21 Replies to “Yoga for Core (and Booty!) – 30 Minute Yoga Practice – Yoga With Adriene”

  1. Thank you Adriene to remind us all the true essence of yoga. I started the session with the intension on working superficially on body part's but you gently reminded me why I do yoga… To connect my mind-body-soul, to show self-love and to gain energy. XO

  2. Adriene, I'm happy that you talked about why we are here today. I came here today because I was learning about S-shaped spines, anterior pelvic tilt, and how core and butt strength help create healthy posture which can help to alleviate back pain. I want a strong body that supports me!

  3. My head got so got during this practise! When it comes to sitting with legs out long I really struggle, I feel a weakness in my body, I feel like I can't sit up straight and i'm leaning back. Is this due to not having enough strength in my core? I would love it if you could do a video focusing on this.

  4. "think of all the ways that a strong core can help you without being toxic" – I have been doing yoga with adriene (nearly) daily for a little of 6 weeks now and yesterday my OBGYN told me "WOW, you have a really firm pelvic floor, you must be doing a lot of sports" which is about the coolest thing I have ever heard and so empowering to hear a doctor who examines dozens of women a day actually be impressed. Thanks, Adriene!

  5. Feel really good after this! Subscribed! Only thing is I don’t feel very sore after the workout, as I find it hard to really engage my core and glutes even through I squeeze and bring my navel in… BUT I did feel my body and breath working! Is it simply because I’m new to yoga or am I doing something wrong since I more feel a general sensation of working out than core and butt in particular? Thank you in advance!

  6. For Day 3 of FOCUS, I choose instead to return to this favourite awesome core strength practice. Glad I had my block ! I especially love those pulses and knee to nose in tabletop. I wanted to go on for more 😂 and finishing with the obliques was perfect. Looking forward to tomorrow’s new video, see you then 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🙏💞

  7. Was so tired, Could not be bothered to get on my mat, reluctantly picked a random video and got this gem! Thank you! I feel so much better for this, and a little more awake and with it. Can't wait to feel the booty burn tomorrow!

  8. Hey Adriene, I loved the reclined twist pose and felt the oblique work, but I have always felt a dangerous amount of tension in my neck and lower back when lifting my chest from a grounded position. I can't do regular crunches or sit-ups because I end up hurting my neck. These poses were better and more constructive but I still felt too much tension to continue. Is this a common problem, and can it be solved through patience and technique?

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