Starting with heavy lifts

Beginner here and so I’m focusing on the compound lifts in a rep range of 4-6. Was wondering if it’s a good idea to start with the compound movements after warming up with stretches and very light weight on the muscle group I’m going to train. Feel like I will be able to lift more if I do it at the start as I won’t be drained for any other exercises in the workout.

TL:DR. Good or bad idea to start workout with heavy compound lifts?

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Cardio, bulking, and a few other q’s.

Hi, all!

I was wondering if anyone could help me shed light on a few things:
1) How much cardio should I do? I can’t stand jogging, so I started rowing a few weeks back. Just 2k meters because I have a really bad condition (? Sorry, English is not my 1st language). The first time I did it, I wanted to give up after about 200m, but I just bit the bullet and finished it. I’ve done it, maybe, 7-8 times and, for each time, it gets easier. Right now, I don’t even sweat at the 1k mark. I only row for ~7 minutes EOD – is it too little? What’s the best way to build up cardio the fastest/most efficient way?
2) Bulking has become really hard. At 4200+ kcal I still stall. God forbid I one day eat less; the very next day I’ve gone down on the scale. The macros I am using right now are 50% crb, 30% prt, 20% fat. I want to cut while gaining muscle (if that’s even possible) – what should the macros look like? I’ll probably have to bump up the calories to 5000 🤢

I can’t remember the other questions I had, but I will update if I remember them.


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Should I bother mini cutting?

Hey guys, omar isuf here.

Height: 5″4′

Weight for this week: 65.1 kgs, last week was 63.8 kgs… i think my weight fluctuates like this as i always hit at least 2/3 clean meals per day (1,000 calorie smoothie in the morning and 800 calorie lunch of tuna and brown rice, the last meal is dinner which i can’t measure as mum cooks indian)

I’m not liking my midsection at all right now, but my arms aren’t showing good definition of biceps, my chest is gaining size and weight well though, my rear delts are catching up very well and overall my strength has exploded since i’ve started bulking (around 6 weeks now). My stomach fat is the only thing bothering me, should i bother mini cutting?

and yes I have read Mike Israetel’s article on mini cutting, just want some opinions

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Physique Phriday

**Welcome to the Physique Phriday thread**

What’s the point of having people guess your body fat? Nevermind that it’s the most inaccurate method available, (read: most likely way wrong – [see here]( you’re still just putting an arbitrary number to the body you have. Despite people’s claim that they are shooting for a number, they’re really shooting for look – like a six pack.

So let’s stopping mucking around with trivialities and get to the heart of the matter. This thread shall serve two purposes:

1. **Physique critiques.** Post some pics and ask about muscles or body parts you need to work on. Or specifically ask about a lagging body part and what exercises worked for others.
2. An outlet for people that want to show off their efforts that would otherwise be removed due to [Rule 4](, and

Let’s keep things civil, don’t be a creep, and adhere to [Rule 1]( This isn’t a thread to announce what you find attractive in a mate. Please use the report function for any comments that are out of line.

So phittit, what’s your physique pheel like this phriday?

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Daily Simple Questions Thread – May 24, 2019

Welcome to the /r/Fitness Daily Simple Questions Thread – Our daily thread to ask about all things fitness. Post your questions here related to your diet and nutrition or your training routine and exercises. Anyone can post a question and the community as a whole is invited and encouraged to provide an answer.

# As always, be sure to [read the wiki]( first. Like, all of it.

Also, there’s a [handy-dandy search bar]( to your right, and if you didn’t know, you can also use Google to search fittit by using the limiter “” after your search topic.

Other good resources to search are []( for exercise-related topics and []( for nutrition and supplement science.

Be aware that [the more relevant information you add](, the more relevant the answers you receive will be. And if you are posting about your routine, please make sure you follow [the guidelines](

**(Please note: This is not a place for general small talk or chit-chat. Also, the community decided long ago that we keep jokes, trolling, and memes outside of the Daily Q&A threads. Please use the downvote / report button when necessary.)**

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Getting back into this, input?

Hey guys,

I’m 5’10”, used to lift consistently with SL, got decent musculature, weight was as low as 65 kg or so, with pretty low body fat, right now, I’m up to circa 90 kg, much higher body fat, obv, but looking pretty good overall.

My objective is to look the best possible in the shortest time possible. I would also like to work back up to what I was lifting (did 400 lb squats at one point, my other lifts are much much lower).

Doing GS now, have read the resources, watched some youtube, and well, here’s the actual questions:

-Is the best way to achieve my best look to kill myself with cardio? I lost some 15 kg in less than 2 months last year circa September like that. Apparently I didn’t look too healthy, but eh. I didn’t feel bad or anything.

-Should I not worry about weight and just lift for now? I would like to have a lower fat %, but I’m getting a ton of compliments. Despite not looking quite as lean, apparently I look pretty good… which has led me to question whether I should try to go down in weight as much as I can, or to try to get bigger.

