What do I need to do to get a body like Charlie Cox?

My goal is pretty simple, I don’t want to be huge, I don’t want to be a bodybuilder.

My goal is to basically get Charlie Cox’s physique in Daredevil.

I want to be lean but built, I want to be able to be flexible, be able to move with speed and be light on my feet, but still have muscle.

I don’t really know what his body type is called, I figured “lean” or “athletic” would be accurate, however in some scenes he looks pretty built, like in season 2 when he’s on the couch with Elektra, not Captain America built or Thor built but still built, so if you guys could help nail that down I would be most grateful.

I workout with my father and while I’m confident he’s knowledgeable about fitness, I’m not quite so confident I’m doing what I need to to get where I want to be, and that includes what he and I are doing at the gym.

He’s more old school fitness and it usally takes a lot for him to come around to new ways of doing stuff, meanwhile I might be wasting time doing what I’m doing now instead of what I should be doing.

So my request is if you guys could give me some outside input, and let me know what direction I need to go to get what I want, honestly any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated, I guess I just want to know if what you guy’s say is the same thing my father has said.

Google “Charlie Cox shirtless daredevil” or get a picture of him in the black suit from season 1 under good lighting, specifically episode 9 when he and Nobu are first talking with eachother and you’ll see what I’m aiming for.

I’m new here and this is my first post, so if I haven’t been detailed enough or need to change something, do let me know.

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Hips Absolutely Killing My Squats

I’m finishing up college and ever since high school the basic 2-plate 225lb squat has been a norm for me. 225 x 5 reps x 5 sets was a good benchmark for me. I’d like to move towards 3 plates on the road to the 1000lb club eventually.

However recently my hips have been killing them. I feel almost no challenge in the quads or glutes, just everything in the front of my hips especially at the bottom (I go pretty deep). And I can do like 2 sets of 5 before failing on the 3rd rep of the third set. Even just squatting the bar is hard on those front-hip muscles.

I do basic stretches like pulling my heel back and touching toes and whatever, what more do I need?

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What should I do now?

Hi, I’m a 22yo, Brazilian.


I’ve been working out for around 6 months with calisthenics which means I’m a beginner… Given all that I wanted to make a progression post on /r/progresspics and that alone sparked a whole [discussion here](https://www.reddit.com/r/bodyweightfitness/comments/b47ep4/am_i_going_insane/).

After all that, I gave it up on making a simple progression post and I wanted to use that to get help on how can I improve in my physique and my skills.


* **Data/Then and Now**

**Height:** 167.5cm (5’5″)

**Body fat % (Measuring tape method):** 15%

**Weight:** Week 1: 67Kg (147lbs) / Week 24: 71Kg (156lbs)

**Measures (I started taking them only after Week 13):**

* Neck: 39cm to 39cm (Week 13 to Week 24)
* ***Chest: 96cm to 96cm (Week 13 to Week 24)***
* Shoulders: 115cm to 122cm (Week 13 to Week 24)
* ***Left Biceps (Relaxed): 30cm to 32cm*** (Week 13 to Week 24)
* ***Right Biceps (Relaxed): 31cm to 33cm*** (Week 13 to Week 24)
* Left Forearm: 27cm to 28cm (Week 13 to Week 24)
* Right Forearm: 28cm to 29cm (Week 13 to Week 24)
* ***Waist: 78cm to 82cm*** (Week 13 to Week 24)
* Hips: 93cm to 95cm (Week 13 to Week 24)
* ***Left Thigh: 53cm to 58cm*** (Week 13 to Week 24)
* ***Right Thigh: 52cm to 57cm*** (Week 13 to Week 24)
* Left Calf: 36cm to 36cm (Week 13 to Week 24)
* Right Calf: 36cm to 36cm (Week 13 to Week 24)


* **Progression Pics:**

[Front – 6 Months Progression](https://imgur.com/RnTCBf5) – [Original Separate Pics – Front](https://imgur.com/a/QgzyTAt)

[Back – 6 Months Progression](https://imgur.com/TuJK470) – [Original Separate Pics – Back](https://imgur.com/a/MeWcFZh)


* **Diet**

I’ve always loved to eat, I’m a foodie by heart, but I never really ate too much processed crap (except Ice Cream)… so I’ve always have eaten to become satisfied… I eat through out the whole day when I’m at my mom’s house, but when I’m back in college things get a little rough and I do not find myself eating that often.

Basically I eat veggies, red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, rice, beans and sometimes pasta… occasionally in “special occasions” I eat pizza or shit like that.

All that meaning I do not count macro or micro or have any kind of diet, but I avoid all processed bullshit for most time.


First 3 months after starting I gained 2Kg in a sort of lean bulking way, but not intentionally like that… I maintained that weight for 1 more month and in the last 2 I’ve invested in bulking so I increased my calorie intake, all kinds of macros in the same proportion…

Now I’ve got a lot of back fat and nothing else and for that I want to shed that and lean bulk and really get into a diet. It’s been 2 weeks since I started lowering my calorie intake, but no diet yet…


* **Workout Routine**

Initially I got information from a Brazilian youtuber that you should change as much exercises as you could so I did that for about 3 months almost every week, only then I decided I wanted to check that information (I know, right?) and [I found this…](https://www.reddit.com/r/bodyweightfitness/comments/4oddzi/why_switching_up_your_exercises_a_lot_is_a_bad/)

I’ve been doing everything different since (3 months in)… I add reps if I can maintain perfect form to an exercise every next time I do that exercise going up to 3x15reps and then I add weights. When I get about 12Kg (which is how much my backpack supports) I switch exercises.

