Mechanics of pre-exhausting a muscle, and when to use this tool…

So I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my “bench problem” for a while. When I bench, my shoulders give out before my chest does.


For the first time yesterday, I went out of my way to heavily pre-exhaust my shoulders prior to benching (“Wait, wouldn’t you want to pre-exhaust your chest?” I’ll get to that… it’s part of my question). For the first time in a long time, my chest is finally sore. I say this not because soreness is indicative of an effective workout (it isn’t), but because it is clear that my chest was exposed to some kind of novel stimuli resulting in the DOMS that I typically don’t experience in my chest. That being said, it inspired a question…


I thought that by pre-exhausting my shoulders, it would just make them even more of a weak link and cause me to give out on my bench sooner. Somehow, rather than doing this, it seemed to allow me to “more consciously activate my chest”, because my chest had no choice but to do the work that the shoulders couldn’t do. This is contrary to how pre-exhausting would normally be used in this scenario, where someone would want to pre-exhaust their chest so that their chest would give out first in a bench, correct?


Just trying to figure out if I finally found a solution to my bench problem, or if something else is going on here.

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Exercising with lighter weights elicits a more profound feeling in muscles than heavier weights?

Has anybody else experienced this? For example when i perform a lat pull down with 130 pounds i feel it more strongly in the lats rather than the biceps but when i do the same with 170 pounds its more noticeably felt in the arms. In both instances tempo on the eccentric and concentric phases stay constant, both are done in a controlled manner, and rep ranges stay constant. Should I keep it light as i feel the effects more strongly in the desired area or go heavier as that is the typical M.O. of gym-goers and would be my initial assumption?


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Is working out my muscles hard doing more harm than good while cutting and doing hard cardio? Male, 24

So I’m about 170 and around 5’9, pretty much skinny fat. You wouldn’t really consider me fat or in shape at all honestly if I took my shirt off type of deal. I’ve been working out for about a month with good results. I’m working on cutting first down to about 150, and then eating a lot more and working on building muscle.

I’ve cut my calories way down and have good self-control, but I’m worried now that I’m just shrinking my muscles by working out upper body pretty hard while cutting. I’m pretty consistently sore, which is obviously a good sign that I’m breaking down my muscle but hate to think I’m not eating enough calories and protein during the day to replenish and build everything up stronger.

Should I go easier on upper body while I’m cutting the next few weeks. I’ve assumed working out upper body is burning extra calories, ensuring I hold on to the muscle I have, and the calories I am eating each day will go to my muscles rather than replacing fat that I’m burning. Is this the correct thinking, or am I just shrinking what I have?

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Suck at 10 Reps In Juggernaught

Clue is in the title I guess…


I’ve been running Juggernaught for 1 cycle and a bit and whenever I’m in the 10 reps set I find myself struggling to hit the 10 reps for a weight whether it be squats, Bench press or OHP (Deadlift not so much, which is odd!)


I recently sprained my wrist and after a visit to the doc, and a Physical Therapist who advised that I should let the pain be my guide I have decided that instead of carrying on with JM, I should probably lower the weights I’m working with and instead work on hitting the target reps at the 10 rep range and building my work capacity in that area while my wrist heals.


So as a result, does this sound like a good idea until I’m healed?

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Trying to figure out my Wendler 5/3/1 schedule and unsure of BlackIronBeast calculator results.

I’m using this blackironbeast 5/3/1 calculator:

I’m a bit confused about the results it’s giving me.
I thought the 5/3/1 program was basically you’re gonna be doing 1 set per day for 5 reps each of two major lifts.

This is the results page I got using the calculator:

View post on

IDK if i’m making this more complicated than it needs to be or what. It always seems like trying to set up an actual workout routine is the hardest part of working out.

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Is circuit training better than normal completion of sets?

Hey everyone,
I’ve been going on and off to the gym for about a year now so you can say I’m still a novice when it comes to understanding traning exercises. Its been two weeks now and I’m currently doing a kind of “training circuit”, where I complete a set of 9 exercises one after the other and then do them again (in that order) with increasing difficulty for a total of 3 “circuit sets”.

I work out in the morning at usually 6 am but in case I oversleep, I make a point to catch up in the evening.

I start off with a 30-35 min light cardio session (usually walking) before I begin. I take around 30-45 seconds rest between exercises and 2-3 min after each circuit.

