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  1. This is a MUCH better class for an older beginner than your 30 Days of Yoga. For those of us over 60, who are not flexible at all, this video and your Slow and Gentle and Yoga for Complete Beginners are excellent. You move at a more manageable pace between poses. PLEASE do more videos for seniors who want to work on both balance issues and flexibility. The flexibility increases balance which is so critical for seniors. We want to learn but are not 20 and can't stay cross legged for long periods at first. I do very much appreciated your acknowledging that fact. Can you do a video teaching how to work on getting your thighs down to the ground. Sitting on a pillow helps but I need specific exercises of how to keep my thighs from flying up.
    Thank you for keeping beginners and seniors in mind for your videos!

  2. You are so sweet. I have been practicing yoga for years but not for the past several months due to an injury. This class gave me the space to get back into my body in a safe place. Thank you, namaste

  3. if i could offer some advice please give us time to do the positions, I'm a bbw and I'm a beginner and I found that you were talking too fast and switching to fast , and not enough breath work in between.

  4. Omg was that really 40mins? I’ve just ‘moved up’ from 20mins beginners to this vid, and it feels like nothing! You are so welcoming, it’s great to be following you!

  5. Great together back to basics, to raise self awareness and re explore what is important. Thanks Adriene for the reassurance and checks that make what we do feel good but also her is to individually achieve our best x

  6. Thank you for that last pointer about squeezing the shoulders together to open the chest during the corpse pose. It wasn't meaningful to me until I made that modification with you.

  7. I woke up the next day screaming in agony from pain in my right wrist due to an injury in my right wrist after completing this yoga video. I coudn't move my hand and any movement to my wrist or trying to use my fingers which I wasn't able to do it as the pain was unbearable. I went to the hospital and they informed me that I had put too much pressure on my wrist and had pressured on the nerves causing inflammation and straining it and hence the pain i was feeling. I am on medicines and gel and told not to move my hand rest my wrist but still in extortionate pain. What I am trying to say is please be very careful with regards to how much weight you put on your wrists whilst doing Table top and downward dog in this video. Do not hold the positions for as along as per video and maybe do them standing against a wall initially (table top) until your wrists are stronger. I feel this video does not give the necessary warning so as to ensure an injury similar to mine does not happen. The trainer takes for granted our ability levels and needs to slow beginner videos down. If you read on the positions in a book or search them on the internet they will clearly highlight that any slight mistake in the angle of you wrists whilst performing these positions will result in a severe injury which again is not mentioned in this video. Very disappointing and as a result I suffer a serious injury which as resulted in my staying home and not bein able to use my right hand. Please please read on how to perform positions prior to completing this routine here or any other so as it seems the instructor leaves out these details in her video.

  8. Great video, lots of details on alignment! We have been practicing with this video for a few months and was wondering which of your videos you would recommend next? We have attempted other videos, but the tempo feels daunting 🙂 I love your videos, your energy, and your presence! I really feel that you mean it when you say "I've got you", and it feels soooo good! It feels like your calm and kind way has made yoga possible for me.

  9. Thank you for these. I've never knowingly done a single yoga pose before, but I'm able to follow along and work on my form with your instruction. My cattle dog is also "helping" me as I practice. Keep up the great work!

  10. Hi Adriene, I used to practise yoga for almost a year, and I loved it, I also watched some of your videos(great job by the way!). Then I got hurt-2 disc herniations (protrusion) one in neck level of the spine C5-6 and one in Lumbar spine L5-S1. After 3/4 a year of pain and not being able to move, and rehabilitation I still feel like there should be more I can do.Rehabilitation now taking only one day a week does not seem enough to me… I also want to be strong and feel good! Do you think I can still do your yoga for beginners even with my condition?should I avoid some poses?PS I have this hypermobility syndrom too, which makes it hard to go to public yoga classes because then I am too stretched and it does not help me…:( PS: It was not yoga that hurt me, it was my condition over the years just got worse.

  11. Long time follower of your videos and started with your original yoga for beginners video all those years ago. This was so nice to slow down and mindfully take each movement and adjustment. Felt like a moving meditation at times!! I also needed to be reminded to honour the teacher within. Kia kaha wahine toa, thank you thank you x

  12. Thank you Adrienne enjoyed this you're so ()atient New to yoga; do the 10 minute, then 20 minute sessions but watching your videos brings me to back to the basics (breathing, ()osture, mindfulness & giving thanks in the end) for understanding absolute connectivity Give Benjii a hug for me

  13. First off, I've been doing yoga for 3 or 4 years now (as close to a daily practice as I can get, which varies tremendously from regimented to negligible depending on what's going on in my daily life) and this practice still rocked. It was a great reminder of posture and I did find myself shaking some.

    Secondly, I was dying when Benji came in with his bone. It reminded me so much of my dog doing similar things. Thanks for keeping it real!

  14. Nice class today for reconnecting back to proper body alignment and “yoga clean-ups”. From this class, I learned that it’s better to sweat and welcome fire/heat while we work with that proper body alignment and integrity than to move willy-nilly and not get the best out of our work.

  15. Thank you Adriene. I have been practicing yoga for a few years now and still enjoyed this video for beginners. It was great to slow down and do things more mindfully. Also appreciated the slap to the inner thigh – it worked! – there's always something to learn.

  16. Gotta love when Benji makes an appearance, he is too cute just laying on the mat and all 🙂 Great practice! As someone whom practiced yoga for almost a year this is a great refresher to get back to basics. Felt great! Now to move on with my day!

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