My basic skill goal has been to learn the handstand… which I haven’t


My workout routine right now consists of calisthenics (+ weights) I use weights specially for chest, triceps and legs, but for arm I use only weights (no cali). I train skills (handstand and human flag) every workout day.


I workout 5 days a week with 2 rest days around it.

*Monday – Rest day*

*Tuesday – Skills, Chest and Triceps (about 1 hour)*

*Wednesday – Skills, Back and Biceps (about 1 hour)*

*Thursday – Skills, ABS and Legs (about 1 hour)*

*Friday – Rest day*

*Saturday – Skills, Abs, Chest and Triceps (about 1 hour and 30 minutes)*

*Sunday – Skills, Back, Leg and Biceps (about 1 hour and 30 minutes)*


* Skills

I had great progress on my human flag, but my handstands just let me down, I can’t balance them for nothing in this world and I have read everything you could imagine about how to improve it. I have no videos or pics, given I’m alone and I couldn’t record properly.

1. Handstand Practice – 10min
2. Human Flag Practice – 10min


* *Chest Workout -* ***96cm to 96cm***

I have an underdeveloped chest, specially in the inner part. That makes me a bit mad because my workout routine has been pretty intense.

1. *One Arm Push-ups – Left Arm – 3×5-7 reps*
2. *One Arm Push-ups – Right Arm – 3×5-7 reps*
3. *Elevated Push-ups (Weights – Backpack 14Kg) – 3×5-7 reps*
4. *Explosive Push-ups (Weights – Backpack 4Kg) – 3×5-7reps*
5. *Wide Push-ups (Weights – Backpack 14Kg) – 3×5-7 reps*
6. *Archer Push-ups (8Kg) – 3×9 reps*

The One Arm Push-ups I’ve just started being able to do it and I’m perfecting my form because that’s what really matter, so when I’m able to do I perfect one I’ll add up reps.


* *Triceps Workout*

I really like the look of my triceps… I do not have progress pics… but I do have [these](https://imgur.com/a/ub7AyAW). My routine is added up to complement all the chest workout.

1. *Behind the Head Press (Triceps) –  10Kg – 3×9 Reps*
2. *Standing Behind the Head Press 6Kg – 9 reps*


* *Back Workout -* Shoulders: 115cm to 122cm

I also like the progress I’ve made it, specially in my upper back and shoulders (even though I don’t have any specific exercises they really have made a difference)

1. *Pull-ups 3x+10reps*
2. *Chin-ups 3x+10reps*
3. *Headstand Legs Lift – 2×3 reps*

I really struggle to do the pull-ups/chin-ups. I’m no good at them and even took me a bit of time till I started doing them, I still have to improve my form, in the beginning everything is right, but by the end of the last set I can’t do anything properly.


* *Biceps Workout -* ***Left Biceps (Relaxed): 30cm to 32cm*** / ***Right Biceps (Relaxed): 31cm to 33cm***

I guess I’ve had some progress on biceps, but [it can’t be really seen without flexing](https://imgur.com/a/WdNx88o)

1. *Backpack Lift – Left Arm – 10Kg) – 3×5 Reps*
2. *Backpack Lift – Right Arm – 10Kg) – 3×5 Reps*
3. *Biceps Curls – 12Kg – 3×10 reps*
4. Forearm Curls – 12Kg – 3×10 reps


There is a forth exercise I don’t know the actual name, but it consists of standing and raising the weight with the help of the forearm, shoulder and traps.


* *ABS Workout*

I’m trying to progress on some harder variations of ABS exercises that do not include any crunches of sorts…

1. *ABS Wheel – 3x7reps*
2. Walking Back (Dragon Flag helper) – 3x7reps
3. Dragon Flag Progressions – 3x5reps
4. Hanging (Windshield Wipers) – 3x9reps
5. Hanging (Toes to Bar) – 3x9reps

I guess I kind hit plateau on my abs, I think I did everything I could in the workout section and now it’s kitchen time…


* *Legs Workout -* ***Left Thigh: 53cm to 58cm / Right Thigh: 52cm to 57cm***

I’ve really have made progress on my legs… I have not taken any pics, but I can’t see it more defined and don’t feel floppy like they did before I started working out and my measures are insane…

1. *Pistol Squats – Left – 2×7 reps*
2. *Pistol Squats – Right – 2×7 reps*
3. *Front Lunges (Weights – Backpack 12Kg) – 3×9 reps*
4. *Calf Holding – Left (Weights – Backpack 12kg) – 2x1min*
5. *Calf Holding – Right (Weights – Backpack 8-9Kg) – 2x1min*


Lately I’ve been struggling with my Pistol Squats (I’ve just recently could do them) because my knees make really loud cracking sounds even though I don’t feel any pain or weird feeling on them..


***What are your suggestions to improve my overall routine? How can I create my diet?***


Sorry for the hugely detailed post.