-Are both objectives mutually exclusive?

-Last I was lifting seriously, I was doing Atkins pretty seriously. Never have had any health issues, right now, not really worrying about my diet too much, tho keeping carbs as low as possible.

-I’m from somewhere fairly cold, so, the time I have to look good is limited. Winter is coming.

-On top of SL, I used to do gymnastics and rock climbing. I’m not doing either currently, just GS, walking 3-4 km’s daily, and tossing chin ups and other accessories randomly. Thinking of starting Krav Maga, another martial art, and or dancing classes soon though. Does that matter at all?


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Deadlift :Imagine you are pushing the floor down rather than pulling the bar up – please explain

So I am getting lower back pain as my deadlift weights are increasing every session.
Seems like my form is going to shit and most of the load am taking on my lower back (also happens during squats).

One thing I have heard a lot of people tell me on this sub is “Imagine you are pushing the floor down rather than pulling the bar up”.
For the love of God, I tried to imagine that and still seems like my lower back takes the load.

Can someone englihten me as am kinda worried about messing up my back?


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Does is make sense to do you first set at max weight and deload on your 2nd and 3rd set?

I usually notice that I can lift more weight on my first set compared to next two. For example, while doing a dumbell press I am able to do 45+45lbs 15reps. But second set I struggle. So usually have to bring it down to 40 and third set at either 40 or 35 depending on how I’m feeling.

Have been training for a month now. Seeing some newbie gains.

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Lose body fat, but gain strength.

Hey guys

I’m a 26 year old, young lad trying to lose body fat but gain strength. I’m 183 cm tall (6’0”) and weighs 89 kilos (198 pounds).

I’m relatively new to training and don’t want to overdo it, but at the moment i have a lot of time on hands (all day) and want to use that effectively. I have no problem waking up early.
My question is, what program you would reccomend. I’ve looked at the suggested programs in the sidebar, but i can’t find one that incorporates both cardio and strength training.

I genetically have a bulky look and have no problem if this is reduced a bit.

I’m trying to meal plan, but i’m living with 3 friends we always eat (healthy) dinner together, so i cant measure that.

I’ve used Google to help me with my English so i hope it’s not butchered totally.

Thanks in advance.

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Just Double Checking My Plan

Weight: 253 lb Height: 5′ 10″ Bodyfat: ~30% Big 3 lifts are 315 for reps. I havent bothered to check max in a long time

Had a huge wakeup call when I saw how high my bf percentage was. I used to think I was like 25%. I’ve been eating around 1500 calories a day and burning 1000 from walking. My bmr is around 2000 from the calculators I’ve used. I’ve only been doing this for 3 days and it feels manageable. I’m always hungry but the hunger pangs arent that bad tbh. Once I get back home from asia I plan on cutting down the walking in half and going back to lifting weights twice a day at a lower weight. For the next 3 weeks while i’m in asia I plan on walking around 8 miles or so in addition to body weight exercises.

Diet is mostly greens, fish, some other meats, and rice.

I know that the calorie deficit works out to be 1500 a day but it honestly feels ok. Also during the school year I used to eat around 3000 to 3500 per day. Am I just in a honeymoon phase and should change the deficit or should I just keep going and see how it goes.

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How can anyone consume 100grams of fiber a day?

So I’ve been trying to build muscle for a little bit now and I’ve done a fair amount of research into the protein intake and the balance of other macros and what not. From what I’ve gathered, since I’m a 76 kg I’d need to consume about 169g of protein a day and so that’s what I’ve been doing. However, the issue comes up when I have to digest that much food.

After eating all that protein, the next morning I’d be crapping out stools the size of baby pellets (if I’m lucky) or just straight up diarrhea. My friend suggested that maybe its because of my fiber intake and I guess that makes sense. But based on what this website says about the required amount of fiber per gram of protein, and how less fiber a single Avocado (reportedly the richest source of soluble fiber) has, I’m not sure I’ll ever reach the amount of fiber I need (which should be around a 100grams of fiber based on my calculations). Do I really need that much fiber everyday or did I misunderstand the information presented to me? Or maybe you consider this article a hoax altogether?

Another thing I should mention is that I could have lactose intolerance **tendencies*** and I consume two scoops of protein powder a day. There is a possibility that the casein could be causing the indigestion.

[***By tendencies** I mean it only acts up when I eat a whole medium cheese burst pizza alone for example lol otherwise I can drink 4-5 glasses of milk no problem]


***TL;DR :***

*- How much fiber do I really need everyday if I’m consuming 169g of protein?*

*- How do I get my required amount of fiber without overeating/force-feeding myself?*

– *Does my lactose intolerance tendency have anything to do with my problem?*


**Link:** [](

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Muscles only ache when I stop exercising

So, a quick question for you all:

Why do my muscles (quads, calves and hamstrings) only start to ache when I stop exercising?