The exercises are (done in this order):



Inclined Crunches

Pull ups

Triceps curl (cable)

Goblet squats

Chin ups


Biceps Curl

I have a few questions regarding the routine I’m currently following:

1) Should I be changing the order of this? I currently feel terribly fatigued by the time I do my third set of pull-ups and chin-ups. I would appreciate any suggestions on how I can make this order such that I get ample rest for muscle groups between exercises.

2) Am I underworking or overworking any muscle groups? Is there something I’m missing out which I should swap out for any exercise on the list?

3) I’m 5’7” and weigh 143 lbs. My current fitness goals is reduce fat and gain some lean muscle. Are these exercises appropriate for my goals?

4) Is the normal completion of 3 sets of each exercise (one after the other) better than this circuit method that I’ve adopted?

Any advice/input is appreciated!

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Question about rows/chinups on GSLP

I’ve been on PGSLP now for about a month (first time seriously lifting) and I love it. I’ve seen a lot of strength gains already (most probably newbie but regardless) and I plan on sticking with it for a while.

My question is regarding rows and chinups. My chinups are semi weak (I can’t get 3 sets of 5, it’s usually 5/4/3) so it doesn’t feel like I’m getting as much work in with the chinups as I do with the other lifts. I’ve been doing Yates rows on row days and I really like them a lot. It’s the only variation where I can really feel it in my back along with my biceps.

My question is, if I essentially grease the groove with chinups to build up a better foundation with the exercise, would it be advisable to do Yates rows every workout instead of alternating chinups/rows? Or would I be risking some imbalances doing it this way? I would swap back to the chinups once I was comfortable with the volume and knew I could knock out enough of them to start moving to weighted chinups.


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improving handstand

hey what’s up people,

lately I’ve been trying to improve my handstand.
I am practicing for a few weeks now but every time doing it my right wrists begins to hurt.

I thought that stretching may help?

It’s not recommended for other sports though so I refrained from doing it. Does anyone know whether to do it or not, and if yes can you recommend some exercises?

Thanks beforehand 🙂

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Short but frequent excercises

I sit a lot at work. Sometimes I stand but not for long periods – I don’t like to lock my knees and haven’t found a balance board that I like.


So I got this idea of doing a short exercise every full hour. For example, 1 minute plank or 10 single legged squats. I wanna do *something* without breaking a sweat.


But I wonder if the effort is worth it. Do all of these easy and short exercies mean anything or is it just junk workouts, compared to doing a few longer exercises at the end of the day?


I know that a 30 minute run every day is equal or better than a single long run per week, but what about 1 minute workouts?

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Right wrist giving out before bicep or left wrist

Hey all, I’ve been having this issue for a while now.

I work a desk job on a laptop, so I’m constantly using the track pad or mouse, and I feel like this has my right wrist overworked.

Whenever anything tests my grip (like walking dumbbell lunges) my right wrist and forearm start burning much before my left. When I stand and hold anything, dumbbells or even grocery bags, my right wrist is turned in a bit more than my left, like I’m automatically doing a slight wrist curl inwards. Hell, even on bench press I feel it giving out first. This is a big problem on curls since my forearm is giving out before my bicep, so I feel like I’m not working it as well as I could be.

How do I remedy this? I’ve tried iso wrist curls, but I feel like that’s just overworking it even more.

Any tips are appreciated, thank you!

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Anything wrong with dumping the weights on the floor instead of putting them back?

I was in the gym yesterday and was planning on squatting. The bar was loaded with 6x 20kg plates from the previous person. I took them all off one by one and leant them next to the rack on the wall. I then started my warmup set. After that set someone came up to me and told me to rerack the weights, which I told him no and they’re not mine. He said that he’s just seen me unload them all on the floor. I said yeah that’s from the previous person and it’s not my job to clean up after other people. He just stared tutting at me and walked off and gave me glares for the rest of my workout.

Am I in the wrong? I’ll clean up after myself and rerack MY weights. However, as far as I’m concerned it isn’t my job to clean up after every fucker who leaves shit all over the gym.

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Exercises for someone who works out every other week

Hi, so I am a ~6′ 3″ ~230 lb male, I normally workout 3x times a week (although I am thinking of upping this to 4x times) every other week, and in the weeks between, I go for runs on my gym days (current route is ~4 km) and in the days in between I normally do some lighter exercises, like the plank and stuff.

