20 rep trap bar deadlifts

So I have a couple weak points that I feel are making my deadlift stall out. One is I use double overhand grip. The other is my low back is not that strong, neither is my low back.

I am currently running an upper lower split, similar to 531, except I just do 3 straight sets of 5. On my dead lift days I do 3×5 dead lift, 3×12 walking lunges and hamstring curls. I want to add in one set of twenty trap bar deadlifts at the end of the workout with 50% ish of my working deadlift weight. IE, if I do 3×5 @ 365, I would do 1 set of 20 @ 185.

I figure a big hit of extra volume will help me get over my plateau. What does reddit think?

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perky-boobage tips for over 40

After having kids, my favourite part of my body isn’t quite the same anymore. My husband is extremely against plastic surgery, he’s happy with my assets, and honestly they’re not too bad, but I would like a natural lift, just little bit. I work out with a trainer 3-4 times a week, lift weights, do push ups, etc.

Is there an exercise I can do at home each day by myself that will lift my boobies a little?

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Athlean-X’s Take on Planks; When is it Appropriate to do Planks?

In [this video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZyWEXjdAGCQ&t=407s) Jeff briefly mentions the plank has its time and place, but then goes on criticizing many aspects about the plank (and then suggests other exercises). I think he does a good job of explaining the downsides of the plank, however it then leads me to wonder when is it appropriate to do planks (if ever)? Omar Isuf and Allan Thrall have a different take and say that planks help especially in regards to back/hip pain and strengthening stabilizers during compound lifts. What is your take on the plank? If you do them, why? If you don’t, why not? and what do you do in place of the plank for core strength/stability?

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I can’t shake this injury.

Hey all thanks for reading. Long time lurker here…

I’m in to a lot of powerlifting / running. I’m certainly not a bodybuilder — just a dude that likes to lift.

About 8 months ago, I seriously tweaked my elbow while doing incline barbell bench.

I tried extensive rest periods, recovery exercises, specific warm ups, avoiding high stress exercises on my elbows, etc. since then. But I *can’t get rid of this tennis elbow*.

Has anyone had any experience with this? How did you recover from it?

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GZCLP routine

Recently I posted here concerning sets x reps but I got some other questions:

Can I exercise fully other muscle groups in between the rest days? (Tue, thu, sat and sunday).

How important are squats? I had an ACL and meniscus tear a couple years ago that hinder me from doing as good on squats as possible.

Any other tips and recommendations? Dietary advice is also appreciated!

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Haven’t been skipping leg day but my squats are lagging behind.

(M 5’7 175lbs)

Basically, my upper body is disproportionately stronger than my lower body. My max bench are an squat are the same at 255. My deadlift is even less: 235( grip strength issues).

I haven’t been skipping leg day, so it must be my programming that is off. I’ve been running a variant of ppl and PHAT for a few months. Do any of you guys have any squat/deadlift based programs to help me out?

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Do barbells with worn bearings have much affect on squat and deadlift?

I’ve noticed with heavy deadlifts that the bar wants to turn in my hands as I pick it up because the plates are rotating. Shouldn’t a new bar with good bearings prevent this? I’m trying to determine if the bar I was using was a particularly bad one, or it’s just a matter of my grip strength not being up to snuff. (I’ve used wraps and noticed this solves the problem, still curious though.)

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A proper workout for me (newbie)

Hi all. I’m a newbie lifter enjoying the gym since 4 months ago.

I’m running a stronglifts5x5 but i notice some weaks in this program like low volume on the upper muscles and too many squats so i’m looking for a “new” program.


I liked stronglifts because it is a easy program without infinite calculations to know what is the proper weight to lift, like GZCL, and it has an official app so i can track my improvements.


I saw the **fitness wiki** but i can’t choose a proper workout, can you give me an advice? I go 3 days/week to the gym

I consider my self a Novice because these are my lifts (1RM):


Squat: 92kg

Bench: 70kg

OHP: 52kg

Deadlift: 99kg


P.S. I really like programs that have compound exercises + specific accessories (and not only “train X muscle with whatever exercises for YxZ rep scheme”)

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Im trying to shred but I have a medical condition that makes it hard to find info, help?

So I have a disease/condition that basically limits me from eating more then 30-40 g proteins a day from food, I take the rest from a special protein powder so I get the protein in me either way.

The problem is, there is no shredding diet that fits into this category, all shredding diets, of course, have super high protein intake and almost no fat intake. I take my protein from the powder, I cant take it from food on top of that, I am a student so I have to be resourceful.