I have been cycling 20-30km every day for around two weeks with some long hikes, indoor climbing and spin classes thrown in.

I didn’t feel tired during this period and my muscles didn’t ache. I stretched twice a day during this time as well.

Decided to take a rest day yesterday and as the day progressed my muscles got more and more sore. The same is true today. It feels like when you first start doing weights and you get the soreness a few days after. I don’t feel injured or close to being injured, just a bit achy.

**Is this basically just because I haven’t had enough rest and I have prolonged recovery of muscles?**

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Tightened skin while bulking?

Okay so this is probably gonna be a weird post but lately I have been.. feeling this change in my skin. Near the elbow area (triceps to be specific). I have started to notice the skin there is a bit tighter? I’d say. I dunno why. I am bulking at the moment and have been working out regularly for about a year or so but never felt like this before.

From what I can muster I think and I could be wrong but I guess the muscle region including triceps and biceps is getting bigger? I haven’t actively bulked like this before so just something I notice while I drive a car and keep my elbow on the ‘elbow resting’ area or while am on the bed or something. It just feels weird and different than usual.

Or am I just tripping? been feeling this since a week or so. Is it possible the skin adjusts or feels like this after there are some changes? also is there a term for this?

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I (M26) have some questions about weight loss

So, I will preface this by saying that I have already lost 40 lbs in about 3 months, I went from 370 to 330 and I’m pretty happy about it. My current BMI is about 44 and I’m about 6 feet tall. I’ve cut down on calories to anywhere between 1000-2000 calories daily with a 1 meal a day fast, but it does vary daily and usually averages to 1500 (My TDEE is apparently 3000 according to an online calculator) and it is a pretty balanced diet usually, but it isn’t always “healthy” food (think things like burgers and pastas) and I drink a lot of diet soda. I do weigh my food. I also walk about 3 miles every single day, I’m planing on extending this route in the future. I really do not want to gain bulk right now, I am purely focused on weight loss, if I want to gain some muscle then it can happen later.

Now for the questions. I want to know if this kind of weight loss is too slow, too fast, or what is to be expected for what I’m doing. I want to lose it reasonably fast, but I don’t want to do it dangerously.

I would also like to know what I can do to mitigate the loose skin that I fully expect to have when I get to my target weight. I would also like to know if my arm flab is going to be permanent and how I can mitigate that. This kind of leads to my next question, what should my target weight even be? I don’t necessarily want to be a muscle clad walking tank, but I do want to lose a lot of the fat that I currently carry.

Next question, will my current muscle mass suffer from my current diet and exercise regimen? I want to lose fat, not the muscle that I currently have, but this might be unavoidable without lifting I think? Not sure, it’s why I’m asking you. I’ve heard that diet might help with this or something.

And another one: will there be a problem with my diet soda intake (currently 3-4 cans a day), I’m not aware of the current consensus on this but it makes my day a little better, adding some flavor that water does not give you. But if it is ill advised then I’ll cut back or eliminate if I have to.

Next question is whether I should increase the length of my walk or increase the pace of my current walk, or maybe both? I can currently do the current walk no problem and have been increasing my speed steadily, is this an incorrect approach?

I want to thank everyone in advance, I certainly could use your advice and help.

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When progressing, if I can’t complete all the reps I am supposed to with the new weight, should I decrease the weight or just do fewer reps?

I am doing the PPL program from the wiki and I am supposed to add 5 pounds to my bench every week. However, I am pretty much always unable to add 5 pounds per week and still do a full set of 5, I can only do like 3 reps per set every time I add weight. Should I do 3×5 with the new weight or just keep doing 5+ x5 until I can fully do a full set of 5 with the new weight?

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Workout Routine Feedback: How’s This Look?

33 years old, 6’1″, 195 guy, good shape, no six-pack yet, gunning for the six-pack, bigger biceps and bigger calfs. How does this routine look (6 days a week, Sundays off)


**Chest and Tris**


* Dumbell chest press + pushups 3 x 10
* Skull crusher + close grip bench 3 x 10
* Incline press 3 x 10
* Tricep kickback 3 x 10
* Overhead dumbbell tricep 3 x 10
* Chest Butterflys 3 x 10
* Seated dips 3 x 10
* Burnout: Tricep overhead pulldown
* Burnout: Chest press machine



**Back and Bis**


* 21 Bicep Curls 3 x 21
* Hammer Curls 3 x 10
* Concentration Curls 3 x 10
* Preacher curls 3 x 10
* Seated row 3 x 10
* Lat pulldown3 x 10
* Superman bicep pully curls 3 x 10
* Burnout: Hammer curls




**Legs & Shoulders**


* Military presses 3 x 10
* Milk jugs 4 x 10
* Front raises 4 x 10
* Side raises 4 x 10
* Shrugs 4 x 150
* Plate front raise 4 x 10
* Squats 3 x 5
* Deadlifts 3 x 5
* Leg press 4 x 10
* Calfs 4 x 10
* Calf machine 4 x 10
* Box jump 3 x 20
* Kettle bells 3 x 20


**Abs (Every Other Day)**


* Ab Roller 5 x 10
* 1 Minute Plank In-Between Sets

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Is it time to cut?

