Full body workout vs PPL split for 3-day a week weight lifting

I recently saw a pair of videos posted by Jeremy Ethier where he breaks down a full body workout routine, and am wondering what your thoughts are for a 3-day a week program. Currently I run a Push Pull Leg influences program, MWF:

My current PPL-based routine:

* Monday: Push
* Bench press
* Tricep pull downs
* Incline bench press
* Chin ups
* Face pulls
* ab work
* 20 minutes on eliptical
* Tuesday: rest/ running
* Wednesday: Pull
* Deadlift
* Rows
* Pull Ups
* Shrugs
* Face pulls
* ab work
* 20 minutes on eliptical
* Thursday: rest/ running
* Friday: Legs
* Squats
* Romanian Deadlift
* Front Squat
* Calf Raises
* Leg Press
* ab work
* 10 minutes row machine


This new program would have me alternate between an A and B day.

* Workout A
* Bench press
* Squat
* Pull ups
* Leg curls
* face pulls
* curls/chin ups
* Workout B
* Deadlift
* Incline bench
* Split Squats
* Rows
* Dumbbell lat raises
* Push Downs
* High to Low cable flies
* Calf raises


What I’m really wondering is, what are the benefits of a full body workout? I feel like it makes more sense, given my desire for a 3-day program. I want to focus on compound movements and progressing those, and this new program would call for more volume on them. Is there any benefit to my current program over the full body one, Or would the full body be superior?


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How will a lack of conditioning affect 5/3/1?

Hey guys, simple question: My new job only allows me to go to the gym 3 days a week, at most 4, and spending around 1:30h including showering, so I decided to take a shot at 5/3/1 (BBB, specifically).

I am reading 5/3/1 Forever and since Jim highly emphasizes the conditioning work, maybe I should choose other routine, because the only conditioning I can do is walking between my house and gym (around 40min), and that probably isn’t enough.

Since I am by no means an expert, I am asking here if I should do it anyway or if I would be better off switching to another routine.

What do you think?

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Question about loosing fat and gaining mass.

I recently found out that my body type is “Skinny-fat” I’m not entirely comfortable about it and I would like to gain some mass to make things a little more even although I don’t want to get all buffed up six pack, I just want the regular not watery shape for me.

One of the things I see around in the internet (number 6 [here](https://www.bodybuilding.com/content/6-ways-to-reduce-body-fat-while-increasing-muscle.html)) is not to do too much cardio to burn calories, I currently walk at least 2 mile a day and on weekends almost 10 a day plus one hour or more on a bicycle, I like to walk or ride everywhere I go I think it’s healthy, is not something I do in the gym since I don’t go to the gym (I’ll eventually will because I have to if I want to gain mass) but do I have to stop this if I want to gain mass or this doesn’t affect my mass gain?

Any other off-topic tip you might want to share I’ll gladly take it.

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Opinions needed!

Recently my gym buddies have decided to ditch the old fashioned way of following a set program with set routines.

They have switched to doing a new routine every time they come into the gym.

They keep their days the same still i.e. Monday chest, Tuesday back, etc.

But everyday is a new routine, with new exercises and new reps/set schemes.

I had never seen anyone do something like this before and was just curious as to what everyone thinks about doing this!

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Hip sore/tight post sumo deadlifts and squats

For the past 2 weeks, I have been having some serious pain in my inner hip.

It spikes the day after I do sumo deadlifts on pull and squats on legs.

It feels fine when I am up and walking around but after a sit for a little bit, I try to stand and walk around and the pain strikes. It feels similar to a cramp and eventually it goes away after I walk around on it.

I have tried stretching and rolling and nothing seems to get the knot out.

Any tips?

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Does this study look legit to you? Any criticisms?


**TLDR of the experiment:**

They split 56 men, with prior weight training experience, up into four different groups: 1. Whey Protein 2. Whey Protein Lactoferin 3. Whey Protein, Hydrolized 4. Placebo.

They put them on weight training programs for 8 weeks.

**TLDR of the RESULTS:**

Muscle mass increased in all groups. Remarkably, **the** **WPH (Whey Protein, Hydrolized) group reduced fat mass (-6%), which was significantly different from the placebo group (+4%)**.



…I think that difference in fat mass is huge. Almost enough for me to go out and buy some hydrolized whey protein. **Can anyone see any criticisms of this study?**

Also, I thought it was impossible to increase muscle mass and lose fat at the same time? Also, why do a lot of these studies never mention total calorie intake?

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Hoist Mi7 Modification for Free Bar

Looking for a way to modify the Hoist Mi7 Smith machine for use of a free barbell. Does anyone have experience with this? There are hooks on it but they are spaced a little too wide – the collar/weight-loading sections of the Olympic bar rest on the hooks and they are too thick to fully secure the weights and remain stable

Here is the machine in question:


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Michigan powerlifter heroically lifts vehicle pinned on top of man after accident

If this is too off-topic, feel free to delete. I thought it was interesting powerlifting showed a real life application in the news recently.