So the question is, how should I go about it? Should I build a diet from scratch? Should I just eat sallads and fruit and then drink protein on that? Please ask me anything if it will help you help me more 🙂

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I want to lose weight fast and need help with the calories. Body dimensions included.

**[M, 5.9ft/1.81m, 200lbs/91kg, 24 years]**


So I always used to be a slim guy and after I went to the gym for 2 years I gained some chest and a sixpack.

Now after 6 months of depression and bad nutrition I noticed my belly fat. My mom called it a spare tire, haha. I want to get rid of it really fast.

How can I calculate how much and what I should eat and how much sports I should do? I do some jogging and swimming once a week (~1 hour each) but don’t know if that’s enough. My goal is to get back to 80kg / 176lbs as fast as possible. I don’t know how many calories I should take in and how much I should burn. I am 24 years old and use to weigh like 176. I don’t want to lose my muscle mass in the process.

Hoping for some individual advice from you guys 🙂

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After reading the Wiki: Is there an overall “BEST” full body, 3 day/week program?

i have read the wiki. i am an intermediate lifter who is currently on PHUL but finding it hard to reliably get to the gym 4x/week due to work and home life.

3x/week would be much more consistent which has me reevaluating my program.

it seems apparently that full body is the way to go with only 3 days in the gym – but which program, specifically, is “best”? my goals are some added strength and size – but approaching 33 years old i do not have illusions of grandeur. just to be in shape and healthy while getting a good workout in.


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Advice for fitness catering to my disability

Hi all!

I’ve got a skin condition which is rare and very under researched. I could have it the rest of my life and it’s only getting worse.

I’m a 20 year old female and I’m struggling to find a way to stay active. I don’t have the money to join a gym, and have a pool but the climate doesn’t always allow me to use it xD pretty much, I’m losing my ability to walk so walking and running are out of the question. I can’t stand for longer than an hour, and after half an hour I really feel the burn.

Any advice as to what I can do? My skin hurts whenever it stretches and I have no idea what to do

Thank tou

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My shoulders are unstable and I’m concerned to start lifting

Hey guys,

So for awhile now my shoulders have been somewhat unstable, and will sometimes dislocate or feel like they will dislocate when I move them a certain way. Usually whenever I reach above my head they feel loose, and when I sleep (side sleeper), I need to have a pillow under my arm for support.

I’m concerned about starting to lift because I don’t want to make it worse. Is there anything I can do to strengthen my shoulders to prevent this?

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Are you cutting during the summer?

I’m going to keep bulking until the 12th of June (2570 calories a day with 185g of protein a day)

Then I’ll cut until the 12th of August (1500kcal) it’s aggressive but I find that I prefer to lose fat in an aggressive way as it’ll keep me motivated and then start bulking up again after the 12th of August. Do you have any plans to cut during the summer or are you just going to continue bulking?

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Do you eat cinema popcorn?

I’m going to see endgame with friends. I have a rest day today so no gym. I’m bulking and trying to build muscle I’m seeing serious progress. We all planned on buying popcorn. The popcorn is my cinema is cheap and delicious. I want to buy some but I’m scared it might set me back since a popcorn and drink is over 900 calories. What do doooo :/

Really want popcorn for endgame too as it’s my most anticipated movie in a long time

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Complete serratus activation? Getting balanced definition of serratus?

(Title is what I think are the right keywords; I haven’t found better alternatives in the wiki. A web search is giving me irrelevant results. If you know better keywords, please enlighten me.)

I’ve been training my serratus anterior, and it’s showing results. (Cable exercise that gym employee recommended similar to serratus punch .) But I get the idea I’m just hitting a small portion of the serratus. Is there some guide to getting all the motions the serratus can do? Or do I just do the same exercise, but then (slightly) upwards and downwards?

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Train Arms (Biceps) First on Training day or not?


my arm-workout on my pullday usually starts with biceps and overall arm-stuff. Now i’ve heard somewhere that “Bigger muscles before smaller ones” and that also what’s in some training stuff on youtube i’ve watched so far.

But when i’m starting with my lats and general upper back and THEN go to arms i probably can perform just 50-75% of what i used to otherwise. Not sure if it has the same effect on my muscle growth when i reach failure with the same weight, just earlier.

Crucial or nah?

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Combine Muscle Gain & Marathon Training

I want to run a Marathon in a few months (Goal is to run it in 4 hours). But I also do’nt want to give up weight lifting & muscle gain. What is the best way/advice to combine both? I fear to lose muscle if I run too much. But if I don’t run enough distance per week I might also not be able to achieve to run a marathon with a decent time. Anyone who has advice.

