What Kind Of Exercise Routine Should I Do While On A Ketogenic Diet?

I’m having trouble finding work out routines for people on keto. I have no problem building muscle but I’m struggling with losing fat. For the past month, I’ve been going to the gym, and I’ve been doing keto plus intermittent fasting for the better part of this week.

I’ve been dieting and going to the gym on and off since I was a teenager. A couple years  back, I used to do keto, intermittent fasting, HITT, and heavy farmwork with my cousin (who got me into working out) and the only thing that *worked* for me was doing keto and fasting intermittently. But I only did this when I was home from college and when I go back to school, my healthy habits usually taper off by the middle of the semester.

Right now, since I’m stuck in my hometown, I have the free time and the ability to take working out and dieting seriously. I started going to the gym regularly in December of last year, I started at about 244 lbs, now I’m 239 lbs. How can I, a 5’4″ 25 year old obese male lose the fat, specifically around my double chin, bingo arms, beer belly, and thunder thighs?

TL;DR – What kind of work out should I do at the gym that works well with a ketogenic/intermittent fasting diet in order to lose fat but not necessarily gain muscle?

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How important is a fully body rest day?

Hi, I’ve tried tweaking my current workout routine and I’ve made one that seems good on paper to me as it works all my muscle groups twice per week and allows them to rest for at least two days at a time while I work on something else, however I’m not very experienced and when I’ve tried looking up this question all I see is how important it is to rest specific muscle groups which isn’t really what I’m asking.

My new schedule looks like this:

Monday – Back

Tuesday – Legs

Wednesday – Arms/Chest

Thursday – Back

Friday – Rest

Saturday – Legs

Sunday – Arms/Chest

Is only one fully body rest day enough or should I add another? I know it can vary from person to person but I’m just wondering if it could potentially harm my muscle growth. Thanks.

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1900 kcal cut calories too high or too low?

Stats: 24M, 5’11, 171.5 lbs, im currently following a 5 day PPL split on saturday i do a 30 to 45 minute cardio session and on sunday i take a long walk.


So i have a friend recommending me to go on a 1500 calorie diet or even lower, the lower the better he said. Since i still have a bit of fat to lose (around 10-15lbs). Will i burn muscle if i go on a 1500 calorie diet? he is on it for a few months and he really lost allot of weight so im quite interested.

Current physique: [https://image.ibb.co/m4QUuq/Angles.jpg](https://image.ibb.co/m4QUuq/Angles.jpg)

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Bulking Issues, calories too much? Seem too little!

I’m currently on a slow bulk, well trying to make it slow.

I am looking for around 0.5lbs weight gain per week!


I reverse dieted from 1500 to 3000 calories over the span of 2 months, little mass was obviously added as the slow increments are not that efficient in muscle building, but more efficient to try and keep me from gaining even more fat.

I worked all the way up to around 2700 calories with strength gains and hardly any weight gain. As soon as I wacked my calories to the 3000 mark I gained around 3lbs in one week, I thought to keep it at that due to water retention etc, but the weight went up another 2.5lbs in a week and carried on being high increases for around 3 weeks. This too me is far too much.


I was always under the impression that bulking needs to be above 3000 calories at-least! Is that false? 3000 seems to be treating me far to much, weight gain is excessive and un-necessary at that caloric range. So my main question is would it be possible to actually have a decent bulk, or even start to my bulk on 2900 calories?


Couple of stats about me

Height; 5’10”

Weight; 184lbs

Male Aged 23

Sedentary office job, with heavy.intense lifting 5 days a week.

SLOW metabolism


Any help would be extremely appreciated,

I lost weight from 224lbs to 154lbs years ago and the thought of too much fat gains is just scary.

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Recomposition or Cut?

I’ve been working out consistently for about four months now. I went from three days a week to 6 days a week for the past 5 weeks. I started on SS and now I’m doing PPL. Before that I was rock climbing for about a year twice a week, and before that I was fucking around the gym without much dedication (twice a week) for about 6 months. I’ve always been a cyclist so I have good cardio and legs.

However, I still have a bit of a tummy and flabby sides, as well as too much fat that I’d want in my chest. Simply put I want to get ripped, and I’m putt in the dedication at the gym, but my question is whether I should focus on ‘recomposition’ or cutting? I feel like I have a good base of muscle, but whenever I research this topic it’s hard for me to determine whether I’m a ‘beginner’ because of how on and off and random my fitness history has been, and, therefore, I’m unsure whether recomposition would work considering anyone who discusses the topic says that it only really works for beginners.

I don’t know whether I’m a beginner. I am in the sense of body building, but I’m not a beginner in a general sense of fitness.

Given all this, what do you guys think: in order to lose fat and define muscle should I focus on simply cutting, or try body recomposition?

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Consistent Daily Weight Gain

Guys, I honestly have no idea what is happening and it is freaking me out.

I am a 6’/F/222lbs

I started at 215lbs about 5 days ago. I got a cold, a pretty bad one, and have consistently gained a full 1-2 lbs every day. I stepped on the scale this morning and saw that it jumped from 220 to 222 in one day again and just had to start laughing at the ridiculousness of it.

I am not eating more than usual, and I weigh myself at the same time every morning, right after I go to the bathroom. (#2)

What is happening to meeee?

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I can’t seem to understand formula to calculate macros

Hi Guys

As the title says, I don’t understand the formula for calculating your macros.
In this sense, that I do understand the mathematics behind it and why the amount of protein and fat is important.
But I can’t seem to understand how to alter the formula for lower TDEE’s.


I always used to cut on keto and my macros were just fine. This time I wanted to try a cut with carb intake.