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Looking for some unique push-up and sit-up challenges

Completing various challenges related to push-ups and sit-ups is generally a highlight of my workouts. Unfortunately I’ve been drawing a blank on various ideas for them (Beyond “do more”). Some examples.of things already completed:

* 100 consecutive push-ups without breaking form
* 200 consecutive sit-ups without breaking form
* Enough push-ups and sit-ups in 2min to score a 100 on Military PFTs
* “Bring Sally Up” Push-up challenge

Currently working on explosive “stacking” push-ups like seen here: https://youtu.be/rj-4AsuY84U

Out of ideas for sit-ups beyond adding weight. Does anyone have any particularly interesting or unique challenges for push ups and sit ups that I can try?

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Need some direction moving foward

Hello, I’m
6’ 4”
179 lbs
18 yo

Here’s the deal, I’ve been skinny since late middle school to the point where it’s annoying feeling unathletic and not proud of my body. Recently i’ve been inspired by some to change my lifestyle. The past couple days i’ve felt the urge to eat healthier and get a good amount of exercise in. I believe i’m more motivated now than I have been to start. Another factor is i’m going to a beach this summer and i really want to have something i’m proud of.

From here, I just need somewhere to start from. I don’t really have any idea what i’m doing in a gym and i really don’t want to look like a dumbass at my gym. The things i want to tackle most are

After thinking through i realize that that is the majority of the human body, so i guess that’s good.

Please give me any advice, including diet, lifestyle, and fitness plans. I could use all the help I can get

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Loosing weight very quickly

I’m (18m) I’ve lost around 5 kgs in a month. I was 60kgs a month ago now I’m only 55. I’m trying to work out to get stronger but I keep losing weight and I’ve not gained much muscle size. I’m short (5’7) with a decent shoulder length (44cms) for my height .

So my questions are
1. Is losing weight this quick unhealthy?
2. Can I expect to grow talker?
3. Will I get broader?
4. Why am I not not gaining much muscle mass

PS.this is my first post here so forgive me for not uploading this properly

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Muscle Strengthening for Active Sports

I play a decent amount of sports that use a lot of lateral movements such as tennis, flag football and softball (the hot corner).

I found I’m prone to grone/inner thigh strains. I’ll move too quick or slide into a base gently and agitate that muscle group so easily.

Would muscle strengthening help make the muscle group more resilient and prevent the more minor causes of pain? What are some good workouts to strengthen that area?

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Traveling South East Asia, trying to come up with a fitness plan without any gym.

Hi guys, just started traveling South East Asia and just before I went I got really into the gym and fitness. I would like to at least try and keep a little bit of a fitness routine going.

I’m traveling via hostels, so I have no private space but I’m sure I can often find somewhere reasonably quiet.

What would you recommend to try and keep up with the fitness. Thank you!

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Something weird going on with my forearms…

I always thought it was normal but after talking to a friend, I think something is wrong with my forearms.

Whenever I do push ups, the bulk of the top weight rests on the heel of my hands, that is the bottom part. It ends up hurting my wrist at about 40-45 pushups and while my chest can do more my wrist hurts so i stop.

Talking to a friend apparently his weight rests mostly on the top of his palms just under his fingers.

I tried doing pushups with the weight focused on that part and sharp pains went up my forearms. Am I broken?

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Sport specific routines? Specifically hockey workouts

I’m looking for someone who has more knowledge on hockey specific workouts.

I’m looking on training legs, forearms, core and conditioning but I’m not sure which workouts or machines would be best.

I’m not looking for weight loss specifically but I mean it never hurts to shed a few pounds and replace it with strength.

I’ve never really looked into going to the gym so I’m pretty lost on what to use but I was hoping someone could help.

Conditioning I’m thinking is definitely like on the bike for 45 seconds going hard and then slow for 2 minutes then back at it.

Any help on a routine I guess or a place to look would be great! Thanks!

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Rookie question about squats

I work 12 hours shifts in a 6×3’ cab, so I don’t have much room to exercise there but I can do squats in there. I wanted to do 100 a shift, each shift. I’ve been doing 10 squats 10 times during this shift and it’s very easy to do over the 12 hours. I’m just curious to how much difference there is to doing it that way over say 25 squats 4 times etc?

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How should I order my exercises during a workout? (details inside)

Say I’m running an upper/lower split. On my upper body day should I group the exercises that use similar muscles together, so it would look like: **bench >> overhead press >> lat pulldowns >> bent-over rows**, or should I stagger them, so it would look like: **bench >> lat pulldowns >> overhead press >> bent-over rows**


*Aka*: **chest **>>** chest **>>** lats **>>** lats**, OR **chest **>>** lats **>>** chest **>>** lats**?

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Weight lifting slump

Currently going through a weight lifting slump, like I feel little to no interest at all in lifting weights and instead am going through a surge of just straight pull-up and dip exercises. This came out of nowhere…

I honestly don’t know why, like I just do straight dips and pull-ups (different variations as well) for lots of sets for like an hour, and then I’m satisfied. Why can’t I feel the same with the weights? What will this affect?

Prob just a mental thing right?

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Weightlifting 3x a week, and HIIT Cardio 1-2x? Too Much?