My goal is to have a lean muscled up body and to run a marathon with decent time as well.

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DOMS kicking in regularly after a year of training consistently

Hello all. I’ve noticed that, even after training for over a year now, my quad muscles/upper leg are getting increasingly stiff and sore a day or so after working them, and happens every time. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t want to train them because I’m left wobbling for several days afterwards.

I’ve had bloodwork done recently and everything was fine. My training isn’t remotely excessive. I’ve even dropped the intensity since noticing this issue. Generally only 3-4 exercises, 3-4 sets and 8-12 reps per set, and once a week. Could it indicate a lack of nutrients? Excessive upper body weight or rapid gain of weight? Or perhaps an inflammatory condition?

Thanks for the replies.

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Smith machine vs. free press for bench

I have a friend who consistently lies about his athleticism.

He is around 5’5’’ and 130lbs and does not have much muscle at all and claims to be able to bench more than his body weight despite not being able to do a single pull-up or push-up with correct form.

After some investigation, I found he uses the smith machine for bench press. I told him that benching X on smith machine isn’t the same as X on a free bench because it limits ROM and doesn’t require stability muscles, but he and another friend insist that it is just a safer option for those who want to bench without a spotter.

Who is correct in this situation? I believe free press is a better indicator of overall strength and having the bar travel in a fixed path makes the lift easier, and therefore someone benching X on free press has stronger upper body pushing muscles than someone who can bench X only on a smith machine.

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Optimum Serious Mass for bulking?

Anyone else use this one? I’ve been using this to make protein shakes and it’s about 625 calories for half a cup. I add almond milk to this which has 31 calories and blend. I like it but it makes me feel bloated. Anyone else use it for bulking? Is it just for people that want to add weight or can it be used for bulking too?

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My chest is a little bitch that won’t grow no matter what

Quick background, I started lifting two years ago and lasted about six months before I stopped because I lost motivation. I ran Fierce 5 and my lower body was able to progress steadily, but my upper body kept stalling no matter what I did, and for months I just hovered around the same weight, deloading and retrying, deloading and retrying. Started lifting again on/off for the last few months, not doing much just maintaining my lifts. Currently 5’7 156lbs. Yes, I know you’re all going to say I’m too small and should eat more. Yes, that’s what I’ve started to do since I got on SS.

Three weeks ago I decided to get serious and switched to SS. Everything was going great, my lifts were all improving, but last workout I started stalling on my bench again. Could only rep out 4 for the first set and had to drop the weight back down. I don’t understand why my chest is so weak. I squat 265×5 and deadlift 295×5 for my working sets but I can’t even push 125lbs on my fucking bench? How fucking ridiculous is this strength disparity between my upper and lower body?

My chest won’t grow no matter what I do. I tried throwing in accessories in the past, doing more sets, improving my form, eating more. Nothing works. I swear I’m cursed with a pussy chest. I’m pretty sure I eat enough too (~600 surplus) because my other lifts are progressing just fine. I started SS with 100lbs, I shouldn’t be hitting a wall this early on. And according to these beginner routines I shouldn’t have to go out of my way and do additional exercises to improve my lifts; following the routine and eating right should be enough for me to progress steadily. Everyone else on these routines progress quickly without trouble, yet I drew the short straw and got shitty chest genetics. My peak was 135lbs in the past but that’s seriously nothing to be proud of, and even then I had to struggle.

I must emphasize again, I’m able to squat and deadlift so heavily, why is my bench this weak? It’s seriously killing my motivation and I need help. I should be able to progress linearly without any problems just like everyone else on these routines. It’s been this way ever since I started lifting in the past. What the hell is wrong with me?

TL;DR I keep stalling on my bench and can’t get past one plate, but my other lifts are going up.

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Daily Simple Questions Thread – April 25, 2019

Welcome to the /r/Fitness Daily Simple Questions Thread – Our daily thread to ask about all things fitness. Post your questions here related to your diet and nutrition or your training routine and exercises. Anyone can post a question and the community as a whole is invited and encouraged to provide an answer.

# As always, be sure to [read the wiki](https://thefitness.wiki) first. Like, all of it.

Also, there’s a [handy-dandy search bar](https://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/search?&restrict_sr=on) to your right, and if you didn’t know, you can also use Google to search fittit by using the limiter “site:reddit.com/r/fitness” after your search topic.