I was wondering if someone knew of any exercises that I could incorporate in my gym workout, that would make it so that I get the most of my workout.

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Feeling low energy after working and not going to the gym

Hello everyone! I have been feeling low energy after leaving work and this has been preventing me from hitting the gym. I cannot before work because the gym opens at 7:00 and I have to be at the office by 8:30 (I have a 50min commute).

Any tips to improve that? I suspect that having a meal by the end of the afternoon could help, but I am interested in learning from people who had similar issues.

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Should I Increase sets on some exercises.

So on chest I do 3 exercises. The sets are 3 3 2. I think about adding 1 on the Bench Press, so 4 3 2.
Back is 3 3 3. Think about doing 4 3 3. 1 extra on the Lat Pulldown.
Shoulders. 3 2 2 2. Adding 1 on the DB press and Later raise. So 4 3 2 2. And 1 more on the Barbell Bicep Curl so. 4 3 – the second exercise is hammer curl. Im doing PPL with the legs and shoulders 1 time a week. Done this program for 3 months with 3w pause after the first month of it. So far I see good progress in my weight and strenght. So should I add some extra sets or keep them like how they are now?
* Push Pull are 2 times per week.
Its like Pull- Push – Legs/Shoulders – Pull – Push – Rest – Rest
And I do shoulders directly only on Wednesday.

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How could i solve my upper chest lagging problem

My upper chest development is horrible comparing to my middle and lower chest.
From the side view, my upper chest is almost flat comparing to other part of my chest. Therefore, it is weird when i wearing t shirt, seems like that my upper chest is missing.

I tired to do some incline exercise such as incline bench press and upper chest fly. I would feel doms on the upper chest after chest day.
However, my upper chest still lagging behind.

Should I only doing incline bench until my upper chest is normal?

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Routine Request. Male, 20, 155lbs, skinny goddamn fat

Weight-70.5 kilo
Body Fat-cca 20%

Height-178 cm

Started losing weight since September and lost from 77 kilo all the way to 70 by swimming+staying in calorie deficit (1400 cal daily). It did help to lose weight, but not my abdominal (tummy) fat. I have no idea what to do but 70 kilo is borderline weight for my age/heigh (178) ratio. I cut down on everything and diet is working fine, but my body composition is staying the same.

I’m unsure if lifting or running or anything would help me. I’m satisfied with my body everywhere except the ugly beer belly which can’t leave. I don’t do swimming anymore, but i do light home bodyweight exc.
Any advice will be more than welcome! Thank you 🙂

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Hey, I was wondering if I could get a guess on what my Bodyfat percentage is. I’m trying to decide whether or not to cut or keep bulking.

I’m 19, male, 6’2, I weight 194 pounds, and I’m currently bulking and weight training 5 days a week for an hour a day on a pretty strict regiment. I’m eating 3,300-3,500 calories per day and I’m thinking it’s time to start cutting, but it’s not sure. I’m happy with 15% bodyfat to 19% bodyfat, and I want to start getting there over the next months.

Any suggestions? I want to measure but I don’t have calipers. Thanks 🙂

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When to transition into weighted pull ups?

Hey, so perhaps a stupid question but I was wondering when you guys would suggest moving from pull ups to weighted?

My routine has 3 x 8 Pull Ups on Pull days and my one set max is probably around 12. I’ve heard that you should mix in weighted and body weight for volume I was wondering when you guys think a good time to start weighted is.

Should I try to get my Pull Up strength higher? Or is it good enough to try weighted (I’ve never attempted weighted). I’ve only been doing them for a few months as I progressed through lat pull downs first so I’m not too knowledgeable on the world of body weight.

Seems as though there are many conflicting options online but I thought you guys might have a good answer, everyone here seems pretty experienced:)

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Desk job weight management

24 year old guy here, about 205lbs. I used to work in a factory doing labor, and managed to stay at a constant 190 (still not my ideal weight, but better than where I am now.) Now that I’ve had a desk job for awhile, I’ve put on some weight… again.

I used to run cross country and track before I royally fucked up my legs freshman year, and now I can’t run more than a mile because of the pain.

