23 Replies to “7 Worst Foods for Weight Loss (AVOID These!!!)”

  1. Good grief man; Lift some frickin weights, my arms were bigger when I was twelve. Seriously I have trouble listening to any heath person who does not lift, we all know the benefits it brings both physically and mentally.
    No offense but get your shit together and don't even bother to tell you lift anything heavier than your glass… Peace – out

  2. Ultrapateurization alters milk at the molecular level and contributes to leaky gut. Raw milk from a sanitary farm is the way to go, if you gave the ability to digest it. I eat ice cream and cheese on occasion every week or two. Seems to me moderation is key, eat tons of raw veggies and fruits, fish or grass fed proteins, eggs. Seed/whole grain-dense bread if you must. I eat maybe a loaf of amazing bread over the course of a month or longer…I know it’s good, because it does not spoil in the fridge over that time. Grapeseed oil. Olive oil.

  3. After there courses of antibiotics for my first attack of inflammation in my joints, in 2016, I developed persistent rosacea on my face. Medical topical ointments were useless. I found the petroleum based Selsun Blue the only only only topical solution. I fasted for a week in May of 2018, went to Italy, walked 1 miles a day and drank gallons of mineral water. Little to no dairy. Veggies, fish. Not even much pasta, a dusting of cheese on occasion. Mineral water….always thirsty. Absolutely restored my gut’s health. Skin cured. I drink a large bottle of San Pelligrino every day now. I think my blood was alkinized and my gut bacteria healed by the minerals.

  4. Thank you for your video. I woukd just like to mention though my son who was dairy intolerant is thriving on raw milk. The milk we buy is from cows roaming free on pesticide free pastures , they are able to receive vitamin D from the sunlight and eat their natural diet. People had been drinking unpasteurised milk for centuries it was only when people moved into the cities they brought cows out of their natural environments and brought them into industrialized warehouses. They didn't get natural sunlight they were in an unnatural environment and fed grains and became stressed and sick with tiberculousis. Rather than taking the animals back to their natural environments and the food their guts were designed for they began pastursing the milk. Killing all the good bacteria. Raw milk will never go off it just cultures into clabber milk, sour cream and yoghurt giving more and more beneficial bacteria. Good bacteria in the gut is what helps inflamation as you know .It is a power house of vitamins and minerals. If you leave pasturised milk out it goes rancid as the bad bacteria multiplies. The animals are living in stressful environments living on GM soy and grains given antibiotics to mask their illnesses. No wonder the rubbish that is coming out of them is causing 70% of the population to become intolerant . Also there are many passages in the bible that tell us using milk. Jesus ate curds also which came from the milk when it cultures . If you leave it for a few days it turns to curds and whey took superb health benefits to the body.

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