Other good resources to search are [Exrx.net](http://www.exrx.net/index.html) for exercise-related topics and [Examine.com](https://examine.com/) for nutrition and supplement science.

Be aware that [the more relevant information you add](https://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/wiki/posting_guidelines#wiki_how_to_ask_for_help), the more relevant the answers you receive will be. And if you are posting about your routine, please make sure you follow [the guidelines](https://www.reddit.com/r/Fitness/wiki/rules#wiki_rule_.239).

**(Please note: This is not a place for general small talk or chit-chat. Also, the community decided long ago that we keep jokes, trolling, and memes outside of the Daily Q&A threads. Please use the downvote / report button when necessary.)**

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Pull ups every hour at work

So I have a sitting job and was wondering if there would be any benefit for me to do maximum number of pull ups every hour instead of just not doing anything at work? And what kind of results I might expect?

Right now I’ve been doing 5-7 reps every hour. Started off with 5 reps, but now it seems that I can push it to 7. Feels like I could increase the number of reps every week by 1 or 2.

So in total it would mean 8 series of max reps (one hour of rest between each series) – is that OK?
What do you think guys, maybe combine this with push ups as well?

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Having issues with weight loss.

Hey there,

I am a pretty large man, 5’10 and 340, I recently took a factory job so I am sitting/standing/moving around a lot, very much depends on the machine I run that night.

I currently use Samsung health and a Samsung gear S3 frontier to track my movements and according to it, I am burning 3-5000 calories a day (through “dynamic workouts” via Samsung health) and walking 10-15000 steps.

I am eating between 1500 and 1800 calories a day.

Breakfast : brown sugar cinnamon oatmeal with 3 strawberries
Lunch : Kind protein bar
Dinner : chicken pasta with broccoli

I also take B12 and vitamin d3 2000IU in the morning and 250mg magnesium at night.

It’s been over a week and I’ve not seen a change, I have been on the diet for 3 weeks and haven’t lost a single pound 🙁 what can I do to make this happen? I really want to be in shape to be better at my job. We want to have kids in the next few years and I want to be able to play with them often.. I don’t like getting tired after a few minutes of physical activity, I want to be healthy and smaller I’m just unsure of how to make this happen or what I’m doing wrong.

Any help is appreciated, and I will answer any and all questions, tho I do work 2nd shift, so my hours are a bit wonky 🙂

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Left Shoulder Tendon

I’ve had a problem over the last two weeks that i’d like some tips on how to deal with!

In essence: My left shoulder klicks and pops whenever i do movements that require stabilization of the shoulder-joint or that puts my arm over my shoulder! From what i’ve read it’s probably the bicep tendon sliding around and causing pain and discomfort, tendonitis.

I haven’t been able to do a proper shoulder or chest workout for the past two weeks or so which is bad for obvious reasons. I tried DB-chest presses a couple of days ago and it felt like i had to push way harder to get the left arm to extend compared to the right one, plus just a gritty feeling in the entire shoulder joint. I did 2 sets with moderate weight before i decided to call it a day which was followed by a dull pain in the shoulder.

I’ve had this problem previously and it sort of comes and goes. I’ve tried different types of angles and techniques, obviously with proper form and all that, but i cannot seem to find a long term solution that would allow me to continue to progressively overload the muscle without risking permanent damage to the shoulder joint.

For reference i do a PPL routine with the problem only appearing on the push days where i usually do 3x DB Bench, 3x Military Press, 3x Incline Bench, 3x Lat.Delt. Raises SS with Tricep Extensions followed by 3x of whatever (forearms, abs) with some more tricep work. I.e. a LOT of load on the shoulder joint.

Does anyone here have any tips on how to deal with this issue? I would appreciate any help! Thank you!

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What’s wrong with remote “Skype” personal training?

I have my own remote trainer (she’s from a developing country) and she’s awesome and very affordable. I admit it was not easy to find her, I had to get creative.

Scheduling is sometimes tricky due to the time difference and the calls do drop from time to time but it’s always worth it and she’s an awesome motivator. I can have her train me every day and not go bankrupt, meanwhile she earns far above average income for her country.

Why don’t more people have a trainer? The difference for motivation and accountability is huge, at least for me.

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Guys guys guys! I am 10lbs away from benching 2x my body weight! Any tips on how I can get there a bit faster?

I weigh 150lbs and have had this goal to hit 300lbs for a while now. I am mainly a rock climber who also just happens to continue to bench from my older lifting days. The only chest workout I do is the bench.