I take the stairs at work, walk around the building a lot during my downtime (about 2 hours a night of walking), and do pushups and situps in between tv episodes/games at home, about 50 reps of each or whatever I can fit in before the next episode or game starts.

Does anybody have tips for extremely sedentary office workers to help manage their weight? I can’t seem to shake the weight no matter what I do. I partially blame my lack of sleep as a third shift worker and a one year old being at my house about 50% of the day on most days. Any advice is appreciated!

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Is two days off too long?

Worked out a 3-day routine that’s the following:

– Day 1: 70 (70 all at once),
– Day 2: Rest,
– Day 3: Rest.

**Sit Ups**
– Day 1: Rest,
– Day 2: 100 (100 all at once),
– Day 3: Rest.

**Push Ups**
– Day 1: Rest,
– Day 2: Rest,
– Day 3: 80 (40 in and 40 out; 10 in, straight to 10 out, 30 second rest. Repeat until 80 total completed).

By in and out…
In: hands at shoulder width but 5cm toward feet to work biceps
Out: about 20cm wider than body at shoulder level, to work triceps and abs.

There is no resistance used in this training, all just at home.

I essentially want to do this for two months (slowly work into a bit of cardio, aiming for a 3km run 3 times a week).

I saw a PT 3 years ago, so I have a 4 day gym routine ready to go from that (2 upper body days different exercises, and 2 lower body days different exercises). I’ll prob do Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri.

I am 23 year old male, 60kg and lean with a *slight* tone already. I want to work towards have a more solid muscle build (no rush though, I like a steady pace). Once I complete this for two months I want to attempt a bulking diet whilst building muscle to try and gain a bit of weight.

I have ADHD-Pi so I find it extremely hard to motivate and stick to a routine. I finally got on medication but want to take it slow. This is why the routine is based around only 1 exercise per day, makes it a bit easier to handle working into it.

I did a 31-day challenge involving these groups already (finished yesterday!) and can easily push out the reps specified.

– Is a two day rest between each muscle group too long?
– Will the muscle even tone due to not using resistance (instead of let’s say high weight, 10 reps and 5 sets)?
– Would you recommend doing these exercises in sets, or just pump it out in one go (push ups can’t do in one go).
– Should I move straight into a plank for as long as possible after 100 sit ups?
– Is there anything I *should* be working before moving onto gym in 2 months?

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Endurance exercise increases AMPK which inhibits mTOR.

Fasting increase mTOR which is beneficial for building lean mass.

What if I fast and do my exercise fasted (both endurance and strength training)?

Do we really understand these mechanisms well enough to have discussions about timing and order of training loads in conjunction with the effects of fasting? Except for those at the elite level, if I throw a range of training stimuli at my body, and rest and eat well, will I just more-or-less adapt to it all?

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Urgent help needed. Please!

Hello all, hope you all are keeping fit.


I need help. I have naturally muscular thighs and calves and in comparison to my arms, my thighs are way too muscular.

Can I reduce thigh muscle ? If yes, then how? I want less muscular thighs and calves. (something like a marathoner, not a bodybuilder)



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Pull up advice!

I’ve only just started working on completing a pull up for the first time and am having some problems. I started doing rows with a kettlebell, then Australian pullups using a pair of rings, and finally, I moved to assisted pullups. This is where the problems start. Basically, my movement has a limited range. I can smash out 3 “pull ups” even unassisted if I start with slightly bent elbows and an engaged back. However, I don’t have the strength to get even one rep assisted, if I try and start from a dead hang. What muscles are being engaged at the start of the pull up from a dead hang, and how should I train them? Cheers!

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Moronic Monday – Your weekly stupid questions thread

Get your dunce hats out, Fittit, it’s time for your weekly Stupid Questions Thread.

Post your question – stupid or otherwise – here to get an answer. Anyone can post a question and the community as a whole is invited and encouraged to provide an answer. Many questions get submitted late each week that don’t get a lot of action, so if your question didn’t get answered before, feel free to post it again.

###**As always, be sure to read the [FAQ]( first**.

Also, there’s a handy-dandy **search bar to your right**, and if you didn’t know, you can also use [Google]( to search fittit by using the limiter “”.

Be sure to check back often as questions get posted throughout the day. Lastly, it may be a good idea to sort comments by “new” to be sure the newer questions get some love as well. [Click here to sort by new in this thread only.](

So, what’s rattling around in your brain this week, Fittit?