So I use this formula that I keep finding everywhere:

– Get your TDEE first: mine is around 2000kcals
– around 1g/lbs for protein for muscle preservation
– around 0.4g.lbs for fat so my endocrine systems doesn’t get fucked

Remaining (carb) calories = TDEE – 500 – (9x fat) – (4x protein)

*I am used to cutting and I like a deficit of 600kcals. I usually hover around 1400kcals.*


**Ok, let’s calculate:**

I weigh around 175lbs and I’m 6ft.

1x 175 = 175g of protein = 700kcals

0.4x 175 = 70g of fat = 630kcals

**This gives us the following numbers:**

Remaining (carb) calories = 2000 – 600 – 700 – 630 = 70kcals

70kcals /4 = 17,5g of carbs


And here is my confusion. This formula seem to work fine when your TDEE is well over 2000kcals.
But as soon as your TDEE is around 2000kcals and you follow the recommended protein and fat intake, I end up with a carb number thats lower than my keto macros.

My keto macros would be:
25g C/ 135g P/ 84g F = ~1400kcals

What am I doing wrong or how should I alter the formula?

Thank you in advance!

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Real name for slut squats, and how do I go about them?

[Fast forward to 13:29 of this video to see exactly what I’m talking about.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SO_-adIUUFw)

I’d like to know the actual name for this workout please.

Also with my legs that far apart and toes pointed out, I’m wondering where my knees should be going. Are my knees following a straight line with my foot alignment?

Also where I’m I pushing off from when I return to the top? Should I be pushing from my heels? The outside of my feet? The ball of my foot etc.

Thank you all.

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Plateauing while cutting? Should you lower your expectations in regards to gains or can you do something about it?

Hi all, to give some brief context I’ve been back to lifting after a 4 year hiatus and have quickly regained some of that old strength back.

Around 4 years ago I lifted for a good year as a newbie (half of it with the fuckarounditus bug and then moving into a solid 5×5 strength program). Life happened and abandoned all together until the past 5 months where I have been trying to get my old numbers back (99% of the way there). My current lifts are the following:

>Bench 4×5 – 185lbs/84kg

>Squat 4×5 – 260lbs/118kg

>Deadlift 1×5 – 355lbs/161kg

>OHP 4×5 – 115lbs/52kg

>Pendlay Row – 175lbs/79kg

I am 165lbs (74.8kg) / 5’8″ (174cm) / mid twenties

My question is in regards to plateauing. I estimate myself to be at 15-16% bodyfat. I want to cut down to 156lbs (70.7kg) and then bulk up to 163lbs (73.9kg) to hopefully compete under the 74kg power lifting category sometime this year (for fun). The last 5 months I’ve lost around 6lbs (2.7kg) and like 2-3% bodyfat while my lifts went up.

Nutrition in regards to TDEE (supposedly around 2400cals) has been to my best guess at a small deficit (~2100-2300cals) while hitting at least 110-120g of protein. I have not been taking creatine and don’t normally take pre-workout. My workouts are 3x week full-body routines with some light cardio on off days.

*Deep breath*

So I’ve been plateauing in my lifts for the last 4 weeks and I’m wondering if it’s time to switch routines/change diet/add supplements or if I gotta accept my lifts will plateau until I reach my goal weight and then hopefully will see them go up when I’m bulk up. Maybe the newbie gains are over, or I don’t know.. I’ve seen competitors at about 140-145lbs (62-65kg) just dominate with their strength but unsure if I can keep moving up in strength indefinitely even if I’m heavier than them. Wanted to hear your thoughts, thank you!

TL;DR- how long can I keep getting stronger while on a small cut?

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Apologies if this is not the correct place to ask or post.

I am thinking of purchasing a rebounder for my flat but unfortunately need it to meet as much of this criteria as possible:

* Relatively small in size (no more than 42″ in diameter)
* Silent as possible (been led to believe bungee cords are best?)
* I have wooden floors with people living below me, so something sturdy and ideally would not be bouncing on the floorboards as much as me
* Cheap as possible…..

I am from UK so not sure if that automatically limits the ones I can get but I had a usual browse of Amazon and saw these 2:

* [FIT BOUNCE PRO](https://www.amazon.co.uk/FIT-BOUNCE-PRO-MEMBERSHIP-Trampoline/dp/B0187HN4BE/ref=zg_bs_3633050031_12?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=5MBGHM7V7KA017TK621P)
* [SportPlus Fitness](https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sportplus-Fitness-Trampoline/dp/B01N8W1WI4/ref=zg_bs_3633050031_4?_encoding=UTF8&refRID=5MBGHM7V7KA017TK621P&th=1)

The difference in price is pretty big but is there a difference in quality?

Does anybody have any experience with rebounders that could point me in the right direction?

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I can’t seem to understand formula to calculate macros

Hi Guys

As the title says, I don’t understand the formula for calculating your macros.
In this sense, that I do understand the mathematics behind it and why the amount of protein and fat is important.
But I can’t seem to understand how to alter the formula for lower TDEE’s.


I always used to cut on keto and my macros were just fine. This time I wanted to try a cut with carb intake.

So I use this formula that I keep finding everywhere:

– Get your TDEE first: mine is around 2000kcals
– around 1g/lbs for protein for muscle preservation
– around 0.4g.lbs for fat so my endocrine systems doesn’t get fucked

Remaining (carb) calories = TDEE – 500 – (9x fat) – (4x protein)

*I am used to cutting and I like a deficit of 600kcals. I usually hover around 1400kcals.*


**Ok, let’s calculate:**

I weigh around 175lbs and I’m 6ft.