Here’s my silly and simple routine:
135 warmup x10 reps
225 x4 reps
245 (as many as possible)
245 (as many as possible)
225 (as many as possible)
135 cool down x10 reps

According to the bench chart, I will be able to hit 300 if I can do 245lbs 6x. I can current do 245 5x.

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No results

Listen, I love to eat. Who doesn’t?! I eat a fuck ton of junk food but I go to the gym often to compensate. I eat Burger King and Krispy Kreme every day. I’ve been on a diet for 2 days and no results. What can I do to see results? I’m a spartan BEASTCRIBER in the gym so it’s not my exercise that’s the issue. I see rentboys fucking miring my gains. Yeah that’s right bitch, you wish you was me. All the baddies staring at me and shit, hella gains. I gets no results tho please help

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I’m thinking of trying out lvysaur’s 4-4-8 but I’m unsure of which weights to start with

I’ve been doing Starting Strength for a while now, and my current work sets are:

Squat: 225lbs

OHP: 105lbs

Deadlift: 260lbs

Bench: 165lbs

Not sure what my 1 rep max’s are.

I’m a 6’1″ male 185lbs, 29 years old

How much weight should I start with for the 4-4-8 plan?

Also I don’t have a chin-up bar, could I use the bar on the squat rack as a chin up bar? Or should I just do the supinated bent-over rows?

Also I’ve never done barbell rows before, what weight do I start out with relative to my other lifts?

Also SS is pretty specific about what to do as a warm up on their app, what kind of warm up should I do for each exercise in 4-4-8?

Thanks folks!

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Is it possible to make collarbones more prominent with exercises? If so, what exercises and if not, is there any other way?

I want my collarbones to show more but I don’t know if it’s possible or something I can’t change because it how my bones are. I’ve heard I could lose body fat % (I think in relation to my height, my weight is pretty normal but I can still lose some weight) but I heard even obese people can have prominent collarbones, so is it even possible?

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Looking for buddy/accountability partner for weight loss / lifting

Got fat over the winter, need to lose some weight. 😁 Always is easier when accountable to somebody.

Anybody looking for a buddy? Preferably somebody who also does weight training but anybody is fine as long as you want to help each other loseit! Would be interested in daily communication from Snapchat messaging/text/whatsapp/iMessage about diet, exercise, weight loss, gains etc for a couple of months.
19M, 6’4”, 250lb, Canada. I know a pretty decent amount about diet and weight training so I might be able to help anybody who is new to it.

I’m typing this part so my post doesn’t get removed for too little content. Good lucky anybody reading this, I believe in you! You can do it!

LMK! Thanks

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I can only hit gym 3 times per week, how do i maximize this?

Well actually 4. But i wanted my 4th day to be conditioning.
I swim when i cant go to the gym and i xan do calisthenics on those days (pull ups push ups…)
So i swim on Monday Wednesday Saturday. I wanted to do conditioning on Sunday but how would I go about the rest (3 days)
I could run a P/P/L but id progress way slower because its once a week.
I want to pack on muscle.

Not a newbie to lifting, been lifting for about a year now.

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What are Macros and how should I use them?

A little background, I am a 5’3” (160cm) female. I’ve been thin my whole life and have some issues with weight gain. I posted on rant Wednesday and realized there’s a lot I don’t know so this is more of a general question/post!

I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app about an hour ago and use a Fitbit to keep track of my heart rate (lately my heart rate has been more intolerant of exercise and my baseline is 70s when it used to be 50s). I’ve started to increase my water from 20oz up to 80 now on a good day.

Body type wise I have always been thin, both a blessing and a curse. The most weight I ever gained was after 7 months of CrossFit (I can no longer afford) I weighed in at 115 (52kg). I’m now back down to 102-106 (again, on a good day).

My question is this: if I want to gain muscle, should I use the recommended percentages for carbs/protein/fat with the MFP app? It’s 40/20/30 right now but I noticed it can be changed.

What should I be eating? Tryna get these gains for summer but also, ready to take charge of my health and fitness!

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What are some things I should know, before doing Cross Country?

Hey all! I’ll be starting Cross Country in June. I’m really excited, it sounds like a great experience. I do Track and Field, and the distance girls are all awesome.


I do, however, have very bad asthma and just poor running attitude overall. I’m definitely not in good shape. (I’m 5’4 and 125lb, so I am not overweight. Just lazy) What are some things I should know going into the season? I don’t think I’ve ever ran more then half a mile without stopping before honestly.