[Michigan Powerlifter](https://www.foxnews.com/us/michigan-powerlifter-heroically-lifts-vehicle-pinned-on-top-of-man-after-accident)

>A [Michigan](https://www.foxnews.com/category/us/us-regions/midwest/michigan) powerlifter was hailed as a hero last week after he helped a man who was pinned underneath a 2-ton SUV.
>Ryan Belcher, 29, was at the end of his workday Thursday when he heard a loud crash outside. He explained to [“Fox & Friends”](https://www.foxnews.com/shows/fox-and-friends) on Monday he noticed a Jeep Cherokee flipped upside down, and he rushed outside toward the wreckage. When he got there, he found a man trapped underneath the vehicle calling out for help.
>”When I first approached the vehicle, there was a good four men there, and they were all trying to move this vehicle and I seen it wasn’t happening and I figured what a better time now to use what I know I can actually do,” Belcher said
>Belcher, who is 350 pounds with the ability to squat 950 pounds and deadlift another 800 pounds, noticed he could get some leverage on the vehicle to try to move it off the man whose lower body was still inside the vehicle and his upper body smashed up against a speed limit sign.
>“I just jumped right in,” he said “I seen a window that was broken out of the back of the vehicle and I knew if I can swing the vehicle in a certain direction I can free him from that pole. So, I just stuck my arms in and I don’t know I just grabbed it, lifted it up and started pushing and all I heard was that’s enough we can get him.”


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Am I losing weight too fast?

I’m 6’4” and ‘skinny fat’ (I guess the term is). I’ve been keeping track of my weight starting a month ago as I had a sedentary lifestyle with little exercise for a couple of years and put on some hip and stomach fat (everywhere else I look skinny).

All I’ve done is go surfing 2-3 hours every day, stopped eating junk and instead eat healthier alternatives whenever I can. After 4 weeks I’ve dropped from 87kg to 80kg. It seems way too fast but I’m not starving myself/overworking or anything and I feel better than ever. Literally just eating at the same times I always have but picking healthier alternatives, plus the daily surfing.

I want to lose more as I’ve still got love handles although they have reduced quite a bit. Is this weight loss okay? Maybe not enough? I really don’t know.

**TL;DR** lost 7kg in 4 weeks just from eating healthier and surfing. I’m skinny fat. Is this too fast? Could have consequences?

I’m fully aware this could be a stupid question.

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Gnukols 28 programs – how do I calculate rep maxes?

I want to run the *bench twice a week intermediate program* among other things but I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around these calculations. You’re supposed to use your next week max with this forumla:

>For a 10RM, count the weight you get as 75% of your training max for the next week. For example, if you have a training max of 300 going into the week, and you get 235 for a 10RM, increase your max to 235/.75=313.

Am I supposed to guess what my 10RM is? Let’s say my max is 100lbs, and I think that 40lbs will be my 10rm. Well when I do the 40lbs I find out I can actually do 13 reps. So now I try 50lbs but find I can do 12 reps. But now because of the extra volume I did in trying to find out what my 10RM, I don’t know if 60lbs would be my true 10RM or not due to the fatigue in guess work.

another issue is let’s say 60lbs is my 10RM. Well my new max would be 60/.75 which is 80, but I am able to do 100. So should I lower my max?

Maybe the guess work isn’t as much of an issue as I’m making it out to be. It just seems to me like you wouldn’t be lifting optimally by guessing what your 10RM would be, especially if it would lower your 1RM. Am I reading this correctly?

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training for very long walking events

I really enjoy walking and hiking, and want to do some long distance walking events like walking marathons, charity walks, Kennedy hikes etc that are anywhere from the 30 mile to 60 mile range. These events are all on roads and paths so I’m not particularly worried about specific hiking muscles like calves and quads (edit: I mean, there won’t be any vertical gain, stepping up on rocks etc), just increasing my overall ability to walk very long distances and hopefully increase my overall speed a bit while doing it.

I’m currently doing some very long walks on weekends building endurance and that’s going well. However these takes hours and hours, and I’m trying to find the best way I can help myself during the weekday with more limited time. For example, will doing HITT cardio help my overall endurance ? Or will maybe going a lot faster (or perhaps even adding some slow jogging), even for shorter distances, help build muscle faster and help with a slight increase in speed over the longer distances ? Or is my best bet to just keep piling on the weekend miles ?

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How much of a disservice am I doing to myself by somewhat ignoring my lower body in my workouts?

I don’t really train my lower body as much as I see other people doing so. I incorporate squats (3×8) and Romanians (5×8) 2x a week, and do machine leg presses, extensions, and curls (3×8) maybe like 1-2x a week depending.

My reasoning for this initially was that I bike a lot (150+ miles a week without counting my bike commutes), which I assumed is giving me a pretty good lower body workout but I’m not so sure so I thought I’d ask for advice here.

Thoughts? How much am I fucking myself?

