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  1. A bit confused as there was no Chaturanga dandasana in the vid, are these just poses to help do the pose? When I look online, everything points to Chaturanga dandasana being the plank pose (from one site: The name is derived from the Sanskrit, chatur, meaning "four," anga, meaning "limb," danda, meaning "staff," and asana, meaning "pose.")
    So confused haha 😉

  2. That pushing through is bad for shoulders. If all those wonderful alignment cues aren't followed it's much safer to touch pelvis down first and keep shoulders above elbows the whole time, so lowering only half way down with elbows in.

  3. Hi Adriene, can you please do a video that explains how to transition from down dog, to Chaturanga to up dog and back to down dog. This is a common flow for you but I can't seem to do it. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the great video. I could not go low as my shins started to burn. I know it's not a deep squat but was looking more like a high chair pose and a chair one.

  5. Awesome! Now I can see my elbows in 90 degree angle that you’re supposed to have while doing chaturanga. I’ve been practicing for years but half push-up was my weakness. I figured I can never do it – ever. Well, I don’t know if I can, but at least I won’t Injure myself anymore. The variation is good enough! Im at this point In my life that I’m over headstands and crazy poses. I’m older hehe. Thank you for this tutorial.

  6. This is the first video of yours I ever did Adriene, a couple of years ago. Always used and loved Psychetruth (I still do), but I wanted to improve my Chaturanga so I searched and found this, which lead me on to Knees Chest Chin, which is probably my favourite pose to do, and then YouTube started suggesting more of your videos from there and here I am now having practiced with you almost every day for over a year, and back to this video again because I'm following the November calendar. So nice to revisit my roots in every way

  7. Adrienne, I am having a real crisis of confidence with my chaturanga . This really helped and I will practice every day. This is not ego just wanting not to hurt myself. Thank you xxx

  8. does anyone know if keeping your arms+elbows align with your core (as oppose to letting them fling out) get more doable with practice and strengthening? I find that when I'm doing the push up movements, I physically can't keep them in as much as adriene does. thanks!

  9. Hi Adriene. thank you for instructions, I am trying to do this practice but the problem is I can't crease my hands when lowering down. How can I improve that?

  10. Hi, This demonstration is exactly what I need to learn the pose, great help, but as much as I try, why do I feel that I just want to fall flat on my face?

  11. Adriene, when I get my chest and chin on the ground – I end up too forward and the pull through is awkward. How do I fix this? The rest of my set up is properly aligned…how do I get my body to flow easily into baby cobra? Thank you! You're awesome possum!

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