How do i reduce pain so i can make the most of working out?

22f here, new to the subreddit. I have a few medical problems that prevent me from doing much in the way of toning and working out. I have hardware in my spine (from my mid back down to my tailbone) and a bum hip and due to some lifestyle issues that i cant change at the moment and depression I’m gaining more weight and its really been bothering me. My insurance doesn’t cover physical therapy either so I’m left to my own devices. I can barely work a 4 hour shift at my part time job without being in all but crippling pain so I’d like to strengthen my hips and spine. I’d love to go for walks, but i live in a bad area of town and its not safe to go by myself especially with earbuds in. I can’t afford a gym membership right now so if anyone has any suggestions or tips on toning my hips/back/ and stomach and having the least amount of pain i would really appreciate it. I don’t take any pain meds for personal reasons, but i do use CBD products when i can afford them and they do work for me. I’d love to afford better eating choices but thats just not attainable at the moment so I’d like to balance it out with some physical activity.

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Advice on rate of weight loss

Hi there,

I’m 1,5 month into a caloric deficit and I’m well on losing weight. I started at 92 kg and I’m now down to 84.5 kg.

As you may have noticed, that’s quite a lot. My concern is, the first month my weight loss was steady at 0.6 – 0.8 kg per week. However, in the past two weeks I’m losing like 2 kg per week. While maintaining the exact same caloric deficit as before.

Should I wait to see another week whether this rate maintains, or am I really eating too little?

I’m 193 cm and now weigh 84.5 kg, my caloric intake is 1650 calories per day (sometimes more if I do cardio or work) is this too little? Or do rapid weight drops due to water also happen in the middle of a diet?

Edit: I’m a 22 yo male

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Physique Phriday

**Welcome to the Physique Phriday thread**

What’s the point of having people guess your body fat? Nevermind that it’s the most inaccurate method available, (read: most likely way wrong – [see here]( you’re still just putting an arbitrary number to the body you have. Despite people’s claim that they are shooting for a number, they’re really shooting for look – like a six pack.

So let’s stopping mucking around with trivialities and get to the heart of the matter. This thread shall serve two purposes:

1. **Physique critiques.** Post some pics and ask about muscles or body parts you need to work on. Or specifically ask about a lagging body part and what exercises worked for others.
2. An outlet for people that want to show off their efforts that would otherwise be removed due to [Rule 4](, and

Let’s keep things civil, don’t be a creep, and adhere to [Rule 1]( This isn’t a thread to announce what you find attractive in a mate. Please use the report function for any comments that are out of line.

So phittit, what’s your physique pheel like this phriday?

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Daily Simple Questions Thread – March 22, 2019

Welcome to the /r/Fitness Daily Simple Questions Thread – Our daily thread to ask about all things fitness. Post your questions here related to your diet and nutrition or your training routine and exercises. Anyone can post a question and the community as a whole is invited and encouraged to provide an answer.

# As always, be sure to [read the wiki]( first. Like, all of it.

Also, there’s a [handy-dandy search bar]( to your right, and if you didn’t know, you can also use Google to search fittit by using the limiter “” after your search topic.

Other good resources to search are []( for exercise-related topics and []( for nutrition and supplement science.

Be aware that [the more relevant information you add](, the more relevant the answers you receive will be. And if you are posting about your routine, please make sure you follow [the guidelines](

**(Please note: This is not a place for general small talk or chit-chat. Also, the community decided long ago that we keep jokes, trolling, and memes outside of the Daily Q&A threads. Please use the downvote / report button when necessary.)**

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Starting my journey tommorow and need all the assistance I can…

Hey everyone just to start out I hope this is the right place to post as there are many subreddits regarding fitness but I feel like this is the best one.

Anyway, I’m going to start my membership to 24 hour fitness and hopefully they can give me more insight to how I should do things and manage my body. However, I haven’t been to the gym since about 2015 and lately I’ve been going through a lot personally and professionally and feel like I need to make a change.

I’ve stopped smoking weed (at least for now) as I feel that’s the reason I got out of shape and lazy. I don’t even know how much I weight at the moment but I have gotten a belly to the point my GF and even coworkers are noticing. I’ve never been the most fit person as I have always been chubby but I actually have a belly at the moment and lose breathe trying to suck it in. I’ve unknowingly been sucking in my belly for years and didn’t use toose my breathe as easy but it seems to be catching up now.