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during workouts, should i inhale through the mouth/nose and should I exhale out through the mouth/nose? Do i exhale when I exert force (ex. lift dumbbell upwards) and inhale when I relax (ex. lower dumbbell back down)? thanks!


inhale- mouth/nose? exert force/relax?
exhale- mouth/nose? exert force/ relax?

Thanks for taking the time to read this, you made a positive difference in my lifestyle!
I hope to continually improve my form and breathing patterns


there seems to be a lot of arbitrary information out there on the vast websearch

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Inaccuracy of Macro Calculators – Am I eating too little now?

Hi all,

What are your thoughts on the accuracy of macro calculators like IIFYM offers? I’ve struggled to depend on them and am at a loss.


**A little background:** **[M/21/5’10/200lbs]**

Used to be fat as shit (240lbs), then I got super skinny (160lbs). I gained more than half my weight back (~60lbs) over the course of 3 years, decided to lose weight again and lost ~20lbs. Throughout my weight loss journey, I always depended on the macro calculators online and figured they gave me accurate results, which they seemed to, until now. Activity wise, I serve and bartend (35-40h/wk), follow a PPL routine, and go to the gym 4-6x a week + 15min running intensely. I sleep 7.5-8hrs a day and try to drink 2 liters to a gallon of water a day.

I count all of my calories to the best of my ability, from the specific ounces of chicken I’m eating to the half & half I put in my coffee every morning. As per my macro calculators, they suggest I eat 2000-2200 calories a day to lose weight. That didn’t work, and I gave it plenty of time before I dropped my calories by 200. I have continuously been doing this now and am now eating roughly 1700 calories a day. And after about 2 weeks now my weight still stays (on average) the same at 200lbs.

I’m afraid of dropping my calories any lower because it seems odd for a guy my size. I’m afraid of losing muscle and being skinny-fat like I was when I first lost all my weight. I also don’t want to be deprived of energy like I was when I lost all my weight.


Shoot me some advice, Reddit. Clearly I’m doing something wrong.


EDIT : I know the wiki says not to rely on calculators fully, but still, why do I feel like I’m eating too little?


>!inb4 you’re counting your calories wrong!<

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My gyms publicity biased

This is a rant, so sorry if it doesn’t really belong in this sub.

So, I’ve been going to a gym for a while now, about 5 years on and off, started taking it seriously a little over a year ago,and I got my girlfriend to work out with me since I thought it’d help with her confidence. Now I’m not a very social person or active on social media, I go to the gym, get my work out in and leave without being noticed much, and I didn’t even know the gym had an IG account where they post motivational/informational stuff. My gf found it and noticed all the pictures and posts were of other people that go to the gym, we later found out that the gym has a photographer regularly come in and take pictures of people working out , edited and used them on their IG account (with their consent of course) so I thought cool, never got asked but I probably look really unsocial so I get why.

The thing is my gf, sweetest thing, got asked 3 different times to take pictures, twice they ended up not using any of the pictures and the 3rd they actually cut her out of the picture in post editing, which infuriated me and damaged her self confidence immensely, she messaged them about it the last time and they said they’d talk to the photographer, he later apologised and said the reason he couldn’t fit everyone is because it would compromise the post format they use, so they had to cut her out cus she was closer to the edge. Alright that makes sense but the thing is, my gf is a somewhat skinny person, not extremely so just more than average, she looks great in gym clothes though, so I didn’t get why they kept giving her the short end of the stick constantly.

That is till I noticed every post they had of girls only featured either fit or either girls that are naturally heavier with bigger buts etc. Which isn’t a problem its their business, they run it how they please, it just hurts me to see her get asked to take 10-20 pictures for them every time, get excited and have them use exactly 0 of those pictures, it very nearly got her to quit and made her feel bad about a body she already felt bad about.

Is this a common thing with gyms? I hope not, sorry for the rant.

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Is eating late bad? (Past 7pm)

Context: Im an 18yo who is currently trying to gain weight and muscle mass. I weigh 130lbs (30ish pounds up from when I started) and workout daily for around 1-2hrs. I have a fairly low body far percentage to begin with and no one in my family suffers from weight related problems.

As the title says, is eating late bad for gains, energy levels, sleep, etc? I normally end up eating my final meal around 9:30pm and I am concerned of the effects if I go to sleep about an hour after I finish eating. Its usually a larger meal and has me feeling almost full by time Im done eating.

