49 Replies to “Bikini Fitness +168cm 2013 IFBB European Championships Santa Susanna”

  1. Хохлушку запороли. Но она самая классная была из всех. Переигрывала правда слеганца, но реально самая сухая, самая худая. Жилистая. Отличное тело. Лицо кстати непонятно какое, столько косметики- это жесть.

  2. "Fitness" should be honest and ban implants. These women get so lean they become flat chested. It's fact, no need to make up those bumps with plastic. Would they allow butt implants? Calve implants? No.

  3. If one or two of those girls would knock on my bedroom dor I would show mercy and let her/them in. They all look beautiful, artificial breasts or not. The only thing  they could quit is that silly grinning.

  4. Fake tits haters are so righteous!!  It's there way or nothing. You never see fake tits Lovers make comments on flat chested women. We never say. Oh if she had boobs she would be perfect. 

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