Hi all, Some Factors: I’m Black, Female, 5’8, 22 and am currently 159 lbs, (115.61 being fat free mass…supposedly)

I’m thinking about rearranging my workout schedule because I want to focus more on lifting heavy. Usually with my workout schedule, I’ll do about 45 minutes of full-body heavy lifting and bodyweight training, and at the ends of my workout I do a very brief cardio session; 2-8 HIIT sprint intervals (on currently a 7.5 incline going 8.3 mph). I do this 3x a week. In between my weightlifting days, I’ll do 2x days of cardio where I do a brief core exercise and then I sprint 5-8 times again. I’m wondering if it would be necessary to cut my HIIT cardio days out? Or if it wouldn’t be that necessary? Part of the reason I do HIIT cardio is because I want to aid in fat-reduction, without the muscle damage associated with steady-state cardio. But I also get a lot of runner’s high, and its been really helpful to my mental health, which has helped tremendously with school. But… I’m worried if I’m overtraining, a bit… advice?

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Trying to get on the cross country team

ear me out. I’m 14.75 years old, 5’8 and 145 pounds. This is obviously not overweight or even unhealthy, but I am at high bmi percentile 75ish and I feel I’ve hit a wall in running. I run cross country at track to mediocre to good results. I run a 7 min mile (trying to decrease that to qualify for the team come fall) I run an 8 second 55m and a 10.5 55 hurdles. These are all mediocre to good results for an avg. kid but I feel I’ve hit a wall. I can’t push past 6:45 and I’ve run a mile everyday for a month. I try to eat healthy but it doesn’t go. Here’s my diet now.

Breakfast – 2 tbsp of pb and milk (is this actually healthy?) I live in NYC so it gotta be quick and my escuela is an hour away

Lunch – standard school lunch (should I bring lunch or maybe try soylent [only reason I bring up soylent is my parents are big enthusiasts of it and urge me to try it]

Dinner – I have no control over this, aside from a cup of milk. My parents are relatively healthy

Here are my questions aside from the ones aforementioned

– I run at 8 pm ish. I’m considering waking up at 5 am, eating pb and running at 520 and then shower and leave at 630. Does running in the morning help?

– how do improve my run? I’m eluded by this, is there a training regimine

– any diet tips?

Thank you!

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I have been training vertical jump for about a year. Recently I hit a bit of a plateau. Would switching up training help at all?

I have been training vertical jump for about a year. When I first started I did almost exclusively plyometrics and didn’t see a whole lot of progress, but four months ago I started lifting weights. Since then, I’ve been lifting heavy three times a week mostly on squats, and I saw a ton of progress in my vertical. I also started training core and upper body two to three times a week at that time. Although I am still making progress on the lifts themselves, I am not making any on my vertical. I was thinking of switching to plyometrics twice a week and heavy lifting once a week. Do any of you think this would be beneficial?

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Arms shake when I bench

I’ve been lifting for a year and I’ve always had this problem. I weigh 150 and my max is 205. Weights as low as 100 lbs make my arms shake even when it’s not hard. They just violently shake and it looks weird. What parts could I work on to help fix this?

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What gets you through your cardio session?

I’ve heavily neglected cardio over the past two years in the gym. I would consider myself strong but I have the stamina of a geriatric old man. I’ve been working on getting my overall cardio time up by mixing the types of cardio I do but I lack the motivation to get through it after a heavy gym session (running 4 day nsuns)

So my question is how do you guys do it? Is it a case of just buckling up and getting it done?

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How do you guys feel about fixed diets?

Hey all. Long story short I am a 22 y/o male who can finally see the light at the end of a six year depressive tunnel. I have motivation to finally start my life over after dropping out of high school. My number one concern right now is my body which I feel I have destroyed over the years. I am 6′ and my weight flucutates between 395 and 405 pounds. I am trying to change how I think about food in general at the moment. I have spent the majority of life being over-indulgent with food to more recently downright gluttonous. I feel that my relationship with food will never be a balanced one so I want to make it a relationship that is only for sustenance. I’ve been thinking about going on a fixed diet of whole foods such as brown rice, fresh vegetables/fruits, and lean meats or fish. I was just wondering if this is a good idea, if anyone has had good or bad results from doing this and what I may need to watch out for if I do go through with it.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I do not have diabetes and visit a GP regularly.

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Benching often and not training shoulders seperately

So I often run the smolov bench program as I love benching but I’m wondering if not training shoulders seperately while benching often is considered bad physique wise and health wise for my delts.

I do rear delts pretty often so shouldn’t get an injury there but I’m wondering if the rest of my delts get behind?

Also train back pretty often (often 3 times a week), it’s often just doing my bench sets and then doing back.


Should I implement a shoulder workout once a week while running smolov? I know you normally shouldn’t but when you run the program often, maybe it’s good.


Anyways, thanks for your help!


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Weekly intense workout vs short daily workouts?

I’m surprised there doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of info on this but…


Let’s say a person is able to do 7 sets of a specific exercise in a single sitting… What would be the difference between them doing that 7 set workout once per week, when compared to doing a 1 set workout each day?


I kept this general on purpose, but the reason I ask is because I am recently doing extremely short daily workouts instead of intense biweekly and wondering how the difference is assuming I’m doing the same amount of workout, just spread out over 5-7 days.

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Muscle tension solution?