I’ve been bulking for a few months (about 4). I’ve put on a good amount of muscle. But of course I’m fat as fuck. I probably gained around 20 pounds of fat 8 of that being muscle I assume. So I really hate how fat I look now. Should I start cutting now? I’m thinking of doing a 750 calorie deficit for 3 months. I’m not sure if I would even look muscular if I cut. But should I should I just cut regardless?

My lifts when I first started lifting were insanely weak

Bench- 55

Squat- the bar

Deadlift – 145

My current lifts are now

Bench- 140 (1RM)

Squat- 175 (3RM

Deadlift- 230 (3RM)

Height- 5’9, Male, weighing 180.

So, is it time to cut? Also will I still continue to gain strength.

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Making a gym routine based off of Athlean-X videos



With that said, I’m a huge Athlean-X fan, so I figured I’d make a routine using his recommended workouts for each muscle group. This info is all laid out in his videos, I’m just compiling it into one spot


Videos I’m using to make this routine

[The PERFECT Biceps Workout](


[The PERFECT Shoulder Workout](


[The PERFECT Chest Workout](


[The PERFECT Back Workout](


[The PERFECT Triceps Workout](


[The PERFECT Leg Workout](


[The PERFECT Forearm Workout](


[The 6 Best Trap Exercises](


[Calf Workout](


[Intense Ab Workout](


And last but not least, the video that gives me a basic idea on how to make a routine (as so far I’ve only been following my highschool’s weightlifting class routine)


[The Best Workout Split for MAXIMUM Muscle Gains](


Alright, so lets go. I’m basing this off of Jeff’s first recommended “Bro Split” that goes (Chest-Biceps)-(Push Legs)-(Back-Triceps)-(Pull Legs)-(Shoulder-Traps)-(Rest Day)-(Rest Day) but I’m modifying it a bit. This isn’t going to be best for everybody as everybody has different goals, but this is what I think looks reasonable at the very least, as a new guy, and may give a shot once I join a gym.


I’m alternating muscles used between super sets to give a rest period for each. The “Perfect Workouts” were made in 2 exercise pairs, so I’ll alternate them. Whether this is smart or not is not for me to decide.


Super Set exercises with the same number


**Day 1 (Chest and Biceps)** (See PERFECT Chest Workout and PERFECT Bicep Workout videos)


1a: Barbell Bench Press (4×6/8/10/12) (Drop Sets)


1b: Horizontal Cable/Band Crossovers (4×15)


2a: Barbell Cheat Curls (3xMAX) (Probably keep the reps in the 8/10/12 range with your max weight for each)


2b: Barbell Drag Curls (3xMAX)


3a: Incline Dumbell Bench Press (4×6/8/10/12) (Drop Sets)


3b: Low to High Cable/Band Crossovers (4×15)


4a: Weighted Chinups (3xMAX) (Not gonna lie, and this applies for a few of these, I can’t even do regular chinups for more than 2-4 reps, so I will probably substitute these with a Lat Pulldown Machine)


4b: Peak Contraction Chin Curls (3xMAX)


5a: Weighted Dips (4×6/8/10/12) (Drop Sets)


5b: High to Low Cable/Band Crossovers (4×15)


6: Banded Dumbell Curls (3xMAX)


7a: Weighted Pushups (3xMAX)


7b: Band Crossover Pushups (R/L) (3×15)


8: Dumbell Incline Curls (2xMAX)


9: Dumbell Curl Trifecta (2×8 reps per position per arm)


**Day 2 (Legs)** (See PERFECT Leg Workout)


1: Barbell Squats (4×5/5/10/25)


2: Barbell Hip Thrusts (4×25/10/5/5)




2: Glute/Ham Raise (4×25/10/5/5)


3a: Dumbell Bulgarian Hi/Low Split Squats (R/L) (2×12)


3b: Explosive Bodyweight Bulgarian Split Squat Hops (1xMAX) (After both 3a sets)


4: Dumbell Total Knee Extension Band Drop Lunge (R/L) (3×12)


5: Dumbell Adductor Goblet Squats (R/L) (2×12)


6: Hip Band Ladder Finisher (2×10)


**Day 3 (Shoulders and Traps)** (I’m starting to get out of order of Jeff’s example but that’s okay, I’m just trying to space out the exercises, the Trap video doesn’t list sets/reps either so this is purely me pulling numbers out of thin air) (See PERFECT Shoulders Workout and 6 Best Trap Exercises videos)


1a: Overhead Press (4×10/8/6/6)