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Bench press bar path and shoulders

How do i move weight the correct bar path? I cant seem to do it with 60kg, i can only bench it straight upwards from the nipples to above my eyes. Also, i read a post that said you shouldnt rest on shoulders or something when benching, now im super confused, how do you do tghat? I know how to pull down scapulas i think but im not so sure if i can do anything form related correctly anymore the more i read the more anxiety about form i get. Also can i get big on 3×8? Been thinkin about it whenim now cutting after a bulk. Also how tf does leg drive work? Also, how do i unrack tbe barbell properly? I just push itvupwwards and move it out. Also how do i use lats when benching?

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Whey + oats + peanutbutter for breakfast (not as pre-workout)?



I workout in the evening after work.

I am looking into quick & easy breakfasts so i can change my breakfast into something good/healthy that i can sustain during my fitness journey.

I am still a noob so i’m not really sure what to believe since there are lots of different opinions online.


On the internet I find that lots of people eat whey+oats+peanutbutter as breakfast in a shake, is it also good if i work out in the evening or is this more of a pre-workout meal?



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Doing a Full body Workout Plan

Hi guys, im a newbie and i decided to do a full body workout instead of those specific type of muscles a day thing. I just want to lose a bit of weight not much on muscle gain so im doing this 2 or 3 times a week and i also started playing basketball every weekends. I am 23 years old 65 kg. I use 60lbs of weight cause i am a beginner. And here are the exercises i do
1. Bench press
2. Deadlift
3. Barbell squats
4. Barbell rows
I do 10 reps each and of 2 sets is it a good workout? What are other exercises i am lacking to make mg full body workout better?

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A question regarding maintaining fitness/gym discipline especially when you have other priorities

I pretty much did my best the discipline of following the gym schedule for a few months now and tried to stick to my 3-times a day schedule as much as I can (2 days mininum) but it is not the first time I had to change the schedule sometimes becuase of other stuff.

I pretty much take fitness as a priority as other things that I have in my life and treat fitness as another aspect of life too (the things that I learned psychologically and philosophically in fitness I try the best I can to implement it in other aspects of my life too. I have a (partial) martial arts background (never really practiced it with a master and taught myself with the best of my ability but i did the best I can) and the philosophical implementation of martial arts in other aspects of life was very familiar to me) but it is not the first time I got stuck in other responsibilities or priorities too.

Sometimes I have to change the days of the schedule or change the times when I train. Sometimes I have to delay the training for a few days, sometimes for a few weeks too (especially during exam periods). Sometimes different things simultaneously pop up and cluster into my mind and sometimes do not have the enough focus or concentration to train or the enough motivation to desire to train (I would say that I do not have enough time but in reality, I often do. It is just my mind makes me think like that when other things are in my head). Sometimes I have no motivation at all and desire to focus on other things or sometimes I have to start from the ground up again and stick with a new perspective or mentality in my workouts.

I think everyone experienced this sometimes that we are not completely 100% motivated to go to the gym or workout even if this happens all the time. Maybe it is because of lack of sleep or not enough energy or maybe because of other things that are in your head that are troubling you (it is mostly the latter that often troubles me)

I honestly sometimes pick and choose whenever this situation happens. Whenever I am really determined to want to go to the gym, sometimes I just fight it even though the focus will be more difficult.

But sometimes, there are those days where I think this more clearly and listen to my gut if it is really worth going to the gym. If my gut is realky convincing me that it is not worth it or not a big priority or maybe it is better to focus on other things first, then I often consider it the better option to do it the day after even though deep down my gut is also telling me that I am being disciplined enough to continue or that I am being p&^%y if I decide to skip it for one day or a few days especially i think that i have other things that are worth my priority

I did the best I can to stick to my schedule and maintain discipline to stick to it with the best of my ability. But, as much as I try to be the better man and be disciplined enough to continue, sometimes shit happens and other priorities pop up so how do you maintain your gym discipline when such a situation happens?

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Comfort vs Emphasizing Weakness on Bench Press Grip Width

Im mostly arm dominant presser and my chest has weakness out of the hole so everytime i grind a rep, my elbows tuck in and i press the weight up pretty easily and i use front delts (which is bad)pretty much, they get sore after session. Should i narrow my grip and press comfortably with triceps mostly or try to strengthen my chest and go from there? I mean, should my bench grip have to be as comfortable as possible and just strengthen my pecs with accessories such as dips, incline db presses and stuff like that?

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3-Day/Week Routine: Questions about strength, progress and diet.

Allright, I’ll start off by describing my routine and goals:


**Routine:** Currently I go to the gym three times a week to do a full body training; I do a superset for each of the muscle groups and throw in a superset of exercises to help me strengthen my rotator cuffs because I’ve had some issues with those in the past. I’ve been doing this for the past 5-6 months.

I’m 5’10 and about 172lbs. My body is somewhere in between a dad bod and skinny fat I guess. On some areas I do have some decent muscle definition.


**Diet:** I try to eat healthy at about a 200kcal deficit. I suck at monitoring macro’s so I have no real information on the amount of protein I am consuming. I do not eat a lot of fat, of that I am sure. I’ve been skipping alcohol for some months now to help me reach my goals. I incorperate one cheat day/week.


**Goals:** Main goal is to basically look better. I’m not about being able to lift the biggest weights. My schedule does not allow me to visit the gym more than three times a week. I guess my weight is about fine for my height now. (Coming off 187lbs about a year ago)



So now on to my questions and problems!