Like I said, I don’t even know how much I weight now but I know I am about 5’10 or 5’11. I’m not really fat but I have a belly and man boobs are basically here. I want to get slim and build muscle but don’t have the best budget to work with. I just need some really good tips and encouragement to help me with my journey as I more committed than ever and want to get it shape with 6 pack and cut arms. I feel like this will help my confidence (as I have low confidence) and build my self esteem.

Please ANY beginner tips are appreciated!

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Are we aging ourselves faster than normal by eating so much protein?

It looks recently there is quite a few research on why extra protein might be a risk for rapid aging:




What is Fitness’s opinion on this?

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What is the best plan when you miss a workout on a program?

I’ve recently begun to get my diet and fitness in order, so far it’s been a bit daunting, but I feel like I’m making some steady good steps. I’m tracking my food, steps, exercise, sleep. Currently down about 2.5kg.

I’ve been doing Insanity for the past 3 weeks and I’ve been able to get all of the workouts in. I’m just curious what the community thinks would be the best plan when life gets in the way and you miss a workout.

So far I’ve used the rest day to get the workout in that I’ve missed, but I want some input since I’ve gone from a very sedentary lifestyle to trying to get fit. I don’t want to overwork anything and hurt a knee, ankle etc and set myself back, by not having a rest day for 8-9 days.

So my question is:

Is it better to use the rest day to make up for the missed workout? Or should I just do the next workout on the program and follow everything a day behind?


Edit: grammar

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Need help and suggestions with abdominal exercises. More below.

I have chronic back pain (Army and other stuff).
I can’t do situps anymore. Pushups are a gamble since I have to keep my back straight. I don’t use gyms anymore. I’ve gained weight I’d like to loose. I know being in a healthy weight range is more diet than exercise. What are some ‘reverse’ abdominal exercises (I don’t know what to call them) I can do to strengthen my core and lose weight?
Sometimes I can’t even bend down to do something. I have to hold on to something and lean to the side or take a knee.
Running is something that’s kind of iffy since the impact can make things worse.
I’m looking to lose at least 20 lbs. I’ve been dealing with the pain for years and have seen a doctor.

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Good ways to exercise and loose weight in home gym?

Hi, first time poster, been lurking for a while
I’m a 28 year old female, I’m on the heavy side.
Last year I trained in a gym multiple times a week, squatting, deadlifts, bench press and was starting to learn snatch and clean and jerk.
I was squatting around 70 kg at the highest and dead lifting around 80 kg, my bench press was not great, only about 35 kg.

But after some time I couldn’t access the gym as easy as before. So I have now bought some stuff to use at home. I have a mat, a 8 kg kettlebell and a weight bar (sorry don’t know the right term) and 2x 2,5 kg and 2×1,25 kg weight plates to use on the bar.

I have been trying to do some of what I am used to do, but I can only do a few exercises from my original work plan, so any exercises that could help me when for when I’m not able to be in the gym so I can train multiple times a week? I would be grateful! Love to train for an hour or so and right now I only take me 20 min

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Starting my weight loss journey but have a few questions! (Cross post for more output)

Hello everyone!
I’m a 5’3, 144 lbs, 20 year old female looking to lose some weight. I began my weight loss journey about a month ago using the keto diet, but after losing 8 pounds within the first two weeks, I hit a stall and decided that I’ll go the traditional route. This week I decided to just eat healthy and go to the gym even though I’ve never been the kind of person that does either of those things! So I have a few questions—

1. Is it bad if I don’t hit all my macros? I’m not huge on protein simply because I don’t like meat very much. The only protein I get from my day is eggs, if that. I was thinking about drinking protein shakes after my workouts but heard that it’s full of sugar and calories and not necessary if I’m not weight training.

2. I would like to get back to 125 pounds, so I’d like to lose about 20 pounds. I purchased a workout plan from a social media fitness star but realized that the workouts target muscle groups and don’t emphasize cardio. I want to lose stubborn belly fat so I’m not sure what kind of workout routine I should be following… I know I need cardio, but I also read that muscle is what increases ones metabolism and mine is really sluggish… so I’m not sure if I should be doing one, or the other, or both.

3. Do I have to completely cut soda and coffee out of my diet? I drink coffee most mornings (with a lot of sugar free vanilla creamer) and sometime I drink half a cup of soda with dinner. Do I have to cut both out?

