1. I would chose your channel over all the others, your genuine and don't put on a fake perfect person, be yourself because that's what we love about you and your family ❤️

  2. Hi Michele! My aunt and I love your videos so much; they always bring a smile to our faces! We see you have pictures of a cat in your house; do you have a cat and if so can you tell us more about him/her? Keep it up with the awesome videos!

  3. I found your channel during vlogmas and I'm hooked! ✨ 💞✨ I've been binge watching your videos ever since. ✨✨✨I've raised chickens, turkeys ,ducks and goats for years.🐔🐐 I absolutely love ducks! Edith reminds me of my muscovy duck, her name was Chloe. I love seeing all of your little critters. 🌿🐾🌱Hello from North Carolina!!💃🇺🇸

  4. I Watch your channel Michele because you are a lovely woman with a heart of goodness and Light and I hope you never change how you are right now . You and Bruce make me smile every time I watch you .

  5. Hi there! Enjoyed your video! It’s not relatable (to me at least) to watch someone in full makeup cleaning a house that’s already clean. It’s actually annoying:)
    Hope you don’t mind me suggesting something. I ordered a portion control divider on amazon. Really helps. Also, I too am a juice lover but do not like all the calories so I mix the juice with sparkling water or just plain water. Helps with water intake:) keep doing what you’re doing! You got this!

  6. Michele, way to go! You are helping in motivating me too. I love to cook and eat and it is hard sometimes but cooking new things new ways will be alot of fun for me also. You are just great! I just have to watch you guys everyday.—————Tressa Daigle

  7. I use the MyFitnessPal app and I love it. You can even use your phone to scan bar codes and then all the info is right on the screen! You're doing great girl, you got a fire in ya!!

  8. OH Just LOVE your crazy family!!!! We are ALL here because we LOVE you for being you, DON'T EVERY CHANGE!!!! Wish I could be there to walk with you…..keep up the good work!!!!😊🙃😁

  9. You are a piece of work Michele, a beautiful piece of work. Good luck with your new lifestyle…..You are real that is why I come here…like visiting a neighbor or close friend…..You have a warm loving family…Bruce is a character, Nate is gentle and loving.

  10. Wow, dinner looked so good! I just loved this video, you & Bruce are crazy!! I'm like you, I like to write everything down, it let's me see if I'm eating too much & what I need to stay away from. I'm right there with you on your weight loss journey. It's hard, but we can do it!
    Hugs & love from Virginia ❤

  11. Don't ever put yourself down, Michelle. You're authentic, kind, and you love to laugh. Your family keeps it REAL, and that's what most of us can identify with. I'm also enjoying getting ideas from you for some different meal combos—that steak dinner looked so appealing AND healthy. Had a question for you, do you weigh yourself daily or weekly?

  12. Love watching. you always make me laugh. your channel is uplifting and you are a classy chick! Down to Earth for real!!!!Are you still gonna get a dish washer? Itd save time….

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