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  1. As yet, I have no opinion on "Super Brain Yoga". However, I do have a problem when people put India forth as some kind of example for the rest of the world to follow. I've lived there. By and large it's nasty. The parts that are tolerable are those areas where India has embraced modernity.

    Look at the cultures created by various belief systems and ask yourself if THIS is what you want to "manifest".

  2. This is the punishment we used to get from our teachers in our class in schools when we showed lack interest in our studies. Also our teacher used to press our ear lobes when we did not pay attention to the subject he used to teach. Also clapping is another good Yoga posture, which we Hindus regularly do when performing pooja (worshiping).

  3. LOL now I realized why I got punished this way in school. This was popular punishment in Indian school those days whenever a student was not able to answer the subject.
    Chalo Kan Pakad kar Uthak Baithak Lagao!

  4. This is what we know pleases Ganesha, so i always do 11 of these whenever i visit or see a Ganesha instance… funny many many millions in India do this routinely everyday when they are in the temples and espeically for Ganesh Navratri…Good to understand the science behind this…

  5. That is nothing but propaganda at the beginning. India i as corrupt morally as it claims the west is with its caste system. class and racism…every form of divisive thought and social institutio exists in India. You better clean your own house before goint out to treach the rest of the world how to clean. In fact, India is know for its public filth! Wake up out your delusons…

  6. No words to say!! By watching this video i am speechless, however, still many things are there to rediscover in hindu relegion !! I am so proud about my religion. My respect towards our ancestors are increased. Om murugha !! Om namo narayanaya!! Hail india !! Hail Hinduism !!

  7. Hi All,
    In India we have been doing for generations and also in front of Lord Ganesh we do every day while praying. FYI  Laord Ganesh in Knowledge of God. Our Great Saints invented many centuries ago.

  8. Its a theft from India. Stolen Indian way of praying God Ganesha. Its called Thopukaranam in Tamil. Shame on you to steal this and proclaim as if you have invented. Nevertheless all Whites does the same and make it as a business.

  9. Its true that stretching ear lobes increases ur memory.Thats why in indian culture, ppl used to wear heavy earrings. one more exercise murgasana(head is bowed down with hips upwards n ears lobs r stretched with hands coming from backside of legs) which our teachers used to punish us.it also increases ur brain power,concentration,memory etc.there r much more things to discover in Indian culture.

  10. This is called Pillaiyar Toepukaranam in Tamil .The Tamil hindus do this yoga before Lord Ganesha  the lord of Buddhi.  This yoga activates the  interlectual or discrimination  of ones  thought speech and action. In brain anatomy is called Hypocampus  Major

  11. Dr. Eric Robins is a Intellectual property thief. He stole an idea from India and packaged it as his own. Thousands of such ideas have been stolen from India with giving it due credit.

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  13. Well, Whitey will attempt to patent everything, which basically is a euphemism for stealing other people's knowledge and discoveries. In the case of India, the West has stolen everything and claimed it as their own. Thousands of Albino fuckrag Whitey asshoels have authored tomes whose knowledge is stolen directly from the Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, etc. and claimed it as their own. If India grows up, the first thing they'll do is nuke England and AmeriKKKa.

  14. also in India nurunnahar chowdhury. earlier a punishment was supposed to stop repeating a mistake… NOT by fear but by improving brain 🙂 get the point. Is it still funny?

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