4. Lastly, do vitamins matter? like multivitamins. This may a stupid question but I read online that any deficiencies can affect how quick weight could be lost so just wondering if anyone knows if this is true! Debating taking supplements.

Thanks in advance!!

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I wanna train my running but I want to lift and do legs too. Any advice on how should I split my workouts?

Context is I’m training for a military course so running is really important for me and I’m hoping to build on my endurance. But I wanna build size as well, especially for my lower body. My upper body is fairly strong but still lacking in size. Any suggestions on how I should split my workouts in a week? Hoping to run at least 3 times a week.

Edit: My concern is that the soreness after legs day won’t allow me to run at my maximum in which case does that mean I’m not really training my running?

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Overdoing it vs not used to it

This week I started bike interval training 3x a week on top of my usual activity, which brings me into training 2x a day some days. I’ve noticed this week that I’ve been sleeping much more, and now on the Friday I’m pretty burnt out. My performance outside of the intervals was poor (squash). How do I know if I’m overdoing things or I’m just not used to them? I’ve never done bike work before. Body weight has stayed constant.

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To what degree can I replace squats?

I do the PHUL workout from the wiki mostly, but my main focus is my cardio and mma training. I don’t care about reaching arbitrary milestones right now but do believe I need to be stronger. My problem is my back, for years I struggled with squat progression due to back and knee pain that I thought was normal, but now will be seeking doctors help with. The pain gets so intense some days I can’t do more than two reps without falling inward regardless of the weight.

Current ideas are switching to a Deadlift in it’s place for 4×10, or continuing 3×5 on a hack squat machine. All advice welcome, thanks.

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I’m hoping to hear a few opinions on protein intake. Do any of you have a good “rule of thumb”/formula for maintenance vs gains?

I’m a female in her late 30’s and am in pretty good shape. I run 4-5x/week, but would like to add a little muscle to my frame over the next 6-8 months. My goal is to feel stronger and have a little more definition, not to drastically change my body (or give up running 😋).

Because I run I’ve always paid more attention to carb intake and less attention to protein intake. I’m confident I can figure out what works for my body as I start lifting, but in the meantime I would be grateful for any insight you folks may have about what has/hasn’t worked for you.


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Is it bad to eat less calories than your BMR?

My BMR is around 1900 and I eat around 1500 clean calories a day. I am trying to lose weight, but also it’s hard for me to eat more than that while eating clean. I was told eating so many fewer calories than my BMR would make my body enter starvation mode and be bad for me long term and actually make my body hold on to the fat. Is there any truth to needing to eat at least your BMR in calories every day?

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Obese man needs push up advice

So im a 23 yo male I’m 5/11 330 lbs I’m want star working out but I can’t seem to do a knee push up or lunges what could I do to help strengthen my weakness ?my workout consists of
20 bodyweight squats.

10 push ups.

20 walking lunges – 10 each leg.

10 dumbbell rows (using a gallon milk jug or another weight)

15 second plank.

30 jumping jacks

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Am I doing too much lower body volume?

About me: 27 F 5’6 155lbs (used to be 260lbs)

Typical lower body routine for me right now would be

My warm up is generally the same
20 minute 2 mile run
20 banded glute brides
20 banded kickbacks
20 banded hip abductions
20 body weight pause squats w/ 10 second pulse at bottom


Sumo Deadlifts
100lbs x 12 reps
165lbs x 10 reps
180lbs x 4
Then I reverse
180lbs x 4
165lbs x 10
100lbs x 12

Static barbell lunges (55lbs)
12 reps per leg x 4
Superset with dumbbell RDL’s (80lbs)
15 x 4

Barbell Hip Thrusts (165lbs) w/ hip circle
6 x 5

Goblet Squat (60lbs)
10 x 4

Heel Elevated Cable Squat w/ Cable RDL complex (65lbs)
12 x 4
Superset with Cable Glute Pull-through (40lbs)
15 x 4


Low Bar Back Squat (155lbs)
5 x 5

Sumo Deadlift (165lbs)
10 x 3
Superset with single leg RDL (25lb plate)
10 x 4 ( I’m working on my balance)

Hack Squats (110lbs)
12 x 4

Plie dumbbell squat with RDL complex (70lbs)
12 x 4

Single-leg leg press (80lbs)
10 reps per leg x 4
Superset with narrow stance leg press (180lbs)
10 x 3

Adduction Machine (145lbs)
12 x 4


I do something very similar to Monday except Sometimes I swap out the cable RDL’s for Lying Hamstring Curls (60lbs) 10 x4
And sometimes I’ll throw in some cable standing abductions

My whole thing is, my lower body is almost always sore. I live in a damn near constant state of DOMS. As soon as they start to dissipate I go and wreck my legs again. I’m trying to gain some muscle while also trying to lose body fat. My legs are not shredded but I was obese my entire life so I’ve got pretty sizable legs and glutes.