1x 175 = 175g of protein = 700kcals

0.4x 175 = 70g of fat = 630kcals

**This gives us the following numbers:**

Remaining (carb) calories = 2000 – 600 – 700 – 630 = 70kcals

70kcals /4 = 17,5g of carbs


And here is my confusion. This formula seem to work fine when your TDEE is well over 2000kcals.
But as soon as your TDEE is around 2000kcals and you follow the recommended protein and fat intake, I end up with a carb number thats lower than my keto macros.

My keto macros would be:
25g C/ 135g P/ 84g F = ~1400kcals

What am I doing wrong or how should I alter the formula?

Thank you in advance!

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2 Questions regarding food

Hi all


First off, I have checked the wiki for the answers but I did not find them there! And I am a novice when it comes to fitness and food so perhaps this sub can help me out on these two simple (I guess) questions. 🙂


1. If I work out using a program like this: 5-Days being – Gym/Cardio/Gym/Cardio/Gym (Weekends off), should I prepare my meals with a focus on proteins on Gym days and carbs on Cardio days? Or just go straight up trying to keep 0.8g of protein/pound of bodyweight? The goal of the cardio would be working up to a 10K goal, so I’m unsure if that needs some dedicated carb supply?
2. This probably a real beginners question but should you weigh food cooked or uncooked? Or just don’t care and use something like MFP where values can be found for all kinds of preparations?



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Need help

Hello everyone this is my first time posting to a fitness subreddit.
Im a 15 year old male weighing 51kg/112 pounds and my height is 164cm/5.4 feet
I want to lose my belly fat while maintaining my weight. What excersices should someone at my age do to gain muscle and lose belly fat that wont damage my growth spurt and height. My dads and uncles hit their growth spurts at 15-16 years old and i still havent hit my growth spurt so i dont want to damage that.
Currently I do negative chin ups and push ups. What exercises is best for me to get muscle and maintain my weight.

I was scared to post on this subreddit because of my fear off getting made fun of but looking at other peoples post you guys seem very nice and helpful

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Advice on my routine?

About me: 22, 171 cm, 68 kg. My goal is to build muscle especially on my chest and arms. Started working out May last year.

The following routine started with a basic PPL routine, and over time I have customized it a bit so it can fit my 5 day plan (I can only workout on weekdays) and I wanted some opinions and advice:

**Day 1: Chest and Triceps**

* Barbell bench press 5×5
* Dumbell incline bench press 4×8-12
* Cable triceps pull down 4×12-20
* Dumbell standing triceps 4×8-12
* Cabel rope pushdowns 4×12-20
* Dips: 4×8
* Dumbell fly 4×8-12

**Day 2: Shoulder and biceps**

* Barbell standing military press 5×8-12
* Dumbell shoulder press 4×12
* Dumbell literal raise 4×8
* Barbell curl 4×10
* Dumbell alternate biceps curls 4×20
* Dumbell incline curl 4×12

**Day 3: Legs**

* Squats 5×10
* Barbell standing calf raise: 5×15-20
* Leg extensions: 5×15
* Lying leg curls: 5×10

**Day 4:** Chest and triceps again

**Day 5:** Shoulder and biceps again

The last 2 days is the same as the first 2 days so I can hit the upper body parts twice a week.

Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated!

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531 Is this too much work or not enough?

I constatly have this feel where I am not sure if I am doing too much or to little.
I was stronger when I was doing nsuns 531 with similar accesories. So I carried on with 531 as nsuns got t0o hard with same accesories but I am not really getting stronger over time.
Getting stronger isn’t my n1 goal anymore but it is ofc nice to get stronger. Better size and aesthetics became more important when I see those bros going straight for curls every day as they come in but still looking better than me.

But I am weaker then 12months ago at the same weight when I was doing 4day nsuns and it is driving me crazy.
In that 12 months I had a cut that got me weaker and a bunch of cycling fatigue during summer. But I am steadily bulking for 5 months now.
Doing 531 where I aim for 5reps in 3rd week amrap as I see is recommended.
I don’t come back stronger after deload week.
Accessories at RPE 8 for fatigue managment. Amrap at rpe 9-10.

Training for 2.5years. Age:33

My program:


531 OHP

4x ohp FSL sets + chins superset

3x Lighter incline Db press + chins superset

4x triceps cable extension + bicep curl + facepulls superset


531 Squat

4x FSL squat sets

4x lighter sumo deadlift sets

4x row machine + hanging leg raise + calf raises superset


531 Bench press

3x FSL bench press with 3 narrow grip bench superset

4x light OHP + chins superset

4x triceps cable extension + bicep curl + facepulls superset


531 Deadlift

4x FSL Deadlifts

4x lighter Squat

4x row machine + hanging leg raise + calf raises superset

Sets as I can count:

Bench = 12

Ohp = 11

Dead = 11

Squat = 11

Chins = 11

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I would appreciate any advice on calorie based dieting, thanks in advance.

Hey everyone, cheers for any tips or tricks in advance, I appreciate you clicking this puppy.

Just for time I’ll cut this story to its bare bones.

I don’t have spare cash for a gym membership, and I don’t have the patience for my home gym bits and pieces, so I’m just cutting back on my calorie intake.

Two weeks in, I’ve had to very different results, and I was wondering if I’m doing something wrong.
I stay under 1700 calories a day (adult male, 34 yrs, 105.5kg starting point), as the internet and my fitness pal app suggest 2190 a day. I’m staying as low as I can, plus I’m on my feet all day and burn between 600 and 800 a day just from walking around. But I have a bit of a splurge day on a Saturday, but still staying under the 2190.

