29 Replies to “BURNING LOWER BELLY FAT! #askDave”

  1. I had two kids as soon as I got off the higher dose/stronger stuff….took a few years but I finally started test again on my own. Albeit externally low. At any rate…. Congrats Dave! Good luck brother!

  2. i am not really into roids so ur saying i dont have to do a PCT after cycling and u can wait for 4 to 6 weeks we low test levels, so it after the period it restores its levels and functions back normally?

  3. Hey is shipping literally like $100 bucks to ship the growth hormone? why is that? Its just an extra markup for the kit, or is there a special shipping procedure for the stuff? If its just a markup, i feel you should just put that in the cost of the kit, and have normal shipping charges… Something feels weird when the cost of shipping is pretty much the same as the cost of the testing kit…

  4. If people stopped listening to bodybuilders maybe they wouldn't do crazy 30 set chest workouts, 1 hour cardios and empty their wallets of useless supplements

  5. Dave don’t you know according to the nut job left ..sex of the child is determined by you and your lovely wife …oh yes and the baby to we the baby can say goo goo ..da da ..

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