As per [this]( thread, the community has asked that we keep jokes, trolling, and memes outside of the Moronic Monday thread. Please use the downvote / report button when necessary.

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Itching Chest During Cardio


I have recently developed the following problem: I have begun to get itching, red splotchiness all over my back, torso, and chest whenever I engage in any cardiovascular activity, be it running on the treadmill, playing pickup soccer, or even sexual activity (or literally playing ping pong, this happened). I thought that I could potentially be allergic to my detergent, switched to “Free&Clear” and this has not helped. This also seems too sudden for an allergic development. Is there some biological reason for this? Is there something that could cause this in a gym environment?

For reference I do not believe this is a fitness issue, I am 6’3 and weigh about 165 pounds and do about 30 minutes of relatively intense cardio per day.

Thanks in advance!

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Exercise Suggestions for Disabled Friend

Hi All,

Looking for some fitness suggestions for a friend with disabilities. She has no legs and only upper arms and she gets around with a motorized wheel chair. So far she’s been going swimming, and using a trampoline to jump around for cardio but she’s looking for more things to do at home. The trampoline is alright but it seems like it’s sometimes too much for where her legs used to be. Open to anything with or without extra equipment. Thanks!

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Best gym machines to use for my goals?

Hey all! I (20F) recently started back at the gym due to an upcoming trip. My main goal is to work on my legs, butt, and just some basic fat loss (especially in back area). I’m 130 right now. I currently use a lot of the leg machines but would love to incorporate weight training on my arms. Anyways, my question is that I’m not sure how many reps I should be doing to actually make progress? I would love to see results within the next six weeks, but don’t expect to be perfect in that time. I also would love advice on what type of equipment to use at the gym in order to tone legs, butt, back, and overall fat burn.

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Trouble sticking with a program

I can’t seem to find a good workout plan that gets me to where I want to be. I don’t really know how to make one that hits everything that needs to be hit. Does anyone else have this issue and what type of program or workout plan should I look for?

I’m 5’9, 190, got a gut, and am in the process for police and fire department jobs. Lately all I’ve been doing is just running anywhere from a mile and a half to 2, and then just doing 100 decline sit ups and 50 pushups. I know it’s not much, but it’s something

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First time working out in a year+..!

Hi all.. want to make a semi-public declaration that I’m changing my sedentary lifestyle. It’s been a little over a year since I stopped playing collegiate athletics (soccer) and I’ve went from 185 to 232. I believe it’s been because of a combination of things. First off I told myself I would let my body rest after 15 years of year round soccer and then I never stopped resting. Secondly, I’ve fallen in love with food and it has become my vice. When I’m frustrated, anxious, happy, nervous, want to celebrate, etc. I find myself involving food. Thirdly I’ve gotten a job that allows me to work from home and doesn’t require me to leave often or if I do, nothing rigorous.

I simply want to get back in shape, at peak physical shape, I was benching 225, squatting 300+ and running a mile in 5:30. And wishing a year and a few months I find it difficult to stay moving forward at any speed for longer than a few minutes.

Today was day 2 of my workouts. Day 1 went well as I chose an upper body day because, I find them more enjoyable. Day 2 was legs and after my second set of squats, my legs locked up and I ditched the weight (only 135!!!) and tried to do body squats and couldn’t do them with any type of form. I was so discouraged and didn’t know what to do that I left the gym. I spent the last 20 minutes stretching and I seriously am so discouraged but want/need to change my lifestyle before I go down the slippery slope of weight gain/obesity.

If anyone that is semi-knowledgeable about fitness and is willing to work with me, please reach out to me. I already have a workout plan but I feel as if I need a ramping up period before I begin the plan.

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I am having a hard time with Leg Days

I have been going to the gym off and on for the past 5 years, The current goal I have is to become fit and muscle toned, and its been challenging and very difficult to do that with a fused ankle. My right ankle is completely fused, and I have lost all ability to stretch and maintain my right calf muscle. This has included squats and anything that has to do with my ankle moving more than 5 degrees. I am curious and hoping if anyone else might have this problem, if so what do you do to work around it? I am nervous because I don’t want to just focus on my left leg and get unbalanced and have one leg look like a right arm wrestling champion. Is there something I can do to help not just the calf but ensuring that my right hamstring/glute get the same amount of attention as the left. (Right Calf will remain chicken legged forever, nothing I can do about that)


Edit: I went to the gym on friday and was just doing lunges… it made me so insecure because I looked like some drunk guy came of the street and decided to work out. One leg was doing fine, while the other wobbled and shook like a strong breeze was blowing through the gym.