Do you think it’s because I’m doing too much volume? Is it because I’m not recovering enough? Is it a caloric intake issue (seeing how I’m eating at a deficit)?

What’s your take on things?

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How should I schedule for the gym for the first time?

I’m 18 and I’m getting a gym membership for the first time and I need help on managing time for it.

Here’s my schedule:
School: 7:40am-2:20pm, Mon-Fri

Work: 4pm-9pm, Mon- Thur.
Sat 12pm-8pm

The only days I have off are Friday and Sunday. I want to have a consistent schedule and I was thinking of working out in the afternoon on Friday and the mornings on Saturday and Sunday.

Any advice on what I should do?

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Newcomer here, with a question

By no means an I a fitness freak, I rarely hit the gym but I do push ups and sit ups at home. I did some looking into online and you lift approx 64% of your body weight with each, which for me would be about the weight of a standard toilet. I routinely deal with toilets, generators, lumber, and appliances at work but while theyre not much of an issue to lift or move around for me, but when compared to push ups they seem harder. For example I wouldn’t equate lifting a whole one piece Kohler toilet to one push up. Can someone tell me why?

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When to switch from 5×5?

When should I drop from 5×5 to say 5×3 or 3×3 or whatever? I’m really working my bench up at the moment, I’m interested in overall strength but at the moment I’ve been having a really good time benching and I want to see how far the wave can carry me. I did 5×5 on bench from about 135lb->190lb though after 180lb so 185 and 190lb I’ve been failing the last two sets and getting between 3 and 4 reps. Even after a deload and returning to those weights i still missed the last two sets. Is it worth trying to deload again or should I drop volume to 5×3 or 3×3? If I drop to
That I would likely supplement with one or two more sets of bench of higher volume at a much lighter weight… so like 3×3 then 2×12 at a lower weight

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Need ideas for a quick superset lift routine.

I am about to start lifting again after a long hiatus but this time around I only have 45 minutes **max** early in the morning to train so it needs to be quick. The only thing I can think of is complexes and super sets, this will be 3 times per week. I am 30M 215lbs 5′ 7″ going for fat loss. I will be eating ~ 2000 calories on lifting days and cutting back to about 1200 on off days.

I was thinking about doing a PPL scheme along the lines of

– bench press + tricep extensions
– OHP + lateral raises
– burpees

– chin ups + DB bicep curls
– DB rows + shrugs
– burpees

– squats + leg raises
– calf raises + planks

This is really all I can think of with my equipment at home and the time constraint. All I have is a power cage, Olympic weights, non adjustable bench, and some standard dumbells.

I was also thinking about doing a whole body scheme and just alternating between these two workouts

– bench press + DB row
– squat

– OHP + chin ups
– deadlift

Any ideas?

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Is there any exercise that I can be obsessive about without injuring myself?

I love lifting weights out but that’s basically limited to 5 days a week and then my body is shot to do anything else and if I don’t rest and recover. I’m dealing with some pretty significant depression and excercise helps alot but the effect is pretty localized. I feel great for an hour after and then bleh. I have a lot of weight to lose and a lot of free time so I’d love to excercise excessively if I could. Only thing I can think of is swimming, but that I’m sure still has a decent strain on your tendons/ligaments even though its less than say, running.

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Squatting after 4 month break

How often would you recommend I increase the weight for squatting after a 4 month long break? I was able to do 315 for 3 reps to parallel when I stopped due to a bit of lumbar pain. My form was good except at the bottom of the lift where I let my butt sink in a bit. I suspect this is the reason for my lower back pain. Should I try adding 5-10 pounds every week or increase the weight slower and really emphasize proper form?