1b: Dumbell Overhead Press (1×15) (Done immediately after all Overhead Press)


2a: Kneeling Dumbell Shrug (3×15) (I came up with this number, you are welcome to inform me if it’s close or way off)


2b: Kneeling Cable Overhead Trap Raises (3×10)


3: Delt Stretch 21’s (3×7)


4: Dumbell Shrug Rows (R/L) (3×8)


5a: Dumbell Cheat Laterals (R/L) (3xMAX)


5b: Dumbell Push Press (R/L) (3xMAX)


6: Twisting Trap Shrug (3×10)


7: Cable/Band Face Pulls (3×15)


8: Dumbell Prone Press (3×10)


9: Band Reverse Trap Fly (3×8)


**Day 4 (Rest)** (I’d recommend Cardio)


**Day 5 (Abs/Forearms/Calves)** (30sec Rests) (See Intense Ab Workout, PERFECT Forearm Workout, and Calf Workout videos)


1a: Counter-Clockwise Seated Ab Circles (60sec)


1b: Clockwise Seated Ab Circles (60sec)


1c: Drunken Mountain Climbers (60sec)


2a: Marching Planks (60sec)


2b: Scissors (60sec)


2c: Starfish Crunch (30sec)


3: Russian V Tuck Twists (30sec)


4a: Calf Launches (3x60sec)


4b: Weighted 1 1/2 Calf Raises (Straight/Outward/Inward) (3x60sec)


5: Prone Wrist Curls (2×15)


6: Dumbell Farmers Carries (One Lap)


7: Wrist Curl Ladder (2xMAX)


7a: Reverse Wrist Rolls (2×1/2/3/4/5sec…)


7b: Reverse Barbell Curls (2×1/2/3/4/5reps…)


8: Radial/Ulnar Deviation (2×15)


9: Supination/Pronation (2×15)


10: Clip/Gripper Grip Combo (2xMAX)


10a: Clip/Gripper Squeeze (2xMAX)


10b: Clip/Gripper Squeeze Wrist Rocks (2xMAX)


11: Dead Arm Hang (60sec)


**Day 6 (Back and Triceps)** (See PERFECT Back Workout and PERFECT Triceps Workout videos)


1a: Deadlifts (2×8/6) (2min rest between Deadlift sets)


1b: Weighted Chinups (2×4/8)


2a: Deadlifts (2×4) (30sec rest between Deadlift sets)


2b: Wide Grip Pullups (2xMAX)


3: Close Grip Pin Press (3×10/6/4)


4: Barbell Dead Rows (3×12)


5: Weighted Dip Tri-Set (Weighted/Bodyweight/Band-Assisted) (3xMAX per drop) (No rest between drops)


6: Alternating High Pulley Row (3×12)




6: Rocking Pulldowns (3×12)


7a: Rope Pushaways (3×12) (Dropset)


7b: Drag Pushdowns (3xMAX) (Same weight as 7a)


8: Hyper Y/W (2×20) (Alternate Y’s and W’s)


9: Rocking Tricep Pushdowns (2×12)


10: Banded Lying Tricep Extensions (2×15)


11: Barbell Shrug Ladder Finisher


**Day 7 (Rest)** (Cardio again?)


Critique it please, lemme know it’s ups and downs, I pretty much just typed out what was listed in his videos and it looks like a fairly good routine to me. Something for every muscle and each muscle is hit extensively, but my knowledge is slim. I can’t guarantee if this is truly a PERFECT workout, but it hits everything and is better than nothing.

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How should I go from now on?

Hi guys,

I’m at a point in my diet/workout routines where I honestly don’t know how to proceed. I’m a 19 male, 5”6′ (172cm),, went from 190 pounds (86 kilograms) to 135 (61 kilograms) as of this morning, in about 2 years (not exactly 2 years, it’s been an up and down). I’ve been eating around 1200/1500 calories a day (I have my app set up on 1200 calories, and then I eat what I burn by walking (not including gym workouts) – I average 8.6 km a day in 2019 so some would say I have a pretty active life.). I obviously try to eat as much proteins as possible, and I workout 3 times a week. My workout sessions are about 1:00/1:15 hours, and they’re about 30 mins of cardio (6.5 km/h with 15% slope, burns around 420 cals).

I’m pretty sure I’m done with weight loss, so I have no idea what to do next. I’ll link my pictures at the end of the thread, but anyway my goal is to get a much better body – don’t care too much about being “big”, care more about being lean and cut but as far as I am getting this, you need to put on some mass before getting to where I am.

Some friends into fitness and stuff told me to: up my calories, eat 2x my bodyweight in proteins (grams, obviously) and focus on my workouts with no more cardio. Some suggested reverse diets to get my metabolism going, some carb cycling so I am asking you all: what shall I do next?