1. **Am I using the right type of reps for my goals?**
As I mentioned I superset each muscle group. To do this I use 4×8-12 reps. When I hit 4×12 I add some weight. (Chest, Back, Shoulders, Arms, Legs, Abs) From my time on this sub I learned this is called ‘hypertrophy’ and this is used to create additional muscle fibers.
Using a high weight/low rep would improve strength more, but I think that this would not help me achieve my overall goals, correct?

2. **Why is my progress stagnating?**
For a while now I have not been able to add weight to my exercises. Could this be to blame on my reps, or more on my diet? Like I said, I try to eat as much protein as possible (because I know this is still not enough) but I am not really tracking it.

3. **Should I start using protein shakes?**
One of the things I’ve been contemplating is the use of protein shakes. This is an easy source of protein and would certainly help me out. Of course, shakes are extra kcal’s and I’m afraid my weight would go back up again.

4. **What would the effect of a 4 day-program be?**
What if I sacrificed one of my other hobbies to be able to go 4 times a week and use a split program? Do you guys think a 4 day split is totally different than a 3 times full body workout?



I realise that I will learn a lot from tracking my kcal’s and macros better. Still some feedback from more experienced bro’s will perhaps help me as well. In the end my goal is to lower body fat% but my biggest fear is to gain weight again and not due to muscle building because I only go to the gym three times a week.

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Doing high intensity exercise while experiencing DOMS

So im a relative beginner to weightlifting(2 months) been running a push pull program with 4 workouts a week. I did martial arts way back when i was a kid, Now i want to start doing martial arts again, my question is would it be alright to train while sore? I can push through the pain/soreness of DOMS and tough it out but would it actually hamper my strength and performance gains? Im thinking it might actually be a good idea because pushing through pain builds mental strength and a high intensity workout is supposed to increase blood flow and therefore promote muscle growth and recovery by supplying the muscle with more nutrients. On the other hand im thinking that we experience DOMS for a reason, and thats our bodies way of stopping us from using that muscle while its recovering. Im curious as to your thoughts on this fellow more experience fighters/strength trainees? Thx in advance 😀

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I trying to get protein more naturally, and wonder if if what I chose is sufficient.

I am currently weightlifting in order to pick up muscle/mass. I am male and weigh 85 kg / 187,393 pounds. My question relates primarily to my protein intake.

Previously, I obtained most of my protein and calories by using supplements. I would drink one with each meal three times a day. I want to cut down to 1 shake a day and obtain my calories through more natural means.

In regard to protein, here is what the protein components of my meals look like and their approximate protein content:

* Breakfast: 2 x Jumbo eggs – 15g

* Lunch: Can of tuna in salt water (strained) – 22g

* After Gym (time varies from day to day): Protein powder – 25g

* Dinner: Chicken Breast – 35g

I also eat snacks between meals, but that varies greatly from day to day so I can’t list them. If anything, it will add approximately 10g protein per day.

So I get approximately 100 – 110g protein in every day. Is this too little? I really want to avoid relying on supplements too much, but other than adding another shake I don’t see how I could drastically consume more per day as I feel very full after all my meals.

I could maybe add something to my breakfast, as it seems to be my lowest protein meal. Any suggestions?


EDIT: Edited in that I am male.

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Are workout plans such a German volume training better suited for high or low calorie diets

Currently been back at the gym for the last couple of months after a 6month hiatus and looking to start a program for the first time (previously I have just done whatever) and I am interested in trying volume training. I’m just curious though because while also trying to workout and put on some muscle mass, I’m also wanting to cut down my body fat, so I have been eating in a caloric deficit. Thanks in advance for any info 🙂

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Deload weeks: plan them according to a schedule or how weak you feel?

Should i plan deload weeks in advance or should i wait doing them untill i’m feeling weaker than usual?


For example, let’s say i have been training hard for 4 weeks and on the 5th week i notice i’m feeling a bit weaker than usual, should i incorporate a deload week then?

Basically what i’m asking is instead of planning a deload week every 5th week or something, can’t you just keep training hard for as long as you can and just start a deload week as soon as you start feeling weak? It works both ways, though, so sometimes you could go maybe 5-6 weeks without a deload whereas other times you might need one after 3 weeks already.

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On a Budget: Calories and Micronutrients

I am beginning my powerlifting journey and would like some feedback and suggestions for my diet.

After reviewing the fitness wiki and calculating my needs I, as a 6’3, 190 lb, 29 year old male, require about:

2957 maintenance calories
3207-3457 bulking calories
161.5g Protein
66.5 g Fat

I am trying to keep my diet edible, relatively healthy, and below $100 every two weeks as I am trying to pay off some debt and get back into school. Due to time constraints at work, I am only able to eat three meals a day and a snack before working out. I am sick of rice as before I got my new job it was the bulk of what I had been eating for the last few years.

