thank you

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What do the programs/routines look like for elite bodybuilders?

Is it very dependent on the personal preference of the specific competitor, or do many pro bodybuilders tend to have similar routines? I’m genuinely curious because I see lots of program/routine discussion on this sub, but that is more typically directed towards the novice/beginner level. Make no mistake, I am very much a beginner as well, I’m just interested in learning more about what bodybuilding training at a world class level looks like today.

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Does Passive training work?

I can’t think what else to call it. I’m wondering if I leave an appropriate weight next to my desk and do one rep three times an hour, I’ll have done 24 reps in my working day. Which corresponds to three sets of 8 without having to commit a block of time to a workout.

So my question is does it matter if the reps are spaced out over the day like that? Or do they have to be within a short space of time (in a workout) to be beneficial?

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Warmup/Injury prevention for Squats and Deadlift

Hi all.

For the last 6 months I have been training legs and deadlifts every week. Typically 6 reps, 4 sets for squats and deads. Since this is the first time I have been really focusing on legs and deadlifts, I have gained a lot in strength and weight. But now I am starting to feel some tension in my left knee.

So I have concluded that I probably need some techiques / warmups , so I don’t load my knees in an wrong or un-balanced way .

Any tips?

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Can’t run at a slow pace

So back 5-6 years ago when I first started running training on a treadmill I was training using the Couch to 5K program. I typically stuck to a 11km/h pace.

Always as a kid, even quite a chubby one, I was one of the fastest in my year groups and had a more natural ability to sprint without training it.

On and off over the past year I’ve been getting back into running to train up in distance again but cannot seem to convince myself mentally or physically to run at a 8.5(ish)km/h pace when running off the treadmill. I stick to roughly 10km/h but that obviously shortens the distance I can do and for vocational reasons it’s important I train up to 4km non stop at 8.5km/h.

Any tips or tricks? 23M if that matters.

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Thinking of giving up on back squat

Before I am drawn and quartered, let me explain. My gym has all sorts of other leg options, (Power Squat machine, hack squat sled, standard leg press, vertical leg press, etc) but I had shoulder surgery about 5 years ago so the bar never sits tight on my traps, so I always feel I’m at a risk of losing the bar or not hitting depth because I’m so worried about the bar. To counter this, when going heavy I tend to use a bench underneath me to guide my movement which puts a me a touch above parallel/90 degrees

So a couple of things to unpack here:
1) What am I *really* losing if I drop the traditional back squat considering all the other options available to me
2) I’m sure different strokes, but is using a bench/seat beneath me as a guide for my squat am I only “cheating” myself?

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Currently Running Smolov Jr Bench & Squat

Im currently half way through running Smolov Jr for Bench & Squat – Wondering what experiences some other lifters had with this program? And just to give some insight into how its going for me currently…

Prior to this I was running Texas Method for the best part of a year, with some tweaks to the programming to keep making progress. PB Lifts before starting Smolov JR; Bench – 125kg, Squat 190kg, Deadlift 210kg. I basically decided to run Smolov Jr for just Bench initially, to break a plateau Ive been at for the last few months and to try and address my serious poverty bench! Squat has always been my most comfortable lift so figured Id run them concurrently. I’d read a few posts about people who had done this, to varying degrees of success so I figured I’d see how it plays out for me!

My plan for the four weeks is;

Week 1

(*)Day 1 6×6 – Squat 130/Bench 85

(*)Day 2 7×5 – Squat 140/ Bench 90

(*)Day 3 8×4 – Squat 150/Bench 95

(*)Day 4 10×3 -Squat 160/Bench102.5

Week 2

(*)Day 1 6×6 – Squat 135/Bench 90

(*)Day 2 7×5 – Squat 145/ Bench 95

(*)Day 3 8×4 – Squat 155/Bench 100

(*)Day 4 10×3 -Squat 165/Bench107.5

Week 3

(*)Day 1 6×6 – Squat 140/Bench 95

(*)Day 2 7×5 – Squat 150/ Bench 100

(*)Day 3 8×4 – Squat 160/Bench 105

(*)Day 4 10×3 -Squat 170/Bench 112.5

Week 4

(*)Rest – Test 1RM at the end of the week.

Points to note – I wear a belt for all my squats (personal preference) Knee sleeves on the 10×3 day. Wrist wraps and belt for benching on 8×4 and 10×3 days.

On some days so far Ive also managed to throw in some weighted ab pull downs, or some other form of weighted core work. Right now I’m just heading into work out 3 of week 2, so exactly half way through the plan.

Some insight from my experience so far;

I realised quickly that you cannot foam roll enough – I started out initially doing 10 minutes of foam rolling in the morning and after the sessions, but that’s increased to maybe 20/25 minutes in the morning, before session and after sessions. Ive also had a couple of ice baths and hot baths which have really helped with recovery.

My hips are the most problematic area with this volume of squatting – I read a lot of posts and reviews, saying that Smolov can kill your knees/shoulders/traps but for me my hips have been the issue so far. The day after day 4 week 1, squatting heavy triples I really felt my hips just tighten up to the point where even sitting in the hole in an air squat felt really tight.