Here’s my “concerns”: I’m a college student, I go out a lot and I kinda need my cheat meals (which I admit sometimes are very heavy, goddamn pizza) and summer is coming: I don’t want to start a long process (right now) which would get me a bloated/unfinished (I think that’s not the right word though) body by the time I am done with my exam session (which is also gonna be stressful af so it might mess up with my diet a bit).

Here’s my pictures as of this morning with an empty stomach: [here]( – slim pics are how I am normally and “fatter” ones are those where I let go of my belly as much as I can 🙂
I thank everyone that will answer in advance and wish you all a good day!

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Obese Man Trying to Lose Fat

I’m 5’4 and at 260 pounds I am considered Obese.

I used to be a pretty fit guy and I did some powerlifting before changing jobs made a fit lifestyle impossible to do.

In any case, here’s what I’m planning on doing to lose the fat.

My diet will be a modified IIFYM where I target to eat at least 260 grams of protein. I’ll start off with 2,600 calories (maintenance for me) and gradually cut off calories every time I plateau.

I’m planning on doing a basic strength protocol, maybe Stronglifts 5×5 or Wendler 531. My cardio would be walking my dogs every day.

My target would be to get below 200 pounds by the end of the year.

Would like to know your thoughts if this is viable.

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Calorie burn in the gym

Hello there

I‘ve started to go to the gym regularly again after 2 years of illnesses and Hospitals.
I‘ve gained a lot of weight for my liking and am extremely motivated.

So my question is: how do I estimate my calorie burn when going to the gym?
Because of being unable to go to the gym for a long time and having already made the mistake of a too big deficit I had lost a lot of muscle and only looked somehow skinny as a result after dieting.

Im trying to use the fact that as a beginner with a low calorie deficit and enough protein you can still build muscle while losing wheight.
I‘m experienced enough for the exerxises nuitrition in general but I‘d like to use all of my motivation to be as precisely Tracking as possible.
I dont want to eat too little or too much for my aims.

Im not the biggest or the most experienced. But i‘m juSt curious how You guys do it. the ones who are strictly Tracking their food. Hope you can help me. Sorry for the bad english. Not a native speaker and im not very familiar with Technical terms in english.

Additional Information:
22 years old
(Not even that unmuscular. Just don’t want to lose it like it happened once)

Thanks in advance. Cheers.

Edit: doing a full body Workout every 2 days
Mostly 2 exercises for Every muscle. Tell me if you need more info

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Questions about hypertrophy

1. How does progression work in case of hypertrophy exercises? For example, if my goal is to do 3×12 bicep curls and I can do 3×12 with certain weights, in my subsequent workout sessions should I try
1. heavier weights, same number of sets, fewer reps (in this case what is a reasonable number for fewer reps?),
2. same weights, same number of sets, more reps until I feel like I can do 3×12 with heavier weights,
3. something else?
2. I guess the answer for the first question would also be the answer for this, but which one is more important for hypertrophy: adding weights or adding reps?
3. While doing hypertrophy exercises, should one stop at the top of the movement for a second, or just focus on speed?


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My (f27) arms gain muscle like crazy! How do I get toned & slim without looking like Popeyes?

Hey there. Yea like the title says, my biceps gain muscle so easily. Also, I’ve got broad shoulders for a girl so it all lends to a very manly look that I’m not digging. I’d like to have toned arms with less fat on them.

Every time I pick up a weight, EVERY TIME, I notice muscle gain and I get so self conscious about it.

Do you have any tips for me?

Much appreciated!

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Submissive sex is really good workout. The fighting is really good for good.

Emi stood up and turned around then slid of her spandex shorts. I was regaining consciousness and getting turned on at the same time when she sat back down on me, only this time with her ass on my nose.
I began to flail around as I felt it was starting again, and she shouted “lick my asshole if you ever want me to get off of you!”
The thought of licking another person’s butt seemed to disgusting that I nearly threw up in my mouth. I continued to struggle, and she continued to suffocate me until I had become docile again.
“Now are you going to behave this time?” she said while briefly lifting up her butt, but she didn’t wait for a reply and simply plopped back down and ground her ass on my face.
I didn’t want to lick her, but I also didn’t want to pass out, so I stuck my tongue up hesitantly.
“I know you can go deeperrr” she cooed
Then when I didn’t extend my tongue more she lifted up her ass and slammed it down on my to get the message across. My tongue jolted to attention and began licking deep in her crack.
Almost immediately after, I tasted shit and then ffffffffttt.
She farted ON MY TONGUE.
“Keep licking or else I’ll shit on your face,” she yelled at me. That was motivation enough for me, and I licked like there was no tomorrow.
This continued for what seemed like forever until I finally passed out.
I was awoken by a long wet fart in my face. The Emi started talking. I couldn’t quite make out what she was saying yet, but as I looked up in my haze she looked like a queen or a goddess looking down on me, while I gazed at her utter perfection. I felt obliged to do whatever she wanted if only because she was so much better than me.
“You hear that?” She continued “You’re my bitch from now on. You do what I say, when I say. Now get on your knees and kiss my feet if you understand.”
I immediately scurried up to my knees and started kissing her feet repeatedly. “Good boy, now here’s the rest of my homework, I want that done by tomorrow.” She then took the money out of my wallet and told me to leave.
“Thank you Emi!” I said as I stood up to leave, but she kneed me in the gut as I was standing up. I was in no shape to fight back after all the suffocating and easily dropped to the floor. “You are never to address me as an equal again and you are to crawl unless I tell you otherwise! Got that?”
I peered up at her absolute divinity and said “Yes, goddess Emi”

