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  1. You're a real g! Thank you for sharing the truth instead of saying things that any other 'fitness' video would say. I'm so grateful I found your channel through Leyla😊😊

  2. So, informative and truthful. I did the "No Junk Food Challenge" and did very little cardio and lost 20lbs in one month, needless to say when I fell off the wagon it came back and more. Thanks for being so honest. Although, I want to lose weight quickly and fast like you said being consistent and dedicated is the key and the goal will eventually be reached. Thank you!!

  3. Honestly i been trying to lose weight and have always given up and now i have lost a lot of weight but i was about to give up until i watched your video.. i will keep working on it and be consistant to get all the fat off .Thanks for your honesty !

  4. I would love to know your workout routine for when you started becoming healthy at an over weight level and then throughout to when you lost your belly fat and after

  5. Hey! This video is great and very straightforward. Are you a personal trainer/fitness professional? How did you learn all of this? I'm not trying to criticize, I am just interested if you have a degree with this or learned from experience. And a dietary/nutritional plan or ideas video would be great!

  6. I agree with everything you said. One thing that hurts me the most is when people expect to loose weight super fast. I used to have that mind set cause i was sooo disconnected with my body and was only thinking about what this body of mine can give Me instead thinking and realizing that this body is part of me, part of my life, my friend…. once i changed my mind set and started listening to my body and treat it with respect and honor Everything changed, my body, my energy, the way i feel and so much more. I wake up everyday and remind myself that i should expect Nothing from my body yet give it Everything that it needs. This is how i manage to lose almost 40 pounds of Fat and keep my muscles strong and keep my body in control. Anyway love your channel, keep going!

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