Set 1/2/3 of any given day absolutely suck – Working back into the groove is really tough… But once I’m a couple of sets into any given day, my body seems to readjust and feel relatively normal again. I haven’t had too bad Doms yet surprisingly, but my knees feel a little creaky and my lower back a little tight from the amount of squats!

My Bench feels surprisingly good – Prior to this Id benched mostly 2x per week, with the occasional 3x per week. So I was worried with how my shoulders would hold up to benching 4x per week. And so far so good – Some light face pulls, and some shoulder dislocations have been all Ive done so far, but it seems to have done the trick. Bench being my weakest lift I was naturally worried I’d have the more trouble with Bench over Squat, but that doesnt seem to be the case.

10×3 doesnt suck as much as I was expecting – When I initially saw the programme and saw 10×3 Bench and Squat on the same day I was worried, firstly for the work load and secondly for the amount of time I’d be in the gym. Week 1, this session took me around an hour and forty five minutes. And its programmed on a weekend day, so mid afternoon on a Saturday my gym was pretty quiet and I had ample time to take long amounts of rest between sets.

Ill probably update this again once I’ve finished the plan, and tested my 1RM at the end of week 4 to see if all the work was worth it! Hoping to get close to 200kg on Squat, and close 132.5 on Bench.

Anybody else ran this or a similar plan and had success?

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A sad man in need of chest-related advice

Hi r/fitness community,

Sad boy here. I have never been the most flexible person, but I’m finally realizing that my chest workouts (and overall aesthetics) are being severely limited by my short range of motion.

For example.. When I go deep into a dumbbell bench press, I am limited by my shoulders more-so that my chest. So I’ll go deep in an effort to stretch out the chest and get that good good stretch/contraction, but instead I feel a stretch/tightness/slight pain in my front delt. Almost no stretch in the chest 🙁

Anyways, this is a big bummer for me. The biggest reason I’m lifting weights is for aesthetics, and I’m just losing motivation with this experience.

Here’s what I’m asking for:

Has anyone else experienced and overcome this issue?

Do I need to simply incorporate a shitload more stretching into my daily routine?

Should I stop lifting for a while?

How long can I expect this process to take?

Thank you all!

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Consolidating a workout vs. doing the same sets spread all throughout a day

I often do an hour or so of calisthenics a few nights per week. 125 pushups, 150 squats, 2 minutes planks, 100 pull-ups, etc. etc.

In the interest of getting all my reps in on days that I can’t find an hour at the end of the day, could I spread these exercises out through my whole day without loosing much benefit?

Or is there a considerable benefit to consolidating my workout?

Just curious what you all think!

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Calves with collapsed arches.

Anyone know what’s the best strategy to training calves when you have collapsed arches? Like whenever I do raises or even skipping I tend to get pain where my arches are. I have insoles (both generic sport ones and ones custom made by a podiatrist and doesn’t seem to help all that much.

Also secondary question (that I haven’t done all that much research on) but could the arches be a source to lower back pain? Been experiencing that during RDL and SLDL so not sure whether it’s that or if I’ve just shitty hamstrings.

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How to maintain lifts when transitioning from GZCLP 4xs a week to running 40+ miles/week??

Hi everyone! I’ve been running GZCLP 4 times a week since October and I have not only enjoyed this program more than any other that I’ve run, but I’ve also made significant gainz compared to when I’ve ran other beginner/intermediate programs. I have a trail 50k race that I am running at the end of July, and my training for that has started ramping up. Right now, my plan is to continue lifting 4 times a week until the end of March. At that point in time I plan on dropping down to lifting 2 times a week and will be running 6 days a week. by the end of April I should be running 40 miles a week.


While I know it’s impossible to not lose some strength running that much, does anyone have any suggestions for what my workouts should look like to prevent it as much as possible? I’d love to keep my squat 1RM above 300 while training for the 50k. I’m open to any programs or tips that anyone may have for me! I should mention that I’m pretty dead set on not lifting more than twice a week. Thanks in advance!

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Help with programming squat progression

I’m currently running Starting Strength with some accessories (pull-ups, dips and face-pulls).

Stats are as follows: Male, 6’5”, 30 years old, 90kg BW.

Don’t know my 1RMs but current working sets are: squat 110kg x 5, deadlift 115kg x 5, bench 70kg x 5, strict press 52.5 x 5.

I wouldn’t mind a bit of hypertrophy but primarily my goals are strength based. I’d like to hit a 2 x BW deadlift, 1.5 x BW squat, 1 x BW bench and 0.75 x BW strict press.

Progression is going really well for most of my lifts. Strict press has been stalling recently but I’m ok with that as I tend to hit my three sets of five after one or two sessions of stalling.

