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  1. How is the quality of answering a phone call with the jay bird run, x3’s, x4’s, freedoms and Torah’s? Is it clear hearing the person who your talking to on the phone? Can they hear you well? Is it a product I can completely replace my standard ear phones that comes with my iPhone X? Looking forward to your thoughts.

  2. I would like you to review the plantronic backbeat fit 3100…. my first pair of JB run got ruined after a 1/2marathon. JB sent me a new set and I like them, but Im not using them for running. For training Im using the original BB FIT and I dont know if the BBFIT 3100 is as resistant.

  3. Hi. Just stumbled onto your channel. Great info. I just purchased the RUN after purchasing the EarPods for my wife. I liked the EarPods sound but not secure enough in my ear for my type of use. I debated between the jay bird and Bose. Bose was pricier and also bulkier. Great product and my first with jay bird (I’ve had yurbuds and Jbl in the past). Great fit and sound. Very happy. Just a note: the phone function is only audible in the right earbud. Evidently designed that way. A bit peculiar but understand the intent.

  4. @Rizknows – I have the Jaybird freedom and had some issues so I got a warranty set sent to me. Sold those and got these Jaybird Run. They are pretty good, but I noticed that both the Freedom and the Runs have a similar "Issue" or "feature". Every time I look over my left shoulder (sometimes its just slightly left) they pause or "glitch?". This does not happen when I look over my right shoulder at all (Ever). Is this a bluetooth connection issue or is this a safety feature for Runners who are looking over their left shoulder to hear traffic? Would love to turn it off if possible. Dont know if I can deal with the constant cutting out. Thank you in advance!

  5. only problem I have had out the box the left earbud did not charge after use, had to exchange them today. will update in a few days and see if I just got a bad set.

  6. Had mine for just about 6months and It doesn't connect anymore neither does it pair to both my iOS and Android phones. Mind you I only use this for workouts. Do not buy this product please.

    I have also contacted Jaybird regarding this problem and they gave me a few tips but nothing works. If I'm lucky to get it connected after the 20th try, It connects and just drops off and stops connecting again.

    Product was good in the beginning but in 6 months I can't trust anything Jaybird longer.


  7. My findings: With the ear buds in the charger box with the lid shut and the buds turned off they will connect to the BT on my iphone and so when I am in my house and the HP charging the darn things will connect and so Siri will not work and I cant hear phone conv because they are connected to my phone unless I disconnect BT manually.

    Also they DO have track management by pressing the button twice and three times etc. Single press pauses. I can't remember which side button does it. Like Riz said your ears will get tired – the buttons depress REALLY hard. I am not sold on the fit yet. The large ear fins shipped were defective so I am waiting on replacements. The next size down do not quite keep them in place.

    Sound is decent like Riz says – the sound evaluation is spot on imo.

  8. Its always frustrating watching the 'fit' portion of earphone reviews. I just went on a 3 hour ride with them and I didn't experience fatigue at all. BUT, I have big ears. It definitely depends heavily on the shape and size of your ears.

  9. Hey Rizknows!

    I have tried so many wireless earbuds, including Bose, Bragi Dash Pro and Jaybirds a while ago.
    I've a question for you, which no-one really addresses in any videos.
    When you workout; I mean really work out, when sweat is dripping off you, I find this is when the fit of the earbuds are compromised. When there's a little sweat lubrication I am continually adjusting them to fit snug back into my ear [Temporarily].
    Do these do the same?

    I train HIIT training and Tabata and nothing stands the test, yet.

  10. I want to like these, I mean everything about them is great except… The left ear bud keeps cutting out and its destroys my workout. If you look up reviews this is a common issue with no solution from jaybird. Honestly I don't know how this got out of QC they are not ready for distribution. Not sure why this was not mentioned in the review but it's a huge issue. It has really bad connectivity issues and it's not just these but also Bose Sound Sport and most true wireless ear buds. For $190 this should not be happening. I'm afraid I'll have to wait a while longer for true wireless.

  11. I just got these today, and with my Pixel 2 I have experienced no problems with connectivity using them for about 8 hours in total for the first day, I put in foam tips and they are super comfortable! But my right earbud is dying faster than my left up to a point where it's 15% lower on battery than the left, is this normal or do I have a defective pair?

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