Hi all, I’ve been training for almost 2 years now using full body/ push/pull routines focusing on progressive overload. The last several weeks I’ve been noticing tighter muscles days after a group (mostly pull) which is becoming slightly hindering to my other lifts. I always do deep stretches pre and post workout but to no avail in terms of soreness later on. Are there any tools or tips that can aid in releasing tension to stop extreme soreness days after?
I currently use a spiked foam roller, tennis ball, and moderate resistance cable

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How can I win the stairmaster competition?

Background : We have a gym at work and we recently got a stairmaster. Now some people mostly lift, some mostly do cardio, but with the stairmaster everyone seems to want to do it so we’ve come up with a competition…

**Who can climb the most stairs/floors in 20 minutes.**

We’ve progressed quickly and we’re now climbing at speeds 17-20, 20 being the highest speed.

I’ve decided that this Sunday, I’m going to do the whole set at max speed!!! That way I’ll be the first one to do so, since I know I won’t be the only one… Eventually.

Question : What can I do/eat/drink to help me prepare?
Any food/drinks to eat before? Should I warm up? Any tips whatsoever?

Ive also been on a cut for a month already, so I’m quite tired and weak (my lifts have just started to stall), but I’m open to anything food/drink wise for the next two days. I also have caffeine pills I use pre workout, but I don’t know if it’ll be useful in this instance.

Tl;dr : Whats the best way to prepare/do what’s basically a 20 min Hiit workout on a stairmaster.

Thanks guys. If you want I’ll post a video of me doing it (if I don’t die).

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Customized a version of 5/3/1 with Boring But Big. Thoughts and critique welcome.

First the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vbqCoV39Mmrn61n_lrKdAVFQJI8heTRs_ZJZvOpGe5s/edit?usp=sharing

Took an nsuns template and customized it to fit what I was looking for while sticking closely to the original program. I saw some similar spreadsheets out there but I really like the nsuns template layout.

Little background on me. Been lifting for a few years. Ran my own fuckarounditis PPL for awhile then since last summer been doing nsuns 6 day squat program. Great program and I made lots of gainz and progress on it. Only downside is I’m getting burnt out on the whole 6 day lots of volume thing. I tried taking a deload week already, but still motivation and energy overall is waning.

Things I was looking for in a new program:

– focus on compound barbell movements
– 4 or 5 days
– less volume than nsuns 6 day squat and therefore less time spent in gym
– wanted to keep some lower rep powerlifting sets but also add some higher rep hypertrophy
– wanted to bench, OHP, deadlift, and squat 2x a week still

How’s what I came up with look? My only question is what should I base my increase in training max around? Do I raise it based on how many reps I get in the last set of my main lift on week 3?

For assistance and more aesthetic stuff I usually do push-ups, pull-ups, tricep pushdowns, ez-bar curls, and reverse ez-bar curls.

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Exercise timing after eating

Is there anyway to try and mitigate fat storage/creation by timing your exercise after a meal? I’m not so concerned about after a lunch because I eat quite healthy, but occasionally someone will bring donuts to the office, and occasionally I’ll have one. I sit a lot for work but I can move a break and go for a walk and climb stairs. Is there a better time to do this after eating a high sugar food? Immediately after? 1 hour?

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Eating anything just for the protein

So I’ve been lifting for a while and love strength training, the fact that I’m in shape is just an added benefit. So what I do is mostly eat anything just to get a bunch of protein. Would this affect muscle growth or only get me fat?
I’ve been doing it for a while and I still haven’t really gained any fat, I eat at McDonald’s after a workout sometimes even. Of course I also eat vegetables and the like.

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Is it normal to lose weight while not working out?

I’ve been doing Fitness Boxing for the switch and I love it. Its helped me lose 30 lbs already doing it 60 days, an hour a day.

2 weeks ago I got a really bad muscle spasm and stopped doing it to get rest and I feel like I might have eaten more than usual but still being sensible.

I weighed myself today and I lost 2.5 kilos since 2 weeks ago which surprised me.

I’m just gonna start again and I guess asking advice in general since that’s the only thing I do.

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Three months in and it’s getting awkward (32 M)

So as the title says I’ve been on my current health and fitness journey for the last three months. While this current journey has been three months I’ve been actively trying to get more active and healthy since about 2015.

However I’ve always fallen into the same cycle, get into a 3-5 month workout kick, hit the fall and holidays gain and then the cycle repeats.

The difference on my current journey is that I’ve focused on nutrition and mixing up my exercise. I’ve cut back my drinking upped fiber and protein and have lost about 25 lbs since January. In the past my exercise has usually been a mix of running and biking and not much else. This time around I’ve done a mix of strength training, HIIT, spin classes, running, and biking.

Now here is where the awkwardness comes in. Three months in I feel stronger than I ever have, but I feel my body wrestling between endurance (which has always been my strength) and strength/power. I feel less fatigued after a workout but also feel like my workouts aren’t as efficient since the whole workout I can feel my body going between power mode and endurance survival mode.

I figure this is a natural stage, but mostly wanted to share this experience and see if others have gone through the same thing and if there is anything I should watch out for etc.

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5/3/1 TM Reset

Running the program for a while now and adding to the TM after every 3 week period as prescribed. The amraps are starting to get pretty low (5 or so) on the third week – is this a sign to reduce the TM? Maybe do the 7th week TM Test to figure out what the reset weight should be? I’m 80% thinking this is correct – just looking for some confirmation (or correction) from the more experienced folks out there. Thanks!

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Taking a Week off – how do I maximize that time?