My plan as of right now:

Vitamins/Supplements (Taken with breakfast)-
B Complex

3 Cups Old Fashioned Oats
8 oz Whole Milk

1 lb shredded chicken breasts in some sort of sauce

2 slices cracked wheat bread
2.3 oz Peanut Butter
2 medium Bananas

3 Cups Old Fashioned Oats
8 oz Whole Milk

This puts me at about $75 every 2 weeks with:

2550-2600 Calories depending on sauce
172.5 g Protein (Goal Met)
73.4 g Fat (Goal Met)

This means that I still need about 375 calories for maintenance and 625-875 calories for bulking (which I will be doing)

Are there any major micronutrients I am missing out on? Any suggestions for my last $25 or is my diet balanced enough that I can just focus on calories?

I was thinking about adding oranges and any on-sale fruits to add some calories as long as I can do so with the $25 dollars I have left in my budget. I am also not against downing some olive oil to meet my calories requirements if the fruit doesn’t quite cover my calories in this price range.

Edit: on mobile. Formatting does not match what I typed. I will look into making this easier to read. Thank you.

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Is My Weekly Gym Split Good? Please Give Me Some Advice :)

Monday: Back

Tuesday: Cardio – Team sport

Wednesday: Chest

Thursday: Cardio – Team sport

Friday: Back + Biceps

Saturday: Chest + Triceps

Sunday: Abs + Shoulders + Legs


Overall goal is to build muscle while trying to minimise fat gain, I am not worried about how long this will take me.

The sport I play on Tuesday’s and Thursdays is Handball – fast paced and lots of sprinting for 1.5 hours.

On Sunday I only tend to spend 20-30 minutes on each of the muscle groups listed, not too worried about getting them big.

On Monday’s, Wednesday’s, Friday’s and Saturday’s I Spend around 1.5 – 2 hours in the gym.

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Can we show our shoulders some love?

So I’m guessing everyone with a bit of experience when it comes to lifting heavy has felt the strain it’ll put on your shoulders. The rotator cuff goes through a beating every session, whether it be push or pull (depending on which exercises you do, of course). In my case, I started taking the gym seriously about a year ago and I had shoulder issues from the get go. This was due to overloading and ergonomic issues I faced through hard work in my actual job.

I do pre-hab exercises while warming up every session to make sure my shoulders get some TLC and that gave amazing results in the beginning. I was working with lower weights than my ego was comfortable with while trying to fix my issues. As I got better I gradually upped the weights and I’ve been making good progress. Now I’m repping 5×5 @ 85kg when bench pressing and the heavy loads are messing up my shoulders again.

I’m absolutely 100% sure that many of you bros and sisters have faced similar issues in the past, or are currently crying because you can’t bench as much as you want to because of your stupid shoulders. What to do?

What can we do to protect our shoulders? Which stretching exercises? Is yoga beneficial? Scheduled breaks from the gym all together? Which pre-hab/rehab exercises are worth checking out?

I would love to hear what you guys have to say and I’m sure many of us could use some tips and pointers. Cheers!

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What are the effects on the body with increased calories and increased exercise

Lets say TDEE is 2500, whether you’re eating at a surplus or deficit, what happens if you increase caloric intake by 300-500 and then do cardio work to make up for it so it cancels out, what are the effects on the body? i assume this increases risk of overtraining, but will progress be better? ive read though the FAQ it doesnt look like this is addressed

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I Have Lines for Abs, But Not Actual Abs…

So I would say I am pretty lean, for some reason I have lines for the abs and they make a six pack but not actually abs, as well as my serratus and ribs are defined. I am not sure if it has anything to do with extra skin and losing weight but I used to be fat at 180, 5′ 11″ never working out and went to 130 (2 years it took) by dieting and have bulked up to 160 (around 6 months) then cut to 148 (2 months) which is what I am currently at. Anyone have the same issues?

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Calculator recommends 171g of protein daily 52% of my calorie intake. Vegan and need some help figuring out how to do this.

Hey guys so I’ve been working on my fitness for awhile and am nearing my goals, but I’m thinking I’m at the point where macros are going to have a big impact.

I’m female 5’3”, 142 lbs not sure about the body fat but my guess would be 26-28% atm.

I calculated and am coming up 52% Protein(171g), 29% Carbs(95g) and 19% Fat(28g).

I’m vegan and not really sure where to get all this protein from, I eat beans, tofu, seitan, protein shakes etc but it seems like I’d have to eat basically nothing but that to get to 171g of protein in a day.

I eat about 1350 calories a day.

Today was a pretty average day for me(1348 Calories – 22% Protein, 42% Carbs, 22% Fat)

I had 12g of protein in breakfast(protein bar),

15g at lunch(Tofurky Bologna Pita w/ mustard and fruit),

27g at dinner(Seitan Philly Steak Sandwich w/ chips) and

21g in snacks(Shiitake Mushroom Jerky, Vegan Cheese Slice and rice crackers).

I’m not really sure how to get the extra protein in aside from cutting all bread and replacing those calories with Protein shakes or something.

I know I could cut down my junk food choice like chips with dinner and replace it with something higher in protein like broccoli but I’m still not sure I’d end up anywhere near the magic 52%

I also don’t drink any of my calories, I only drink water, tea or coffee(both no sweetener or cream).