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Having trouble recovering from my daily routine

I started working in a warehouse where I’m lifting things all day and I’m feeling very weak in my body this week. It’s been progressively getting worse every week since I started. My routine is as follows:

7km bike ride to work

Lift shit all day

7km bike ride home

And I’ve been trying to stick with rock climbing, but I’ve only had the energy to go once per week. I just don’t have much energy at all right now. I expected this when I first started, but by now my body should be used to it right? Except I’m only getting more tired. What steps should I take to improve my recovery?

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Weird Change in my Pullups

So I can do a pretty good number of pullups. Over 25 in one set on a good day, sometimes as high as 30 in ideal conditions. I’ve been doing them for a long time, and they’ve always been a little different from other workouts in that something like a bicep curl starts burning if you do enough, but pullups don’t. Instead, I just feel my capacity to do the work get lower and lower until I can’t physically pull myself up anymore. I’ve read about this; I don’t remember the specifics, but IIRC it’s related to intensity and creatine.

Lately though, my muscles have been burning toward the end of my sets. Has anyone else experienced this? Why the switch? Is it a problem? Should I do it something different?

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Question about routine/workout plan

This past winter I joined a gym to run inside. It’s gradually turned into lifting weights and running a shorter about of time. Now it’s warmer out, I lift in the AM and run 3/4 times a week in the evening.

I started out doing 3 exercises per body part. Except for legs, I do 7 exercises once a week because I run.

Monday/Thursday- Chest&Shoulders.
Tues/Fri- Back & Bi
Core Mon/wed/Fri

Well, I’ve gradually increased all my sets to 7-10 exercises. I can’t be in the gym this long. So I split my workouts to Individual body parts per week.

My goal is to get strong and be fit.

My question is, should I cut back on the exercises and go with my original routine or continue with my new routine.

I’ve been doing it for a couple weeks and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I feel like I’m not working hard enough. I feel a little heavier which I’m assuming is because I’v eliminated an hour from the gym.

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Lifting with bursitis

So I’ve just developed bursitis in one of my knees (basically swelling and stiffness). Doctor has told me deadlifts and squats are a no go. Anyone have any tips or exercises that i can sub in to keep working posterior chain and specific muscle groups that take my knee out of it?
Any help appreciated

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Rant Thursday -_-

I was having a really productive gym day today. I decided to end the workout with farmer walks. I have my headphones on and grab two 50lb dumbbells from the rack and begin to navigate through everyone across the mirror.

My stats: I’m 150lbs.

I see a space between two machines where this guy is casually chilling while doing nothing! He sees me walking towards the space while struggling with the weight. He has his elbow extended with his palm to his waist. I say “watch out” well in advance but he doesn’t move. So I try to shift my body and accidentally graze his arm while making my way through. I think nothing of it and do my round.

On my way back I see him eyeing me with this look of superiority. He comes up to me and starts yelling that I should in fact be saying “excuse me” multiple times and demands an apology. Everyone in the gym is staring at this confrontation.

I didn’t think it was a big deal. If anything, I tried very hard to make sure not to bump into this person who was idling about.

I just said “are you trying to pick a fight?” and didn’t back down.

I am a person of color but I don’t think that has to do with anything. I’m fine apologizing for an honest mistake but I’m not going to be the person in the wrong when someone demands/begs for an apology. A lady walked up to the main desk and complained to the staff about him and the guy who I see every day while I scan my badge comes to me and ask if I want to write a complaint. I just shrug it aside and say it’s not a big deal.

I’m over it. I didn’t think it was a big deal at all. It wasn’t something that needed a open display of aggression.

What would you have done?

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Being sick and muscle loss?

I’ve been pretty sick for two weeks and went to a doc and was told I have gastritis so I’m currently taking antibiotics but also going to the gym. The last two weeks I’ve lost a total of 6 lbs ( May be good for my cut lol) but am worried I will be losing muscle as well even tho I’m still pushing hard in the gym. Today I’ll end the day with 1080 cals and 117g of protein and find it hard to even break the 1k cal make as its impossible to eat and if I do it’s gone within an hour. Any tips to prevent as much muscle loss as possible while dealing with this? Also I’m using whey 3 scoops a day which helps a lot

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Would 5/3/1 be a good program for someone with lagging legs or would 5×5 make more sense?