Like the title says, I’ve been working out on a 5 day split for about 8 months now. I’ve made decent gains but I’m going into spring break and decided I wanted to take a week off. I’ve been feeling a little sore and a little burnt out but mostly fine. I’m wondering what I can do during this week to maximize my recovery / make the best of the time in terms of gains. Thanks.

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Thoughts on being proud of your fitness achievements on social media.

So I keep going back and forth on this. What are your thoughts on posting the shirtless showing off picture on Instagram?

I’m really proud of the fitness progress I made and want to show it off as it’s a big part of my life. Social media is there to represent your life right? But I don’t want to be THAT guy posting his 6 pack and being a tool.

What’s a good way to be proud of the work you have put in, but also to be humble? Or is this just not possible?

Sorry if this isn’t the place to discuss this.

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Pike Pushups are an excellent progression exercise toward Handstand Pushups but difficult to setup for consistency AND execute with proper form, so here’s my very comprehensive tutorial (with gifs!) to help you succeed!

Hi everybody, I made this post a few days ago on [/r/bodyweightfitness](https://www.reddit.com/r/bodyweightfitness/comments/b2z06d/pike_pushups_are_an_excellent_progression/) and it was a huge hit, so I’m sharing it with you here as well.

## Link to the complete blog post here: https://antranik.org/pike-pushups/

As a fun experiment, I did Pike Pushups as the only progression exercise to see how many it would take to translate to a single Handstand Pushup (HSPU). I documented that entire journey in a 3 part series on my blog [here](https://antranik.org/tag/hspu/) and as I got intimately acquainted with this exercise, I put together all the things I learned along the way to help you succeed with it too! So in this post I will point out what is proper form & how to set yourself up for consistency, so here goes!

###Pike pushups are more technical to setup and execute than expected

* Changing any single one variable can make the exercise seem a lot easier or harder so having a consistent setup is crucial for success. And because it’s a difficult exercise, it’s easy to do it with bad form without even realizing the body is taking shortcuts.
* Some people find pike pushups so frustrating to master that they resort to doing the barbell equivalent, the overhead press, because they can incrementally increase the load on the bar with far fewer variables to deal with. I’m here to help you to not experience that frustration.

###Pike pushups done with proper form are deceptively hard.

* I mean like, *really* hard. It’s very difficult to perform them with proper form. *So hard in fact that most demonstrations on YouTube are shown with poor form.*

* **[GIF: Demonstration of Pike Pushup](https://gfycat.com/ifr/DimThirdIvorybilledwoodpecker)**

#*Section 1: How to do Pike Pushups with Proper Form*

**Form Check #1: Just like with normal pushups, the elbows should not be flaring out to the sides**

* Since this is a progression exercise toward handstand pushups, it’s important to note that a real handstand pushup will never be performed with the elbows flaring outwards. As such, during pike pushups, the forearms or elbows shouldn’t be moving backwards or flaring out to the sides as well. They should remain vertical and fairly static.

* To facilitate this, turn the hands out slightly so the index finger faces forward. You can even make it more extreme so the thumb faces forward if your wrists are bothered.

* **[GIF: Bad Form / Good Form, Front View](https://gfycat.com/ifr/ElectricOddballFly)**

**Form Check #2: Your head should go MUCH MORE FORWARD than you think is enough**

* This is definitely the #1 offender of all: people dip their head down to go between their hands. No. Stop that. The head should not go down between your hands. The head should go *forward* and down. So far forward that your head ends up ahead of the fingers. So far forward that the elbows don’t move backwards whatsoever but maybe they even go forward a teensy bit when you’re even stronger.

* When in doubt, go more ahead than you think you can. (In any harder variation, like a hollowback press or bent arm planche, your head will need to go even more forward.)

* **[GIF: Bad Form / Good Form, Side View](https://gfycat.com/ifr/ThisVacantFalcon)**

* What happens if you put your head straight down between the hands? The elbows flare out to the sides and it increases the strain on the elbow and shoulder joints. You’ll be able to do more reps with this improper form, misleading you to think that you’re stronger than you actually are. (Remember, this exercise is deceptively hard when done right.)

**Form Check #3: Your nose should touch the ground**

* Rather than aiming for the top of the head to touch the ground, have the nose touch it. You get more range that way.

**Form Check #4: Practice full range of motion (ROM)**

* This goes without saying. Press up until arms are straight and the shoulders are over the wrists.

#*Section 2: How To Set Yourself Up For Consistency*

**Setup Tip #1: Start with (Feet-Elevated) Decline Pike Pushups**

* Doing pike pushups with feet on the ground is OK but I suggest you start with decline pike pushups where the feet are slightly elevated. This will mitigate any hamstring flexibility issues and make the exercise feel less awkward.

* Even if the flexibility is not an issue, I highly recommend it. Also, one should be comfortable with regular pushups.

* If you have been doing pushups properly, [the way I recommend,](https://youtu.be/4dF1DOWzf20) then you have a solid base.

**Setup Tip#2: The hands should be about shoulder width apart**

* Setting the hands far wider than shoulder width will feel easier because there’s less range of motion.
* Setting the hands narrower than shoulder width will feel very difficult and is an advanced variant.
* Keep the hands at around shoulder width apart for optimum range and intensity.