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Marathon Preperation Coupled w/ PPL Split Program

Hey all,

Long time lurker here.

I’ve been trying to marathon prep and follow the standard Push/Pull/Legs routine (The Reddit PPL) and been hitting it kinda freestlyle. This is the first time I’ve worked up any kind of routine and wanted some insight on it. I’ll be increasing my weekly mileage as I go per week.

Routine is [here](https://i.imgur.com/supPR5z.png).

I usually run in the mornings and gym at night (I bike there – hence the 2km bike).

I decided to drop leg day because of how much cardio there is in there but I’m easing out on it after June after the marathon to pick the proper Leg Day routine back up.

I wanted to be a runner foremost because of how little time I have left. If I think I can make it, there’s a 100km bike race coming up in June I’d like to participate in as well.

Any thoughts on this?

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Got the body fat for abs but want to know the process better

Hi, I’m a 17 years old and weigh 124 pounds and I was wondering how I can get abs. My body fat is currently at 9% so I feel I definitely can get abs to show at this state. I have currently put myself on a low carb diet which consists of me eating a lot of fruit ( as my main source of carbs) dairy products (like yogurts) and a lot of protein (like chicken breast) my diet does vary and I have already seen a difference in looks. I do daily 5 minute ab workouts too but try not to overwork it. Anyone got any advice about how I go about this or can someone confirm I am doing this in the correct way. Would be much appreciated

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Starting at a nearby gym with no idea what I’m doing.

Hey everyone, I’m a 22yr old male looking to get in shape and exercise for the (sadly) first time in my life. I’m stopping at a nearby gym for a trial to just feel things out but I have little idea about finding or creating a viable workout regimen. To be completely honest the whole idea is intimidating, but I’d like to buckle down and hunt down some advice. Would anyone have an idea of where a fresh noob like me could turn to?

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Is there a food that contains everything you need to remain fit or can supplements do the job?

Basically, is there a type of food that contains all or close to everything you need?
I’ve heard broccoli is the king of the veggies as it contains most of what you need on a daily basis.

Can i for example blend broccoli, with other types of food to form an ideal mixture of bodily requirements to remain healthy?

Or should i resort to vitamin/mineral supplements?

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Moronic Monday – Your weekly stupid questions thread

Get your dunce hats out, Fittit, it’s time for your weekly Stupid Questions Thread.

Post your question – stupid or otherwise – here to get an answer. Anyone can post a question and the community as a whole is invited and encouraged to provide an answer. Many questions get submitted late each week that don’t get a lot of action, so if your question didn’t get answered before, feel free to post it again.

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So, what’s rattling around in your brain this week, Fittit?

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Questions related to accessory workouts and muscle balance.

Hello everyone I’ve been lifting for almost 2 years mostly sticking to Wendlers 5/3/1 and vertical jump Bible. And I’ve been questioning my choice of accessory workouts.

So I’ve seen accessories recommended to give you a nice physique and others to give you muscles balance and still others to make certain main lifts as strong as possible (squatting and then 1/4 squats). But I just want to be healthy and strong.

So I suppose if my goal is health and strength I should focus on balancing my muscles? So would this mean every day that I bench press I should also row- I bench 2x a week so I should row 2x a week and I ohp 1x a week so I should do lat pulldowns 1x a week?

Then my other accessories should balance as well, so if I do curls I should do skull crushers etc

But because Wendlers 5/3/1 leaves room for 3 accessories per day and 1 of them is core then the other would be for muscle balance that leave me 1 other accessory to focus on and because it’s not an even number I can’t then do the opposite lift for muscle balance…

Idk this all might just be stupid but it’s really stressing me out. What I’ve been running. Has been

Day one: curl, skull crush, side bend

Day two: face pull, lateral extension, Russian twists

Day three: lat pulldowns, shrugs and V-sit ups

I’d appreciate some advice on what accessories I should be doing and why. Thank you

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PPL doing legs only once a week?

I’m doing a PPL type program but my problem is I can’t work out on Sunday when the second leg day would be (assuming I follow the split of Monday: Push / Tuesday: Pull / Wednesday: Legs / Thursday: Rest / Friday: Push / Saturday: Pull / Sunday: Legs)
Due to religious reasons (I’m not looking for a debate on religion so don’t even think about it reddit atheists) I rest Sundays.

Is it possible to either do a way heavier leg day once a week, or to train 6 days consecutively and then rest one day? Which would be preferable? I don’t really wanna take away a push or pull day because my whole body needs work and I don’t want to take away from the upper body work either. Thanks

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Routine/General Critique

**Current Stats**: Male / 5’8” / 135 lbs / ~8-10% BF / 17 years old

As a high school student, my schedule varies from week-to-week. I can almost always squeeze in 3 or 4 workouts but the days that I can work out always change. I decided that an Upper/Lower split was the best option for me. A simple Upper/Lower split was really easy to be consistent with rather than PHUL and much more enjoyable.