My question is related to squats. It really feels like it’s beating me up at the moment. I’ve started taking as long as five or six second between reps because they’re so hard and five minutes or more between sets. Perhaps I could go on like this, as I am hitting my reps but they’re so hard I don’t look forward to them three days a week. Im considering switching squats to a weekly progression keeping the three sets of five at my current working weight of 110kg on one of the three days, going for five sets of five at 90kg on one of the days (with unbroken sets and only three mins between sets) and four sets of 10 at 75kg on the third day. Increasing each of those by 2.5kg a week.

The other three lifts I will keep with the normal Starting Strength progression. Does that sound reasonable?

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OHP limiting gains on Bench?

I’ll spare the backstory and setup as I’m more interested in the discussion – has anyone experienced introducing regular OHP training and seen a setback in terms of bench progression? Since including OHP into my weekly routine, I’ve noticed my bench feels heavier. I can bench 250 but currently my OHP is 117.5×5. I feel like not having an experienced form on OHP is probably causing some stiffness and DOMS during the week, and impacting my bench. Also, since they share some of the same muscles, not having the same amount of rest between benching sessions (2x a week, nSuns-like program) is impacting recovery. Thoughts?

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Are suicide sprints a good agility exercise?

I used to go to a football (soccer) academy. They had regular drills and I noticed my agility improving. The academy however, sadly shut down so I haven’t had any agility training in the recent months (it’s been around 6). This combined with the fact I haven’t done much cardio (mostly weight training) in the recent times. Doesn’t help my case at all.
My question is, if I do ~20 suicides daily instead of a regular 3km daily run, will that be better? I’m also trying to get my agility and sprint speed up (along with my stamina, as well as lose fat.)
TL;DR if I did suicides instead of regular basic ass cardio will it help with agility and sprint speed (as well as stamina?)

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Maintaining gains?

Im.currently on the PPL of the wiki, loving the process and the gains etc. I estimate around 6 to 8 months for achieving mi goals (not very high ones, just a good and muscular shape). The question is, allthough i love PPL and its really working, i dont think i can keep going 6 times a week to the gym. Once i reach my goals, will a fullbody 3×4 times a week be ok to maintain tje shape?

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10-15lbs adding size to arms

So I have heard to gain an inch on your arms you need to put on 10-15 pounds. I have been lifting and eating right for around 8 months and have put on 30lbs as a result. My arms have not had a noticeable size increase.

For the first 6 months I only had access to limited equipment and did not get enough leg work in. Now I have a full gym and started doing lots of leg work to catch up.

I am wondering if I were to put 10-15lbs of weight on my legs would that change anything about my arms? It doesn’t seem like it would but I would value some input as I can’t find much on this elsewhere.

For reference I am M/6’1 180lbs.
Currently running a PHAT variant with lots of arm work. Arms measure to 15inches. As you can probably tell I want to get bigger arms, my chest and back have put on majority of the weight and I feel my arms are lagging.

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To those running Greyskull LP, how has your Squat/Deadlift progressed while performing them after Bench/Row and Press/Chinups? Do you prefer upper before lower?

I know when training whatever lifts you don’t do first will suffer to some degree. And I know most fullbody routines I’ve seen suggest starting with the Squat. To those who train upper body first, how is your progress on the most demanding (Squat, Deadlift) lifts when done at the tail end of your training?

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I rarely see jacked dudes at the gym performing the Big 3. Why?

Title asks it all. I’m sure this will be anecdotal as plenty of big lifters are squatting, deadlifting, benching (and pressing). But more often than not, the big dudes at my gym are never around a barbell.
Tonight, as I was finishing up my just-about intermediate 5/3/1 lifts, I was thinking “Did these bros start off with the compounds, get huge, eventually just switch to a hyper-targeted bodybuilding routine?” The answer, I suspect, is yes. Just wanted to hear your thoughts.

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Does fasted cardio improve performance?

Hi everyone, I’m a high school swimmer trying to cut down on body fat right now. I’ve been trying to cut fat in order to improve my time/reduce drag (not scientifically proven, and some disagree but anecdotally I’ve heard it can improve speed/time). Anyways, I have trouble eating breakfast in the morning as my medication suppresses appetite, so I usually don’t eat until after practice. The practices I eat a meal before, I usually swim much slower (1-1.5 seconds slower than my usual times). I’ve found that fasted cardio tends to improve my times/energy levels drastically (24.1 50 Free PR on a 16 hour fast). Is it safe to continue, or should I eat before practice? I sometimes feel mildly lightheaded, but it might be the lack of air from not breathing. Does anyone else also find fasted cardio improves their performance? I haven’t been able to find much anecdotal or scientific evidence about this.

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Doing preacher curls but getting sore hamstrings (right side) – wrong form or weak hamstrings?

I think this is either poor form (due to fatigue or weights too heavy) or due to the fact I rarely do any weight workouts on my hamstrings – my hamstrings (right side) get sore after I do my preacher curls (biceps of course feel sore as well but didn’t expect my hamstrings, and only the right side to be sore).

Has anyone experienced this? Was it because of poor form or something else? Right now I’m doing some deadlifting to make sure my hamstrings are also getting some workouts too.


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