39 Replies to “How to Flatten Your Belly in 10 Days”

  1. Dr oz, you’re Turkish, you know that having a small breakfast for Turks is almost impossible, also having low salt is also impossible for Turks, out borek, corba, even our drinks, like Aryan, have so much salt

  2. Im sorry but I like to have a small (two bite) size pc of candy almost everyday round 2:30pm when I am at work, chocolate of course and I am NOT going to deny myself that. There has got to be other ways cause all of this is YUCK!! I have lost more weight fast walking for 25-30 minutes a day than this what she is saying.

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  4. Oh yes flatten your body but get cancer while doing it… Chicken = CANCER Beef (including broths) = CANCER, these stupid people are hopeless and oh cococut milk reduces inflammation? sorry it INCREASES it FFS

  5. This is intermittent fasting. Its not an eating disorder its just eating the same amount of food at a different time. J suggest you guys do the 8/16 method. You can eat in an 8 hour window but not eat anything for 16 hours. You can still eat the same calories its just that you body is burning all that food since you aren't eating food spread throughout your day. See once you eat breakfast your stomach starts to burn it but you eat lych again so your not losing weight. Basically just have brunch or skip breakfast and eat dinner later or earlier in relation to when you eat your breakfast.

  6. Can all of you guys shut up saying ShE nEeDs To TrY iT hErSeLf she’s a healthy weight and I, glad she isn’t as skinny as a stick cause that’s just as unhealthy as obesity

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