Week one I lost 1.9kgs, week two I lost 300 grams.

I’d love to know if I’m going about this the wrong way and going hungry (not starving) for nothing.

Again, thanks in advance for any tips or advice.

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How do I lift?

So I wanna get back in the habit of lifting these little dumbells I have to help build some muscle. My right arm is significantly stronger than my left, should I do more with my left to try to even it out? Or do I just do both at the same rate?

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I can’t do reps properly and idk why?

Hey, just subscribed and I wanna know a few things, I’m 19, male, I’m 5;11, and weighat least 80kgs, I wanna know that whenever I do reps let’s say I’m doing a set of 8, after the first set I can endure most of the pain but it feels like my body doesn’t have any more energy do continue and I fail on completing the rest of the workout after like 5 reps, idk what that means and how to fix it, I’ll be extremely grateful if someone could explain what is happening and help me out , thanks in advance 🙂

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Bulking advice

I’m a 6ft tall male and i weight 224lbs and i lift weights 4-6 times a week depends on work shifts, i want to gain alot of size and if i clean bulk for 6 months then cut before i go on holiday will i be able to gain much size in that time frame? any advice will much appreciated e.g macros/calories.

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I lost a lost 19 kg in just 2 months is it to fast and how to continue losing weight the right way?

I went from 122 kg to 103 kg in only 2 months. My regime was simple but it was very demanding, eat about half of what I would normally eat in the morning and afternoon, and in the evening only fruits or light vegetables(like carrots or tomatoes) and exercise 3 times per day from Monday to Friday, light exercises in the morning, more demanding in the afternoon, and light in the evening, with Saturday and Sunday light exercise or jogging in the morning.

This regime was made up by me, I didn’t consult anyone.

I am afraid I do too much and I am starting to feel very lazy.


What the best regime i can do now to continue losing weight and for it not to be too demanding and stressful?

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Moronic Monday – Your weekly stupid questions thread

Get your dunce hats out, Fittit, it’s time for your weekly Stupid Questions Thread.

Post your question – stupid or otherwise – here to get an answer. Anyone can post a question and the community as a whole is invited and encouraged to provide an answer. Many questions get submitted late each week that don’t get a lot of action, so if your question didn’t get answered before, feel free to post it again.

###**As always, be sure to read the [FAQ](https://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/wiki/faq) first**.

Also, there’s a handy-dandy **search bar to your right**, and if you didn’t know, you can also use [Google](https://www.google.com/) to search fittit by using the limiter “site:reddit.com/r/fitness”.

Be sure to check back often as questions get posted throughout the day. Lastly, it may be a good idea to sort comments by “new” to be sure the newer questions get some love as well. [Click here to sort by new in this thread only.](https://old.reddit.com/r/Fitness/comments/ai891i/moronic_monday_your_weekly_stupid_questions_thread/?sort=new)

So, what’s rattling around in your brain this week, Fittit?

As per [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/comments/20namh/meta_can_we_delete_jokes_from_the_moronic_monday/) thread, the community has asked that we keep jokes, trolling, and memes outside of the Moronic Monday thread. Please use the downvote / report button when necessary.

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Was there something specific that seemed to transform you from a weightlifter to a bodybuilder?

All body builders lift weights, but not all weightlifters identify as bodybuilder.

Was there something in particular that made a distinction for you? I feel like it might have a lot to do with mind set and goals, but maybe it was an experience or lifestyle change…or routine even.

Curious to hear your thoughts and classifications for a “bodybuilder”

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How to fit my dang calories in!?

Hi, first time poster in this subreddit.

I’m a 24yo male who recently 6 months ago switched jobs to one that pays much better than before but is also much more physically straining than I am used to.

6 months ago I weighed approximately 65/66kg which for my height i’d consider to be a healthy weight, but skip forward today I am weighing in at approximately 54/55kg.

I know for a fact that the problem is not poor health to the best of my knowledge but simply that I’ve started burning many more calories a day but haven’t increased my caloric intake, resulting in a net calorie deficit. I am now worried that I am slowly but steadily approaching an unhealthy amount of weight loss. Fwiw I am also not doing any significant amount of additional fitness or training aside from swimming some laps in my pool after work and on weekends.

The question is; How do I increase the number of calories I am getting a day when I have such a busy schedule? I am currently having muesli bars & coffee for breakfast, a good sized balanced home cooked packed lunch at work and eating a good wholesome meal for dinner (but to be honest I skip dinner from time to time). My work schedule doesn’t really permit me to have multiple meals a day so I need to find another way to cram the calories in without too much extra effort. My first thought is looking at my pre-work/ breakfast meal but it’s difficult to cook something up when I wake up at 4:30am for work.

Help me put on weight r/Fitness! Please and thank you.

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Advice for low cognitive load training? I hate thinking during workouts.

I am a super obese (i.e. class IV obese) 35-year-old male. I weight 355 pounds and am 5 feet 11 inches tall. I have sleep apnea, but no other diseases. I don’t smoke.

I recently started working with a personal trainer to lose weight, improve mobility and flexibility, etc. Given my extreme obesity, I was worried about the potential for injury. I chose a trainer with ACSM certification, which is common in clinical settings and wellness centers. I train with her 3 times a week for 1 hour per session in a gym setting.

