23 Replies to “Three People Share What Life is Like After Weight Loss | My 600 lb Life”

  1. the problem with being large is that the human body was never design to carry soo much weight and neither the blood vessels and arteries sure it may not harm you now but it will sooner than it should

  2. ts sad to see people try and corver up the fact that they've given up and say that the should be accepted for who they are despite being told the risks these people have gut grit and determination yes its ok to be happy with your body but not to the extent that you start imagining your self as he man and that its beauty, its not its stressful, embarrassing and most unfortunate of all self destroying and there's no one else to blame but yourself and i'm aware their are those with medical and physical problems, however even they are able to control themselves for example Steven hawking's was had moton neuron disease and was still in good health so theirs no real excuse and if you suffer from injuries eat less and don't go overboard and become anorexic

  3. #2 – She should encourage the kids to eat healthy too. You don't give things up being a mom – FIND NEW THINGS!!!
    Myself? I've been the healthiest ever since becoming a mother because I want my children to live a long, and high quality life. 💜


  4. Why do you have to only feel your kids grilled cheeses and chicken nuggets tho…kids should be eating healthy from birth so they don’t end up obese. It’s a circle and it starts young!

  5. I was just talking about this lady! The first one. I'm so, so happy to hear she's not with that asshole anymore. I couldn't believe how he was treating her. Going through a fast food drive-thru after picking her up from the hospital after her surgery and eating it in front of her…what a bastard.

  6. The last guy, he's doing so well and has a very positive attitude. The second lady, I think she should have worked and her husband care for the kids. Clearly being around food all day is not good for her, but using kids as an excuse for overeating is exactly that, an excuse

  7. So when most people get together there not really in love the truth. The pressure to getting married is incredible.

    Do people just want security real quick

    So the answer for her is she needs to love herself before doing all these things

  8. So she just said she’s insecure and low confidence she said exactly what I said to everyone else using different words though see the story is now coming together his love with her is most likely incomplete

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