**Setup Tip #3: Choose an object you could elevate your feet on and stick to that height**

* I put my feet on a chair (about knee height) and did that for 6 weeks minimum before elevating the feet onto the couch (about hip height) and doing that for 6 weeks.

* **[Pic: Left: Feet elevated to knee height (on a chair) is about 77% of my bodyweight. Right: With feet at hip height (on couch), this is about 83% intensity.

* The difference between the above settings for the feet is only ~6% which doesn’t sound like much, but it is considering the chair-setting is already quite difficult at ~77% intensity so don’t start at the highest possible setting. This exercise is humbling. The height of the feet should be the same for a while.

**Setup Tip #4: Place the feet near the edge of the platform**

* When I was using a chair, I would make sure my feet were placed right near the edge of the chair. If I placed the feet further back, toward the middle of the chair, the exercise would be far easier.

* When I elevated the feet to hip height, I was using the side of my couch. Luckily, arm-rest was narrow so I couldn’t set my feet too far back or forth.)

**Setup Tip #5: If using a movable object to put your feet on, always place them in the same spot.**

* When I was using a chair, I would place the legs of the chair exactly at the edge of the carpet each and every time. Then, my feet would go at the end of the chair and my hands would go on the same spot on the carpet everytime. And finally, when doing the actual pushup, my nose would always hit the same spot on the carpet as well.

* **[GIF: Example of what constitutes a Consistent Setup](https://gfycat.com/ifr/PortlyImpureItalianbrownbear)**

**Setup Tip #6: Use a landmark for where your nose should touch for each and every rep.**

* Do this to ensure you’re going forward enough. On the carpet, I chose a pattern to aim for. One inch forward or backward makes a huge difference so I always made sure I was going forward enough

* On a smooth floor, I use a piece of invisible tape to mark the spot.

* **[Example Pic: This is how I chose to remember where to place my hands and nose each time.](https://i.imgur.com/6vazB47.jpg)**

**Setup Tip #7: The distance of the hands from the feet should always be the same.**

* Setup the hands close enough to almost be an L-shape, but not tighter than an L-shape. (This was a distance of about 36″ (1 meter) for me. Your mileage may vary.)

**Setup Tip #8: Don’t place the hands too close to your feet even if your flexibility allows for it.**

* The closer you bring the hands to the feet, the harder the exercise becomes. So you might think closer is better to maximize the intensity. But it’s not the best course of action for consistency sake because placing your hands further back makes the exercise exponentially harder as mere millimeters change the load *significantly*.

* If your hamstring flexibility and pike compression is great and you can compress yourself tighter than an L-shape, you may be tempted to make the exercise harder by simply moving your hands backwards, but the inconsistency can cause frustration and make you think you’re weak, so don’t do it.

* Note: I’m not saying you should NEVER bring your hands close. Eventually, you will be able to place your feet close to your hands, do a pike pushup and lift your feet up and press up into a handstand. You can even “teeter totter” like that if you stay piked and are obscenely strong. But you need to choose a setting that’s going to help you get the reps in.

#Tempo Tips

* **[GIF: Demo of Appropriate Tempo to Aim For](https://gfycat.com/ifr/CreativeCourageousDragonfly)**

* **Don’t rush the negative phase.**
* Slow down the negative phase so it takes a solid 2-3 seconds rather than just one second or less. In doing so you build more strength and make better use of your time.
* **Pause at the bottom occasionally**
* This strengthens you in the hardest part of the exercise and forces you to press up using all your strength without utilizing the elastic nature of your muscular tissues because you made all the potential energy dissipate from pausing.
* **Explode up with good form**
* In the beginning it was hard to push quickly. It was actually impossible. But the intention is what matters. I tried to pushup as fast as possible and although it was slow, it got slowly faster. It wasn’t until exactly one month into the training where I was pushing actually faster for the first time during the concentric phase. After 3 months, I could feel the quality of my strength had changed dramatically. I could muster through reps where otherwise it would’ve failed in the past and perform the concentric faster than ever.

So there you have it! Your comprehensive guide toward tackling the pike pushups! If you have any questions and comments, please let me know!

###For even more tips and even nicer embedded formatting, check out the original blog post here: https://antranik.org/pike-pushups/

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Why do my dietician and professor tell me that diets don’t work for losing weight ? Yet my personal trainer recommends limiting my caloric intake daily (because i tend to overeat) ? Who is right or wrong? i’m a guy who wants to lose weight and gradually gain strength

apparently my dietitician and professors have told me that diets don’t work for losing weight because you eventually get so hungry that you will begin the cycle of overeating once again to compensate for how much you’ve starved yourself

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How does hypertrophy and strength work with sub maximum work loads?

Let’s say I’m a beginner doing a recommended routine with a given progression. I have never done any of the lifts but I was used to work with heavy stuff, meaning I might have above average strength. I’m aware that to minimize the risk of injury I should not ramp volume and intensity too quickly. So, I start with an empty bar, working on technique, and progress as the program recommend. Is it correct to say that I will get some hypertrophy? What about strength? Will I get stronger? In other words, is there any threshold in terms of hypertrophy and strength?

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Trying to figure out this Westside exercise I saw

I was watching a video of a woman training at Westside (can’t remember her name) and Louie had her perform an exercise that looked she was in a belt squat wearing a front squat harness that had a pole extending from it, and she was alternating leaning left and right. I think he said this was to build up the hips. Anybody have any information about that exercise? And I correct in thinking that front squat gadget is called a Voglepole, created by Chuck Voglepohl?

