50 Replies to “3 Things BEFORE YOU BUY a Fitness Tracker or GPS Watch”

  1. Rizknows. Had my Vivoactive HR stolen out of my car while it was broke into. In the market for a new watch. I live in Colorado and hike a fair bit. So looking at hiking features along with the option to wear it as a daily watch for smart notifications. Interested in the Gear S3 Frontier, vivoactive 3, suunto core. Any help would or direction would be great

  2. Hi, pls what do you think about the polar A370 watch? I am thinking of getting it from clever training on Amazon. or the Garmin forerunner 35 but I workout mostly at home and I need something that will help me optimize my workout. pls respond

  3. I wasted my money with my tomtom. But now i see your reviews and know more about the different watches there are…i want a garmin 5 plus or a apple watch 4….something dedicated to the workouts running walking jumping rope gym and give the stats to improve…i dont care about cell phone notifications, only have music enable

  4. Garmins break pretty easily, which is pretty ironic, considering that it's a device used for running and related activities that may involve falling. I've had pretty minor mishaps–device falling from the hip height of my 5'5" self–that resulted in the Garmins going kaputt.

  5. I would like a fitness tracker. I want it to count steps, show calories burned, and show heart rate. Sleep info is nice but not a need.

    BUT there is a catch I do not have ( nor do I want ) a smartphone, and I use a chromebook computer so it doesn't play well with other devices.. I need something that is self contained.

    Any suggestions?

  6. Iw there also a watch with heartreate on wrist which you can also connect with a heartrate chest band for full accuracy for full burned calories every day? So you use the wrist monitor during the day and the chest during weightlifting ?

  7. i'm looking for a fitness tracker that have good apps support… i want to get my android notification (sms, calls…) i used to have a first gen moto 360 and was considering getting a samsung gear sport, but i'm worried about tizen's lack of apps and think an android wear device might be better… any idea of a specific model for my needs? i'd like it to track my steps, calories, Heart rate and stairs climbed also

  8. Ive had a $12 fitness tracker for almost 2 years now and it works just as well as the big brands. "Buy big brands" is bullshit advice. The only reason im looking for a new one is to get an hr monitor since my old one doesnt have one. Otherwise it still works fine.

  9. Hey I am a highschool student who cant really spend that much money on a gps watch. The one I am using right now is very old, the Forerunner 110. I run seriously 5 times a week and would like to know if there are any watches around $150 or less that has a good gps system, and has the capability of looking at analytics through the watch (not super detailed analytics just pace for every lap, and other simple stuff)

  10. The fitbit surge is junk… I have had 3 because I love their website but they fall apart very soon. The longest I could get one to last is 2 years. Band problems, touchscreen not responding…Garmin way better quality.

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