I’ve lifted for years but have always absolutely neglected legs. I’d have a month of solid leg work then give up. My upper body is much more developed.

Basically my question is, for someone who has pathetic squat and deadlift numbers, is 5/3/1 a good idea? Or would 5×5 make more sense?

Prior to this I’ve gone by feel. Usually doing some sort of progressive overload for my bench.

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Glute activation exercises for the elderly?

Trying to help an elderly woman engage her glutes. As is the case with many people, she is quad dominant and has a poor mind-muscle connection to her glutes. Glute bridges are tough because it requires getting down to and up from the floor, though now that I think about it, I might be able to use a bench for this. I’ve also tried pull-throughs using a cable column. As you might expect, she is compensating with too much recruitment of the low back muscles and finishes the movement with a hyperextended lumbar spine. I tried to cue “belly tight”, but that doesn’t seem to work. When I had her perform glute bridges, she was using too much lumbar erectors there too. Decades of underuse have left her with very sleepy glutes.


Open to ideas on how to help her fire up the largest muscles in her body.

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Losing weight but gaining strength?

Hello there.

Im a 5’7 skinny guy that entered the gym about 2 years ago, Ive made some really good progress(im taking my time, I dont plan to be a bodybuilder, just want a nice physique). About 3 weeks ago I was 143 lb’s(that goes to show how skinny I was), but I now Only weight about 139 lb’s(ive been eating a little bit less bcs im coughing all the time and im nervous for the next 2 weeks of deadlines in college), but at the same time Ive noticed my lifts have gonne up like… doing chest with dumbells on the bench, I was doing with 44lbs on each hand and now I do with 52 lbs(im thinking about increasing the weight), biceps are the same, triceps the same, back is the same and legs have gonne also up.


So im asking why did I lost weight, but gained strength in some lifts? Sorry if this is a noob question.


And im sorry for my nazi grammar. English is not my mother language.

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I’m currently a 6’ 2” male and I weight 200 pounds, ideally I would like to cut to 180ish. I know a lot of it is eating, but when it comes to cardio is it better to do sets of sprints or jogging on the treadmill? If it matters I lift 5-6 times a week and do cardio 3-4 times a week. Thanks for any help.

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Barbell OHP form, head tilted up vs tucked in?

Hey guys, the question is pretty much in the title. Are both of these acceptable when doing overhead pressing or is it only the tucked chin version correct.


The reason why I’m asking is because, when you OHP you need to clear the path for the bar to travel in a vertical line. Both of the mentioned form variations will do that. However, when I perform OHP with tucked chin (at the beginning), I almost inevitably, down the line, strain my trap/rhomboid area (it usually resolves after a few days). When I perform OHP with my head tilted up at the start, I never experience this.


So is the head-up version a viable way of performing OHP, or is it a no go?

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Bench press program with an easy to follow progression?

I’ve been doing GZCL method (I dunno all the names, basically [this]( but with the same T1/T2 and my own T3s) and I’ve really liked the strength gains (BP: 315×2, Squat: 416×2, DL: 436×2). I feel like I can continue making gains on squatting and deadlifting so I’m going to stick with that.

However, with bench press, I feel like I’ve reached a point where my muscles are stronger than my joints. I can’t seem to get a good bench sesh without straining my elbow or shoulder and honestly, I’m pretty happy with a 3-plate bench press; so I’d like to transition to a lower weight/higher rep scheme and focus on getting bigger and maybe strengthening my joints without going all out on big maxes. My only problem is that those type of programs seem significantly less well-defined in terms of progression compared to like GZCL or 5/3/1 variants and things like that. Are there any programs/templates that are similar to those but more hypertrophy focused?

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Ideas to mix up the home gym routine with just a set of dumbbells?

So my body has stopped responding to the exercises I’ve been doing. I can do over one hundred press ups (with breaks) and over 5 sets of bicep curls and I feel nothing the day after. I otherwise do hammer curls, shoulder lifts(?) and some ab work without equipment. I have tried adding weight but it feels a little too heavy to do the above with proper form when I do.

I’m just a bit stuck for ideas, I don’t have a bench to work on and I struggle with doing chest flys on the floor. Please could i have some inspiration?

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What is the best 5/3/1 template for getting stronger as a late stage beginner?

I was thinking about doing BBB, which I know will get you stronger, but I changed my mind and want to basically just focus on strength some more.

I would still say I’m beginner, but probably approaching the end. 1RM are 215 bench, 370 DL, and not sure about squat at the moment because of a strained hip flexor, but it isn’t impressive regardless.

I thought Boring But Strong seemed like the obvious answer, and maybe it is, but 10 sets of 5 seems a bit time consuming. That being said, I’m willing to try it. I just want to know if there are any other good strength templates for someone like me. Thanks!

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