I have become increasingly frustrated by the level of cognitive effort that I am being asked to exert while training. I do not have
a talent for moving my body in a coordinated way (I can’t dance, I don’t have good balance). I am often asked to focus on improving my form. Executing exercises with good form feels unnatural to me. I have a lot of trouble engaging the intended muscles while doing exercises. I am often asked to “suck in my belly button” (i.e. engage my core) while going through movements that, from my perspective, do not actually require any core engagement. I also have trouble moving my hips in the required way. We often spend considerable time troubleshooting each exercise. Compound exercises, such as deadlifts and bar squats, are particularly difficult in this regard.

On one hand, I am glad my trainer is paying attention to my form and making sure that I don’t hurt myself. She’s very talented and knowledgable about anatomy. On the other hand, I feel like at least 60% of the work I am doing is cognitive. I have to think hard and pay attention to what my body is doing. I have to concentrate hard to get muscles to engage. I have to learn and remember all these little rules that constitute good form. I have to constantly fight my body to make it move in a way that feels unnatural. It feels like studying, only it’s a topic that doesn’t particularly interest me. I have to study and learn and think every day for my work. It would be nice if I didn’t have to fulfill heavy cognitive demands at the gym as well. At the end of my workout, I am often more mentally tired than I am physically tired, which is unsatisfying.

Is there a good workout program that does not require a lot of thinking, learning, and mental concentration? Maybe one that does not require a lot of coordinated movement? Is there a name for this kind of “dumbed down” exercise program or philosophy? Where can I learn more about it? What should I say to my trainer? Any other advice?

I read the wiki and the FAQ. Thank you for your attention!

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60 hour work week…how?

25 year old female. You probably guessed it…looking for tips on how to incorporate a regular gym schedule into a 60 hour work week. I work approx 60 hours a week, mostly 10-12 hours at a time, and at least one night shift a week. Needless to say, my sleeping schedule is crazy and I’m always tired. I have a strong desire to start implementing exercise in my routine, but when it comes down to it I always talk myself out of it to allow for one more hour of sleep (whether it be Am or Pm). Anyone who works a similar schedule that has a system down? thanks in advance


(every day I have about a 45 min commute each way)

Mondays 6-6

Tuesdays 7-7

Wednesdays 6-6

Thursdays 10-3

Fridays 9-9

Saturdays- 7-7:30am

Sundays- off

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Stop cutting, start lifting?

I’m a 20 year old 6 ft male weighing about 190lb, (down from 215lb) kind of tubby in some places but not bad in others. Looking back on pictures I can never tell any difference, I gym it 5 times a week starting with 20 mins cardio then weights and machines. I’m feeling like I don’t actually put muscle on but also in abit of a rut when I would train weights but not eat much in the day so subsequently not put on mass as I still felt I needed to lose weight.
I was wondering if I stopped cutting and started getting my calorie intake up will it put muscle on when I Train, my main worry is that it’ll just put fat back on and I’ll be at square one.
Thanks in advance.

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Is taking all these shakes or fat burners good?

I am struggling to keep up with my way of eating. My days change drastically and even if food is prepped, somehow, some way I will miss a meal or end up eating something else… I have been gyming and doing what I can with food but I am not losing weight… In fact, I seem to be gaining and it’s depressing. Are shakes a healthier Alternative or having an assisting pill?

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How to cut 30 seconds off of PFT

Hello all, currently in the military (air force) and i can pass that PFT no problem (the police department i want to apply too is currently harder on PT than a military branch) and when i get out in 1.5 years i want to join a police department. First step of the hiring process is to pass a PFT. Push ups and situps are easy, but i dont think i will be able to manage to push out the run. My last PT Test in the AF was an 11:54, and the minimum passing for the PD is 11:58 for 1.5 miles. I usually sit around 12 minutes for my run times. What is a good way to shave 30 seconds off of my run? if i can get down to 11:30 with a max of 11:58 i will be happy. (also, i used to vape, and i quit a few days ago, don’t know if that has any significance.

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How can I increase my flexibility and balance while bulking?

So just a brief introduction: I’m about a month into my bulk as a fairly new lifter (I’ve done a little lifting here and there before, but nothing too serious) and I’m doing the well known six-day Reddit linear progression PPL and everything’s going great; my lifts are al increasing and I’m gaining weight.

That being said, over the past couple of years I’ve done yoga very very sporadically, and about a week ago I did a brief 30 minute session and I really struggled to do poses that previously weren’t all that hard for me.

I also have a goal to be able to do a handstand, and eventually handstand push-ups, but I don’t have any real idea how to even start.

How can I increase my flexibility and balance while still gaining weight? Is there something supplemental I can do on my off-day, or on a pull or leg day?

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Where are my abs?

I’ve been working out everyday for the last 9 months and for the last 6 doing CrossFit. I’ve been sticking to a paleo/Keto diet and focusing on ab workouts about 3 times a week. I’m proud to say that I got down to 9% body fat. However, still no abs and my lower abdominal still has some flub. I’m really determined to obtain a six pack but I’m not seeing any progression in that direction. Any advice?

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I’ve quit powerlifting for crossfit/yoga… Will I regret this?

Let me explain…

I’ve been doing powerlifting for 3 years, my numbers aren’t very impressive, I’m 6’2” 240 (DL 535 / Bench 265 / Squat 365). I started in my 30’s and was a couch potato my whole life.

I’ve always wanted to be ripped, when I originally lost all my weight, I used to be over 400, literally starved down to 200, I thought that I would be ripped, apparently you actually have to have muscle to show. 🙂

Anyways, powerlifting isn’t getting it done, there’s too much pressure to lift more weight and bulk and my trainer has pressured me for years that I’ll never be competitive at lower body weights, and holding more muscle would make me look more “ripped”, which hasn’t added up.