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How to make the most of a month of work?

Im a teacher and it’s school holiday time! I’ve just had my trip abroad and now I’m back home for four weeks with not a whole lot planned so I want to use this time to focus on fitness.

For the last two months I’ve been using the Frankoman’s Dumbbell only split recommended in the side bar (I work out in my
Condo gym) . I’m enjoying it and I’m seeing progress in baby steps. I want to stick with the programme but it’s 45 minutes, 3 days a week and I feel like I have so much time to give.

How would be best to push myself without overdoing it? Increase reps? Add additional exercises? I’m fairly new to this and don’t have a clue.

Female, 173cm, 58kg.
Goals: weight and muscle gain, general improvement in fitness.


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Am i losing Muscle Mass?

The last 3 nights in a row i went to sleep on an empty stomatch (if i eat a meal 1 hour before sleep it still feels empty) the first two nights took about 20-30 minutes to fall asleep with a little tummy rumble but this third night it’s been rumbling and i can’t fall asleep for 5 hours (maybe i did fall asleep but then woke up) but still i didn’t sleep for a long time so am i losing muscle mass fast? Or should i not worry if it’s only 3 nights

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Weightlifting x Running?

I’m a 16 year old male, 6’2 160lbs. I started weightlifting a couple months ago to look more musclar and increase my strength. I workout 3-4 times a week and I have started seeing some results; in the mirror and on the scale. I was 150lbs a couple months ago.
Here’s the thing, I also want to get back into running. If I run 5km 3-4 times a week could this start to affect my muscle gains (more specifically my upper body)?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you

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Need Help Finding a Specific Bench Workout

This is my first time posting on this sub and hope you awesome people can help me out!

There is a specific bench workout that I used for a couple of months in 2016 and got the best results of my life with but unfortunately I only saved a picture of one of the 2 sheets (see image in link below). I’m missing the sheet that tells you what weights to fill in based on your 1 rep max, does anyone recognize this workout?

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A Few Questions

Right now I’m about 2 weeks into Stronglifts 5×5. Read a lot about it, saw the criticism – just modified it a bit by increasing the deadlifts from 1×5 to 5×5 like every other exercise and added runs and a few rucks onto my off-days. Not really willing to drop it at this point because it’s getting me going consistently. My main concern is which program to move to after I plateau on Stronglifts. My main focus for what I want to get out of a program after this is strength and muscular endurance.

My second question is about a short routine for shoulder strengthening. I got my collarbone broken in Basic Training last year and instead of healing up to 90-100%, I got my Return To Duty when I was closer to 70% by faking it because being injured there is pretty awful. Whenever I do overhead press dumbbell work, my left shoulder gives out a few reps before my right. The only problem I have with using my physical therapy routine is that other than theraband, I forgot what exercises they had me doing.

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Does cardio affect how your physique looks if you’re still eating the same?

So i been lifting for a couple of years, though last year I went on a cut and came out looking the best I ever been. I looked pretty lean and vascular, and this had enough muscle where i can wear a t shirt and random people would comment that I look “huge”. Last year I was lifting 4 days a week and doing cardio, mainly just walking alot (for hours a day), and playing soccer with my friends every week and biking. Past 4-5 months or so I been walking less and overall less cardio though still lifting 4 sometimes 5 times a week. Though last maybe 2 months, I feel I been looking a bit more “flat”, not as defined and vascular as I use to see myself. My weight has more or less been the same on the scale (not trying to bulk and just wanted to stay maintaning but think I increased by 3 lbs slowly during the year), and maybe I just lost my tan and gotten used to seeing myself in the mirror so now that initial “damn I look good!” feeling is gone. Nobody has made any comments so this could be just in my head but something im wondering is that maybe all that extra movements I been doing before caused blood to flow my into my muscles making them “pop” more or something. Anyone have experience with their physiques looking different when they added or removed cardio? Im not talking about cutting and doing cardio to shred fat im talking about still staying the same size or seeing a physical difference?

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