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Questions about running and muscle growth

I train mma about three times a week which includes workouts comprised of using body weight, (lunges pushups etc.) and it’s very intense and if I’m not training a particular day I’ll go on a run typically about 5-8 miles. Is running enough to build muscles in my legs along with the training or should I do weight training along with to actually see strength progress?

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Would it be a good idea to cycle (low weight + high rep) to (high weight + low rep) to increasing my max?

I’m currently doing PPL split with 5×5 on compound lifts. Basically I’m at a point where I can no longer increase the weight i’m lifting. Would it be a good idea to cycle the weight I lift before trying to increase my “max” weight for reps?


5 x 8 @ 60% day 1

5 x 7 @ 80% day 2

5 x 6 @ 90% day 3

5 x 5 @ 100% day 4

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During extreme cut, is weightlifting a waste of time?

First – I know an extreme cut is not preferred or recommended. Reminding/informing about this isn’t necessary.

I’m currently in the process of an extreme cut whereby I’m keeping under 1000cals/day. I’m also running 4+ miles 3-4 times each week. Essentially, I’m seeking to drop lbs as quickly as possible with a goal of shedding 20lbs within about 6-7 weeks.

My question is related to lifting. Is there any benefit to be had by weightlifting during this time given the lack of average protein intake ?

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Advice on how to grow the centre in between the pectorals?

I’ve found that over time the outsides of my pecs are growing, however the inner sides of my pecs just seem to cave in giving me a flat chest look from the front but a decently sized chest from the side. I have no weird insertions or any surgery done in that area so I’m a bit stuck on what to do

On my push day I do :

Bench press

Incline dumbbell

Pec fly/ lat raise SS

Shoulder press

Tricep pushdown/lat raise SS

Skull crushers

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Is HIIT good for your body?

I do lifting 6 days a week.

I’ve read so many articles that one should do HIIT at least once a week because of many benefits.

If my goal is to stay lean, better endurance, reduce aging, a better CNS, and similar kind of things, should I do HIIT at least once a week also or does lifting take care of everything?

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How should I spread my 3x weekly full body workout to 5x weekly to save time?

I started doing a basic full body workout regimen last summer and it has been working very well for me. Each of the 3 workouts lasts 40-60 minutes. Due to time constraints, I would like to split this into 5 days (M-F instead of MWF).

Workout 1:

Deadlift (4 sets 5 reps)

Chinup (4 sets 5 reps, to failure on last set)

Dumbbell Floor Press (4 sets 8 reps)

Reverse Lung (3 sets 8 reps)


Workout 2:

Bulgarian Split Squat (4 sets 6 reps/leg)

Bench Press (4 sets 5 reps)

Dumbbell Row (4 sets 6 reps/arm, reduce weight by 20% and do 20 reps on last set)

Feet Elevated Side Plank (3 20 second reps)


Workout 3:

Front Squat (4 sets 5 reps)

Inverted Row (4 sets 8 reps)

Single Leg Hip Thrust (4 sets 8 reps/leg)

Pushups (3 sets to failure)


What is the best way to split this into 5 30-40 min workouts?


P.S. I got this workout from here: [](

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What do you do when you’re ill?

As title asks; i have had a cold these past few days, and haven’t really gotten much sleep, so decided to skip my two scheduled ‘gym days’ to rest.

Other perhaps relevant info:

I’m 19M, 177 cm, ~75 kg, aiming for strength building

I only started going about a month ago (was doing bodyweight exercises at home for ~8 months, 1 month break split up in 2, 3-4 times a week before joining the gym); currently doing 5×5, 4 times a week for about an hour, and want to keep to that schedule. I have managed to at least double my starting weight, so am quite happy with my progress so far.

Also, any other tips appreciated! Thanks.

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Accessories suffering on PPL?

Hey All,

Recently swapped my 4 day split (chest and arms, back, shoulders, legs) and moved over to 6 day PPL. Only a week in but I’ve noticed my accessory lifts are suffering significantly.

On pull day my biceps are already pretty fried before moving on to curls… On my prior split I was hitting chest and arms on the same day so while I was pretty beat at the end of a session my biceps were still fresh enough to knock out 3×10 hammer curls at 35 lbs… Now I’m killing myself to hit 4×8 @ 30 lbs.