At this point, I’m at 19% body fat and have decided I no longer care how strong I am, I just want to look like the guy on the magazine, or as close as I can. I’ve been told I need to achieve near 10% or less depending on genetics to have that look.

I’ve replaced powerlifting with crossfit and yoga… I’m eating at a deficit, and I’m gonna have to lose down to probably 205 before I get to 10%. I’m expecting to lose quite a bit of muscle in this process.

I am willing to accept losing the strength, because after all no one cares how much you can lift in terms of aesthetics, but I am afraid if I lose that muscle, I’ll just end up looking the same as I did the first time.

Is crossfit and yoga enough stimulus to prevent me from losing all my muscle on this cut? My goal is to lose the 40 lbs over the next 4/5 months and then get another dexa scan to see where I am at. I want to hit the summer looking like I have actually spent 5 years working on my body for once.

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Advice on my core lagging behind and holding me back in major lifts?

I’ve been noticing that when attempting deadlifts and squats it tends to be my lower back that struggles the most and it also tends to take a long time to recover before I can attempt these lifts again without it being painful. I’m following a PPL split six days a week and struggled quite a bit with recovery, so modified this to have two days rest a week as opposed to one and I still struggle. It tends to be only my core that is lagging behind and generally I acknowledge that it is my weakest point by far. I have been lifting for a few years however I am not as knowledgeable as I could be.

I feel like the obvious solutions may possibly be to try a different split, focus on possibly lowering the weight to get quality reps (something I’ve already done) or focusing on improving this area.

Has anyone else noticed this problem before and what do you advise to do to solve this problem.

(Brutal honesty is fully welcome as I am aware this may come across as a stupid / obvious question)

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How do i transition from training to failure on every working set to 1-2 before failure?

Long story short, ive been doing 2 working sets to failure on each excercise, on PPL, for about 6 months. I want to change this to 3 working sets per exercise not to failure.

For example, im looking for 4-6 rep range on bench. Should i be doing all 3 sets at the same weight or should i be dropping the weight if i know i cant get to 4-6 rep range unless i go to failure?

Any advice on the transition would be helpful.

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Going to be in and out of gym inconsistently for at least a month from now. What’s the best thing I could do to improve/maintain my aesthetics during this time?

So I’ll be traveling and I’ll have limited access to gym with not a lot of time. I’m currently on nSuns, but I cannot do it 5 day 1.5 -2 hrs everyday. 

What are some best alternatives that I can do to keep working/improving the most aesthetic parts of my body ( Chest, Shoulders, Arms) ? 

Can I do a bro split whenever I get time for gym? Can I do Chest, Shoulder, arms whenever I get time? 

Would love to hear some suggestions. 

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How to run and lift weights every day without burning out?

I’ve been going to the gym at nights the last two years and a few months back I’ve been working out around 6 to 7 times a week regularly.
I used to be in track (for around five years) so every day I try to do some sort of running workout to keep my endurance. I switch from doing 3 miles to doing shorter sprint workouts. I’ve been trying to up my cardio and do at least 40 minutes a day but I find that it makes it impossible to get a good weight workout.
My question is what kind of schedule could I maintain in order to keep lifting weights while getting a good amount of running in each week, without risking hurting myself? Is six to seven days too much?

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Why am I unable to sit-squat?

I have a hell of a time getting low on barbell squats. I couldn’t get parallel, and to go lower, I leaned my chest forward a bunch(plus generally felt it in my hip flexors). I worked with a trainer to find out why, and he told me my hips were super tight. He asked if I could do a “sit squat”, after which he demonstrated. Without any equipment, he was squatted down, all the way with his arms resting on his knees, and there he was, just squatting there. So I tried it, and while I can get down into that position by holding on to something in front of me, if I let go, I fall backwards. It’s really, really awkward. The trainer told me to do this position for at least 5 minutes per day, and within a few weeks, I should loosen up, at which point we can re-assess the barbell squat situation. I asked my wife to try doing this movement, and sure enough, there she was, squatting. So it’s just me. I Can’t for the life of me figure out how it’s even possible to maintain this position without holding on to something, because the weight of your torso is behind-not over top of- your feet.

So, since I’ve now seen two people effortlessly do this, why can’t I?

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workout plan from men’s health UK from 2007

Hey everyone. I grew up a fat kid, and found this circuit workout plan from men’s health uk in 2007. It changed everything for me. I lost the weight, got interested in fitness, even became an amatuer boxer and bodybuilder. Over the last 3 years, I have completely fallen apart physically. A car accident and years on psych meds made me doughy and unable to even walk a mile without getting winded. I keep trying to start back up but never am able to. I’m looking for the circuit program that started it all, it was in a fall/late summer 2007 issue of Men’s Health UK. Does anyone know what it was? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Any help is appreciated.

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Periodization for powerlifting, how to progress faster for intermediate lifters?

Hello guys,

I’ve seen many periodization articles for bodybuilders but haven’t seen much for powerlifters. How do you guys progress in strength as intermediate lifters? When you just can’t add weight every week or every session, how do you progress? What works best for you?

I have tried many things and always end up being stronger after mesocycle but looking for something new so I hope that you guys can tell me what did you try and what was working best for you. I hope that it may also help other people and I’m not the only one looking for that.

Btw, are there any apps that have any type of periodization for Android? It would be really nice to keep everything in one place.

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Looking for advice on protien supplements.

So I’m trying to put on a bit of muscle and I’ve been lifting fairly consistently since mid December. I’ve noticed I’m finishing my reps a lot easier, but I’m not quite able to go up in weight. I think it’s lack of protein but most of the stuff in shakes and powders runs right through me. Is there anything on the market that’s made for people with sensitive stomachs?