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Confused: Seeing more results with medium weight/high reps (chasing pump) compared to strength based (8 reps)

I seem to be switching back and forth between strength based (3-4 sets @ 8 reps) vs. higher volume (5 sets @ 15 reps). Everytime I try to increase my strength by going lower reps and try to increase my strength, I just don’t see much muscle building occurring even in a period of 4-5 months- matter of fact, completely spinning my wheels. Then I get discouraged and go down in weight and bust out tons of reps to chase the pump and I feel like I’m actually seeing some form of muscle growth after a few months. I just don’t see the benefit of “strength based” workout if my goal is body building. But everyone seems to say “oh don’t worry about the pump, just have linear progesssion and muscles will grow” but that’s not been my experience at all.

Has anybody have any similar experiences that can share their insight?

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Daily Discussion Thread: 04/24/2019

Leap day motherfuckers

Feel free to post things in the Daily Discussion Thread that don’t warrant a subreddit-level discussion. Although most of our posting rules will be relaxed here, you should still consider your audience when posting. Most importantly, show respect to your fellow redditors. General redditiquette always applies.

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Cardio routines for off days in between strength training?

I decided I want to find a way to go to the gym on my off days because I always want to go to the gym but often can’t because it’s my off day.
I currently work out 4 times a week and the way I’ve split my workouts up works perfectly for me atm so I’d like to keep that so I thought I could implement some cardio on my off days.

Now I’m a complete stranger to cardio I don’t know anything about it so could anyone recommend me a good workout/routine that could work for me?

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Finding a new gym

Hey all, found out today that the anytime fitness I use while on the road is being relocated ( its seen 4 new managers in 6 months). I use them because it’s one of the only gyms I can get access too while I’m on the road and has a location near my home.

I’m an owner operator and drive an 18 wheeler so my choices are super limited while out and about. I run the same routes in Texas and the only other gym I have access too while in my truck is planet fitness.

I’ve heard all the grunting horror stories. Has anyone used them that can give me advice? I’ve been steadily increasing my strength but my main goal is to be more fit overall due to my.job.

I’ve never tried for maxing out due to if I hurt myself well that’s game over for my business. Jere is my current stats if they are relevant.

I’m 34/m. 5’10
I weigh between 160 and 170lbs depending on how horrible my diet is. ( I mainly eat from gas stations I’m so sorry 🙁 )
I follow a ppl routine but finish my.benches with 185lbs, squats with 225lbs, and deadlifts with 225lbs.
I do other things like bent over rows, upright rows, ohp, etc.

So should I bother with planet fitness? I’m not huge by any means and want to keep increasing but my main goal is to just be healthier. My first year or so of trucking I started to get unhealthy super fast and dont wanna be a blob. 🙁

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Cramps in legs directly after and hours after squatting

I often get an extreme pain that sometimes feels like a cramp after squatting heavy even though I warm up before every workout and stretch.
I get a strong pain in my hamstrings but I did heavy squats today and even though the pain in my hamstrings is gone my quads are now cramping.

My muscles in general tend to cramp a lot recently and I’d like to know what might be causing it and what I can do about it.

My main concern though is the pain in my hamstrings and the cramping in my quads.

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Macro and Calorie Advice

My little brother has been asking me to help him get into lifting. He’s 14 years old, 157 pounds, and 5’10”. He’s what I would call skinny fat right now but more on the fat side. Should I get him on a cut or a bulk or just eat at maintenance? I’m between a cut and maintenance since he doesn’t wanna get big and just wants to lose weight and look athletic and I believe his body fat is too high to bulk. Any thoughts?

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Serious Pencil Neck (image in post) – Should I be targeting traps, or direct neck training, or something else?

I have a [serious case of pencil neck](https://imgur.com/kgtOPGX), and am not sure how best to go about it.

I have tried direct neck training, but I didn’t see much results, though I am happy to keep at it. I feel like it may be that my traps are underdeveloped and that is causing the neck to enter the shoulders with 0 aesthetic slope.

Has anyone managed to get out of this physique, what worked for you?

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I can only go to the gym three consecutive days a week, how can I maximise this?

So due to circumstances and family life, I can only go to the gym Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, all in the morning. I cannot go Thursday or Friday as I am caring for my sick parents and I cannot go Saturday and Sunday as that’s when I see my kid.

My reasons for starting are primarily to lose a lot of weight (currently 6″1′, 270 lbs and about 35% body fat) and get healthier, but also tone up if I can.

I’ve done a lot of research and they all talk about training plans and diet. The diet isn’t the issue, I can stick to a healthy diet, but I’m having a real hard time sorting my fitness plan out. Everywhere talks about rest days but not leaving too many days between. Except my schedule makes this very hard.