Push day seems to do much the same to my shoulder accessories, my shoulders are just zapped by the time I get to lateral raises. Used to hit front raises 3×11 @ 20 lbs followed by lateral raises 3×11 @ 15 lbs and now I’m dying trying to get 3×15 @ 12 lbs – to the point I’m consider moving to 10 lbs next session… and that’s omitting the front raises!

Anybody with a similar experience?

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Am I not consuming enough calories ?

Previously I’d posted about stagnating at 256~ pounds. Got some advice and now I’ve been stuck around 5’10, 244-246 the past 3-4 weeks.

Typically heres my macros:

Cals: 1850-2200
Protein: 160g
Carbs: 150-175g
Fats: 60-78g
Fiber: 28-35g
Sugar: Below 30g added (I dont usually consume more than 2 pieces of fruit a day)

Heres where I may be going overboard… My average calories burned on my apple watch the last 3 weeks is about 1900~ per day (I also decided to run basically a half marathon last Saturday to see how far I could push on the treadmill)

I do switch up my cardio routine. I usually do varying times of intervals at varying speeds and inclines, elliptical, stair machine etc. I know your body can adjust to a routine fairly quickly.

Cardio:(Typically 45 mins – 1.15 hours a day) About 800-1000 cals burned a day almost

I spend about 30-40 minutes after cardio using weight machines and now I’ve been adding free weights and some lifting. Usually my watch shows around 400-600 calories burned depending on if I’m pushing weights (Other exercise mode) 8-12 reps per set. More if I’m just doing endurance and not incrementing weights by about 5- pounds per week.

I go 6-7 days a week. If I have an off day, it’s usually just me doing light cardio to hit my move goal of around 1k~ cals burned.

Any help is appreciated and thank you all so far for the tips I’ve gotten from this subreddit

My goal is about 210-220

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Steady decline in running and cardio endurance

I’m not sure if this is the proper place to post this but for the past few weeks/months I’ve been noticing a steady decline in my cardiovascular endurance. I’ve continued exercising regularly and I’ve been doing my normal routine but I haven’t been able to increase intensity recently because if this. It’s even gotten to where I’ve had to reduce my routine because of this. The only changes in the past few months is that I’ve started drinking coffee more regularly (~2 cups on weekdays) and I got a full time job (just graduated). Does anyone have any advice? I also drink ~32 oz of water throughout the day before the gym, more after.

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Hypoglycemia Post Lifting

My current routine is weightlifting 4 days a week (5/3/1) and I’m also on a cut so I do intermittent fasting as well. I fast until 5pm which is when I eat a banana and take 150mg of caffeine. I then workout around 515 or 530. I feel great during my workout and have been having better workouts than when I was working out completely fasted. After my workout I drink a 30g whey protein shake then I’ll walk outside or on the treadmill to reach my 12,000 steps for the day if I’m short (I usually am).

The problem is that once I’m halfway through my walking I start to get hypoglycemic and feel weak and really hungry. Usually by the time I’m finished and I’ve driven 20 mins to get home I feel completely fine and it has passed. The hypoglycemia doesn’t happen when I workout fasted but I don’t feel nearly as strong and I know fasted weightlifting will burn thru muscle. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Cardio during cutting: Frequency vs Total Time

Didn’t see this specifically addressed in the wiki 101 or FAQ so I’m giving this a shot as a thread.


I’m currently cutting and trying to plan how to best incorporate cardio. The question itself is simple: Am I better off doing many cardio sessions per week of low total “volume” (minutes, basically) or one or two higher “volume” sessions? Pretend that both scenarios I spend the same number of minutes actually doing cardio.

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Rant Wednesday

Welcome to Rant Wednesday: It’s your time to let your gym/fitness/nutrition related frustrations out!

There is no guiding question to help stir up some rage-feels, feel free to fire at will, ranting about anything and everything that’s been pissing you off or getting on your nerves!

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Question about calories

I started lifting about 1 year ago, but didnt take nutrition very seriously until recently. Since then, I’ve been consistently hitting my 45/25/30 carb/fat/protein macros and have had dramatically noticeable gains – much better than the time that I was not minding my diet. I am successfully eating at maintenance.

My question is, will the gains stop if I continue to eat at maintenance? I am 6’4″, 215 lbs. I have never looked or felt as good in my life, and have plenty of body comp to turn into muscle. I’m not interested in gaining much more weight if I can’t guarantee it’s lean mass. I went through a skinnyfat phase 6 years ago that left me a blob at 230 lbs.