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Lost FFM as well as body fat, but also gained inches?

Hi Everyone. Some quick considerations is that I’m Black, Female, and 5’8.

I’ve recently came from my monthly body composition test (a BIA), and **the reading said I have 43.6 lbs of fat mass, and 115 lbs of Fat-Free-Mass and am overall 159.2 lbs.** The last time I did a checkup (a month ago in February) **I was 46.2 lbs of fat, 117.0 lbs of fat free mass, and overall 163.2 lbs.** I also had my inches checked, and I have gained a inch on my arms, calves and thighs. The only explanation given to me was that I was gaining muscle in those areas.

Any reason this could be? **How am I losing fat-free mass but also gaining muscle inches?** Was the impedance off? Desirably I’m trying to re-comp; lose fat and put on muscle mass. I’ve been lifting heavy, doing full-body weight training every other day 3x a week, HIIT cardio twice a week, and intermittent fasting, however in my eating window I generally eat until I’m full, and don’t really watch calories. My strength has also increased, and I can lift heavier and do way more than I could do in January. Maybe the exam was off?

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Should i stop working out to lose weight?

WAIT! before you attack me in the comments just read what i have to say first. tl;dr at the bottom.
im no expert so im just typing out my thought process and want to know if what im thinking makes sense.

so i (19F) am 5ft 5 and am of average weight. ive been much fitter and skinnier in the past as i would do cardio every day. ive been dealing with some stress these past few months and have stopped gymming for a while now because i found it hard to go with all the university work i have to do, and ive been dealing with this stress by eating. ive gained some weight but not enough for people to notice or point out and am still considered average and with a good body. i just want to lose the few kilos ive gained and tone up my body again.

so heres my logic. ive gone back to the gym (weights, working different muscles, HIIT) this week to help lose this weight but i cant stop fu*king eating! i find myself hungrier on the days where i gym and i just need more food for my muscles to recover because i get so sore and exhausted. i can avoid junk food easily when i decide to start a healthy lifestyle so its not that, its just that the mass of food i take in is more when i workout even if it is considered healthy and clean. and i know that the basis of losing weight is a calorie deficit, however when i workout im not in a calorie deficit, if anything im eating more than i would on a normal day without working out. and considering weight loss is my main goal here, should i just go on a strict diet? am i missing something or doing something wrong, im not really sure what the best thing is to do here and would love some advice from more experienced or knowledgable people.

TL;DR: want to lose a few kilos but when i gym i get hungrier and eat more than i would on a normal day. this means im not in a calorie deficit. should i stop working out so that i dont feel the need to eat as much?

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How does a caloric deficit affect the immune system over time?

Basically I’ve been cutting for about ~3 months now and I’ve noticed I’m a lot more prone to getting the flu or just small colds in general.

Could this be due to still eating at a caloric deficit of around 500-800cals? Usually this will be around 2000 because I am physically active all day and try to hit the gym for at least an hour a day. I don’t count macros specifically except for protein.

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Splitting quads and hams on different days?

Iv been lifting for 4 years now mostly doing the “brosplit” type of training with great results. Reason as to why I want to split the quads and hams on different days is that I dread doing a full leg day, it kills me mentally.

I’m just looking for some inputs on the exercises and volume so that I don’t over do it.

Tuesday: Legs (Push day)

Box squats 4×4-6 Bulgarian split squat 3×8-10 Leg ext 3×12-15

Thursday: Legs (Pull day)

RDL 4×4-6 High & wide leg press

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How do i reduce pain so i can make the most of working out?

22f here, new to the subreddit. I have a few medical problems that prevent me from doing much in the way of toning and working out. I have hardware in my spine (from my mid back down to my tailbone) and a bum hip and due to some lifestyle issues that i cant change at the moment and depression I’m gaining more weight and its really been bothering me. My insurance doesn’t cover physical therapy either so I’m left to my own devices. I can barely work a 4 hour shift at my part time job without being in all but crippling pain so I’d like to strengthen my hips and spine. I’d love to go for walks, but i live in a bad area of town and its not safe to go by myself especially with earbuds in. I can’t afford a gym membership right now so if anyone has any suggestions or tips on toning my hips/back/ and stomach and having the least amount of pain i would really appreciate it. I don’t take any pain meds for personal reasons, but i do use CBD products when i can afford them and they do work for me. I’d love to afford better eating choices but thats just not attainable at the moment so I’d like to balance it out with some physical activity.

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Advice on rate of weight loss

Hi there,

I’m 1,5 month into a caloric deficit and I’m well on losing weight. I started at 92 kg and I’m now down to 84.5 kg.

As you may have noticed, that’s quite a lot. My concern is, the first month my weight loss was steady at 0.6 – 0.8 kg per week. However, in the past two weeks I’m losing like 2 kg per week. While maintaining the exact same caloric deficit as before.

Should I wait to see another week whether this rate maintains, or am I really eating too little?

I’m 193 cm and now weigh 84.5 kg, my caloric intake is 1650 calories per day (sometimes more if I do cardio or work) is this too little? Or do rapid weight drops due to water also happen in the middle of a diet?

Edit: I’m a 22 yo male

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