I started lifting in June at 120 pounds. I followed a general PPL but it ended it ended up becoming more of a PP*R*PPL until around September or October, which is why my Squat numbers are much lower in proportion to my Bench. They are also low because I realized I was doing them with pretty bad form and thus dropped them significantly and worked my way back up.

I also decided to drop the Deadlift. It will likely be something I add in at a later time but for now, it is something I consciously decided not to add in.

#####Lift Numbers
Bench Estimated 1RM: 140 lbs

Squat Estimated 1RM: 160 lbs

My goals are equally aesthetic, strength, and to help for Lacrosse. From the beginning of this year, I’ve been focusing on weight gain and gained about 7 pounds in the last month and half which I’m really happy with.

I used to have a really hard time training sub-maximally and thus overexerting myself in the first lift and not leaving much left for the rest of my lifts. I thus decided to incorporate the 5/3/1 progression scheme. I just finished my third cycle and I really like it.

For accessories, I add weight when I hit the top end of the range for all sets with good form.

Bar Bench Press – 5/3/1 Sets

DB Military Press – 3×6-10

Cable Flyes SS Lateral Raise – 3×10-15

Lat Pull Down (ISO Lateral) – 4×6-10

Cable Low Row – 3×8-12

Arms – 4×8-12

Squats – 5/3/1 Sets, 5×5 FSL

Romanian Deadlift – 4×8-12

Leg Extension (Single Leg) – 3×8-12

Leg Curl (Single Leg) – 3×8-12

Calves – 5×12-15

I would love any suggestions and thoughts. Thank you!

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Cutting advice

Male, 19, 154.6 lbs.

Sorry for formatting, on mobile.

I’ve been working out for a little over a year now. Started out kinda chubby, got down to really really skinny (~120lbs) just messing around. Then I tried lean bulking and it wasnt working so I incorporated a little dirty bulking. Starting last August I really wanted to train seriously. I had followed a program last summer but wasnt too intense about it. Now I track my calories, macros, and started nSuns 5 days (now switching to 4 because college and no time).

I’m probably (judging visually) in the high teens of body fat because of my dirty bulk. Right now I’m trying to “cut” at 2200 calories, 211g carbs, 83g fat (mainly peanut butter and little bit of olive oil for chicken/rice), and 173g protein. My TDEE is 2756 according to iifym.

Just want to know anything I should change in regards to my program or calories/macros, and if so, how I’d go about tweaking it. Thanks!

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Can’t Squat

I’ve been trying to do squats but I can’t get as low as everyone else with or without weights, I either lose my balance or instantly stand up to avoid falling. I can’t find a good routine because most of the ones I saw included squats. Anyway to teach myself to do squats.

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Different Size/Strength Tricep Heads

This is gonna be really odd-sounding, but my left (L) tricep long head is a lot stronger and denser than my right (R) long head. Subsequently, my R-lateral head is far larger and stronger than my L-tricep long head. I want to even them out, but don’t know where to start. Both medial heads seem to be similar in strength and size. Any ideas?

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Critique my routine please (GZCLP)

* Age: 28
* Sex: M
* Height: 5″10
* Weight: 176lb


Trying to put on 4 pounds of muscle in 3 months


My workout is a GZCLP workout which is as follows:


* T1 Squats (5 sets * 3 reps) – [300lb]
* T2 Bench Press (3 sets * 10 reps) – [105lb]
* T3 Calve Raises (3 sets * 15 reps) – [65lb]
* T3 Assisted Pull Ups (3 sets * 15 reps) – [87.5lb]


* T1 Overhead Press (5 sets * 3 reps) – [37.5lb]
* T2 Deadlift (3 sets * 10 reps) – [105lb]
* T3 Chin Ups (3 sets * 15 reps) – [80lb]
* T3 Face Pulls (3 sets * 15 reps) – [30lb]


* T1 Bench Press (5 sets * 3 reps) – [150lb]
* T2 Squats (3 sets * 10 reps) – [160lb]
* T3 Cable Flys (3 sets * 15 reps) – [13lb]
* T3 Assisted Tricep Dips (3 sets * 15 reps) – [81.5lb]


* T1 Deadlift (5 sets * 3 reps) – [140lb]
* T2 Overhead Press (5 sets * 3 reps) – [30lb]
* T3 Lateral Raises (5 sets * 3 reps) – [3lb]
* T3 Leg Press (5 sets * 3 reps) – [100lb]

As with any GZCLP variation each time I go I increase my T1 and T2 by 5lb than the previous session. Also the third set of any T3 is a burnout set and I will increase the weight (by the minimum possible amount) of said exercise if I can do 25+ on the last set.


**Side note:**

My tendon in my right pinkie is messed up and I’ll be wearing a splint for 12 weeks. I’d really like to replace deadlifts with something else since it’s hurting me and only delaying my recovery. I’ve tried doing deadlifts with cables but either I’m doing it wrong or it’s very difficult to get the same form.


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5/3/1 for beginners question

I’ve been doing Phrak’s GSLP for 3 months now and I’m currently cutting. I feel like I can no longer sustain the progression because I’m constantly pushing my max. I felt like I was close to injuring myself during my last workout. I’ve done some research and I like the philosophy behind 5/3/1. I just took a deload week and I was planning on starting 5/3/1 for beginners tomorrow.