Should I continue at maintenance until I plateau and then re-evaluate?

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What is the most accurate way to count calories burned via stationary bike? Calculators are all over the place.

I’ll preface by saying I know that calorie burning calculators are ALL rough estimates, and that many of them substantially overestimate the numbers. But what I can’t figure out is why my stationary bike seems to produce numbers that are so different vs. online calculators, when using the same stats. I’d expect some variance based on different algorithms, but should it be THIS different? Which is more realistic?


Here’s a comparison between the reading on my bike vs. 4 different online calculators: [](

The range is 221 – 358.


My bike is lower than the most conservative online calculator by ~100. And even more confusing, I can’t figure out how exactly that number has been calculated, as none of the calculators have produced a similar number. When basing strictly off of average BPM the number comes out highest (358 – as shown at bottom right).


Is there any method that’s proven to be the least inaccurate? I know there are a ton of variables involved, so an exact number isn’t possible – but when input the same stats, shouldn’t calculators return the same result?

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Who’s the best type of specialist to see for general aches/pains and postural issues?

Osteos, physios, PRI, FRC etc. etc.

Who is the best type of person to go to for general discomfort (shoulder, mid-back and hip)?

Someone who can give you work to do that acts as a long term solution based on their assessment of you? Not just a ‘feel good and then your body resets a few days later so you have to spend more £££’ type.


P.S. I’m based in the UK.

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Deadlift programming for a novice lifter.

Why is the deadlift programmed in beginner programed for a 1×5? I’m just curious because usually this is a max effort set with about 85-90% of my max and this causes some slight lumbar rounding around my 4th and 5th reps. I was just wondering would there be a significant difference is swapping with a 3×5 with a lesser percentage probable 65-70% to enforce proper form with technique as opposed to a max effort 10 rpe set of 5.

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Bicep Tendon Insertion-How to get “bigger” biceps

The general consensus is that the bicep tendon insertion (whether it be high or low, short or long) is genetic. Generally, short bicep heads look “better” and bigger because of the higher peak.

However, I’ve noticed my bicep head and “peak” has grown higher over the years. Oddly enough, I found that the trick is to not go full range of motion, so that there’s more tension in the upper bicep head.

Training at an early age is more noticeable in long term development. (i.e. children who swim at an early age generally have more dense muscles due to the water pressure against the muscles during training).

What are your thoughts on training at an early age affecting where the bicep tendon insertion will be?

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What should I do when I was “corrected” be an “experienced” gym member?

I (24 m, 1.67m, 72kg) was doing squats (90lbs) and was approached by one of the “muscle man” in the gym to

1. face the mirror instead of [facing backwards ]( doing my squats

2. I should let the bar rest higher up on my neck area instead of letting it rest on the lower part (around the shoulder blade part)

I just have a squeeze a smile and thank him for the tips, what could I have done otherwise in that scenario?

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How do I workout in the morning on an empty stomach without passing out?

I’m 32/F training in preparation for my wedding in June. I do about 45-60 minutes of cardio every day split over two sessions, and weightlifting three days a week. I’m trying to lose weight, so I’ve been finding ways to cut calories.

I wake up at 5 am to workout. I used to have a smoothie and then workout, but I realized on a supremely busy morning last week that I can wait until about 10 am to eat breakfast. I’m honestly less hungry during the day if I don’t eat breakfast. Most of my morning workouts have been fine, but this morning, my hands were shaking and I was getting light headed toward the end of my workout. I’ve been drinking a swig of OJ before my workouts, but that clearly wasn’t enough today. So – what can I do to avoid a blood sugar drop during a fasted workout?

Thank you in advance!

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Meal prep recipes

Hello, I’m looking for high calorie recipes to gain weight. I was thinking of doing a delivery service to save me the hassle but they’re so expensive (Los Angeles area). So I’m hoping to save much more money in prepping. If someone can direct me to a website I can follow (or if you have the time, list me different recipes lol..) that would be awesome.

The things about me are: I have a nut allergy (peanuts, tree nuts, etc.), seafood allergy (yes.. all seafood), and slight egg yolk allergy (not allergic to egg whites, and if it’s scrambled I can only eat about half of 1 full egg before feeling an allergy).

So I find it very difficult to find high calorie/high protein meals with all my allergies.. If maybe a website had an option to add my allergies and then generate meals, that’d be perfect.

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