(I have also taken up boxing class at the local gym on a Monday night for an hour). I’ve made this rough plan for the gym that I’ve stuck to for two weeks now; I run/jog/walk to the gym (2 miles, can’t run it all yet) and back, and at the gym:

Monday – Chest, arms and abs.

Chest – Bench press, cable flys, dumbbell flys. 3 sets of 12 each.

Arms – Standing cable curls, tricep kickback, incline dumbbell curls, cable rope pushdowns. 3 sets of 12 each.

Abs – crunches, leg raises. 3 sets of 12 each plus 4th set to failure. Plank to failure.

Tuesday – legs and abs.

Legs – Weighted squat, leg extension, prone leg curls. 3 x 12 of each.

Abs – as Monday.

Wednesday – Back, shoulders and abs.

Back – wide grip pull downs, one arm DB rows, seated cable rows. 3 X 12 of each.

Shoulders – seated DB press, lat raise, bent over lats. 3 x 12.

Abs – as Monday.

This is the routine I have now and with rests and everything it takes me about an hour for Monday and Wednesday and 40 minutes Tuesday. And by the end of it I am sore as hell.

I plan to vary my routine and add/change exercises and the weight as I go but that’s what I have for now.

I have concerns though because I’m going a full week between each muscle area, I don’t get any rest days Mon-Wednesday and I basically have to go 4 days with no exercise.

I try and squeeze in some push-ups and sit ups at home but it really is difficult to find the time on those days.

Please, what can I do?

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Feeling a bit dumb. How do I properly use lifting straps?

I recently bought some lifting straps and wanted to give them a go on some rack pulls. I watched a few videos and read some posts before hand, and as far as I know, I was using them correctly. When I tried to pull the weight, it felt like I couldn’t grip as tightly as I could with the bare bar and the bar was going to slip out. When comparing to the videos, I just couldn’t find what I was doing wrong. Any help/tips would be appreciated.

Here are the straps I have – Harbinger 213 21 1/2-Inch Classic Cotton Padded Lifting Straps https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0011861UI/

Edit- video of straps. Hard to flim 1 handed. http://imgur.com/a/DxcGSpt

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Am I eating too much?

So I’m fairly new to building muscle, been going to the gym everyday for about 4 months but haven’t been able to build at all. I’m a fairly small guy who weighs in at 157 and 5″11 (I’m around 13-14% body fat despite not having much muscle mass). I’m also 18 years old for reference.

I’ve been focusing more and more on weightlifting as of lately and I’d really like to start putting on some muscle. I put my weight and activity level into a couple of online tdee calculators and most of them have me around 3000 per day to build muscle and this just seems like way too much food. Isn’t this like how much dudes weighing 180-200lbs eats while bulking? I understand I’m going to put on some fat but I’d like to stay as lean as possible in the process, I don’t mind if it takes longer.

My workout routine goes like this


Treadmill with maximum incline (1.5 miles every day)

Arm day:

Dumbbell Hammer curls 4×10
Machine Tricep extensions 4×8
Barbell bicep curls 4×12
Barbell skull crushers 4×10
Tricep dips 4×8
Dumbbell bicep curls 5×5
Tricep press 4×10
Preacher curls 3×10
Dumbbell 9× until failure

Shoulder day:

Arnold press 4×10
Overhead press 4×10
Dumbbell shrugs 5×15
Barbell upright row 4×10
Dumbbell front raise 4×8
Lateral raise 3×8

Leg day:

Barbell squats 4×10
Standing calf raise 4×10
Leg extensions 3×10
Lower back extensions 4×8
Front barbell squats 3×10
Leg press 4×8
Bulgarian split squat 3×10

Chest day

Bench press 5×5
Chest dip 3×10
Push ups 5×10
Pec flys 4×10
Incline bench press 4×10

Back day:

Chin ups 3×10
Pull ups 3×8
Close grip seated row 4×10
Wide grip seated row 4×10
Lat pulldown close grip 3×10
Wide grip lat pulldown 3×10
Deadlift 5×5

Core day:

Sit ups 5×15
Planks 4 x 30 seconds
Crunches 4×10
Flat leg raise 4×12

I basically just do one of these everyday in that order and start q new cycle everytime I finish. Is that really enough exercise to constitute so much food? My sedentary tdee is only 1800. But with exercise my actually tdee is around 2700. Can someone help me out because i have no idea what I’m doing lol

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