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Am or PM cardio?

I’ve been researching about the mind and body and how great exercise is for you. Well, yeah we kind of all understand that here. However, I have been thinking about the amount of confidence, self worth, and concentration I get post routine and contemplating if I should change my routine from before I have my OMAD (I start around 5-6 pm) to instead, the morning and have it carry through the things I go through the day. Work and or my morning classes. The only thing however, is trying to fit the yoga as well on the mornings I have classes. Certain reasons as to why I already have to wake up at 4:30am for classes I don’t have till 8:30, but that’s besides the point. A work around that I guess, would be have a lighter jog on those specific mornings and either do the rest at the usual time frame, or just do the whole amount as I’d usually do at that time.


The only real concern I have I guess, is I heard you should want to eat at least within the hour after you’ve worked out to replace the glycogen you’ve spent, however I would rather not change the time my body has already adapted to eat, plus, I’m not a breakfast guy. Dinner >>>>>>>>>>>

feel free to correct any misinformation and your opinion/experiences, of-course.

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cant recover. advice please

5/3/1 beginners. 3 days full body program focusing on strength and volume. calls for 50 reps low weight on 3 accessories 3 days a week and 16 sets of each compound. i saw that volume kills test and estrogen? i also felt extremely fatigued after finishing the accessories and workout.

lastly whats easier to recover from ? high volume low weights or high weights low volume?

5/3/1 is killing me mentally

what can i do to reduce the fatigue? maybe dont do 50-100 reps and do around 36 with push pull legs accessories?

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Food label accuracy & counting calories

I’m currently looking at a food label for basic rice vermicelli where the grams of macros add up to well beyond the grams of a serving size, and where the calorie per serving item seems beyond the possible. The macros are at 80 grams carbs, plus a couple grams of protein and fat, but the serving size is 56 grams; calorie per serving at 360. I assume this can’t be true as it would defy basic physics? (I’m looking at the total columns for macros, not adding up the subcategories to the aggregate values.)

At the end of the day I’m hoping this is uncommon enough to matter — it’s an import so I’m guessing everything is to 100g except the serving size — but I’m wondering when people place more trust in a brand’s label vs the usual caloric makeup of a basic food item.

I realize the item is trash nutritionally.


Serving Size: 56 grams, 360 calories
Carbs= 81 grams
Fat= 1 gram
Protein= 2 gram

Edit 2: Since the first responses seem to be trust the caloric content for a 56 g serving / trust the label, is it possible to cram 81 grams of carbs into something that measures 56 grams on my food scale? Does “81 grams” of a macro on a label mean something different than measurable weight?

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Beginner just started to run, I have a few questions if anyone is kind enough to answer them?

– I used to play a bit of football so I’m not completely new the concept of running, but road/trail running seems very different than in studs.

-I live in the U.K. its pretty cold here at the moment, what should I be wearing? I’ve been wearing shorts/long sleeve top, I seem to be coping ok once I get going, but I do worry, I don’t want to make myself ill or injure myself?

-I want to do some trail running because I think I generally I’ll just enjoy it more. Is there like a list or bank of trail runs anywhere that I can use as I don’t know where to start?

-I sometimes feel like a bit of a twat running when the traffic is heavy, probably a bit self-conscious, and also beaming lights is off putting, when’s the quietist time to run?

-have very mild asthma, concerned as I’m just going to be doing it solo initially, I’ll have my inhaler with me most likely and I’ve only ever had one attack since being diagnosed, should I be worried?

-what’s your opinion on hybrid running shoes? Ie trail/road

– do you run with a water bottle or without?

-running at night? Safe or not safe? I’m 6’3 male, still feel a bit on edge when I see gangs of 19 yr old chavs punching bus stops when I’ve been walking late before, sort of ruins it for me a bit.

Any other advice in general? I do not want to join a running group at this stage, however I see how this could be seen as beneficial from a sharing experience perspective.

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Thoughts on Bigger Leaner Stronger for a beginner?

I’ve done some lifting before but never consistently. I maybe did a month and a half straight before stopping. I’m not in terrible shape but I know if I keep up what I’m doing I’ll get pretty bad in a few years. I’m thinking about doing BLS. I’m 18 and gonna go to college in about 8 months. I want something I can sustain there. Would BLS be a good program to start with? I’ve also read about starting strength, westside for skinny bastards, etc. What’s my best option?

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BCAAs and Pre-Workout

I’ve never taken BCAAs. I used to use BullNox for a long time and then switched to Jym, but because Amazon was doing a flash sale on MuscleTech I decided to buy some Myobuild Amino-BCAA but I’m not sure when to take it. It shows pre, during, and post workout on the label. Are there any suggestions on when is best? Can I mix it with my pre-work out? Or should I take it after with a protein shake?

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1 month aggressive cut.

What kind of results could one expect from a cut of 800-1000 calorie deficit a day for 1 month? I only have a month before I need to be at maintenance/surplus. I want to try cut as much as I can before that.

In most cases is the fat loss worth it? Is the muscle loss hugely significant?

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Advice on Next Steps in my Progress Plan

Super long time lurker; first time poster. I appreciate all of the advice and great posts I have seen on here over the years.


I started my journey in August of 2016. At that point I was more than 250 pounds and the heaviest I had ever been in my life. On the first, second and third go around, I didn’t pay attention to diet, thinking that I could exercise my way into shape and weight-loss. Once January of 2017 hit, I was 260 and almost ready to give up.

But, I decided to give it one more try, and instead decided to focus on nutrition. From January to August of 2017, I meal prepped religiously, ran a three day PPL and trained for my first ever 5K. I lost 68 pounds.