I purchased 5/3/1 second edition thinking it would be a necessary read. It turns out the part detailing 5/3/1 for beginners is only 2 pages long.

I noticed there were some differences between the program in the book and on the wiki here. The book does not mention 5×5 FSL. It also says to keep accessories to a minimum.

Should I follow the programming from the wiki or from the book? Is the FSL concept and high volume accessory work from a newer version of the book?

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How do you guys deal with crippling self hatred following a night out?

I cut down to 138lb from 188lb. My lifts started suffering due to just never having enough energy and not eating enough though, so I’ve been eating 250cal above my TDEE to put on some muscle and then do another cut down the line. This week has been filled with events though, and it’s just been a rough one for my calorie counts due to the drinking and eating.

Anyways I’ve been beating myself up pretty hard over going over my calorie limit. There’s only one more event involving drinking and high calorie food (it’s a party with some friends I don’t see much due to our school schedules), and I’m still getting in the gym everyday to follow my routine, but I basically hate myself. Do you guys have a method for dealing with feelings of inadequacy like this? Am I being too hard on myself?

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Excess skin or fat? Help please

Context: lost 90lbs in 10 months, last 2 months have been muscle building

Problem:the more i build muscle, the more saggy my stomach gets. I have been told its muscle pushing fat out and it is a good thing, but i dont know. I have also been told its excess skin.

Im new to this so please help, and if i broke a rule, sorry.

Me: https://imgur.com/a/DxcTkH0

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Is it ok to use couchto5k on a steep hill??

My house is on a really steep hill, there is no flat land anywhere within a 2 mile jog, recently I started using couchto5k and started jogging up to the top my neighborhood and down, I only get about 2-3 miles each run due to the steepness, I climb about 33 floors each run.

Is this healthy for me to be running on such steep hills?i feel like it would be because running on such a steep hill and getting used to it makes it easier to run on flat land, right?

But due to this running, I never really make the full minute of jogging ( I’m on the first week), I often stop before I’m supposed to be walking.

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Muscle ache and recovery tips!

Hello everyone, first time post here.

So without fully going into my training program and diet etc I’d like to ask about any tips you guys have for recovery?

I’ve been lifting for a solid few years now – but I’m 29 now and the muscle aches after big leg and back sessions can be quite annoying during the working week, I’ve been lead to believe muscle ache is necessary or you haven’t worked that muscle group hard enough for hypertrophy.

I stretch before my workouts and a little after – perhaps I need to do more of this as I get older?

I eat well and get 7-8 hours of sleep almost every night.

I’m hoping to get any tips with anything you’ve picked up, also interested in supplements tips (if you give advice for a supp could you explain exactly why it helps with recovery?)

Thanks in advance everyone!

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Having fun at the gym and working out but I think I’m doing it wrong?

I am going through a divorce and what’s really getting me through it is going to the gym about 5 days a week and CICO. It’s helping me out emotionally as well as physically.

That was until I started reading the wiki here and some of the posts. Now I feel like I’m doing it all wrong.

I count calories but I don’t look for a certain amount of protein or any other nutrients. I am definitely eating healthier with less carbs but mostly because it gets me more bang for the buck calorie wise. For info I am **6’4/male/240lbs**/**32 years old**. Losing 1.5 lbs a week sedentary the apps say I should eat about 1,950 calories a day. However, I am not sedentary. I workout 5 days a week. **Why would I want to increase my activity levels? What happens if I don’t and only eat 1,950 a day?** If I got off my TDEE I should be eating around 2,800 calories to lose weight at moderate activity levels.

Then there is this whole protein thing I have read about on the wiki. Apparently when you exercise if you don’t have enough proteins then your body will take muscles for energy. **But I don’t want to get into the macro yet**. It’s hard enough to keep track of every single thing I eat every day and I don’t want to have to worry about grams of protein and stuff.

**I don’t also want to ruin it**

I tried a [https://stronglifts.com/5×5/](https://stronglifts.com/5×5/) workout today and I like it. But I can only go to the gym 3 days a week in that routine. I like to go as much as possible because it really helps me. When I’m at the gym I’ll do some pushups, some dumbbell workouts, bicep curls, LAT pulldown, rowing, elliptical.. basically whatever sounds good. I guess I’m doing it wrong though.

TLDR: Will I see any benefit to losing weight and gaining muscle doing what I do at the gym?

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Has anyone got experience being on anti-depressants and jacked/ripped?


I’m considering anti-depressants (I’m not here to argue whether they’re a good decision or not). I want to know if anyone has ever been on anti-depressants whilst at the same time being able to get jacked or maintain a really great body shape?

I know you’re not all doctors, so please mods don’t lock this, I am only interested in hearing people’s personal experiences. I also am only interested in hearing from people who are legitimately in-shape.

Please no comments from gym goers who aren’t or haven’t ever been in excellent shape but feel like they have the inspiration to be jacked (like me). Your comments are merely speculative and I’m after real accounts.

Thank you!

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