Http://imgur.com/gallery/eoe02LS (shows from Jan to Aug)

I didn’t pay too close of attention to macros, but spent most of my time mainly focusing on total calories. At the lowest, I ate 1,900 per day. I felt amazing, thought I looked amazing, but was NEVER happy about my lifts. Regardless, I continued to focus on the diet and cardio, since it was what made me successful. In September of 2017, I ran my first every 1/2 marathon in Detroit Lakes, MN (Dick Beardsley) and then ran a subsequent 10K in October. After a full year of being successful with the weight loss and diet, I decided to train for a full marathon for 2018. In May of 2018, I ran my first ever full marathon, finishing just under 4:30. It was the most emotional day of my entire life. When I crossed that finish line, I had tears in my eyes because I knew I had just accomplished something real, something that I had truly done on my own.

For me though, it was short lived. I immediately remembered that I’m still a tall, skinny, white boy that can’t bench two plates and am closing in on my 30’s. I was in the best shape of my life, but nothing is ever good enough. I feel like a lot of people here can relate to that part.

Now to my issue and question:

After the marathon, I decided to risk bulking (was nervous about gaining weight after finally losing so much) and focus on the weightlifting part of my routine. I experienced some additional noob gains during the summer and fall, but after three different routines (ran a basic linear progression overload, 6-day PPL, now on GVT split) I feel like I am getting nowhere. My weight numbers went up some, but my weight is what has gone up the most and is making this extremely frustrating.

Progress photo stats previously:

Before: 6’4”. 260
After: 6’4”. 194

Bench 190×2
Squat 260×2
Deadlift 370×2

Was eating 1900 calories per day

Now, I have increased to 2700 and am running the GVT split from the wiki, three day Cycle every five days (one cycle left), before transitioning into lower reps.

Current maxes:
Bench 210×1
Squat 270×1
Deadlift 370×2

Weight – 210

Current meal plan:
1 cup reduced fat chocolate milk

Post workout:
2 scoops whey gold standard

1 cup dry cheerios

Chicken burrito bowl

Afternoon snack:
Bagel with honey

Venison brats or steak with green beans or asparagus

Toast with organic raspberry jam

255 protein
198 carbohydrates
85 fat

2,700 calories

Still running 2-3 miles 2 or 3 days per week.

I have gained no muscle, and no increase in my lifts. I have, however, gained a lot of visible fat:


I am just lost at this point. Part of me wants to ‘trust the process’ and continue with my current plan until the end to see what happens. The other part of me wants to go back to my weight loss plan, lose the fat back and try to be happy at my previous “after progress photo” even though I could barely lift heavy at that point. Not sure if my information makes sense, if I’m missing anything, etc. but this sub has been very motivational for me mentally and I’m hoping that some of you would be willing to give me honest and productive feedback on what I could do/change. I hope I included everything that I need.

Keep moving toward your goals everyone!

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How long before “noob gains” plateau?

In the last month or so my numbers have been going up weekly, which is expected given I’m just getting back into the gym. My question is how long will this keep happening, or is there a typical ‘limit’ to the initial strength gains?

Numbers when I started and numbers now:

Body weight: 140 lbs
Bench: 120-155
Squat: 175-225
Deadlift: 225-315

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When to do shoulder rotations?

I’m a little confused about when to do shoulder rotations and other should mobility exercises. I know face pulls are usually done on a pulling day and not push (shoulders) day. What about external and internal rotations? Would these be on a push or pull day? Should they be done at the start or end of a workout?

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I have plateau’d as a skinny guy

5’8 150-ish pounds

Went from 110 to 150 in a year and a half but have plateau’d around 155 for a solid few months and I am sure it is mostly due to my own diet. I eat just around 2300 calories a day from my busy schedule. And down it all in two meals per day. Breakfast and dinner.

For anyone that has more knowledge and has went through this, how did you motivate or force yourself to eat more?

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Running 5/3/1. Tested my 1RM after 3 cycles. Should I adjust my TM to the new 1RM or keep what I’ve been using.

So I started 5/3/1 with the following 1RM’s. Deadlift 315, Squat 275, Bench 220, Press 150. My training max was based off of those for 3 cycles.

Come week 10 I test my squat and I improved. Now at 332. Hooray! The question now is should I use that (332) to base my TM off or continue using the old one and progress from there?

To clarify my TM would now jump to 300 from the old 277. Seems like a big jump to me.

Thanks all in advance!

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How can I increase my acceleration?

I’m a fairly large dude, 6’5″ 225 lb, and I play lacrosse as a D pole. I find myself getting burnt in 1 on 1 matchups unless I give my opponent space. The problem is that I cant afford to give them more than a few feet. A big part of this is the fact that I can go fast but it takes me a bit to get up to speed. So I have to be careful for jukes because once they get a little ahead of me I have no chance. I want to know how I can increase my ability to change directions quickly on the turf. Do any of you have any good agility routines you follow?

One thing I have noticed is how I use my outer leg to decelerate instead of my inside leg. On top of that, I feel like maybe hip strength has a lot to do with it as well as secondary leg and butt muscles.

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Dinner ideas for my boyfriend who is on a cut?

I’m sorry if this not the right place to post this, I also did a search and couldn’t find what I’m looking for (it also may not exist).

My boyfriend is working super hard on his diet and physique, and is just constantly eating kangaroo and green beans, or chicken and rice.

I want to be able to cook him a nice home cooked meal every so often without sabotaging his hard work and still be interesting enough for both of us to enjoy it!


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